Best Boxing Online Betting Sites in 2023

Being a professional boxer or an avid boxing enthusiast aware of every little event in the industry is not enough to obtain benefits from online sportsbooks. A place where you bet also matters a lot. As betting is directly connected with real money investments, a bettor is supposed to be sure of the place they are going to deal with when trying to predict an outcome of the match.
This review can serve as an ultimate guide for you: here you will read about how to choose a boxing betting site, how to make bets on boxing, and the most essential details about boxing in general.
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When you choose the best bookie, there are quite obvious things you have to notice: the reputation of the company, competitive odds, and convenient payment methods. We will give you a fuller image of a good betting site and teach you how to check and prove its reliability.

You can bet on boxing in different ways: by simply choosing a winner, or predicting the way a match finishes: in draw, by a knockout, or with one boxer having more points than the second one. The more bet types you see, the more is your chance to make the right decision.

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How to choose a boxing betting site?

The key things that have to be considered before creating an account on a sportsbook include the betting site’s reputation; the measures taken by the website owners to protect money transactions, the number of deposit methods, and options for quick withdrawals.

The quality of the action line is also essential, as any boxing match is not usually full of events you can bet on. Thus, at least the minimum of possible bet types (Method of victory, Winner, Parlays) should be covered and a good boxing betting site must include in-play betting into their line. Below we will describe the factors you should note before sticking to a certain platform.

Online boxing betting


Sports betting is about the money: you constantly initiate deposit and withdrawal transactions and provide a bookmaker with your personal information including payment details. You can be sure that your money and private data are in a safe place in case a website has all safety certificates like SSL that prevent any third party from having access to your funds. It is a must for a sports betting website to take care of all security systems for getting a license, this is why it is essential to use only licensed platforms. You can always find a link to licensing organs on legal sportsbook pages.

Safety and security

Sports betting is about the money: you constantly initiate deposit and withdrawal transactions and provide a bookmaker with your personal information including payment details. You can be sure that your money and private data are in a safe place in case a website has all safety certificates like SSL that prevent any third party from having access to your funds. It is a must for a sports betting website to take care of all security systems for getting a license, this is why it is essential to use only licensed platforms.

Banking options

If you are ready to make your first bet, or claim a welcome bonus and start gambling on a new sportsbook, you may face a huge disappointment in case there is no convenient banking method suitable for you. The more options you have for deposits and withdrawals, the fewer issues you may have in case you lose access to any of them one day. Also, it takes forever for some gambling sites to withdraw your winning funds, which is not satisfactory at all, so make sure there are fast banking options.

Live betting

Boxing betting is quite unpredictable. Even though there are no many external factors that can impact the outcome of a fight, it is still a sport of sensations and unexpected turns.

Boxing favorites of a season can be easily overestimated by the media and fans, so it is not a unique situation when an underdog becomes the winner.

What does it mean for a punter? The outcomes are easier to predict when you are already watching the game and can sound out the upcoming events. Besides, when you bet on boxing in the in-play format, it is more thrilling than just making predictions being based on the shady pre-match guessings.

Live bet on boxing fight

Bonuses and promos

The number of bonuses offered for the new or regular customers shows how a bookmaker treats its members and how much they are interested in attracting a loyal customer base. There are plenty of bonus options that can be created by a bookmaker’s marketing team:

  • a first deposit match bonus,
  • risk-free bets up to certain amounts,
  • loyalty program with special events access, and rewards program.

The more bonuses you can find, the more chances you have to save money from your bankroll. However, don’t neglect reading bonus terms and conditions to make sure they will remain profitable in the end.

Customer service

Many sports betting sites require contacting customer support for redeeming bonuses or requesting the first withdrawals. Any technical issues will be also discussed with the customer support staff, so it is essential to have a helpful and available 24/7 Live Chat or a toll-free line for a comfortable experience.

Ease of use

If a bookmaker has invested a lot in their platform, it is always evident from the very first page.

A betting site needs to have a convenient and easy-to-use interface.

It simply saves the time of a member and allows them to make correct bets avoiding crucial mistakes. It is particularly important for in-play betting as the odds are constantly changing. Thus, everything must work quickly and smoothly. It makes a sportsbook more respectable if they have a decent dedicated mobile app or at least adapted the website for mobile browsers.

Types of bets

Betting on boxing is not the most popular in comparison to the other sports types. However, betting sites still have something to offer to their customers even though the number of markets is not the largest one in the industry of betting.

Boxing betting site

An example of a good line

To earn on boxing bets, it is better to stick to live betting mode which offers more competitive odds. Generally, even the best boxing betting sites do not offer high odds as boxing does not have many highly expected events with the large involvement of the viewers in their schedule. Thus, making multiple bets where the odds are accumulated, is more profitable in case all bets win.

Experts also recommend trying the chase strategy with the round betting which means placing a wager on the most evident outcome of a certain round within the whole fight. This can be compared to the Martingale strategy.

Let’s discuss the most typical types of boxing bets to make it more clear.

Types of boxing bets


To Win Bet

A Win Bet is the simplest bet type: a punter has to guess who will win a fight. It looks quite simple in the action line: you have positive odds for an underdog and negative ones for a favorite. However, if you bear in mind that boxing is famous for its volatility and lack of inside information, the decision is not always obvious.


Nominate A Round

Round betting in boxing is quite similar to the previous betting type, but here you have to pick the winner of each round. Many high-rollers apply a Chase strategy to make the most of the Nominate a Round bets: they wager the same amount on the same fighter every round to expect the maximum net profit in the end.


To Win On Points

Boxing betting can be based on a guess about who will win, but also there are bet types where you have to guess how a combatant wins. In boxing, opponents can win on points, or by performing a knock-out so if you are pretty sure of the winner, you can get more money by guessing the way he is going to gain the victory. The odds for such bets are usually higher than for simple winner bets.


Win By KO

Another option of betting on a method of victory. Generally, a sportsbook offers a name of a fighter and adds different bet types for them; for instance, Errol Spence can be given –200 odds for victory betting by stoppage, +200 for betting on victory on points, and +150 for betting on victory by knockout. Sometimes an action line can include the Draw option with rather high odds, but in most cases, it is not likely to work out.


Parlay Betting

Parlay betting can be much more profitable when you bet on boxing athletic discipline. It is not a bet type but a way of betting when you add several wagers to your bet slip and put them on payroll like one bet consisting of several parts. To win a parlay bet, you need all your bets to win. If at least one of them is unsuccessful you lose all the other stakes made within one parlay. However, if you are lucky enough to win Parlay betting, it might result in much more significant profits than if you made just separate bets.

Boxing betting Tips

Spontaneous betting on boxing will not work. It might be a thrilling action and bring a lot of fun to recreational bettors, but if you aim to make a regular profit, you have to keep in mind a range of important factors. The factors are not the same as for any other sports, because boxing is primarily a show.

It means that the main focus in this sport type is made on the visual appeal while the real abilities of contestants are not usually estimated correctly.

Favorites can usually become overrated because of their media image, while underdogs or simply unknown fighters often turn out to be much stronger and better than their praised opponents.

Another hidden rock of betting on boxing matches is that the organizers are supposed to create an unpredictable show with a high level of involvement. Because of this, it became quite a typical practice to make arrangements with the fighters before a match, which means that an outcome is already predefined. In this case, betting loses its sense, and a bettor loses their money for nothing.

Don’t mind the hype

If you decide to bet on some most significant fights, you will most likely find many discussions on the boxer’s shape and mental condition. You have to be very careful as the media can crimp interest towards the event and overestimate some fighters within the PR campaign. Experienced bettors gradually learn how to tell a professional opinion from artificial information provided by the individuals interested in making the event popular.

Injury statistics

As boxing is an individual sport, betting on boxing requires correct estimation of a current competition shape of a boxer. If you mistake when making predictions on a certain boxer, it might become crucial for your bankroll. For instance, a fighter might suffer from some extended trauma which is not too evident for an amateur bettor, or their training was not effective enough due to the wrong sparring partner. Thus, it is essential to monitor the trauma statistics and overall health condition of the fighters.

Check out the odds

The odds for most boxing events can be artificially lowered when it comes to a favorite of the fight. The underdog’s odds, on the contrary, are made too attractive, which does not show the real state of things after all. Modern boxing lacks the ultimate winners who have never lost a fight, so the favorite’s status is usually about the reputation and not a real estimation of a bookie’s analysis center. It is important to evaluate the real state of affairs before opting for the most beneficial odds.

Boxing facts

Probably the main thing that keeps boxing attractive for viewers and bettors is that there are always fights to watch and to bet on.

There are no scheduled seasons in boxing, so new events can be added almost spontaneously.

With plenty of various weight categories and new athletes regularly introduced to the audience, there is always at least one event available for betting in any online sportsbook.

Let’s see where did boxing come from, and how it developed from a dispute resolution method into an international sport. We will also mention the weight divisions for professional and amateur boxing leagues and the main achievements that set apart the best combatants. Finally, we will review the regulating organs in the boxing industry and how they interact with each other.

boxing history

Brief history

The first evidence of stand-up fights dates back to Ancient Egypt, which is proven by the various frescos and rock paintings. However, it was accepted as a kind of sport only after boxing was included in the Olympics program in 688 B.C.

Modern boxing originated in England after the famous ex-fencer James Figg opened a Boxing Academy and welcomed everyone to learn the art of hand-to-hand fighting. In 1867, an English journalist John Chambers offered the first regulations and rules of boxing. They mentioned the ring size, boxing gloves weight, and round duration. These regulations became a base for the modern professional and amateur boxing rules. An interesting fact is that before this, boxing was not approved as a legal sport, but several years after, in 1904, it became a part of the modern Olympic games.

Weight class table

The four main boxing associations use slightly different weight categories to divide the athletes, so below is a table with comparison of divisions accepted by WBA, WBO, WBC, and IBG.

Weight limit WBA WBC IBF WBO
102 lb/46.27 kg Light minimum weight Atomweight Atomweight Atomweight
105 lb/47.63 kg Minimumweight Minimumweight Mini flyweight Mini flyweight
108 lb/48.99 kg Light flyweight Light flyweight Junior flyweight Junior flyweight
112 lb/50.8 kg Flyweight Flyweight Flyweight Flyweight
115 lb/52.16 kg Super flyweight Super flyweight Junior bantamweight Junior bantamweight
118 lb/53.52 kg Bantamweight Bantamweight Bantamweight Bantamweight
122 lb/55.34 kg Super bantamweight Super bantamweight Junior featherweight Junior featherweight
126 lb/57.15 kg Featherweight Featherweight Featherweight Featherweight
130 lb/58.97 kg Super featherweight Super featherweight Junior lightweight Junior lightweight
135 lb/61.23 kg Lightweight Lightweight Lightweight Lightweight
140 lb/63.5 kg Super lightweight Super lightweight Junior welterweight Junior welterweight
147 lb/66.68 kg Welterweight Welterweight Welterweight Welterweight
154 lb/69.85 kg Super welterweight Super welterweight Junior middleweight Junior middleweight
160 lb/72.57 kg Middleweight Middleweight Middleweight Middleweight
168 lb/76.2 kg Super middleweight Super middleweight Super middleweight Super middleweight
175 lb/79.38 kg Light heavyweight Light heavyweight Light heavyweight Light heavyweight
200 lb/90.72 kg Cruiserweight Cruiserweight Cruiserweight Junior heavyweight
224 lb/101.61 kg Bridgerweight
Unlimited Heavyweight Heavyweight Heavyweight Heavyweight

Boxing Belts

Today, four boxing associations regulate and support international boxing matches. They are WBA (World Boxing Association), IBG (International Boxing Federation), WBO (World Boxing Organization), and WBC (World Boxing Council).

Each of the four associations titles their best fighters with Сhampionship belts. Being awarded WBA, WBC, IBG, or WBO belts is the pinnacle of every boxer’s career and their primary focus. There are also secondary titles in every organization; for instance, a Silver Champion, or Intercontinental champion. The most important prize is the Championship belt of the WBA, the oldest and most reputable association. If a boxer gained the WBA’s belt and also a belt of any other of the listed four associations, they become awarded a SuperChampion title.

Is it legal to bet on boxing in the US?

In the United States, online and offline gambling is limited: only 21 states currently allow wager on sports. The range of states that made online betting legal are Illinois, Oregon, Colorado, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Virginia, and Michigan. The others only accept bets in person in the traditional offline sportsbooks. Making your experience fully legitimate is important to stay in the legal zone and be protected by the government and avoid any issues with your deposit and withdrawal process. For this, always check if the online sportsbook you choose is approved by the state you are betting in and has a valid active license.

How do betting odds work in boxing?

The American system of odds, including the boxing betting odds, are the counting numbers that come with either plus or minus signs. If the odd comes as a positive number, for instance, +100, it means that the event is estimated by a bookmaker as the least possible one. Such odds show that you have to bet $100 on the outcome to win 100. If the odds are, say, +300, you will win 300 dollars if you bet $100 — and so on.
The negative odds show that the fighter is a favorite. If you bet at odds -200, it means that you have to invest $200 to win a net profit of $100. However, you have to always remember that the bookies can determine the boxing bets in not an objective way.

Where to bet on boxing online?

Boxing does not usually have many betting markets so it is essential to find the one that has the most versatile action line for an upcoming fight you want to bet on. Also, you should mind the amount of a welcome bonus and if it is valid for boxing matches, too. Try to opt for the sites that have a strong reputation in the industry. If the online betting platform is a new one, it can still be quite a decent place in terms of promotional programs and good reviews from the first customers, so don't neglect some homework before choosing the top boxing betting place.
Finally, check if your funds are safe: any site is supposed to install special software to provide the customers with a secure experience whatever amounts they keep on their deposits and withdraw from their accounts.

What to do if I'll get a gambling addiction?

Gambling addiction or ludomania is a severe mental disease that is hard to define and almost impossible to control without treatment from a specialist. If you feel that you became addicted or your close ones feel that you are in trouble, you should instantly call the hotline for gambling addicts. Contact information is provided at every licensed online casino or betting site and the specialists will give you advice on which local counsellor you should visit and how to enroll in the self-exclusion program for problem gamblers.
The treatment usually includes several stages: drug treatment, psychotherapy sessions, and sometimes training groups.

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