Best Soccer Betting Sites

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Betting Sites That Accept VisaMasterCard Betting SitesNeteller betting Sites 2023
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Betting Sites That Accept MaestroBetting Sites That Accept VisaMasterCard Betting Sites
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Betting Sites That Accept VisaEcopayz Betting Sites — How to use EcoPayz for sports bettingMasterCard Betting Sites
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Betting Sites That Accept VisaMasterCard Betting SitesNeteller betting Sites 2023
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Soccer wagering is one of the most fruitful and money-making options that bettors can find on sportsbooks sites. The opportunities are indeed tremendous for punters as they can bet on hundreds of leagues, games, and players, watch live streams, and enjoy multiple perks that bookies have to offer. Do you know that the Soccer fan base counts more than 200 million people across the globe? Well, it does and keeps growing every year.

Whether your goal is to have some fun and test your intuition, or your big plan is to make serious money on Soccer betting, you can effortlessly do both things if you bet on the correct platforms. Surprisingly, some users don’t hesitate to trust their money to any first betting operator they find on Google without even reading customers’ reviews and checking the bookie’s trustworthiness. We hope you never act like that! Betting on Soccer on unreliable sites is like throwing your money away. If you value your money and want to have a positive Soccer betting experience, make sure you select from the best betting sites.

TOP-3 Soccer Betting Sites

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Why Soccer is good for money-making betting

Here is a little bit of history for a start. Initially, Soccer had many shapes and styles before it transformed into a modern form familiar to contemporary players. The ancient Romans played this game a bit differently than we got used to seeing now. Ancient Soccer was considered a pretty harsh, or even violent, team sport. It was okay for early Soccer players to return from the field with severe injuries. Ancient Soccer games aimed to entertain crowds to give them bread and circuses; excellent playing skills were not much important.

Best Soccer Betting Sites

Nevertheless, the ancient Romans were smart enough to understand that Soccer betting can be a very profitable occupation to make a fair coin on it. At those times, local betting vendors were very popular as they offered their services to the crowd so they started accepting bets on Soccer tourneys.

Contemporary punters have tremendous opportunities in Soccer betting. Our ancestors would be jealous if they saw how Soccer wagers had developed due to online betting.

Modern punters can bet on Soccer online 24/7, as there are always some upgoing events.

One match comes after another, while the diversity of Soccer leagues and betting markets can drive crazy even the most demanding sports bettors.

Unlike ancient betting vendors, contemporary bookmakers have much more vibrant offerings to please the punters. Soccer betting operators tend to widen their horizons and attract more customers by flawless live betting options, seducing bonuses, flexible markets, and HD live streaming. No wonder that starters can get lost amid the plurality of online sportsbooks that crowded the Internet. When entering a site, the only thing they see is a lavish bonus offering and forget to pay heed to wagering requirements written in the small print. Luckily, our experts inspected tons of sportsbooks to tell the ones you can trust from fraud. Our unbiased and in-depth Soccer betting guide is at your service.

The best sites for Soccer betting

Finding the best Soccer betting sites is like finding your soulmate. No joke! When you decide to get married, you must be 100% sure you found a person you want to spend your entire life with. Finding a perfect online sportsbook works the same way. You analyze and check your mutual compatibility before you finally fall in love with an online betting site. Certainly, we will not give you marriage advice and teach you dating tips (we are not relationship coaches). What we can do is be your betting guide in the universe of Soccer bets to make sure you will find your soulmate bookie.

European soccer betting

Our experts checked the myriad of sportsbook operators until they found those reputable and grants that offer many different markets and gainful Soccer odds for betting. These sites have a lasting history on the online gambling market and welcome punters from around the globe. They are not cheap when it comes to a loyalty program, and they won’t force users to wait an eternity to withdraw their winnings. These top sites can boast of early lines, riskless free bets, vibrant streams, a diversity of Soccer leagues, and bountiful bonus offers. To make serious cash on Soccer bets, you ought to trust only the best betting providers with all rights reserved. Every site from the list below might be what a doctor prescribed to capture the ace betting experience:

How we pick up the best bookies for Betting on Soccer

‘Wow! This Soccer betting site is so stylish. The main page looks such an eye-candy in light blue colors! It must be a very good site. Truly recommend!’ No, you won’t find such ‘expert opinions in our reviews. We dig more in-depth and check all pitfalls and roadblocks that betting operators might hide from casual punters. Do you want to hear how exactly our experts rank the top Soccer betting sites? Okay, we’ll uncover our secrets so that you have no doubts that you can trust our unbiased reviews.

There exist several crucial points that we focus on:



Good reputation means a lot in the online betting universe. Bookies with previous reports of unresolved disputes will never hide these stains that tarnished their reputation once and for all. We always check the bookie’s history to make sure soccer bettors won’t have a bitter user experience on their platforms.



When you wager on this popular sport on the soccer bet platforms, you should be confident about the security of your personal details and financial info that you uncover to bookies. Reliable sports betting sites protect users’ safety and store their personal data under multiple locks due to the SSL encryption and account verification. License is another evident hallmark that distinguishes a gambling operator you can trust from a scammer.


Richness of leagues:

What we adore soccer betting for is its rich spectrum of available leagues with vibrant betting lines. Industry giants always diversify their content portfolio with all major global leagues and tend to provide customers with a wealthy soccer market range.



It won’t be very smart to select sites for betting on soccer focusing on their bonuses offering only, but agree that a good loyalty program is another checkmark of the top-rated bookmakers. If bookies have lavish perks (free bet bonuses, cash, gifts) to offer to a soccer bettor, they double the chances that this customer will return to their channels next time.


Convenience of use:

When you just get started to bet on soccer sites, you might have specific issues before figuring out how the process works. Soccer betting can be very engaging and thrilling, but not on those platforms where punters will get messed with mistaken bets due to the inconvenient navigation and cruddy interface. Suppose you accidentally place a wrong bet because a bookmaker didn’t take enough effort to build a gambler-convenient and easy-to-navigate platform. In that case, you will say farewell to this ‘best’ soccer betting operator, and so we do.


Withdrawal speed:

It is one more vital factor that characterizes top-class bookmakers. We really can’t get it why most online betting sites accept users’ deposits at a lighting speed, but force punters to wait eternity until they process their withdrawal requests. Our experts have seen tons of such bookies when examining the market, until they found the ones with prompt payouts and reasonable wagering options.


Flexible payment methods:

Eminent world sportsbook operators understand that they have an international customer audience and tend to consider country restrictions on a particular payment method. For this reason, reputable soccer betting providers render flexible banking options to users depending on their vicinity (credit cards, e-wallets, etc.).



Outstanding soccer betting sites should offer top-notch mobile solutions to soccer fans. Statistics show that 89% of bettors prefer to wager on soccer online via mobile phones and portable gadgets. Thus, we always test the bookie’s mobile site versions and apps to see whether they are convenient for betting on soccer on the go, whether they are suitable for live betting, and how fast the pages are loading.


Customer service:

Human interaction is what users often miss on the majority of soccer betting sites. Somehow, operators often neglect the significance of the interaction between a user and a bookmaker. Professional and thoughtful customer support team is a prevalent factor that tells the difference between middle-score bookmakers and truly best providers.

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Top-ranked Soccer betting sites by leagues

Soccer fans have more wagering options than anyone else, considering the leagues’ variety: Champions League, Premier League, La Liga, Europa League, and others. We named only a few of the major ones, but there is plenty of fish in this ocean. Soccer bet operators sometimes choose an easy ride and offer only one or two largest world leagues for punters. It may satisfy starters, but long-term bettors will unlikely jump of joy with such a miserable assortment of wagering options.

Make Big Money on Soccer Betting site

Bookmakers on our top list provide a rich league diversity. Moreover, they focus on the punters’ needs regarding wagering limits. If you are an expert bettor who makes serious money on bet winnings, you won’t like it if sportsbooks establish stringent limits on cash transactions. When you gain $1,000 on one single winning bet (and what if you have made five winning bets per month), you won’t come in delight if bookies allow you to withdraw only $500 because it’s their limit. We always check this condition in a bookie’s policy rules and learn whether betting companies are eager to offer special deals to high rollers.

Best sites to bet on the World Cup

  • 888sports;
  • Spin Sports;
  • William Hill.

FIFA World Cup is undoubtedly the most tremendous event in the sports world. For the entire month, fans will get thrilled watching 32 teams competing for the golden cup to earn the title of a true champion. This event is worth waiting for four years. Despite such a lasting interval between the competitions, bookmakers don’t waste precious time and start accepting bets in advance. Actually, you already can wager on your favorite team, player, and match not to wait until the year 2022.

Traditionally, leading sportsbooks release the lines upfront, so that punters can bet on any match, predict the number of goals, try to guess the best scorers, and walk-up with a unique winning betting strategy.

You can get started making forecasts right now to determine your favorites, which will help you make a serious profit. Surely, different operators adjust the offered odds closer to the competition. Thus, punters need to be aware of the bookies with the most lucrative odds to know where to hunt for the biggest fish.

Sites with the best Soccer betting odds

  • Ladbrokes
  • Unibet
  • 22Bet

If you just start your path on bookies’ platforms, you will be Okay to bet on the final match result or your favorite team. Experienced punters need more sundry options to find the best value. Industry giants allow bettors a plethora of alternatives to enjoy valuable betting. Users can wager on the first player to score, the best player by the entire game result, they can try to guess an exact time interval of the first goal, and predict who will hit a penalty if the one happens. Future bets are no less widespread among customers than in-play wagers, and respected bookmakers tend to release the lines up front and adjust the odds regarding each particular game.

Punters can wager on a team to win in the first and second half, predict a top goalscorer of a game, and try to guess the name of the final player to score.

Top-tier sportsbooks always give vibrant live betting solutions for large-scale punters. Fans can watch a game and bet on how many yellow cards each team will receive or try to predict who will get stuck on the sidelines by the end of an event. Here punters can wager on totals, point spreads, and the so-called Asian handicapping to earn the expected value on each dollar they bet on a Soccer match.

How to bet on Soccer in the USA

American football is the No. 1 sport in the United States. However, Soccer is in the top 5 favorite team sports among American punters. Fans are literally stuck to the screens watching matches online, while stadiums are always flooded with thousands of spectators. Soccer wagering is the most widespread in search ranking on multiple betting sites. It is legal in the US following the Supreme Court decision, though there are many rules and regulations that both sportsbooks and casual customers have to obey. First of all, punters need to know that Football wagering is still prohibited in certain regions. The gambling age also varies depending on the state (18 or 21yo).

soccer betting in USA

The primary requirement for sports bettors is to address solely licensed sportsbooks granted by the authorized jurisdictions. This info should be visible on the main page of a gambling site. For a start, users need to verify their identity and create an account. Most US betting operators render rich banking methods to deposit money and receive payouts. American punters can select between credit cards and e-wallets, like Skrill. As a rule, transactions are fee-free for casual users.

When betting on Soccer in the USA, always pay heed to the leagues’ assortment, free bet offers, early lines, and payout speed. When you place Moneyline bets, there can be only three outcomes: draw, win and lose. Another popular bet type, Double Chance, is very widespread among bettors because they can wager on several potential outcomes within a single match. Spread betting is also in colossal demand among both pro-level bettors and amateurs because locals like to predict the total number of goals that a winning team will score by the end of a game. If you understand bet types, monitor markets, and follow updates to stay aware of teams’ changes, you have a pretty high chance to succeed on the US betting sites.

 How to make big cash on Soccer wagers

Congratulations! Now you know where it’s better to wager on Soccer to reach a higher value. But if you keep spending as much as you earn on bets, then you probably do something wrong. There are some signs that distinguish ‘blind bettors’ from expert punters. The fundamental rule is never to rely 100% on a lucky chance but to apply your skills and knowledge mindfully. Unlike casinos, where your winning mostly depends on the games of chance and skills do not mean much, sports betting requires regular practice and solid background. Casinos often engage gamblers with free spins and other perks because it can be really challenging for users to forecast the correct lottery results in the Wheel of Fortune.

Things look a bit different for wagering on sporting events. Surely, good luck matters a lot here, but you can’t rely on fortune solely. If you don’t set up your own betting strategy, you will never grow up as a betting guru. Instead, you will keep betting blind and blaming a black cat for your bad luck. By strategy, we mean several crucial factors that will make your wagers more thoughtful and profitable. First of all, don’t ignore tips from betting experts. These people spent years mastering their skills, and it won’t hurt to listen to their advice. Surely, your BFF Peter may also call himself a betting expert, but we hope you see the difference and realize who knows best.

Another essential to succeed in football wagering is to follow the games and leagues run. When you know the teams and their most prosperous players, you increase your chances to bet on the right guy. Even such seem-to-be ordinary things as team spirit, players’ shape, and coach’s experience may play an integral role in forecasting a game outcome.

Game results may even depend on who is a home team and a guest team.

Some clubs may show fantastic results when they play at home, and lose one match after another at the away games. If a team’s MVP breaks his leg just before the big game, you must also be aware of the accident if you consider betting on this team. We hope you grasped the concept. Stay up-to-date and follow the games to know the favorites and bet on winners!

Expert opinion

When you wager on Soccer, it can be hard to predict how a game will go on the field if you don’t follow the leagues and know nothing about the quality of teams and coaching staff. You can place blind bets and maybe even win a couple of times, but it’s not a lasting strategy of professional bettors. To succeed in sports wagering, punters need to master their skills all the time, stay up-to-date with every little change, and monitor credible sources for the latest statistics. No less important is the quality of the platforms you wager on sports. When you select reputable sportsbooks with a rich history on the market, valuable odds, flawless live betting solutions, and lavish bonuses, you boost your chances to enjoy your Soccer betting experience.


Can I place Soccer wagers on several different sites?

You can create accounts on multiple betting sites to place valuable wagers on Soccer. Don’t forget to pay heed to the odds and lines that bookies offer and their wagering requirements.

How can I deposit on sportsbooks’ platforms?

You need to have an account on a bookie’s platform to deposit and withdraw funds. As a rule, operators offer the following methods to replenish your balance: credit cards, bank transfers, and e-wallets.

How can I withdraw funds?

You need to send a withdrawal request on a bookie’s site. Usually, it takes sportsbooks 48 hours to process the request and complete the payout.

What are the best Soccer betting sites?

Our experts inspected hundreds of sportsbooks to find the pearls with top odds, lucrative betting options, and flexible markets. You can check our top ranking of bookies.

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