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Volleyball is currently ranked as the fifth most popular sport in the world, with millions of fans on every continent. William G. Morgan created the sport in 1895 as an alternative for individuals who found basketball too strenuous an exercise. The sport is a team effort. Since then, betting on volleyball has become a multimillion-dollar industry, with sportsbooks offering both domestic and international matches to consumers who wish to wager on the sport. This article will guide you through the process of placing wagers on volleyball and explain the most essential markets you should be familiar with.

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How Volleyball Betting Works

Volleyball wagering is a popular method to spend time with an online bookmaker. As a team sport, depending on the markets, you may wager on the success of the entire team or an individual player. But before you begin betting on volleyball, you should be aware that there are numerous versions of the game, including Indoor, Beach, and Wallyball, a fast-paced variety.

Similar to other forms of gambling, betting on volleyball entails selecting an event, perusing the markets, comparing odds, and making a prediction.

Then, you must wager actual cash before placing your wager. When wagering on volleyball, the sportsbook you pick is important. It is prudent to pick a bookmaker with strong sports coverage. It should, for instance, provide access to the Olympic Games, Beach Volleyball World Championships, and events from other premier local and international leagues.

Volleyball Betting

Popular Volleyball Bets Explained

Volleyball betting lines play a significant part in online gambling. They determine the volleyball betting predictions that can be made on a certain event. Before placing a wager on volleyball, it is essential to understand the basic betting options. Here is a list of well-known markets with which you should be familiar:

Outright (winning) Bets

Predicting the winner of a tournament is one of the most popular bets in volleyball. Consider the Champions League tournament in Europe. If your gamble is successful, picking Kedzierzyn-Kozle to win the tournament will result in a significant payout. Since there are typically numerous factors to examine in outright markets, the odds are typically high. This makes it difficult for gamblers to conduct adequate research, hence decreasing their likelihood of placing appropriate wagers.

Score Betting

Score wagering is a supplementary market available during the majority of indoor volleyball matches. Since much research is necessary, this kind of gambling often offers larger odds. Possible commercial adoption of the Correct Score format.

Here, you must predict the score of a volleyball match accurately. Consider a situation between the United States and Germany. You can wager on either Germany or the United States to win 3-0. Your wager is successful if the event’s final score matches your selection. Score wagering is common among experts who have extensive game knowledge and can easily conduct detailed research.

Over/Under Markets

Over/Under markets are commonly used to predict the total amount of points scored in a volleyball game. It could be the whole game or a specific set. Predict if the points will surpass or fall below a given level. In an FIVB Nations League match between Serbia and Bulgaria, for instance, you may wager on an Over/Under total of 45.5 points for the opening set. To win a wager on Over 45.5, the opening set must have 46 or more points. It is the best alternative to wagering on a team’s exact score in the Correct Score market.

Points Betting

Points betting is comparable to Over/Under markets. It involves wagering on the overall number of points scored during a volleyball match. You can gamble that the match between Russia and Slovenia will end with a final score of +100.5. To win this wager, the total points scored by both teams must surpass 1101. In addition, you can wager that the total points will be less than 100.5.

In this situation, the only way to win is if both teams score under 100 points.

If you cannot estimate the precise number of points scored, this is one of the most lucrative betting markets.

Handicap Betting

When the likelihood of one team winning a volleyball match is larger than the other, handicap wagering is common. To balance the playing field, the operator will disadvantage the favored in this game.

Therefore, to win if you bet on the favorite, the team must surpass the stated handicap. A notable example is a volleyball match played indoors between Japan and the Netherlands. As a superior volleyball team, Japan will receive a handicap of +1.5 points. Therefore, Japan must win by two or three sets for your wager to be successful. Handicap is the ideal wagering option for betting on favored teams with greater odds.

Handicap Betting

Volleyball Odds

Decimal Odds

The return following a successful gamble, inclusive of the initial stake, is displayed in decimal format. In essence, this is the most straightforward method for comparing the odds provided by various betting sites. To calculate the expected return, you must apply the formula odds x stake = return, where the stake is your initial investment. In other words, a winning wager of $100 on a volleyball match with odds of 2.1 and a risk of $100 will earn $210.

Fractional Odds

As implied by their name, fractional odds are expressed as fractions such as 12, 23, etc. The major difference between fractional odds and decimal odds is that decimal odds reflect your profit inclusive of your initial investment, whereas fractional odds represent the amount you may win dependent on the size of your gamble. If the chosen volleyball event has odds of 2/1, then you will earn two units for every unit you wager.

For instance, chances of 3/1 suggest that one unit must be wagered to win three.

As it turns out, this approach to explaining probabilities is rather confusing for many gambling enthusiasts. The majority of them choose the decimal format as a result.

American Odds

American odds sometimes referred to as the money line, are yet another way to describe odds. This time, they are expressed using positive and negative integers. The positive number reflects your potential profit after gambling $100, whilst the negative numbers indicate how much you must wager to earn $100. Note that you should not necessarily wager the same amount as the money line. If the money line is negative, double the bet by (100/odds). If the money line is positive, however, the computation is (your wager/100) x odds.


If you wish to advance as a gambler, you should also acquire a greater grasp of how probabilities are calculated.

Consider a game of coin-flipping as an example. Everyone understands that a coin may land on either heads or tails, thus the likelihood is 50/50. 1 When you have selected the event you prefer, for example, tails, you should compute the probability of this happening. To do so, you must use the following formula: your desired outcome/all options, which in our case yields a probability of 0.5.

The majority of gamblers prefer percentages because they facilitate the evaluation of probability. If we multiply the probability, which in this case is 0.5, by 100, the probability that the coin will fall on its tails is 50%.

It is simple to place online wagers on volleyball if you understand the game and its rules. Possessing a trustworthy sportsbook with a wide coverage of the sport would be advantageous. It is recommended that you verify the betting site review for each operator to determine its effectiveness. Once everything is in place, adhere to our straightforward online betting advice for volleyball:

How to bet on volleyball


Log in to your volleyball betting account


Deposit funds to the sportsbook


Proceed to the volleyball category


Choose your preferred volleyball game


Examine the available markets


Review the volleyball betting odds


Include your prediction on the bet slip


Bet some money


Submit the bet slip

The next step is to await the conclusion of the event to determine whether you have won. With this step-by-step guide to volleyball betting for novices, you should have no trouble placing online wagers on volleyball. Gambling is identical regardless of which sportsbook you utilize.

Volleyball Live Betting

Live volleyball betting, commonly referred to as in-play betting, is a fantastic way to add even more excitement to the experience of watching volleyball. It allows you to place bets on the matches as they are happening.

The majority of the markets that were covered previously are available to be bet on, and the odds are changed in real time to reflect the action that is taking place on the court.

As a result, if you keep a close check on the game and the odds, you might be able to identify some wonderful possibilities.

In addition, there are instances when additional wagers known as ‘Next To’ bets are made available to customers. These bets are placed on the next event that is about to take place, such as which team will score next, as suggested by the name of the bet.

Volleyball betting strategies

Volleyball betting strategy “Total under”

You are aware that in this scenario we will be betting on totals, specific totals for a set that are less than 45.5 points.

To put this betting strategy for volleyball to the test, we will use matches from the women’s volleyball tournament, and the stakes will be played out in live mode. Why women? is a question that makes sense to ask. At least one of the sets in each of TU’s matches against other teams in women’s volleyball concludes with them winning by a score of 45.5 points, as indicated by the statistics. This percentage is significantly lower for the men’s volleyball competition.

As a result, we decided to watch a live match of women’s volleyball. Next, you should put a wager with TU 45.5 on the outcome of the first set. If our wager was successful, we will proceed to the next game in the tournament. In such case, we will continue to wager on the second, third, and fourth sets until we are victorious. At the same time, the catch-up technique is what decides how much money should be wagered on each succeeding bet.

Volleyball betting strategies

The creators of the tactic believe that in most cases, this wager will pay off, if not in the first set of the match, then in the second set of the match. Taking into consideration the fact that the odds on TU 45.5 typically move around within a range of 1.7 and 2.2, the gamblers have a high possibility of making a profit from this method over the long haul.

The authors of the aforementioned gaming system urge that players do not place bets on matches that take place during the championships of Brazil, Indonesia, Azerbaijan, the Philippines, and Turkey. This will ensure that the system functions properly. The fact that these games are typically more successful and make it much more challenging to catch totals under makes it considerably more challenging.

Schukin strategy

The Schukin technique is applicable for live matches as well; however, in this instance, we will place our wager not on the total number of points scored, but rather on which team will emerge victorious in the set. To put this tactic into practice, we will need to find a game in which the set is already nearing its conclusion and one of the teams has already amassed 24 points.

It is important to note that the competitor needed to score between 20 and 22 points to win.

If this particular scenario were to play out, the odds of the leading side winning would be equal to 1.10-1.15. We’ll place our money on the team that already has 24 points, which is probably something you could have expected.

This approach for betting on volleyball does, of course, come with its fair share of discernible drawbacks, the most notable of which are a constrained potential for profit in the event of victory and a laborious search for comparable matches. However, the likelihood that such an investment will bear fruit is quite high.

Final spurt

To make use of this game system, we will select a live volleyball match in which the score of one of the sets is currently 23:23 or 13:13 (if we are discussing the fifth set).

It is important to remember that to win a set of volleyball, one of the teams must be the first to earn 25 points (15 points for the fifth set), and they must have a lead of at least 2 points over the team that is going to lose the set.

For instance, when the score is 23:23, we bet on TU 48.5, and we win (a total of 46 points). If one of the teams triumphs with a score of 23:25, we will be awarded our stake. If the score is tied 24:24, we will continue to wager on TU (50.5) until one of the sides emerges victorious. The catch-up method will decide the amount of each future stake that must be placed.

Final spurt

The bettor has a chance to make a good profit because the odds on the aforementioned events, on average, are equal to 2.5. Another difficulty is that occasionally teams might play even up to the score of 30:30, which means that the bettor ought to have a tangible bank to apply this approach for betting on volleyball.

Also, keep in mind that certain bookmakers will take bets up until the very end of the game, although this is not the case for all games. As a result, to complete the processing of the final spurt strategy, it is required to only select events from big tournaments.

Volleyball Betting Tips

One of the most important Volleyball betting tips is to always seek the best odds. To accomplish this, you can compare the game odds at various sportsbooks. In any case, when you make good wagers and the odds are in your favor, you will receive a significant payoff. The ideal sportsbook offers volleyball odds between 1.20 and 100.00. Depending on the market, some give chances of up to $1,500.00.

Utilize matched wagering and arbitrage wagering

Always utilize matched wagering. This is accomplished by utilizing the sportsbook’s free wagers and bonuses. This is the best betting tip for volleyball if you want to control your bankroll. Besides, take advantage of arbitrage betting. Cover all outcomes of a particular occurrence to ensure earnings regardless of the outcome.

Follow professional tipsters and their volleyball betting predictions

Follow Volleyball Tipsters and their expert forecasts whenever you place a wager on volleyball. This will provide a unique perspective on a volleyball game.

As a result, your chances of making accurate forecasts will increase. It is also one of the greatest methods for validating your findings after conducting sufficient research. But be cautious to choose only confirmed and reliable tipsters.

Consider small victories and profits

It is a game of chance to wager. Celebrate even the smallest victories and earnings. This is one of the ways you will enjoy volleyball betting. If you are concentrated on large profits, you may never appreciate minor wins, which can impact your betting motivation. This is a crucial volleyball betting tip, particularly for novices.

Mistakes in betting on volleyball

Occasionally, the only thing separating a player from a correct wager is a common volleyball betting blunder. Sadly, not all gamblers are ready to acknowledge and correct their mistakes. If you are one of these gamblers, the following common mistakes may be keeping you from winning regularly.

Betting on your favored team

Never let your emotions affect your betting decisions. You should not merely support your favorite sports team. Instead, undertake research and use the results as your guidance. Betting blindly on your favorite volleyball team will cost you in the long run.

Ignorant of players’ form, off-court behavior, and distractions

Amateur gamblers frequently commit the error of disregarding the on-court and off-court performance of players. Volleyball players decide the result of the game, therefore understanding their form and preparation might help you make a precise forecast.

Always undertake research on every player, with an emphasis on volleyball stars. If a team’s best players are injured, the team’s prospects of winning the game are drastically diminished.

Unfamiliar with volleyball

Before wagering on volleyball, a solid comprehension of the sport is required. Recognize the number of players and the purpose of each position in a volleyball game. Additionally, it would be beneficial if you understood the game’s rules.

Without enough sport expertise, it is hard to create reliable forecasts. You will not comprehend how to perform study and the most crucial considerations when betting on volleyball. Volleyball is an easy activity that can be rapidly mastered, which is a positive.

Mismanaging the bankroll

Mismanagement of your bankroll consists of placing bets without performing research and wagering more than required on a match. Such uncalculated risks will result in greater costs than anticipated. Create a bankroll management strategy that will help you to decrease your sportsbook wagering. For example, you can benefit from betting site perks such as free bets. Furthermore, you may define betting limits.

Best Volleyball Betting Sites

The variety of betting applications that feature volleyball is, to say the least, wide. It may not be a prominent betting sport, but the coverage is extensive.

Options in this area are crucial for sports bettors, and it is one of the reasons they can attract as many as they do.

Below is a list of the best volleyball betting online applications.

  • BetOnline – The best volleyball betting site overall
  • Bovada – A reputable volleyball sportsbook with extensive international coverage
  • MyBookie – A volleyball betting application with many introductory bonuses
  • BetNow – Selection of global volleyball betting app marketplaces
  • BetUS – The group’s most visually appealing volleyball betting app.


Is it good to bet on volleyball?

It is good and beneficial to gamble on volleyball. Volleyball wagering options are straightforward to grasp and research, regardless of your experience with sports betting. Moreover, volleyball offers players best volleyball betting odds, which result in big winnings. This is only true if you choose a reputable and established betting website.

Where can I bet on volleyball?

Above we listed the best online volleyball betting sites, which are suitable for you to start o continue your volleyball betting journey.

How are volleyball betting odds calculated?

Odds are percentage representations of probability. To calculate the chances of a certain outcome, you divide 100 percent by the likelihood of the event occurring. For example, if the likelihood of an event occurring is 60%, the odds may be calculated using the formula 100/60, which yields 1.667. The formula is applicable regardless of the chances being calculated.

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