What does round robin mean in betting

Many players use various systems and special strategies when placing bets, which help not only to enjoy the game but also to make good money on sports events. One such strategy is called Round Robin. In this review, we will look at the features of this system and find out what advantages and disadvantages it has.

The Round Robin strategy is directly related to accumulator. Parlay bets are very popular among both beginners and experienced bettors. This is because multi-bets have high odds and give players a great chance of making good money.

The round-robin system is very common in esports. This approach provides the viewer with a large number of matches, and also provides the organizers with a lot of airtime and content. From this point of view, the main disadvantage of such a system is the large number of unnecessary matches that do not solve anything. For example, when one team is already guaranteed to advance to the next round, and the second has lost all chances for this, they still have to finish their match.

What does round robin mean in betting

Round robin algorithm (picture from Wikipedia)

Such a game is unlikely to be very interesting to the audience because regardless of the outcome of the match, it is already clear in advance which team will move to the next stage and which will not. The Round-robin system is used in many disciplines, most often in MOBA games (Dota 2, LoL). Before doing such types of bets you have to search the information about betting tips, parlay bets, round robin parlays work. You also have to understand how do multiple bets, spread bets, big parlay hits, and multiple parlays work, how does round robin bet work, and what is a parlay wager. Knowing famous terms and names such as New York Giants, Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls may also help you to understand the process of parlay combinations and betting lines of round robin tournament better.

The essence of the round robin bets strategy

In the field of betting, the Round Robin strategy is a competition in which each of the participants plays with everyone. In another way, such competitions are also called round systems. This format of the game is widely used in many famous championships: Premier League, La Liga, Italian Serie A, and others.

The essence of this type of sports betting is dividing the big multi-bet into small bets. This allows players to insure their risks and, in case of a loss, lose less (the minimum number of outcomes in a coupon is 3).

Thus, the player’s potential winnings are reduced, but he still has a chance to make a profit even if there is one failure.

Comparison with a regular parlay

In a triple-bet trade, the payout and the player’s net profit, of course, would have been much higher.

But if at least one prediction loses, then the bet will lose completely – which is not at all profitable. That is why the Round Robin strategy allows you to lose less and stay in the black.

Should you use this strategy?

The Round Robin strategy in sports betting allows players to significantly reduce risks because even with one unsuccessful bet, the player still does not go into a negative. But is it worth using this betting system for all players? This is a controversial issue and depends not only on the character of the player but also on the experience of his game, knowledge of the rules and tactics.

As an example, let’s analyze the situation: we will place 3 single bets of $ 100 each. And let’s see what happens.

  • 100 * 1.93 = 193 (+93);
  • 100 * 1.80 = 180 (+80);
  • – 100 (the third bet with odds of 2.39 did not enter).
  • Total: 93 + 80 = 173 – 100 = 73.

This example shows that single bets on one loss can bring higher profits than transactions using the Round Robin strategy.

But it’s also worth noting that combining all the options into one parlay will result in a loss of $ 300.

Round Robin betting example

Let’s suppose that a player places a bet on an parlay, which consists of 3 events:

  • Chelsea vs. Everton match. Home for 1.7.
  • Arsenal and Southampton game. Home in 2.5
  • Game of Crystal Palace and Brighton. W2 for 2.02.

Round Robin betting example

If you combine all three of these events into one big accumulator, then in the event of even one mistake, the player loses the entire amount of the bet. To protect yourself and reduce risks, you can create three parlays with two events in each.

  • Arsenal win and Chelsea win.
  • Chelsea win and Brighton win.
  • Brighton win and Arsenal win.

In this case, even if one of these multi-bets loses, the player will still make a profit.

Moreover, the player will be able to make a profit even if two out of three small parlays bets lose. This suggests that this system allows players to save their money as much as possible and prevents big losses. This is very important for beginners who are still poorly versed in betting but want to get new experiences and place bets.

How many events can be included in the strategy?

As mentioned above, three parlays trains are the minimum number of accumulators. A player can use ten events to build express bets. It is important to note that such a large game requires a large bank of money.

For example, if a player has chosen eight events, then in the end he will get 56 small express trains, each of which will include 5 matches.

In this case, it is very easy to get confused and miscalculated.

Are Round Robin bet generators legal?

It is important to talk about the current phenomenon as rate generators. They are quite common in the field of betting today. By studying information about betting on the Internet, you can often see the round-robin generators. This option can help you make more money, but you need to understand that it is not entirely fair, since you win with the help of a computer that places bets for you.

However, there are still tools on the internet that can help you with your circular bets. One such tool that experienced players often use is the circular calculator. It can assist the player in making round bets and can be found on the internet on many websites.

Such generators for placing bets perform two main functions:


Control your choice of bets (allow you not to make wrong bets)


Calculate the number of total payments on a round-robin basis

One of the main advantages of circular calculators is that they are often available on online bookmaker sites, so you don’t have to look for calculators on the Internet at other sites. If an online bookmaker has a round-robin betting function, then the coupon must have a section that performs the same functions as an online round-robin calculator.

Round-robin calculators allow players to calculate their bets using the round-robin algorithm most conveniently. Therefore, many experienced users use this tool when placing bets.

Round Robin bet limits

It should be noted that there are some limits for round-robin bets – just like with multi bets, there is a certain limit on the number of teams that you include. According to experts, it is most profitable to include two or three teams in your bet slip – this will make the long-term profit for circular bets more likely.

The fact is that the more the number of teams that you include in the bet and the number of teams in each parlay, the more bets you will have to place.

This is because there is a huge number of nominations available.

For example, if we take eight teams and combine them into multiples of four teams, we get 70 different combinations. Even if a player bets $ 10 on each of the bets on a round robin bet basis, he will have to pay $ 700 at a time for this one bet only. Not all players have such a large amount and are ready to spend it on one bet.

The odds for each round-robin bet are 13.31 (+1231), or a profit of $ 133.10 each. An important problem is that if one team loses, the player loses a significant number of round-robin bets.

It should be borne in mind that not all of the remaining seven games can be successful, so the amount won may not be as large as you would like it to be.

Pros and cons

First, by choosing this system, the player reduces his risks.

The strategy of the game system is more conservative. When a client of a bookmaker company splits a large multi-bet into several smaller bets, he increases his chances of winning. Even with a loss of 1-2 parlay bets, the player remains in a small plus.

Secondly, even from a psychological point of view, this system increases the player’s chances of further victories.

The strategy, as it were, balances the game bank and the risk/reward ratio for the player.

As for disadvantages, the following can be noted:

In any case, when using this system, the player reduces the size of his potential profit. Even if the player made correct predictions, then the Round Robin system will reduce profits in the end. This happens because the player reinsures his bet.

As noted at the beginning, this type of bet has too high risk.


Having considered the main features of this betting system, we can conclude that the Round Robin strategy in betting is much safer than an parlay, which combines all kinds of events. At the same time, this strategy is less effective in comparison with single lines. In any case, each player must independently be able to calculate their strengths and, based on their experience and the size of their bankroll, decide what type of bets to use. Some people use single three team parlay, some people like to use separate two-team parlays or more parlay combinations when betting with online sportsbooks.

In addition, some bookmaker companies offer their users special software that can automatically calculate bets on a round robin basis. round robin is a good strategic bet for those who have a good understanding of a few basic points:

  1. If you add too many teams and round robins to your bet, your chances of winning may ultimately be reduced. Instead of adding many teams and rounds, it is better to focus on the key points.
  2. Include leagues and sports that you know and understand well in your bet so you have a better chance of winning.
  3. Also, make sure that the odds for the individual markets are sufficient to cover your bet.

It is important to note that in round robin sports betting, the balance between odds and probability of the outcome is of great importance – this is how you can make money over a long period.

Experts advise beginners to focus on direct bets and try the circular parlay a couple of times for fun and experience.

This will allow less experienced bettors to better understand the different types of bets and help prepare better for moving to more advanced bets in general.

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