Matched betting without free bets

The explanation of the matched betting principle

Matched betting requires placing several bets on the same sporting event to profit without any risk taken. As many bookies and gaming establishments offer free bets to their members, gamblers figured out how to employ various promotions to make risk-free and 100% profitable bets.

The process of matched betting usually involves placing free bets placed on two opposite outcomes at different websites to make profit.

In this with an opposite bet placed on a betting exchange. This is a way to make a profit without taking any risk. Placing a bet on one team playing and compensating this by placing a similar bet on the opposite team.

For example, there are two teams playing, A and B. The gambler will first place a bet offered for free on team A. After they will go to the betting exchange and place a lay bet on team B.

This way both possibilities are covered:

  • Should team A win, the gambler will be making money.
  • But if team B wins, the lay bet will pay off and give them a return.

The strategy will give gamblers a return without taking any risk.

This has to do with the player covering both possibilities of the sporting event. Betting without risk is a highly lucrative activity. By correctly deploying the free bets provided matched bettors can receive revenue by using the reload offers and other money wagering bonuses offered by the gambling sites.

It is a way of making money risk free.

Although matched betting can seem complicated at first, there is software that can be used to calculate the wagers required to be placed. Matched betting is employed by gamblers to make solid returns without taking any risk and by using the various offers from the gambling sites as a way to make a profit.

What is important to mention is that this technique employs the use of free bets offered by the bookies to make a risk free profit. The gambling strategy of wagering a free bet on an event and having a lay bet placed on the opposite event ensures earnings without taking on risk. Riskless money wagering and using the perks provided allows to generate daily profit for the gambler. While it may seem hard to use this strategy and get free income, the various price boosts and casino offers can help getting the required risk free revenues. The gambler is required to place a bet on the bookmakers website in order to receive the free bet required. Employing this freebie a player can do matched betting and win. First, an ordinary bet is placed on a particular sporting event. Say team A winning. This is called a back or backing bet. Then a counter-bet is placed on the opposite sporting event. Say team B winning or there being a draw. This is called a lay bet.

Man wins money with match betting

This first salvo of bets is required to obtain the free bets from the bookie. Ordinary matched betting is based on a gambler having free bets to play with. So although from the first gamble the player will receive a small loss, they will make up for it with subsequent matched gambling. The bookie may require to wager a $10 bet in order to receive a free bet. This $10 back bet will be compensated by a lay bet. Using a lay betting computer an equal and opposite lay bet will be calculated. This will allow the gambler to receive only a small loss. By looking at the lay odds matched bettors can ensure that they will lose only twenty cents or less from the gamble.

However this action will unlock the free bets from the bookmaker.

The next step is to use the perks and bonuses offered to profit from matched betting.

Here the gambler will get the free bet and place it on a sports event. An opposite lay be will be placed against this sports event taking place. Looking at the lay odds and using a lay odd calculator the opposite bet is placed. Since the first bet placed used the free bet offers, and is compensated by the lay bet, the gambler is set to receive a risk free profit. When doing matched betting a free bet that becomes available is used to wager on a particular team winning a match. If the team loses or draws, the lay bet will pay off.

bet calculator

The bet calculator is an important tool for calculating the size of bets

If the team wins, the free bet will pay off. In order to profit from this approach and get instant winnings, the gambler must use a mathematical approach. By calculating the necessary lay bet on paper or using a lay bet calculator, the gambler can make money from this process without taking on risk. The monies wagered cancel each other out and a guaranteed return is made from the matched bets.

Many bookmaking sites will offer free bets to gamblers provided they have placed an ordinary bet.

Using these free bets and cancelling them out with lay bets both outcomes of a particular game are covered. Thus making a riskless gamble. If team A wins, the gambler wins on their back bet. If team B wins or there is a draw the gambler wins on their lay bet. As the bet on team A winning was a free bet, and the lay bet on team B winning was soundly computed using a mathematical equation, the gamble offers a risk free profit.

The multitude of offers provided by the bookmaking sites allow for a neat revenue to be made without any losses. Matched betting is currently gaining popularity among many people as a way to get money. Learning how to use the technique and get a way to make additional revenue makes matched betting popular. Free bets are offered by many bookmakers and the gambler should know both how to get them and use them in this special way. Matched betting is both safe and fun for the gambler. If a player is betting this way there is no need to know anything about sports. Matched betting can be employed even if the gambler is completely clueless about the various tournaments and sports matches. It is a great way to make use of the free bets offered. When being matched with lay bets they can provide a sizeable profit and allow the individual to make money.

Can I do matched betting without free bets?

Freebies, other promotions and bonuses are not always provided and gamblers may be interested in how to do this type of betting without free bets. Ordinary riskless gambling works by covering both outcomes of the championship. Thus it does not matter which team wins. Either club achieving a victory will generate a profit for the gambler. However in order to generate a return and use matched betting without free bets certain changes must be made. Often accounts can become restricted as the gambler has used too many free bets.

Or the the time may be off season and free bets are not longer offered. Further, the bookmaker may have decided to cancel the free bets for some particular reason. Gambling without any freebies and hitting it big with matched betting can nevertheless be possible. One way that it has become valid to make money betting without free bets is by taking advantage of the different odds offered by the matchmakers.

Here the gambler will use the dispersion between probabilities offered by the bookmaker and the betting exchange. Say the odds for a team A winning are higher with the bookmaker. And the lay odds are much lower. This can happen often. A gambler here can take advantage of the difference between the odds.

surebet scanner

Also, to find the difference in odds, players use the surebet scanner

By wagering a gamble with the bookie that team A will win the gambler can secure their position with this outcome. At the same time a cheap opposite bet is placed against team A winning. Here the gambler will be compensated should their bet on team A not work. While many bookmakers and betting exchanges make good offers, securing this probability differential requires some skill. However it allows to do matched betting without free bets and take advantage of the different odds offered by the bookmaker and the betting exchange. Although betting without free bets can be more difficult, it is nevertheless possible. Certain offers are available, such as price boosts, by the bookmakers. These boosts cost $1 but can allow the gambler to receive much better odds that the betting exchange provides. These offers can allow a player to receive greatly improved odds and thus profit from them. Further by using price boosts a gambler can do matched betting without free bets. To make money from these boosts a player needs to exploit the difference between the back and lay odds. Getting these offers and quickly placing lay bets can allow the gambler to get a good profit from matched betting.

Another strategy is by making a back bet that team A will win scoring two more goals than the opposing team. In this case the back bet will be on team A winning. A counter bet will be on team B making a come back.

For example, team A coming on top of team B by two extra goals will result in a win on the back bet. But team B managing to win later in the game will make the laying bet successful.

In this case the gambler can win on both bets that they have placed. This way of gambling often comes with reload offers that certain bookmakers offer. These reload offers allow the gambler to start gaming without free bets given and make a return on the reload offers while doing matched betting. Although if successful, the player can receive some free gifts from the bookie. Gambling without free bets is not impossible and exploiting all the sign up offers is pivotal here. Reload offers can be as lucrative for matched betting as free bets. These can offered when signing up for the bookmaker’s services. Although having to gamble without free bets, reload offers offer a possibility to make profit while betting. To get the most out of it matched betting without free bets the gambler can use reload offers provided to existing customers. It allows to get a nice profit by placing bets on various games available.

freebets sportbooks

Some bookmakers provide their clients with freebets on a regular basis.

The player should see which bookmaker offers the best reload offers and sign up for their service. This way they can get a profit by exploiting these offers. A second technique that can be employed in matched betting without free bets is by taking advantage of the various casino offers. Many gambling websites provide opportunities to do betting on both sports and casinos. Casino offers can be received from online casinos by playing the slots or other casino games offered. Here the online casino will provide offers to their clients. Here the gambler will have to do some betting in the online casino with real cash. After they get the casino offers they will either use this money to do matched betting on sports or play with the money in the online casino.

For example a gambler has deposited $20 on the roulette.

They receive an additional $30. After playing the roulette a little the bettor won another $10. They then have extra $40 to use on matched betting.

Casino offers provide an excellent method for matched betting to work without having received any freebies. Making sound use of the various casino offers is important and can allow the gambler to make their way towards receiving a nice profit. The gambler should also be able to take advantage of the various sign up offers that the bookmaker provides them with. Although various betting freebies are not always available as part of the sign up offers, promotions which allow to boost the odds of the gamble or otherwise increase the chances can allow for a good round of matched betting, Even though a free bet may not be available, generous sign up offers which boost the odds can be employed to proceed with matched betting without free bets.

Can you lose money on matched betting?

The technique of matched betting employs a strategy of covering the whole odds table of both winnings and losses. Hence it is completely risk free and if done correctly a player will not be able to lose money doing matched betting. What should be noted is that whether the gambler is doing matched betting without free bets or using free bets available, they stand to win money. It is thus a riskless gamble, at least in theory. The process of matched betting can make use of the various arbitrages between the bookies and the exchanges used for betting. As bets are placed that both back and oppose a particular event, there is no inherent risk in matched betting.

It is worth noting that bookmakers such as William Hill often offer free bets to their customers . This is done to attract new clients and keep the existing client base of these bookmakers. The free bets that become available are then used to do matched betting on particular sports events.

William Hill official website

William Hill official website

Overall in most cases and when performed appropriately matched betting has a 100% return ratio on the capital invested. Hence money cannot be lost when doing matched betting. The technique is similar to covering every possible option on the roulette table without the odds being stacked against you. Wherever the ball falls on the wheel, the gambler wins. Of course the casinos have an inbuilt house edge where every possible combination on the roulette wheel has a net negative return to the bettor. It is not the same with betting on sports. First, the gambler will be placing two different bets. One with the bookmaker on a particular team winning. And one with the betting exchange on the same team losing or the match ending up in a draw. So whatever combination arises, it will be a certain win for the gambler. Thus a good player will never lose money on matched betting.

Of course matched betting requires good sophistication of wagering money with various gambles. In order for the gamble to pay off correctly mathematics are needed to place the bets right. Once a gambler has placed a back bet on their team winning the match, they need to correctly place a corresponding laying bet which will offset the possibility of a loss in the tournament.

This way both probabilities are covered and matched betting can return a profit to the gambler.

For a good bettor it just as easy as providing an email address to the bookmaker. There are plenty of tools available on the internet which allow the calculation of the laying bet. The trick here is to do it correctly to receive the reward. Making bets mistakes doing matched betting such as not computing correctly the laying bet can result in a loss. It is important to cover the range of possibilities that can happen in a match. Be it a loss, a victory or a draw. A correct and well computed laying bet must be placed with the betting exchange. Only this way will matched betting work and provide sound return to the gambler. Losing money with matched betting is rare, although it can happen if the gambler is negligent with the bets or has not does their homework.

How much can you realistically make matched betting?

Although the numbers vary, good matched betting can return at least $10 into the gamblers wallet every day. By placing bets on two opposing events and profiting from both outcomes a bettor can make enough money to boost their finances.

Once the technique behind matched betting has been mastered, returns can go all the way to $1000 per month.

Of course getting these returns will require patience and hard work, however it is possible to receive $30 a day from matched betting. Learning how to place opposing bets online and calculating the lay probabilities may at first be difficult. There are plenty of sites which help novice gamblers do matched betting. Good gambles can pay $10-20 dollars immediately. Overall for a novice matched bettor at least several hundred dollars a month can be received from matched betting.

win-win bets

It is important to find a bookmaker with a good line and a variety of markets

Although some report much higher earnings, making $1500 a month in a good period. What is important is that major games and championships are not spaced evenly throughout the year. While the gambler may get sound revenue stream from matched betting in a popular season, their revenues may plummet off season. Getting just $100 a month off season is possible. Although this figure can skyrocket when there are plenty of championships held. Overall a bettor will probably not be able to make a living from matched betting but they will definitely improve their financial standing by spending no more than an hour a day doing matched betting.

Although matched betting without free bets is a more difficult way to make money, it can nevertheless offer a sound return to the gambler. Not all sites always offer a free bet to their clients. To acquire revenue from gambling and get a good return can be difficult at first, but once the technique has been mastered it becomes much easier.

Is matched betting a con?

Matched betting is not a con and is very safe if the user knows their way around the internet. Not signing up to hoax sites or giving their credit card details to poor and untrusted bookmakers. Just like signing up and giving your personal details and your email address to a fake website can result in a loss, so matched betting must be done with caution. Personal details such as credit card numbers or bank account details can be abused by fake websites.

Matched betting should be performed only on trusted internet sources that the user knows to have licenses in formal jurisdictions.

Matched betting offers the possibility of making good earnings without any risk at all and thus many do not trust this way of gambling. However if done correctly it can easily improve a person’s financial standing and carries no risk at all. Signing up for good bookmakers and using a quality betting exchange are nevertheless required for the process to work correctly. Watching videos online or looking at articles about matched betting on the internet can greatly help in comprehending the technique. One of the reasons why the whole world is not busy doing matched betting is that it requires both skill and patience. Knowing how to make money and generate a stable profit from gambling is a secret not known to everybody.

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