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Betting Sites That Accept VisaEcopayz Betting Sites — How to use EcoPayz for sports bettingInstaDebit Sports Betting: Top Sportsbooks that Accept InstaDebit
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Betting Sites That Accept VisaInstaDebit Sports Betting: Top Sportsbooks that Accept InstaDebitMasterCard Betting Sites
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If you are not familiar with bandy, you probably have never been in the Nordic regions. This thrilling winter sport is beloved by Swedes, Russians, and the Foggy Albion residents. The most devoted bandy fans even advocate for integrating this team sport into the Winter Olympics menu. Bandy magically combines two people’s favorite sports, i.e., Scandinavian hockey and Association football. The mix of the icy gameplay with a burning soccer atmosphere resulted in the brand new sport appearance. With the time, bandy has spread far beyond the Nordic territories, and it keeps extending its fan-base worldwide.

Where can sports enthusiasts bet on bandy online? What are the most popular bandy bets? How much can you earn on bandy wagers? Our experts will throw light on these and other widespread questions that worry bandy admirers. We inspected each bandy betting site to detect the ones with the groundbreaking betting odds, ample bonus offering, slick mobile solutions, and impressively rich in-play sections. Our pundits cross-checked what bookies give the most vibrant free bet perks and can boast with fantastic loyalty programs. If you are fishing for a trusted and creditable bookmaker to bet on bandy events, then you arrive at the right place. We’ll uncover the best betting sites that won’t leave you disappointed.

Best Sports Betting Sites: Bandy

Bandy basics and history

Bandy is no longer a pioneer in the sports world, but several global countries still argue for the title of the bandy’s motherland: England, Russia, and Holland. It seems reasonable as each of these territories held similar sporting events in the pastime; however, the East Anglia is considered the official homeland of bandy. This fascinating winter sport is a mixture of ice hockey and football, which seems like the unbeaten combo of people’s most beloved team sports. The gameplay takes place on the ice field between confronting two teams 11 players each.

Similar to ice hockey, players need to score a small ball to the opponent team’s goal on the ice rink. The primary difference is in the ball size (it resembles the ball in the field hockey) and the field square (similar to the football field size); the confrontation occurs for 90 minutes divided into two equal sessions. The first males Bandy World Championship took place in 1957. The current global bandy federation counts more than 30 international teams. There have been debates considering bandy’s integration to the Winter Olympics, but there is still no affirmative decision from the Olympics Committee.

Bandy events traditionally are of colossal popularity in Sweden, Russia, Holland, and Kazakhstan.

The games take place both in the stadiums and open-air arenas. The last is very popular among locals as spectators may feel a unique unity with two teams on the ice rink, enjoying delicious hot drinks in the cold winter weather. Sure, all international events and championships are played on the large stadiums with crowded tribunes. Interesting fact! Bandy is crowned as the second popularized winter sport worldwide after its elder brother, ice hockey. The most recognized bandy league is the Swedish one, known as Elitserien. It counts 14 teams confronting with each other within the regular season that consists of 27 matches.

Where it is legal to bet on bandy

People may bet on bandy events in all vicinities where online sports betting is considered a legal affair. As a hybrid of the two most well-liked sports globally, bandy is of huge demand among bettors that equally love soccer and winter sports, like ice hockey. However, if you take gamble responsibly, we suggest picking up license-checked bandy betting sites with all rights reserved. The National Bandy Association, located in the UK, operates as the regulating body of this team sport on a global scale. There is also the British Federation that regulates bandy events inside the Foggy Albion territory.

Where it is legal to bet on bandy

As bandy has a colossal success in the Nordic regions, the local punters show the maximum activity on the online bandy betting portals. When fishing for the reliable bookmakers with bandy betting options in their content collections, we recommend focusing on the ones with more lucrative and frequently-adjusting bandy odds and leagues’ diversity. Another tip is to opt for sportsbook operators with top-tier in-play sections and mobile solutions. Please note that reputable sportsbooks don’t charge deposit levies from punters. On the contrary, they present newbies and loyal users with a generous welcome bonus and free bet offers.

One of the highly demanded Nordic sports events among bettors is the Bandy World Championship. Last year, the event set a record by the list of countries-participants (twenty countries); the frontrunners by the number of gold medals were Norway, Sweden, and Russia. In 2004, we witnessed the first-ever Bandy World Championship among females (there also exist bandy tourneys for youth). In 2014, bandy had all chances to appear on the Winter Olympics list, but the Committee placed an embargo last minute. According to the bookies’ reports, bandy tops the winter events list by the gambling activity among Scandinavian bettors, giving way only to ice hockey.

Best bandy betting sites: checked by experts

  • Betfair
  • 888sport
  • Ladbrokes
  • 10Bet
  • William Hill
  • Betway

The sites on the list above are perfect for online bandy betting for several reasons. They have vibrant bonuses for newbies: some offer 100-300% for the first deposit. For instance, if you put $10 to your betting wallet, you can get three times more in free bets. Regular customers may also receive their piece of the pie in the shape of cashback or free bet remunerations. Such market leaders as 888sports and William Hill are notorious for their incredible loyalty campaigns, so we suggest checking their promo offers from time to time.

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The in-play betting sections on these bookies’ platforms are worth spending your time there. Users can visit the LIVE section and check what games are currently running alongside the match stats. These sportsbooks allow punters to apply the cash-out option for wagers. Just go to the ‘My Bets’ page, where you will see the corresponding icon to cash out your initial bet. If you fish for the most lucrative bandy betting odds, then these sportsbooks are what you need; they also fix the odds in real-time for LIVE events.

We can’t skip mentioning the super convenient layout of each of these betting platforms. Their websites look very stylized and effortless-to-navigate, even if it’s your first visit on a site. The account creation will take less than 10 minutes, but please note that some operators will ask you to provide ID scans to confirm your legal-for-gambling age. We think it’s even a good sign that proves the bookies’ mature approach to the user-base. Almost all of these online bookmakers offer different payment options for customers: e-services, bank and card transfers. Finally, we want to highlight the spotless work of the customer service agents who react to all claims fast and assist with any matter.

How to bet on bandy events online

Bandy games are always filled with thrill and emotional charges that bring the heat to the ice rink. However, to succeed in bandy wagering, a pure interest in this arctic sport is not enough. Try to make the bandy betting odds play on your field and grasp the available bet types’ basics.

Our pundits drew up a brief guide to bandy bets:



No long explanations are needed here! Punters need to foresee the game triumphalist, i.e., they bet on a potential winner. However, please keep in mind that a confrontation may end in a tie.


Correct score:

This bet type is riskier than predicting a prizewinner, as bettors need to forecast the exact number of goals each team scores by the end of the ice rink battle.



These bets are similar to the previous one, but here, a bookmaker makes a prediction on the final score, and bettors must foretell whether the actual score will be over or under a bookie’s prognosis.


Handicap bet:

This bet type is all about equalizing the winning chances between two teams when one is the unbeaten favorite, and another is the underdog or potential loser. Thus, the opponents receive a ‘handicap’ that may equal 1 or 2 goals (+) to underdog and (-) to favorite vs. the actual match result.


In-play bets:

In-play betting is well-liked by skilled punters as they can wager on a match amid the gameplay. LIVE wagers have their proven benefits as you don’t need to address the fortune-tellers, but instead, you witness the action firsthand and bet in real-time. However, starters may find in-play betting a bit challenging as it requires a fast reaction and cool head. If you think that emotions from a thrilling gameplay can take control over you and you risk placing the unmindful bet, then better start with futures before passing to in-play wagering.

NB! When you hunt for the best bandy betting odds, don’t get stuck on one betting site. Surf the markets and check which of the top bookmakers move the odds in the live format. We suggest registering on several sports betting platforms and monitoring what bookies offer the best odds for each particular event.

Largest bandy tournaments

Bandy events are of a colossal demand among all Nordic sports enthusiasts. Brits, Russians, Swedes, and Finns are the ones who always show the best performances and get all major trophies in the world competitions. The last-year World Championship beats a record by the spectators’ activity on the tribunes and online views. Although England is also notorious for the large-scale bandy and ice hockey tourneys, the largest bandy events are held in Sweden. The major international events of this popular winter sport are:

  • European Championship
  • Men’s Global Championship
  • Bandy World Cup

How much the seasoned sports bettors make

This question bothers all starters who step on the sports betting road. We may disappoint you, but there is no one correct answer, as all bettors have different earnings on wagers. Of course, seasoned punters, who are in this business for years, can effortlessly make a multi-thousand profit per month. But don’t think that it’s an easy-going pastime! Successful bettors take much effort to learn the market, monitor the stats, watch games (but not just check the results on the Internet), and hunt for the bookies with the most profitable odds for each particular event.

Sure, some rare individuals can hit the jackpot by one single successful bet, but we won’t advise you to rely on the lucky star only.

If you learn how this industry works and take an inside look at the betting options that top sportsbooks offer, you will boost your intuition, skills, and knowledge with every new season. At this point, you may claim for the ‘title’ of the successful pro-bettor, who earns thousands of dollars monthly on mindful and valuable bets.

Expert opinion

As a hybrid of two tremendously popular and people’s well-liked sports as football and ice hockey, bandy made a breakthrough in the winter sports universe. It combines the best features of each of them and gives amazing thrill and powerful emotions’ charge to fans worldwide. No wonder that more and more online bookmakers rushed to integrate bandy into their sports menu. We hope this article will be of service to all fans of this awesome Nordic sport, as now you know what sportsbooks have the most lucrative offers for bandy betting.


Can I bet on bandy online?

Sure! Pick up creditable online sportsbooks with all rights reserved that have bandy in their sports offering. We suggest paying heed to the odds movement and in-play options when choosing the bookies at your preference.

What should I start with to bet on bandy?

We recommend learning the popular bet types for a start. Rookies may begin with moneylines or handicap bets and then pass to the more complicated wagers, like correct score or in-play bets.

Where is bandy wagering legal?

It is lawful in all countries where sports betting is legalized in general. The primary rule is picking up licensed bookmakers.

What is the best bandy betting site?

Each of the online betting platforms on our recommended list has proved their trustworthiness and reputation, so you can pick up any of these bookies to bet on bandy.

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