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Basketball is considered the most fruitful sport for bettors due to the impressive variety of leagues of various levels: the smaller regional leagues, college basketball associations, fantasy league, and the major in the basketball universe, iconic NBA. Punters don't need to wait months, counting days on the calendar, to bet on a baseball game as there are always small or large events that take place all year round. NBA alone counts 80+ games in the regular season, giving so many prospects for basketball betting enthusiasts to make a hard coin on lucrative wagers.
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Undoubtedly, your advantageous betting experience directly relates to a basketball betting site you choose for yourself. NBA bettors have a plethora of options to select from due to the ocean of online sportsbooks that lately inundated the sports betting market. But how to recognize the trusted bookmakers for real-money gamble from frauds that solicit cash from you and grab draconian fees from users?! You can pick up at random or ask Google, hoping that you won’t bump into second-ranked bookies, or you can use our expert ranking of the best basketball betting sites. We sincerely hope you lean toward the second option instead of taking a shot in the darkness. Before we get started introducing you to the top-rated NBA betting sites, let’s figure out where betting on basketball is legitimate in this day and age.

TOP-3 Basketball Betting Sites

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Where basketball betting is legal

You won’t have to cross the law, considering illegal online gambling, if you want to bet on basketball online because it is a 100% legalized affair. NBA betting is legal in most states of the US, where online betting is not under a ban in general, as well as in Canada, Asia, and EU countries. Indeed, particular vicinities still hold the embargo on sports betting activity, but it solely depends on the local authorities’ decisions. Currently, the US punters from 18 states, including Illinois, New York, and Nevada, can bet on NBA legally after the Supreme Court gave them carte blanche on sports betting.

Best sites for basketball betting

The breakthrough in the NBA betting market occurred in 2014 when such global industry giants as William Hill, DraftKings, and several other eminent companies signed partnership deals with the Association bosses to promote and highlight the NBA events on their online betting platforms. At that point, the brand new legalized approach to the bookmakers’ activity reached the next level, giving tremendous opportunities for all three parties involved: the Association itself, online sportsbooks, and casual bettors.

This revolution in the NBA betting pulled the plug to the black bookmakers and made way for white-label betting providers.

Of course, betting companies have to obey a set of rules and regulations to render their services on a lawful basis. Thus, a betting site should be accredited by a license from the regulating bodies that control bookmakers’ operations in their vicinity. They also monitor if the bookies accept gamblers of illegal age. We recommend betting on basketball events purely on the licensed sites with all rights reserved because they mind their reputation and don’t charge levies from casual punters. Besides, if you tend to win on NBA wagers without a fear of bumping into scammers, make sure you bet on the notarized sports betting sites.

How to find a bookie you can trust

We already mentioned that license proof is a positive sign of a bookie’s trustworthiness. However, a license shouldn’t come as the sole reason to trust your coin to this particular sportsbook operator. There exist some point nuances identifying a high-profile bookie that you shouldn’t neglect when making a choice. Our experts have their proved guideline that helps them detect the best NBA betting sites for you.

  • Company’s reputation: It may take years for NBA betting companies to make their name in the global arena, but the result is worth the efforts. The market leaders (like bet365 or Ladbrokes) have six-figure user bases because punters have no doubts about these bookies’ solid reputation. Thus, our pundits always check a bookmaker’s lasting history to detect reports about unresolved claims and scam signs.
  • Rich betting options: It may be sufficient for amateurs to place money on the beloved NBA team’s victory alone and either win or lose a few bucks, but seasoned bettors require much more wealthy betting options. They get equal pleasure from winning on wagers and building complex strategies for different outcomes within the same game. So, if you’re looking for a chance to test your intuition and betting skills, make sure to select bookies that will allow you to do this.
  • Best NBA odds: NBA season counts more than 80 games with an approximate 3-day interval between the events. Top bookmakers usually adjust the odds on the night before the confrontation or the same day with the match. The best NBA betting sites take the odds moving responsibly and release the lines a few hours ahead of each game so that punters can cross-check the possibilities to capitalize on heavy betting under the unbeaten game-related odds.
  • Adequate limits for punters: When you make money on the NBA wagers (we mean very good money), it is essential to opt for basketball betting sites with heightened withdrawal limits. Why is it so crucial? Extended limits allow punters to extract the winning funds at once instead of cutting the withdrawal into several mini-transactions. Thus, we always pay heed to whether a bookie allows moving larger sums for the punters’ convenience.
  • Bonuses and promotions: We can bet that the predominant share of all sports bettors checks the bonuses section firsthand when fishing for a betting site. It is understandable as bonuses, and free bet offers are the first things that point out the bookies’ generosity. We always hunt for online sportsbooks with the most bountiful welcome bonus (under reasonable deposit requirements) and promotional perks. Extra to these, we cross-check if the sites offer solid loyalty and VIP programs for regular customers.

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  • Site layout: Site usability is an inseparable element of a pleasant user experience. The design is also essential, but we all have different tastes, and what seems impressively stylized for one user can appear tacky for another. But we can’t claim the same when we talk about the site navigation and interface as they directly influence how convenient and easy-to-use the platform is for bettors. Do the site users have all the necessary sections and active buttons at hand? Can they submit a bet in a couple of clicks? Does the bookie’s mobile app work fast and hassle-free? If all answers are ‘Yes,’ then we can recommend this NBA betting site for punters.
  • Customer service: We never underestimate this point nuance when testing the basketball betting sites for you. The help center agents’ assistance may be decisive when selecting a bookie because nobody will like waiting for days for a reply from the customer service team. When you need prompt, professional advice, but instead, you receive a formulaic response from the helpers, agree that you lose any desire to continue betting on this site at all. Therefore, top sites pay focus to the extensive training programs for their help center agents.

Best Sports Betting Sites: Basketball

Best NBA betting sites: 100% proven bookmakers

From the money-making standpoint, betting on basketball gives unbeaten privileges to punters due to the plurality of leagues and events in the international arena. Surprisingly, some operators mistakenly think that an assortment of betting options is a secondary thing that matters to basketball bettors. They offer NBA finals alone in their content menu and feel that users should jump with joy. The sportsbooks on our recommended list offer mixed wagering options for basketball enthusiasts, i.e., they accept wagers on popular games in the NBA season (but not only finals), playoffs, college games, and a fantasy league.

Are you a live-betting enthusiast? Then, you will appreciate the groundbreaking in-play sections each of these top-rated NBA betting sites offer. Moreover, all these bookies have a cash-out function that you can use to backup your NBA bets. Do you like following the gameplay and betting online in real-time? In such a case, you can visit the live streams pages to witness the most thrilling NBA events firsthand in the flawless quality and HD resolution on these betting sites’ online channels. Oops! We almost forgot to mention the odds quality that each of these bookies can be proud of. They release lines ahead of each NBA game and move odds more frequently, even amid the gameplay, so that bettors can capitalize on fixed wagers under the best available NBA odds.

And the last thing that made us recommend these sportsbooks for betting on basketball online is their mega generous bonus campaigns.

They include free bet offers, deposit bonuses, cashback, and special perks for loyal users, extra to impressive bounties in these bookies’ casino sections (free spins, cash, virtual gifts, etc.). The variety of banking options also won’t leave bettors indifferent: popular e-wallets, bank and card operations are affordable for users. None of these betting sites charge deposit levies from customers; the fast payout speed allows punters to get their winning funds without a headache. Finally, the user-friendly layout, informative terms and conditions section, useful FAQ page, and qualified customer support made us give these online betting sites the highest mark A+.

Top bookies to bet on college basketball

NBA is not the only giant considering the basketball wagers. Bookmakers report about the immense gambling activity among global punters on college basketball events. The biggest craze occurs during the so-called March Madness (the name says it all). Fans can witness 60+ games that take place within a few spring weeks of the Madness series. Spectators’ interest in the college events is boosted by the bookies’ excellent promo offers on the NCAA tournaments.

bookies to bet on college basketball

March Madness generates a colossal demand among amateurs and pro-bettors that forces sportsbooks to move the odds intensively. If you follow the odds movement on different betting sites, you have a perfect opportunity to find the best value for yourself. The companies with the most lavish promotions and lineups concerning college basketball wagering are Pinnacle, 888sport, and Ladbrokes. They have the wealthiest MM coverage able to impress the most demanded NBA admirers.

How to bet on fantasy basketball

Another craze of all NBA fans is fantasy basketball. The lion’s share of leading online sports betting sites has integrated fantasy events into the regular offering. In case you lived in a cave the last few decades and heard nothing about fantasy basketball, we would explain the basics in brief. Casual users like you and us can become supervisors (owners) of the virtual NBA teams. They draft rosters from the virtual players that correspond to the real NBA stars and compete with other fantasy teams’ owners amid the fantasy league season.

Even if you don’t plan to become a supervisor and purchase your fantasy team, it shouldn’t stop you from an opportunity to earn a pretty penny by betting on virtual events. Before you get started, check what bookies accept wagers on fantasy games, or you can rely on us.

Such well-known sportsbooks as FanDuel, StarsDraft, and BetOnline offer the best action on the fantasy NBA events.

According to the bookmakers’ prognoses, betting on fantasy games will strengthen its popularity globally, especially if traditional NBA events are put on hold (like we witnessed in 2020 amid the pandemic).

Inside look at the popular NBA bet types

Now you know where to bet on NBA online and what bookmakers offer the best bonuses, lines, and odds to punters. However, to turn spin sports betting into a profit-making pastime, you need to grasp the NBA bet types’ basics. There is nothing complicated here, and we have no doubts that this three-minute read manual will help you pump up your betting background.

NBA bet types



This bet is about testing your intuition in foreseeing the game’s total score. Sportsbooks share their predictions ahead of each NBA event, and punters bet on whether the bookie’s forecast for the final result will be over or under the actual points picture. This bet type has its proven privileges; however, we advise not to count on the lucky star alone but learn the rosters to get a clear vision of how things may run on the field.



It is a prevalent bet type for both NBA rookies and seasoned bettors. The point nuance is to predict a game-winner, but there is a crucial detail to keep in head that a confrontation may end in a tie. Experts suggest looking through the teams’ previous victory vs. failure history to evaluate both opponents’ chances for making the correct forecast.



Prop (proposition) bets are about wagering on different outcomes within the same game. By the other outcomes, we mean who scores the first or the last, whether judges will make the points cutting, how many fouls will be during the game, etc. We recommend prop bets to punters who like to feel more involved in the gameplay than merely waiting for the results to know the lucky dog to win-the-game.


Point spread bets

Point spreads are somewhat similar to moneylines, but this time, punters’ goal is not to name a winner, but to foretell the points difference by the end of the event. Bookmakers typically adjust a payout depending on whether you bet on a favorite or an underdog. Minus (-) relates to the points number a potential favorite is about to win, while the underdog receives the positive (+). Please note that even a successful bet on the favorite may be less profitable than a winning bet on the potential loser due to bookmakers’ unequal payout rate.


In-play bets

Live betting is of a high demand among NBA enthusiasts who prefer to combine the thrill from watching a game and betting online on their favorites. In-play wagers have their weak and strong sides. The good thing is that they allow punters to adjust their betting strategy following the gameplay in real-time. However, live betting may not be the best solution for starters, because it requires making prompt decisions while the heat on the field increases. So, if you doubt that you can handle the emotions amid the ongoing game, maybe in-play wagers are not for you for now.

Major basketball leagues information

No doubt, the NBA holds the crown of the largest basketball league, considering the fans’ engagement, promo campaigns, and game density. The Association compiles 30 professional teams that compete within the 82-game season (and don’t forget about playoffs). Rookies sometimes confuse NBA with NBL, but the first merged with NBL and received its current name in 1949. Currently, NBA events are the most demanded by the users’ activity if checking the basketball betting sites’ statistics. However, there are many other large-scale leagues on the global markets except for the iconic NBA.

The largest basketball leagues in Europe are EuroLeague, Serie A, Liga ACB, and Macedonian First League; in Asia – CBA and CUBA; in the US (except for NBA) – BCLA and FIBA. If you are interested in extra options besides NBA betting only, you can search for the betting sites with more diverse leagues offering at any preference. Besides, who says that you can pick up only one bookie? We recommend creating accounts on several basketball betting sites if you want to bet on small and large events all year round under the best odds and lines.

Can one get rich betting on sports?

Let’s be honest; when we register on the NBA betting sites, we do it not for entertainment purposes alone, but intending to earn at least a bit on every wager we make. When a thrill from watching the NBA stars’ confrontation mergers with anticipation to make good money on a lucrative bet – isn’t it an absolute combo? Of course, it’s nice to have such an extra income source as online basketball betting sites, but what are the real chances to get rich on the sports wagers?

Believe us or not, but seasoned bettors can make a multi-thousand profit on the NBA betting sites. Indeed, they take pretty much effort to achieve triumph in this niche. Pro-bettors don’t hit the bank on sports wagers just like that! It is a time-consuming process, which requires in-depth market analysis and good background.

NBA betting is very fruitful because punters can quickly access the teams’ numerics and players’ stats in the open web space.

Maybe, we’ll surprise some of you, but this data is not hidden under several locks. The only strictly safeguarded aspect relates to the players’ practices, but it’s reasonable as the biggest NBA stars don’t rush to uncover their unique techniques.

Nets vs Bulls Basketball at Barclays Center

Still, if you watch the games, you learn the players’ weak and strong points to grasp what to expect from them on the field. This knowledge will be of service in predicting the winning team or the best match goalscorer. Moreover, don’t forget to cross-check the roster changes ahead of each game to be aware of the players’ injuries upfront. Where can you learn this? Subscribe to the NBA sites, monitor the news in mass media, or follow the teams’ social media pages to be updated on all announcements and last-minute updates. Another golden rule of successful bettors is that following the crowd doesn’t always lead to victory. Instead, they hunt for value in each bet they make because skilled punters know that one valuable wager cab is worth dozens of trivial stakes.

Expert opinion

With the variety of talented players, great teams, and global leagues, basketball gives sports bettors unlimited opportunities. Except for the iconic NBA, which counts 80+ games within a regular season, extra to the playoff schedule, punters can earn big bucks betting on international events, college basketball, and even NBA fantasy league. Just make sure you pick up a reputable and credible online betting site and join the team of lucky winners.


How can I bid on basketball online?

First, you need an account on any NBA betting site (like the bookies on our recommended list). Then, you require to check the games schedule and the bookie's stats before submitting a bet in the 'My bets' section. You can either place a bet upfront or try in-play betting (check our guide of the widespread NBA bet types).

What bonuses can I get on the NBA betting site?

High-profile NBA betting sites usually give sign-up bonuses for newbies, alongside the free bet offers, cashback, and various promotional perks for loyal customers.

Where can I wager on college basketball?

Many leading sportsbooks, like Ladbrokes and 888sport, have college basketball in their content menu. You can check this info on the NBA betting sites' 'Sports' page.

What are the best NBA betting sites for money-making?

All sportsbook operators, approved by our expert team, give punters great opportunities to earn a hard coin on the NBA wagers.

What is a moneyline bet in basketball?

One of the punters’ beloved basketball bet types is moneyline. A bettor’s goal is to predict a game-winner. Experts advise rookies, who are new in basketball wagering, to start with moneylines before passing to more compound bets. For winning on moneylines, it would be good checking the teams’ previous losses and victories history to detect the potential winner and underdog.

How to bet on spread basketball?

Spread bets are no less popular among basketball enthusiasts than money lines. A punter’s goal is to foretell the exact points number by which one team wins over another. Spread wagering in basketball is much more complex than only picking up an underdog and a prizewinner. Bettors need to do profound research that involves rosters’ analysis to calculate the likely difference in points by the end of a match.

How to bet on NCAA basketball?

Many high-profile sportsbooks have the NCCA or college basketball in their content offering menu. We recommend picking up the bookmakers with the earliest lines and lucrative odds on the NCCA games. The most prevalent wager types in alma mater basketball are moneylines, parlays, and point spreads. In-play or live wagering on college events is also quite popular among basketball punters as it allows them to adjust bets amid the gameplay.

What does handicap mean in basketball betting?

Handicap wagering is of a colossal demand in the NBA matches. The principle of handicap bets is that bookmakers tend to equalize the confronted teams’ chances by giving a privilege to a potential underdog. The tricky thing about handicap wagering is that punters should not only name a match-winner, but forecast the points difference between the opposing teams.

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