The number of sports betting sites is enormous, and betting options for every sporting event are almost limitless. Sports betting is an activity for everyone, but a first-time bettor might be confused by various special betting terms.

Thus, we prepared a set of simple betting guides, explaining the basics of sports wagering. Today, we will speak about Puck Line, a popular ice hockey bet type.

Meaning of puck line

This term ‘Puck Line’ is exclusive for betting on ice hockey. Although it may be confusing for the first-time bettors who never faced hockey wagering before, in fact, this betting line is simply a version of spread betting or handicap betting, widely used in the other team sports.

A puck line is a bet type that allows favorites and underdogs to have advantages and disadvantages. Underdogs take advantages and favorites disadvantages.

For instance, underdogs need to lose the game with fewer goals than the predicted goal for a puck line bettor to win the bet. If you place your Puck line bet on favorites, they should win the match with more than two goals.

What is puck line betting?

Ice hockey betting line

The goal of puck line bet is to even the field for gambling enthusiasts.

Puck line betting in hockey games

Before explaining the puck line, let’s look at what the other popular bets are available for ice hockey: it will be much easier to understand betting on spreads if you know what are the other options.

Here they are:



you bet on a team that you suppose will win the game



you bet on the overall score of two teams, trying to predict if it goes over or under a given number



you bet on the winning margin.

You can use these betting markets to place single bets: you just pick the outcome, add it to your bet slip, and wait till the end of the game. However, you can create more complicated bets and add several picks from different games. Such bets are called multiples, and the most popular of them is the Parlay bet: it wins only if all selections win. When at least one pick is lost, you lose the whole parlay.

Let’s get back to puck lines, though.

There is no traditional spread bet in Hockey, but it has a Puck line bet. Puck line betting in Hockey can be a handful to win lucrative prizes if you know how to bet and when to bet. As we mentioned above, it is a bet based on how many goals one team is waiting to win or lose the Hockey game. The puck line betting in hockey gambling is always [+-] 1.5

hockey betting

Spread betting

If you place Puck line bet on your favorite team, they will need to score two or more goals to win you the gamble. When you place your puck line bet on underdogs, they must precisely score one goal when they lose match so that you could your bet.

Example for puck line betting in Hockey

Here is an example of a puck line from a real sportsbook:

Team Puck line
New York Rangers -1.5
Vancouver Canucks +1.5

In the hockey match between New York Rangers and Vancouver Canucks. From the table, York Rangers are the favorites with -1.5. That means the York rangers must win the match with more than one to bring a bettor some winnings, too.

If the York Rangers win the game with only one goal or lose, people who bet on the Vancouver Canucks team will win the bet with their +1.5.


This article can be crucial in your growth as a bettor and help you to have successful Puck line bets in Hockey games. Of course, you will need to know more about various bet types, and betting strategies, but this guide will be enough to give it a try for the first time.


Is there any difference between the money line and puck line?

Of course, yes. The money line is a bet on who wins the game outright, while the puck line is a wager on the winning margin.

Which one is the riskier to bet, Puck line or Money Line?

Of course, the Puck line is a bit riskier than other betting types in Hockey, yet pretty profitable if you use a good betting strategy. The money line also has a risk, but it is easier to guess the winner than a winning margin.

How can one win a puck line bet?

A good strategy might be helpful, while a bit of a luck won’t also hurt. Overall, it makes sense to check stats, previous betting trends, and try out a particular strategy for at least several times to see if it works or not.

Is Puck line bet always available in every Hockey game?

Yes, it is. Along with the moneyline and totals bets, puckline is always included to every hockey betting offer, whatever sportsbook you choose.

Last updated on 20 Jan 2023 - 16:08

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