Best Sports Betting Companies in Africa

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The betting market in Africa is a fairly new phenomenon compared to the countries of Europe, America, and Asia, where sports betting has long been commonplace. However, with the advent of technology in Africa and the gradual development of the country, online betting sites also appeared here and, as a result, the demand for them. Undoubtedly, if you have a favorite sport and you can’t live a day without watching any competition in this sport, it doesn’t matter which continent you are on, it’s time to finally make money on your hobby. We are sure that you have a lot of questions about the South African online sports betting, for example, is it legal, are there any problems with credit cards visa, which sports the betting companies offer to bet on and which sites are worth choosing. We promise in this article to answer all your questions so that you can use the best betting sites without fear.

How Developed is National Gambling in Africa?

It is not only well developed but also the fastest growing niche in Africa. In Africa, due to the long absence of any modern entertainment and, moreover, ways to earn money, sports betting companies almost immediately won the hearts of sports fans. In addition, football is a real cult for Africa. According to experts, only fans of the Premier League who regularly monitor broadcasts, here – more than 300 million. And more than half of them combine a love of football with a regular play on the top betting sites. Therefore, you can not doubt the development of the sports betting industry in Africa.

Best Sports Betting Companies in Africa

What is the Situation with the Sports Betting Market in South Africa?

South Africa holds approximately 90% of the gambling market in Black Africa. However, in South Africa sports betting has a lot of restrictions on the part of the authorities. Rules and regulations regarding gambling and sports in South Africa are still under development and if you choose this country for African sports betting, then do not prefer local bookmakers but licensed and regulated in other African countries.

How Legal is Africa Sports Betting in Nigeria?

And while Nigeria is second in South Africa according to its market share in gambling, in this country you can find the fastest growing industry. More recently, two of the most popular African bookmakers made an important deal regarding all forms of gambling in Nigeria. By catching the deal, Nigerian bookmakers will launch a portfolio of ColossusBet services on their sites. This will allow customers of bookmakers to participate in seven-digit jackpot draws. If this is not your lucky ticket, then what?

Is it True that Kenya has Top Betting Sites throughout Africa?

The notoriety of betting sites is high in Kenya, and as indicated by the examination of one of the local research group, a loy of residents purchase cell phones explicitly for betting. The betting and gambling sector in Kenya, although it is in its infancy, is very liberal and fast-growing, albeit not as fast as in Nigeria. Virtually all forms of gambling are allowed, including online and mobile, so you can choose the payment methods that you like and bet safely. The Government of Kenya has granted the Board the right to issue licenses for sports betting sites.

In 2011, Amaya Gaming successfully launched the African betting sites in Kenya through an agreement with BCLB on the management of online gaming in the country. has offered dozens of games, including slots, board games, instant games, poker and other card games with content from Chartwell, a subsidiary of Amaya. Internet users from Kenya who were trying to access unregulated gaming sites (both local and foreign) were redirected to The use of the site was monitored by BCLB – this was how the potential and distribution of online gaming were evaluated.

How Developed is Land-Based Gambling in Ghana?

ln Ghana, different kinds of betting are permitted and there are a few land-based gambling clubs, lotteries, and sports betting sites where you can bet on your favorite team. The latter are very popular in Ghana, and football is the sport that is often bet on. Sports bookmakers offer new customers Ghana to bet personally. They also offer online betting platforms and accept bets over the phone. Ghanaians love online casinos, sports betting, bingo, and online poker. I can even tell you that according to statistics, it is in Ghana that the highest percentage of winnings among users and most Ghana bookmakers accept players from all over the world, so even if you are not in Africa now, there are numerous sites that you can register on and make bets.

What Companies in Ghana can be Trusted?

Chief Bet, one of the most mainstream sports wagering organizations in Ghana, and an auxiliary of the global giant Editec, propelled live bets in March under a permit from the Ghana Gaming Commission, so it is licensed and regulated by the administration. This is a new type of product in the region that allows customers to place bets in a new way, including placing bets on a game that is already in progress (as opposed to pre-match bets, when all bets stop when the game starts). Such great opportunities that some betting sites offer their customers are impressive not only for Africa but also around the world.

What about Betting Sites that are Based in Uganda?

Gambling in Uganda is a legal activity regulated by the National Lotteries Act, as well as the Act on Gaming and Sports Betting (control and taxation). The chairman of the National Lottery Council in Uganda has even issued a new law that requires all sports betting operators to have three licenses: a promoter license, the main agent license in Uganda, and an industry license. Thus, you can not worry about the legality and safety of your winnings. This refers to the lottery, casino, gaming, and sports betting.

Gambling in Uganda

In addition, more than 200 active operators were attracted to various gambling modes and technologies, so you can place bets in any way convenient for you (via instant messengers, via a mobile application, online through a browser, by phone, or even via Skype).

What Payment Methods Can I Use when Placing Bets on the African Betting Market?

To play with an online bookmaker, you must first enter the capital into the bookmaker’s account, this is clear for any player. There are several ways to pay and deposit money into your gaming account at betting companies in Africa, and we will tell you which of them are the most popular.

Credit Cards. This is the easiest and most convenient way to deposit money. All bookmakers serve this input form. Paying by credit card, the bookmaker can charge commissions, usually at the level of 1 to 3% of the transaction value. In addition, our bank, in which we have a card, can add additional costs, for example, for withdrawing cash from a card. However, with a credit card, the money will automatically appear on the player’s account, which is very convenient.

Online Banking. This method is similar to the previous one. The difference is that you do not need to enter a card number. After consent, the system redirects you to the website of your bank. You need to log in and continue, enter the amount again (if necessary), double-check the data, and confirm the payment. Funds, as in the first case, will be credited instantly.

There are some Popular Online Banking Systems, you Should Pay Attention to:

  • WebMoney. WebMoney is a universal system of electronic payments (repayments). WebMoney includes a few kinds of confirmation: 1. documents with private id keys; 2. login and secret key info. Utilizing the WM Keeper program, the client arranges the information – he/she can ensure that other WebMoney Transfer members do not see the name, last name, email, or postal location (discretionary). An individual has the privilege to introduce a few adaptations of WebMoney Keeper on a PC to sign into the system under various WM identifiers.
  • Skrill. Skrill is a payment system that works in 185 nations and supports payments in 33 monetary forms.. One of the four most popular, along with PayPal, Payoneer, and Payeer.
  • PayPal. This payment system operates worldwide and has a lot of benefits for its users. Furthermore, it is highly safe.
  • Payoneer and  Payeer.

Mobile payments in Africa for sports gateways

Mobile systems

You can deposit funds from the mobile operator’s account provided that the customer’s phone number indicated in the personal data refers to this operator.

  • Select the mobile operator in the “Internet Bid Management” section.
  • Enter the amount.
  • Click on the button to proceed to payment.

Two SMS will come to the mobile phone. The first is the control with the number and amount of the operation. Send any text in response. It will be considered a confirmation. The second is a notification that the money has been debited from the mobile account. Check that the money is credited to the account of the betting company

Bank Transfer

This is an inexpensive way to deposit money, under the condition that the bookmaker to whose account you pay money has a bank account in your bank’s country (bookmakers usually have such accounts) of course there is an exception, for example by paying, small commissions are added, and some bookmakers do not have an account in the country your bank. Bank transfer can be implemented directly at a bank branch or through an Internet account.

The transfer method can be inexpensive but not fast, usually lasts between 1 and 5 days before the money appears on the player’s account.

How to Withdraw Money that I Won?

You can withdraw money in the same way as you entered them. You can withdraw your winnings to credit cards, mobile account, bank account, online wallet, or even withdraw in cash. There are many options, choose the one that suits you.

Final Thoughts

Sports betting has become a popular attraction in Africa only in the last decade but has already gained popularity. Winning money simply by watching matches of your favorite team and being able to make a prediction about the outcome of the game is very cool. If you have long doubted whether to start betting or waiting for a “sign from above”, then you can perceive this article as that sign. Yes, you can make money on it; yes, it’s legal and yes, it’s easy. So, do not waste your time and start winning right now.

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