Sports Betting in Mexico

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Best Bitcoin Betting Sites 2023Betting Sites That Accept VisaEcopayz Betting Sites — How to use EcoPayz for sports betting
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Betting Sites That Accept VisaEcopayz Betting Sites — How to use EcoPayz for sports bettingMasterCard Betting Sites
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Best Bitcoin Betting Sites 2023Betting Sites That Accept VisaMasterCard Betting Sites
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Betting Sites That Accept VisaEcopayz Betting Sites — How to use EcoPayz for sports bettingInstaDebit Sports Betting: Top Sportsbooks that Accept InstaDebit
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The sports betting market in Mexico is very diverse and offers players a variety of betting options. Here you can find many opportunities for betting on different sports, ranging from football and tennis to less popular ones.

Sports Betting in Mexico — How Does it Work?

At the moment, betting is quite active in Mexico, but not all companies are licensed to place bets. Because of this, many players cannot benefit financially. More recently, a new bill has appeared in Mexico, which concerns the legalization of all betting organizations in the country. The document proposes to entrust the licensing of bookmakers to the Ministry of the Interior of Mexico. Also, the ministry will control all betting in the country.

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Thanks to the new bill, it is likely that over the next five to ten years the level of income from bets made could grow from $ 422 million to thirty percent. It will be more profitable for the authorities and residents of Mexico if the rates are accepted legally.

Is Sports Betting Legal in Mexico?

In Mexico, it is officially allowed to place bets from the age of 18. Technically, Mexicans should only bet on the sites of licensed bookmakers, but the country also has a large number of unlicensed establishments. Sports betting in Mexico is legal and has a variety of licensed land-based sportsbooks in the country. Online gambling is a growing industry in the country, with the Interior Ministry licensing more international operators all the time.

What Are the Common Banking Options at Mexican Sportsbooks?

The websites of Mexican betting companies support the most popular payment methods that operate all over the world – debit cards with Visa and Mastercard systems, as well as electronic transfers and electronic wallets. The most popular method is still bank cards because they are used by customers all over the world.

Are Mexican Betting Sites Safe and Secure?

There are many different sites, but only those officially licensed and operating legally are safe and secure. Before choosing a site for placing bets, make sure that the company operates legally – this will help you save your money and avoid fraud. When you place your bets on a bookmaker’s website, the security of your money and your sensitive data is of utmost importance.

If you place bets on the site of a company that is not legal, you are putting your money at risk, especially if it is not licensed and regulated by the appropriate authority.

Some players are willing to risk their money when they place bets on the sites of companies that are new and do not have a good reputation, but offer good bonus offers for new players. Before registering on the sites of little-known bookmakers, carefully study the information on the site. You can also look at the bookmaker reviews to find out what experience other players have with these bookmakers.

How We Rate the Best Sports Betting Sites in Mexico?

Choosing the best betting sites is not easy because today there is a wide variety of sites and every bookmaker strives to surprise their customers with good betting deals.

To select the best sportsbooks in Mexico, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

  • how well the bookmaker serves customers
  • how big is the selection of sports on the bookmaker’s website
  • does the bookmaker have a legal license
  • What kind of reviews about this bookmaker can we find on the Internet
  • which markets the bookmaker covers
  • which odds and odds does the bookmaker offer
  • which bonuses and promotions the bookmaker offers for its clients
  • how quickly you can withdraw funds from the account
  • how quickly the bookmaker answers customer questions

Experts advise players to make sure that the bookmaker covers the sports and leagues they want to bet on. Furthermore, every event should present you with plenty of betting options. The best Mexican online betting sites give you dozens of pre-match and live betting opportunities.

Best Mexican Betting Sites

Trust And Reputation

When choosing a bookmaker, special attention should be paid to the company’s reputation. Most often, on the Internet, you can find a lot of customer reviews that help you draw a conclusion and decide whether you can trust this bookmaker or not. The reliability of a betting company is influenced by the availability of a license, the speed of withdrawing funds from the player’s account, as well as the speed of response of the support service to customer questions. To convince that the betting company is reliable, you can familiarize yourself with the company’s website in advance and read the reviews of the players on the Internet.

Bonus Offers

Legal online sports betting companies have many competitors, so to stand out from their background, each bookmaker offers its customers different bonus systems to reward players. For this, loyalty programs are developed, promotions are held, bonuses are offered for performing certain actions.

There are permanent bonuses and temporary promotions that are limited in time.

Also, many companies offer gifts for new customers and special bonuses for regular active players:
  • registration bonus – for this you need to register an account and replenish the deposit, after which a certain amount is credited to the player’s account, which can be spent on bets;
  • promotions, during which the standard registration bonus is several times larger than the usual one;
  • bonuses for opening a new deposit on a specific day of the week;
  • cash bonuses for bets on certain events or any match;
  • bonuses in the form of free bets for new customers;
  • contests with the drawing of bonus bets and valuable prizes;
  • bonuses and promotions for losers: for example, insurance of certain categories of bets or cashback for losing a deposit.

There are also other bonuses – to find out what bonuses a betting company has, you can go to the official website and read the information. Also, many bookmakers have an online chat where you can ask a question.

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Odds and Lines

The odds are the main characteristic of sports betting. The size of the player’s possible winnings depends on the odds.

The odds are the number by which you need to multiply the bet amount to find out the number of your winnings. In the betting line of bookmakers, the odds are indicated by a number with hundredths, for example, 1.78. But some companies use several options for writing quotes: whole numbers, as well as numbers with decimal and hundredths.

Line – bets offered by the bookmaker with odds per event. The line consists of markets: net outcome, handicap result, double chance, statistics, etc.

The composition of bets in the line may differ for different bookmakers. The line is formed by a dedicated team of analysts.

The line can change under the influence of external and internal factors.

When the line is released, the coefficient reflects the pre-match ratio of the opponents’ strengths. In the future, the coefficient can be increased or decreased depending on the circumstance – for example, if one of the athletes gets injured during the match or some other changes occur.

Also, the lines are affected by the amount of money that the players bet – if a lot of money is put in one direction, the odds for this outcome will decrease.

Best Mexican betting sites use both approaches when changing the line:

  1. fundamental – an assessment of the probability of an event taking into account the margin,
  2. market – artificial correction depending on the load.

Mobile App

Today, many players like to do mobile betting and to place bets from anywhere in the world, but it is not very convenient to always carry a computer with them.

mobile apps for sports betting in Mexico

That is why many bookmakers offer their customers mobile applications. They are designed for gadgets with iOS and Android systems. With the help of mobile applications, you can create an account, place bets, make a deposit, withdraw funds from a personal account and use all the functionality of the site.

User Interface

The success of the betting company largely depends on the appearance of the site. Experienced players are accustomed to a standard interface, therefore, if the company’s website has some original unusual design, this can sometimes be a disadvantage, since players will have to spend a lot of time dealing with all the tabs and sections of the site. That is why experienced marketers advise bookmakers to create the simplest interfaces that will be understandable and accessible to all players – both experienced users and beginners. Having multiple foreign languages ​​besides English can be a big advantage. This will help attract the largest possible number of customers from different countries.

Customer Support

The work of the support service is of great importance. The reputation of a betting company largely depends on the speed of the operators’ response. Most often, support operators respond via online chat rooms, phone calls, and email.

At the same time, the waiting time should not exceed 3 minutes in online chat, and by e-mail – up to 24 hours.

The advantage is the presence of operators who know foreign languages besides English.

Brief Guide to the Mexican Sports Betting

The sports betting market and gambling industry in Mexico are well developed and quite popular. Many bookmakers have official licenses from the Mexican government, but some work illegally. Mexico is one of the most gambling countries in Latin America, there are more than 500 online sportsbooks for players. Recently, all clients can bet on any sports they want, online, and using sportsbooks.

Betting is completely legal in Mexico. But before choosing a betting site, it is important to make sure that it has a gaming license and a good reputation.

Today, betting is a growing industry in Mexico, and over the past few years, the country’s government has eased some restrictions, and many gambling operators have received a limited number of licenses from the government. However, none of these websites can accept players from Mexico. However, there is no gambling legislation for Mexican gamblers. Thus, Mexicans use trickery and place bets just like non-residents.

Sports, odds formats and betting markets in Mexico


Most Popular Sports in Mexico

Football betting is the most popular sport. In addition, boxing, basketball, baseball, and horse racing are also popular. In addition, national sports are also popular – charreada (rodeo), bullfighting, and Basque Pelota. Cockfighting is popular in the western half of Mexico, with rates sometimes reaching as high as £ 40,000 per fight.


Mexican Odds Formats

There are three different odds formats used in the world today – European, British and American. The most common of these is the fractional format, but decimal and American are also used. In Mexico, decimal and American odds are often used, although each user can independently choose the format that they like best.


Mexico Sporting Events Coverage and Markets

Among the markets on the bookmaker’s website in Mexico, you can find football – this sport is the most popular in Mexico. Whether it’s playing, watching or sports betting, the world’s most popular sport provides so many opportunities to people all over the world. Customers also love to bet on the Liga MX, the largest league in Mexico. Apart from football, Mexican players also love to bet on the NFL, boxing, MMA, and baseball.


Until 2020, betting sites in Mexico only served players from their own country, but today players from all over the world can place bets on Mexican sites. Mexican gamblers can now legally place bets on betting sites in Mexico as well as several offshore bookmakers.

Mexican bookmakers offer players a wide selection of different sports, but football is always the most popular, as in European countries. Football bookmakers offer the most competitive odds and special features such as statistics, betting tools, informative podcasts, and live streams.

In general, Mexican online sports betting sites offer a wide variety of entertainment, among which each client will find something that he likes. It is important to remember that before placing bets, you need to read reviews on the Internet about a particular bookmaker, study information about the features of bets, odds, commissions for replenishment of a deposit, and withdrawal of funds. It is also important to make sure that the bookmaker has a license to operate. Only after you have checked all the information, you can register with the replenishment of the deposit.


Are online sportsbooks required to have a license in Mexico?

Betting companies must be licensed, but many unscrupulous bookmakers do not comply with this requirement and operate illegally. Therefore, before registering on the site and making bets, study the company's website and check the availability of a license from this bookmaker. Information about the availability of a license should be publicly available - most often it is placed at the bottom of the main page of the site.

How to Deposit at a Mexican Betting Site

Mexican sports betting websites use the most popular deposit methods. Among them are credit cards, e-wallets, cryptocurrency, and prepaid cards. Any of these options will give you several ways to fulfill your deposit, most of them are universally used by the majority of bookmakers around the world. Ensure that you use a payment method that you feel comfortable using and know that your money is safe. The minimum deposit is different on different Mexico betting sites.

Can I bet in Mexico Using my Smartphone?

Yes, many Mexican bookmakers provide special mobile apps for their customers who use online sports betting sites - so you can bet using your smartphone.

How Old Should I Be to Use Mexican sports Betting Sites?

You have to be at least 18 to use sites of Mexican sports bettors.

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