The NBA remains the simplest of the four major American sports to forecast on a nightly basis. This apparent predictability is a two-edged sword; on the one hand, it’s good to be able to assess a matchup independently and be rather correct most of the time. On the other hand, bookies consistently come close to or nail their starting lines.

Nonetheless, betting on NBA basketball is an excellent opportunity for those who understand how to navigate this particular betting terrain.

One critical aspect of being lucrative in NBA betting is understanding how and why lines are set. Maintaining a keen edge in this area will enable you to identify areas where the lines are off and ready to be pounded, as well as when to avoid them, which is a critical skill for maintaining a healthy margin in NBA betting.

Our comprehensive NBA betting strategy guide is written by specialists who have put their money where their mouth is and have earned a living as advantage bettors for years. They’re eager to offer their knowledge and skills in order to provide you with useful ideas for increasing your NBA betting odds. Whether you’re new to NBA betting or a seasoned gambler trying to improve your basketball betting knowledge, we’re convinced that you’ll find our suggestions beneficial.

NBA Betting Strategy

Why are NBA Betting Strategies Important?

Given that the National Basketball League is one of the most closely watched leagues on a worldwide scale, it’s unsurprising that so many gamblers would go to such lengths to earn some big money. Unlike some other sports that draw an abundance of betting activity, basketball wagering is rather simple. However, if you want to ensure that you have a winning basketball betting session, in the long run, you need to understand that gambling without a plan is a bad idea. It is important to note that using NBA betting strategies can benefit you much while gambling in the NBA, as it will provide you with a well-defined set of guidelines to follow in order to achieve your objectives. The reason you should consider using a betting strategy is that it will enhance your whole experience by providing a more structured betting session, which will make you less likely to be incorrect in your evaluations.

Utilizing a plan may first seem to be rather daunting, particularly if you are unfamiliar with the area. That is why we have attempted to offer you with some of the most popular and efficient NBA betting techniques accessible. Best of all, even if you are a complete novice to sports betting at the present, you will be able to apply these tactics to set the framework for your own NBA betting strategies after you have some expertise in the industry.

Of course, if you want to be certain that betting on basketball will be a profitable endeavor for you, the first thing you need to do is ensure that you have a firm grasp on the sport itself. It goes without saying that you will have a lower chance of getting your predictions correct if you are unfamiliar with the sport, the league, and the clubs. That is why, before implementing any basketball betting strategy, you should ensure that you have thoroughly examined all pertinent facts.

Before implementing a basketball betting strategy, you should create a staking plan.

This means that gamblers should have a firm grasp on the overall amount they want to spend on their sports betting session. Apart from that, they should settle on the maximum size of their individual stakes before beginning. This is definitely worth reasoning about since otherwise, gambling enthusiasts are more prone to make some foolish selections that might quickly deplete their money.

Best NBA Betting Strategy

When betting on the NBA, there are several markets to pick from. With 30 teams and hundreds of players, there are an infinite number of conceivable betting combinations on any one day.

We’ll examine betting techniques for NBA point spreads, moneylines, totals, and props further in this article.

NBA Over Under Betting Strategy

The total number of points NBA betting lines includes forecasting both teams’ combined point total and whether or not that total will exceed or fall below the figure provided by the oddsmakers (O220.5, or U220.5 in the NBA Finals example given above, for instance).

The most critical factor to consider here is the total points scored in past meetings between the two teams, as well as current point totals; possibly only for each team’s last five games. We propose calculating a mean average for the previous five years.

NBA Over Under Betting Strategy

Total Over Under betting markets

If the club on whom you’re betting – say the Suns – has scored an average of 90 points in their past five games – and particularly if their field goal % is poor – it’s likely that the Suns will struggle to score in their upcoming game as well.

Make everything as predictable as possible.

Moneyline Strategy

There are various NBA moneyline betting systems. However, one approach that we’ve learned to like is betting on the NBA underdog moneyline. It’s also very easy to implement: just seek for close matchups in which one side is projected to lose and wager on the underdog.

This one is straight from the daytrader’s playbook — the objective is to win more when you win and lose less when you lose.

You may even find that you lose more wagers than you win. However, the chances are always in your favor, and you’ll win more money when you do.

Obviously, this does not imply you should always play the NBA’s bottom-ranked squad against the NBA’s top-ranked team. This implies that you seek value in hotly fought games.

NBA Spread Betting Strategy

Consider logging into your preferred NBA betting app and seeing that the Phoenix Suns began as big -18.5 favorites against the Milwaukee Bucks (as above). The Suns have been assigned the mission of not just defeating but humiliating the Bucks; going away with a 19-point victory!

Should you make this spread wager? This NBA point spread betting method, on the other hand, advises ‘no!’ The ‘No Blowouts on the Spread’ rule discourages betting on such outcomes. It’s not as if they never happen; we’ve all seen our beloved team get thrashed by a score of 20 at some point. It’s just statistically improbable, and you’re better off ignoring this -18.5 spread or checking the NBA betting app’s other spread for a more accurate result.

NBA Spread Betting strategy

Spread Betting markets

Heavy Home Underdogs

Utilizing sound NBA betting strategies throughout your gambling trip is critical, particularly if you intend to maximize your earning potential. One approach to accomplish this aim is to pay extra attention to basketball teams that are considered underdogs at home.

It goes without saying that when it comes to the NBA, clubs will go to considerable lengths to ensure that their supporters’ dreams are not dashed.

Thus, you may frequently come across teams that have covered the point spread despite being considered to be less likely to win the NBA game. Thus, it may be prudent to monitor such games, since strong underdogs are more likely to go all out in order to win, whilst favorites are more likely to relax.

Betting on Favorites Teams

As previously said, many punters go on the side of intuition and emotion rather than logical thinking, reducing their odds of getting their predictions correct. That is why gambling aficionados should exercise caution while betting on their favorite team, as they may find themselves in the same boat as novice gamblers, who often make snap judgments about the teams they follow.

There is nothing wrong with having a favorite team, but you should exercise caution to ensure that your judgment is not colored by your desire to see this club win. The greatest way to cope with your own gut is to make judgments based on facts and credible information.

As you could see, investing emotions throughout your NBA betting session is not the finest strategy since you will be prone to believe that an event is more likely to occur than it really is. If you are a sole basketball aficionado, this strategy may transform the game into an infinite supply of fun. Any savvy basketball bettor will tell you that this kind of activity may have a long-term influence on your total earnings.

You may not agree with everything we say, but there are instances when it is advisable to refrain from punting on your favorite team. Naturally, as long as you are confident that such a wager will provide you with a positive value and that your choices have a reasonable possibility of being accurate, you should not hesitate to enter.

As previously said, NBA bettors should use caution when selecting the sources of information they will use.

It goes without saying that the way you approach the material is critical as well. One of the most critical points to remember is that your selections should not be influenced by the buzz surrounding a certain club. In essence, this is what separates seasoned NBA bettors from newcomers.

Big Losses Strategy

Despite the fact that there are several NBA betting techniques available, many gambling enthusiasts choose to place their NBA bets on major favorites who have suffered a significant defeat in the previous game. As it turns out, this is a very popular basketball betting strategy owing to the fact that such teams will be much more driven to show to their supporters that they will not let them down this time around.

As a result, avid gamblers should constantly keep their eyes peeled for huge favorites who have suffered a humiliating defeat in their most recent game.

To get more specific, we suggest searching for teams who have lost a match by at least 15 points since, more often than not, such teams will produce some spectacular performances in the future.

Big Losses Strategy

Tracking Changing Lines

One of the most effective strategies for increasing your winnings during an NBA betting session is to keep an eye out for changing lines. It is critical to note that this will occur in the majority of circumstances where a sizable portion of the betting public has chosen to support one of the contesting teams. The primary reason for this is because gambling enthusiasts are, above all, sports fanatics. In other words, this makes individuals more susceptible when placing wagers, since they are more prone to trust their inner gut instincts rather than listening to good rationale.

Assume the Golden State Warriors and Indiana Pacers are in contention, with the Warriors widely seen as the favorites.

If you’ve seen that the experts have been placing a high premium on the Indiana Pacers, you can be certain that this will influence how gamblers select their match choices. As a result, the line will also indicate that the Indiana Pacers are seeing more betting activity merely because many punters have chosen to depend on their emotions rather than on facts.

Therefore, as long as you have identified games in which you believe punters make judgments based on their emotions, it may be prudent to place your bet in the other way. However, NBA bettors should be aware that in certain circumstances, it may be prudent to wait until the line has moved even farther in order to maximize their gains. On the other hand, you need ensure that you do not lose your opportunity, since the line may correct as well. In other words, basketball enthusiasts should be able to identify the optimal moment to place their wagers.

Tracking Changing Lines

However, bettors should bear in mind that just because the line changes does not imply they should place a wager on it immediately. Therefore, if you are unsure of your skills or believe that such a stake would not provide you with sufficient value, it is prudent to refrain.

Progressive NBA Betting Strategy

In the gaming business, progressive betting is not a new concept. It essentially implies that you have specified a particular amount of money that will be utilized for each and every wager. The amount is decided by the amount of money in the bankroll. In order to increase your profit, you must increase the amount of money you wager for each unit of currency you utilize. This per-unit approach was developed primarily for use in casinos (you can put it to good use while playing European roulette), but it has also become quite popular in NBA betting as well.

Quarter Betting Strategy

The NBA quarter’s betting strategy is one example of a method that has nothing to do with statistics or research. Simply place your wager on the NBA team that lost in the first quarter, double your stake if they lose in the second quarter, and then double your stake once more if they lose in the third quarter. When it comes to NBA games, it is difficult for a team to win and cover the spread in all four quarters; the said club may not win the game, but they will almost always win a quarter – even if it is just because the dominating team chooses to rest important players during the final phases of the game.

Quarter Betting Strategy

Quarter Betting Markets

The Contrarian Betting

Simply put, NBA sportsbooks continue to thrive because the general gambling population, especially when under the influence of alcohol during a big game, has a tendency to get things wrong.

Taking the contrarian stance simply means going against the grain, and it is a strategy that has been utilized by various world-renowned daytraders throughout the years.

The finest NBA betting services, including DraftKings, enable bettors to see what other bettors are placing their wagers on, which is a great feature. See what you think and don’t follow the crowd — it’s truly that easy.

Early Season Betting

Gamblers seeking larger payouts can consider trying their hand at early season betting. If you already have some experience betting on NBA games, it may have occurred to you that the value of the odds is not fixed in stone, particularly prior to the start of the season. This is particularly true for basketball clubs that have undergone recent adjustments.

We recommend this basketball betting system because early in the competition, gambling enthusiasts are more likely to see significant variations in the value of the odds. Apart from that, bettors should be aware that such adjustments tend to occur more regularly throughout this time of the season.

Of course, we do not want to give you the idea that oddsmakers are inept.

The most critical aspect of this method to remember is that the odds you will be provided with at the start of the season are unlikely to be as sharp as they will be once the competition begins to unfold.

NBA Totals Strategy

NBA total betting strategy is another important approach to master, particularly if you want to gain some real money. One of the most critical points that enthusiastic basketball fans should remember is that when betting on totals, the betting restrictions will be far lower than when betting on point spreads. Perhaps you are already aware that when it comes to total bets, gamblers must select whether the total number of points scored throughout the game will be more than or less than the amount set by the bookie.

NBA Totals Strategy

Given that this basketball betting method is based on the overall amount of points scored throughout the game, it’s only logical for gamblers to pay close attention to possessions. The reason you should do so is that these parameters will heavily influence the speed at which the contest will unfold.

Thus, if a team’s style of play is defensive, it will score fewer points; conversely, if a team’s style of play is more aggressive, it will score more points. In other words, bettors will have a higher chance of getting their predictions correct if they consider both the tempo at which the teams often play and their scoring ability. To be honest, total betting may provide you with the needed outcomes much more easily than moneyline or point spread NBA betting, implying that this method may provide you with the desired edge throughout your gambling adventure.

The Fatigue

Given that the NBA season consists of 82 games, it’s only reasonable that each game would have an effect on the players’ general health.

While basketball teams are comprised of some of the greatest athletes in the world, gambling aficionados should not overlook the effect weariness plays.

It goes without saying that a squad that has played three matches in four nights would be less capable of completing its mission than a rested team. That is why basketball fans should double-check their teams’ schedules before placing their wagers. In this manner, they will be more likely to precisely appraise each team’s odds of winning and so earn a profit.

Home Dogs Getting 10 or More Points

Because you are betting against the spread with this technique, the payoff should be close to even money. When the home team is a ten-point or more underdog, they cover the spread slightly more than 58% of the time.

Avoid placing this wager on the moneyline by mistake, since although these teams cover the spread at an excellent percentage, they lose the game the great majority of the time. Nonetheless, with a 58 percent probability of winning, anything closer to even money than -138 is a somewhat more advantageous wager over time. However, there are techniques to enhance the return.

This approach is especially advantageous when the away team receives 70% or more of the betting activity. Due to the odds normally provided in these instances, it will be difficult to earn significantly if the wager is not placed at the right moment. However, if you can locate a home underdog that is gaining ten or more points while bringing in less than 30% of the action, the subsequent line changes make this a profitable technique to use.

Road Favorite After a Tough Loss

This method requires a team that is favored to win despite playing on the road and is coming off a humiliating setback. NBA teams who have recently been blasted out by fifteen points or more have a tendency to take their frustrations out on their next opponent, even more so if that opponent is an underdog!

When a team has lost by fifteen or more points in their last game and is traveling to an underdog’s stadium for their upcoming game, the away favorite has won around 64% of the time.

To discover the value at that winning %, you’ll need a club that is favored by less than -178.

Another option to maximize your chances of winning by using this identical technique is to wager solely on the first half. The premise is that a team that is favored on the road after a devastating setback must be a good team, and the loss must have been out of character. The most effective strategy to forget about that painful setback is to absolutely destroy the next opponent. That added drive and effort will almost certainly have a greater influence in the first half before they settle into a routine game.

What is the Best NBA Betting Strategy?

When it comes to increasing your earning potential throughout the NBA season, developing the best NBA betting plan is a critical first step.

What is the Best NBA Betting Strategy?

Despite the fact that many sophisticated statistics can assist us in comprehending the data behind the box score, bettors are doing themselves a grave disservice by merely looking at the box score or reading a game report.

We have provided you with information on how to become a good basketball handicapper by putting into practice some of the top NBA betting ideas that have been shared with you by our experts.

NBA Betting Tips

These fundamental abilities and methods serve as the foundation for sound and educated NBA betting. You should always begin with a solid foundation, and these ideas assist in laying that groundwork. While some of these suggestions may seem self-evident, basic practices go a long way.

In the long run, keeping your betting strategy on track is a critical aspect in determining whether you win or lose considerable amounts of money.

While many of the recommendations in this area are applicable to most other types of sports betting, they are included here due to their specific relevance when it comes to NBA betting.

  • Create a cash flow management plan
  • Maintain up-to-date information on player injuries and rest
  • Pay attention to schedules and tracking schedules
  • Examine your bookmaker
  • Maintain a record of your wagers by team
  • Maintain a record of your wagers by kind


The NBA teams that compete at the top level and continue to be successful year after year are fundamentally strong and disciplined. In this instance, the San Antonio Spurs come to mind. The betting strategies discussed in this article are what bounce passes and making free throws are to a real basketball squad.

Bankroll management and calculating implied probability in order to calculate the value of a bet are two aspects that set handicappers apart from casual bettors.

The bulk of individuals who wager on sports do it for entertainment or because they like attempting to predict the winners. However, choosing winners is a fool’s errand, since even if you are accurate the majority of the time, you will almost certainly lose money.

Using the available betting techniques or discovering additional ones is a solid approach to earn money and get experience if you’re prepared to spend the few minutes necessary to examine a team’s previous game or typical scoring total. With practice, you’ll gain confidence in staking plans and comparing the outcomes produced by these methods to inferred probabilities to see whether there is a solid bet to be placed. Allow the math to do the work for you, and then sit back and reap the rewards!.

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