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Ladbrokes is a well-known bookmaker in the United Kingdom. It began as a commissioning agency for horses trained at Ladbroke Hall in Warwickshire in 1886 and has a long history of sports wagering. Ladbrokes is unquestionably one of the oldest bookies.

Over time, the company has grown stronger and stronger. Ladbrokes sportsbook evolved to become a prominent player worldwide and one of the largest online betting companies on the planet after the UK government legalized betting shops in 196.

Betting Choices

Ladbrokes offers bets on almost 50 sports.

The choice of events is quite diverse; the line is wide; the spread is a little above average. For the top event in soccer, there are about 100 positions. Including statistics: cards, corners, kicks, and goal writers.

Betting on horse racing, politics, music events, eSports (Counter-Strike, Dota 2, LOL, Overwatch, Starcraft 2, Rocket League), and virtual sports is possible.

The average margin for betting before the event is 7-8%.

Features of Betting on Political Events

So, before you predict on political events, it is worth learning about specific features inherent in this category of predictions and differs significantly from our usual sports betting. For example, if in soccer you can bet on the match, as a rule, a week before it starts (though there are exceptions) or just before or during the game, political betting is a game for the long term. Here it is possible to make a prediction even a year before the event.

Ladbrokes Politics Betting

Politics betting line

Since the outcome of the same election does not involve many variations, in Ladbrokes politics betting, you will not find a rich spread, such as available options in the form of the usual totals, handicaps, and so on. As a rule, Ladbrokes asks the player a question that involves a one-word answer, or the user himself chooses the candidate who, in his opinion, will win the election.

Before publishing the final odds, Ladbrokes seriously analyzes public opinion and insight, based on which offers players the final value. With this, they try to protect themselves from possible losses.

Types of Political Betting

So, here are the events mainly offered by Ladbrokes for prediction. Of course, the most interesting event for everyone is the presidential election. Moreover, you can make your predictions for the mayoral and parliamentary elections.

In the latter case, bookmakers offer players to determine the party that will get the most seats.

There is also a bet on changes in the law. Under this category fall various referendums and other events that affect many people. A more accurate prediction is betting on the percentage of the vote. Ladbrokes can already offer more familiar to sports betting fans totals in this case.

ladbrokes politic odds

Betting markets

As a result, the main peculiarity of political bets is the absence of wide coverage, which is an advantage in some cases.

So, predicting the outcome of elections is often easier than winning a key match of the Champions League between equally strong rivals.

However, it may also be an advantage for the players because it creates the illusion of a guaranteed win, albeit at low odds. In any case, it is always necessary to carefully calculate your financial capabilities and be ready to lose the amount bet because there is no guarantee even in this type of betting.

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