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Best Bitcoin Betting Sites 2023Betting Sites That Accept VisaEcopayz Betting Sites — How to use EcoPayz for sports betting
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Betting Sites That Accept VisaInstaDebit Sports Betting: Top Sportsbooks that Accept InstaDebitMasterCard Betting Sites
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As long as such thrilling and fascinating team sports like football exist on this planet, humanity will show an equal engagement in watching the matches and wagering on the events. For ages, football heads the international rankings by people’s attraction, as it is crowned the No.1 beloved sport in the majority of countries on the global map. NFL betting tops the position of the most frequently searched options among sports bettors worldwide. The demand for such significant events as the Super Bowl and World Cup has reached its peak among football betting fans with the arrival of online bookmakers that flooded the market within the previous decade.

If you are as huge NFL betting fan as we are, then welcome on board! Please take your time and spend the next five minutes reading our guide that detects how NFL bets work, what strategy to pick up, and what sports betting platforms offer the most bountiful perks for punters. When our experts go on the hunt for the top NFL betting providers, they inspect hundreds of bookies from head to tail to uncover all hidden pitfalls.

We checked what sportsbooks have the most gainful odds and richer market infrastructure for money-making betting experience.

We fished the rare promo codes that users could exchange on generous bonus offers on the NFL betting site portals.

Are you still dithering where to bet on the NFL events? Stop wasting precious minutes on unnecessary doubts. Our experts managed to find authentic diamonds among the top NFL betting sites that ever stepped on the online arena. But before we get started, let’s take a brief inside look at how to bet on NFL online lawfully and safely.

American Football betting

NFL online betting: is it legal everywhere?

It’s awkward to imagine that at the time when European punters have already enjoyed NFL wagering, their US brother-bettors suffered from the ban-placement on the gambling activity. We won’t be surprised if the most devoted bettors moved to the more betting-friendly regions just to enjoy their favorite pastime. Luckily, the year 2018 symbolizes a new era for US punters as the government finally removed the annoying ban. Sports betting is currently a lawful business in 18 US states and remains on the consideration in other vicinities.

The US football enthusiasts may now bet on all large-scale leagues and championships at the numerous online sportsbook channels. The fundamental requirement for bookies is to have a valid license from one of the regulated bodies and obey a mandatory levying to the state treasury.

Please note that NFL bettors in the United States don’t pay a levy on their online betting winnings as these funds are not related to the income source (a similar story with EU and Asian bettors).

However, the authorities would likely change this if they knew that seasoned gamblers manage to get multi-thousand earnings on the NFL betting site platforms. It sounds like a no-bad income source, right?!

Summing up, if you live in the US, Canada, or Europe, you can enjoy NFL sports betting either for entertainment purposes or for real money earning. If, for some sad reason, your vicinity is still under a gambling ban, don’t rush to move to another location. Many online sportsbooks allow gamblers from the banned areas to bet on the NFL games throughout the regular season. Make sure that the NFL betting site has a required license and enjoy the unlimited betting options on each NFL game you want to bet.

Main football events revealed

We bet that all devoted soccer fans’ calendars mark all significant events in the NFL, AFC, and NFC collections. Such events as the Super Bowl, Champions League, and World Cup traditionally gather billion-audience in front of the TV screens and on the tribunes. At the same time, online sportsbook operators report the immense online betting activity growth at this period. The Super Bowl symbolizes a culmination of the NFL regular season, accompanied by the mind-blowing celebrity performances and winners honoring. As one of the most spectacular online NFL events, the Super Bowl occupies a leading position on the betting site portals.

American Football Quarterback Gets ready the throw

The World Cup is another well-liked among football betting enthusiasts event. It is held once in four years, but good things are worth waiting for them! In the next decade, the World Cup will celebrate its 100th anniversary. The only break when the event had to be skipped was during WWII. According to sports betting companies’ reports, the share of football bets placed on the previous World Cup equaled millions of dollars. Multiple bookies already accept future wagers on the upcoming 2022 competition, though this time, the traditional spring-summer event will take place in November. The timeframe of the next World Cup has also been shortened to 28 days. But we don’t doubt these would be fantastic 28 days for all football betting admirers.

Good vs. bad online NFL betting sites

When identifying the best NFL betting sites among industry representatives, one crucial factor to consider is that what is best for one is not necessarily suitable for others. All of us have different goals when picking up gambling sites. Some hunt for bountiful welcome bonuses that top NFL sportsbooks offer for newbies; others notice odds movement and a number of bet types for lucrative wagering. Rare species rely purely on the sites’ popularity in making a choice, i.e., they make sure that a bookie is en-vogue in the search ranking. So many bettors, so many tastes!

Still, you won’t deny that some online NFL betting sites are real diamonds, and some are total trash. If you don’t want to bump in the second category when picking up an NFL betting site, then our good vs. bad sportsbook detection guide will be of service.

Good vs. bad online American football betting sites

Stability and reputation:

The online betting site’s reputation says a lot about how a bookie treats customers. Does a sportsbook charge unjustified fees from punters? Does a betting site annoy bettors with infinity-long payouts? Agree that if an NFL betting operator changes the site name or the policy for users each new month, nobody promises that the next time you visit the website, it will no longer exist.

Accreditation proof

The NFL betting sites pass accreditation by the authorized jurisdictions to get a right to render their services lawfully in a particular vicinity. Only licensed NFL betting sites qualify to be official partners of the league.

Best odds and NFL lines

We would never stop pointing on the significance of the odds adjustment for profitable online sports betting. The NFL betting lines diversity is another integral element of the successful betting puzzle. The more diverse betting options the players have, the bigger are their chances to make the bank on lucrative wagers.

High withdrawing limits

The NFL betting starters may not fully appreciate the freedom of large-scale withdrawals from the best sports betting providers. However, their more experienced colleagues know the benefit of vibrant withdrawal limits. Another good sign is when online sportsbooks offer several options to submit transactions, like e-wallets, credit cards, and direct bank transfers.

Slick bonus and promotion systems

Of course, a welcome bonus promise shouldn’t be the only reason for punters to pick up these particular bookmakers’ sites. However, a top-tier NFL betting site always has concrete tools for punters’ engagement that prove their efficiency in words and action.

Superb customer service

Users may consider the work of a customer support department not-so-important until they personally face some issues on the sports betting portals. At this point, they will appreciate the top-notch assistance of the help team, especially when they require a piece of advice right now. The best NFL betting sites pay particular attention to the qualifications of the help center reps.

A bookie has a tough-to-navigate website with a poor layout

The sports betting process must be simple, so do not opt for NFL betting sites that take forever to get used to.

The poverty of betting lines and no in-play wagering

A good NFL betting site is the one that gives you a wide choice of betting opportunities. Why bet at a site offering no more than a couple of markets and no live lines when there are plenty of better options?

Sluggish payouts and shabby payment options (no e-payment services)

Quick payouts are not a benefit but a thing that must come by default at a trusted NFL betting site. The same is with payment options: the more banking systems are accepted, the more reliable the site is.

A hassle-to-reach customer service department

Professional and helpful support is a thing that immediately shows the company’s customer treatment, no matter if it is an NFL betting site or an online shop. Avoid sportsbooks with no quick-and-easy contact methods.

A bookmaker grabs draconian fees on deposits

Top popular bookmakers may charge fees for withdrawals but never do so with deposits.

Desperately low withdrawal limits for high rollers

Recreational players may ignore this tip, but if you are used to withdrawing large amounts, make sure the site allows it and will not cut your winnings or block your account after a couple of successful bets.

Zero bonus offers and promo campaigns for regular bettors

A Bonus program implies a bookmaker strives to retain customers. A bookmaker with no promotions and special offers might either have sky-high odds or take no care of its betting audience.

No live streams and cash out function

Such additional tools are not necessarily a sign of a lousy bookie. Still, they make your experience better, so if you have an alternative with a wider choice of betting services, you’d better stick to it.

A betting site is not adaptable to mobile browsers/there is no handy mobile app

There is hardly an online sportsbook without mobile betting solutions today. If you come across such a place, pass it by.

American Football Betting Sites

Best NFL betting sites: unprejudiced ranking

  • Pinnacle;
  • Ladbrokes;
  • bet365;
  • William Hill;
  • Bovada;
  • 888sport;
  • 1XBet;
  • Unibet.

The plethora of online betting sites allows punters to wager on global soccer events on their platforms. Still, not all bookies possess the necessary trademarks to qualify for the position in our unprejudiced ranking. So why these operators? First, they impressed us with a rich markets assortment giving punters more diverse options except for the National Football League events. They have extended betting lines, which is a positive sign for rookies and high rollers.

These NFL betting sites have a fantastic bonus offering for newbies, alongside large-scale loyalty programs for regular users.

These sportsbooks have great solutions for live betting on the NFL football games and playoffs. Plus, they deliver thousands of HD live streams that make in-play betting even more thrilling. Punters can enjoy the gameplay and place wagers amid the ongoing battle on the field. Live betting works great for skilled and amateur gamblers as they don’t need to wonder about a match favorite and underdog in advance, but instead, they can see how things go during the gameplay. However, we suggest rookies be careful with in-play wagers as they require a fast reaction, and sometimes bettors have no time to weigh all pros and cons before submitting a bet. But even in this case, these sportsbooks allow punters to avail themselves the cash out function, i.e., to restore the transaction before the bet settlement completes.

Bonuses for football betting you can find here:

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Finally, these NFL gambling sites have slick conditions for en-route wagering due to their high adaptability to mobile browsers and flawless apps. As for the money transactions, users have a vast assortment here: they can deposit and withdraw coins via the available e-wallets (PayPal, Skrill, etc.), cards, and banking transfers. Payouts are prompt; how quickly customers can get their winnings depends on the chosen payment method (e-payments are the fastest, while bank operations may take up to 5 days). We also want to mention a qualified customer service that each this NFL betting site can be proud of. According to the insider’s information, such industry giants as Ladbrokes and William Hill even have specialized schools to train their help center staff.

High odds on NFL Betting

Where to bet on college football

College football has managed to get a top position among football wagers. We all know the Americans’ involvement in the alma mater sports as many world-recognized US footballers started their careers in college institutions nationwide. For years, college soccer spread far beyond the US borders, and now it tops punters’ beloved sports rankings, according to the bookmakers’ reports. Such eminent sportsbooks as Pinnacle, 888sport, and Ladbrokes have splendid opportunities for profitable college games wagering.

These operators make a focus on the NCAA and NFL college soccer.

If you think that college games are less engaging than professional events, we dare to assure you that you are mistaken. We know many talented college footballers who show fantastic results during games and dream of making careers in the big sport. Besides, NFL bosses have their recruiters hunting for the young soccer talents from such iconic institutions as Yale, Harvard, and National Universities of Florida, Texas, and California. So yes, college games are of colossal demand on the top NFL betting sites.

Punters’ guide to the NFL betting

For succeeding in the NFL wagering, it is essential to learn the basics of how the NFL bets work.

In this paragraph, we’ll enlighten the most popular bet types for profitable wagering on American football:


In-play bets

In-play wagering is super popular among NFL fans because it allows them to adjust a betting strategy amid the ongoing gameplay. Agree that it’s rather convenient to bid on a match outcome in real-time when you see how a game runs for yourself. Still, we suggest being mindful with in-play bets as sometimes a thrill from the game may outshine the logic.



This bet type doesn’t require a long explanation as it is familiar to all punters. All you have to do is to foresee a potential winner between two opposing teams. Still, we won’t recommend relying solely on destiny or a coin toss when placing a bet. Instead, do market research and check statistics by each team to make the most close-to-winning forecast.


Three-way bet

These bets are similar to money lines. Punters also bid on a game-winner with one tiny difference, they bet on a team to win or lose or a match to end in a draw. In other words, there are always three potential outcomes, and you need to guess the only correct one.


Prop bets

Proposition bets are an excellent option for gamblers who adore trickier wagers than just naming a match triumphalist. Prop bets are about wagering on various events within the same game. For instance, you can try to guess a top goalscorer or foretell the number of touchdowns, etc. The best part about prop bets is that you can bid on so many things to happen or not happen within a confrontation, but not only forecasting a possible winner.


Point spread bets

The principle of spread bets is that bookmakers traditionally tend to even out the chances of the favorite team (that is about to win the game) and underdog. The operators release a so-called spread that reflects the number of points one team can potentially win over another. The bettor’s goal is to knock the bookmakers’ spread by making the correct prediction.



This bet type is a solution for those who are not interested in foreseeing a match-winner and loser. You simply bid on a total score by which both teams complete the confrontation. If you don’t have a favorite and just tend to get pleasure from watching a match without any worries that your beloved team will shamefully lose, then bet on the total score and enjoy the gameplay at full.



If your big plan as a sports bettor is hitting the bank on lucrative online wagers, you should pay focus on Parlays that are also titled combo bets. Parlays are a mix of several bets within one game. To succeed with Parlay betting, each of the placed bets within a multiple should hit the target unless the combo bet won’t be granted as the winning one. Parlays are much riskier than classic money lines or totals as they require a more profound background from bettors. But if you master your skills on parlays, you will get a perfect tool for finding a stable income source.



We started this paragraph by explaining the in-play bets, and now let’s discuss their opposites – futures. The name reveals the bet principle: you bid on future events in advance. Futures fit those bettors who want to watch games hassle-freely without distracting on live betting. Bookmakers admit that futures are mostly in demand ahead of the largest NFL events, like the Super Bowl.

Are you looking for a bonus from a sportsbook?

We already stressed that bonus promises shouldn’t be your main priority when picking up the best online NFL betting sites. Still, if the sites offer lavish perks, why ignore such a splendid opportunity?! High-rated sportsbooks allow people to get a bonus of 50% or 100% on the first qualitative deposit. Sometimes, a gambling site offers perks if punters deposit funds via a particular option, like e-wallets. For instance, some bookies present bonuses for PayPal or crypto deposits.

American Football Game (NFL)

If you are no longer a newbie in wagering, but still want to get a bonus when bet on NFL games, then we suggest going on the hunt for bookies’ promo codes. Some operators seduce users with generous free bet offers with the use of special promo codes. We have a couple of such unique bonus codes we want to share with you.

Official promo codes of bookmakers:

  1. MyBookie presents users with a 50% bonus under a promo code MYB5;
  2. a similar offer comes from BetOnline under a code BOL1000;
  3. William Hill gives up to $500 on free bets by a promo code LINEUPS500.

What casino has the best NFL sportsbook

Users may argue about the pros of the sportsbooks and casinos neighborhood on the same platforms, but we personally don’t see anything criminal in this. Many sports bettors love spending a qualitative time in casinos, and vice versa, many gamers adore wagering on various NFL events on their sites. So, what casinos have the best-integrated sportsbooks on their portals? No doubt, some of these names are already familiar to you.

Our list includes the following industry frontrunners as Bovada, William Hill, 1XBet, Unibet, and Ladbrokes.

Why these? These casino giants can boast of 2000+ fascinating games and popular slots on their websites, but they decided to go further and provide top-tier sports betting options. Their sportsbooks have the most competitive odds for NFL events extra to the rich in-play section and flawless live broadcasts of the best games. Moreover, they developed slick mobile apps for punters to enjoy the in-action wagering around the clock. We also appreciated that these companies allow customers to use the same wallet for the casino and sportsbook. It is very convenient when users can ship funds from their casino account to the bookie’s account, and vice versa. Thus, you have lower chances to find yourself with an empty pocket when you need to submit a lucrative bet right away.

NFL betting prospects

NFL betting in its current shape has undergone multiple transformations with the tech progress. The majority of the football betting sites are trying to walk with the times and provide users with vibrant live streaming solutions that none of us could even imagine seeing on the bookies’ channels a decade ago. Super-fast withdrawals won’t be accessible without the introduction of e-payment services. Contemporary bettors don’t need to line up at the betting shops to get their winning cash. Due to the e-wallets integration, money operations are as swift as never before.

And let’s not forget about the cryptographic prospects in sports betting. Blockchain is already reshaping the sports universe for the better, and experts admit that in the nearest future, crypto will become one of the most popular ways to ship a virtual coin from a betting site to a punter’s pocket. Fantasy sport is also at the peak of its popularization on a global scale. Virtual players and fantasy leagues are no longer the NFL bettors’ far-off dream, but a reality that is coming true. No wonder that the lion’s share of the NFL betting sites has fantasy events in their collections.

Expert opinion

Football is crowned as the king of sports, and we will not even argue with such a regal interpretation. NFL betting tops the position of the punters’ beloved sports for profitable wagering. In this article, we shed light on the vital hallmarks that distinguish first-class sportsbooks from low-profile alternatives, so that you won’t bump into second-ranked bookies any longer. We hope our NFL bets guide will be of service for you when betting on major soccer events. The golden rule to learn and remember is picking up trusted and reliable bookmakers’ sites to savor pleasurable and money-making NFL betting.


What are the most profitable NFL bet types to start with?

If you are a rookie on the NFL betting sites, we suggest starting with moneylines and prop bets before passing to the more risky and compound parlays and in-play bets.

How to win on NFL wagers?

It is crucial to learn the market, follow the teams' stats, and have a profound background in bet types to build up your own NFL winning strategy. Plus, we recommend trusting reputable betting sites with a lasting success history on the market.

What are the best betting sites to bet on NFL?

Each sportsbook that our experts advise for NFL wagering is trusted, reliable, and offers great odds and lavish bonuses for punters. So you won't be disappointed about your gambling experience at these sites.

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