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Suppose you think betting is a sort of fun exclusively for the sports enthusiasts who know every little thing of their favorite leagues and teams. In that case, you misestimate the diversity of this activity.

If you don’t like sports, you can still place your wagers:

  • your betting experience can involve politics,
  • musical and cinema awards, or reality shows.

Such betting is called Entertainment betting, and there are plenty of sites offering lines for entertainment events along with more familiar and popular Football, Basketball, Tennis, etc.

TOP-3 Entertainment betting sites

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This guide will highlight the best betting sites that have decent, valuable offers for entertainment betting. It would not be profitable for a bookmaker to own a non-sports platform with entertainment markets, so we review the bookies who have the best collections of unique betting options besides sports and give you more than a couple of titles. Besides, we certainly require that a sportsbook be a trusted and legal place.

Entertainment betting sites

Top 10 Entertainment Betting Sites


BetUS offers entertainment betting options regularly; to see what is available at the moment, you must click the Entertainment section; there is also a separate option called Politics and also Cryptocurrency division. In the Entertainment section, you have plenty of straightforward bets for the Ozark series; for instance, which of the characters will die next season.

There are also several money lines for the Kobra Kai drama and odds related to the USA President’s election in 2024.

If you check the Novelty section, you can also make some fun bets if Caylin Jenner becomes a new California governor or if Jennifer Lopez gets married to Ben Affleck before a given date.

Among the best perks of BetUS is their welcome bonus of 125% that comes as a match to your first deposit or a 150% match to the first deposit made in cryptocurrency. However, you must note that entertainment betting is not qualifying for the wagering requirements, so you will still need to make a range of sports bets to withdraw the winnings.

Another good reason for using BetUS is their great mobile version and a dedicated app.

Besides, you can receive high-quality customer support service 24/7 in case of any issues. Finally, the website is legit for US citizens, and it accepts Bitcoin, which is also a decent advantage.


The Entertainment betting section of MyBookie is dedicated to cinema: here you can bet on the new movies’ Rotten Tomatoes scores, the actors who may appear in the next series, or the first character to die; there are also Over/Under bets for Daffy Duck in Hollywood scores in the Final Game. The choice is quite limited, but it still exists, and if you want to make your sports betting experience diverse or distract from the urge to earn a lot on the major sporting events, you might be satisfied with what MyBookie offers. You can find odds for Oscar betting, too — MyBookie publishes them approximately three months before the ceremony and updates the lines according to new nominations announced by the Academy.

We can recommend MyBookie for their high reputation and good reviews from the customers, Bitcoin among the payment options, and the platform’s overall good performance and stability.

List of Bookmakers for Betting on Entertainment


Bovada, one of the leaders in the sports betting industry within North America, is also regarded as the top choice for entertainment betting. Besides lucrative odds for different amusement events, they have the most extensive lines for Oscars, TV Shows, Politics, and Bitcoin rates, so if you look for diversity, Bovada will be one of the most attractive options for you.

They perform well in terms of mobile betting, accept Bitcoin, and have the most comprehensive collection of entertainment betting markets, updating them regularly.


BetOnline has the best lines for Eurovision contests; besides, they give odds for some very niche events like competitive eating, or celebrity news.

For instance, who will be the next Bill Gates’ girlfriend.

The key features of BetOnline bookmakers are the trust they gained for almost 30 years of existence, high odds and betting limits, and a plethora of bonuses and markets for sports bettors.


BetNow is a good and trusted provider; it regularly appears in the lists of the top-recommended entertainment betting sites. However, we found no section with special bets on any non-sporting events after thorough research. The only mention of this betting type was on BetNow’s main page, where they claimed to have such options. They will probably work on this matter and add entertainment and novelty markets later, but there is no sign of it now, which implies they added such information to attract more traffic on their page.

Be aware of the reviews that claim BetNow to be one of the top platforms for a wager on shows, politics, or movies.

How do Entertainment Betting Sites work?

As we have already mentioned, entertainment betting can involve anything non-related to sports. People can bet on some pretty surprising things like the ending of their favorite movie or TV series, or some very niche contests like competitive eating, or more traditional items like who will win the Eurovision or The Voice contest; popular reality shows, and rumors on celebrities often appear among the markets, too. Besides, there are weather forecasts, political debates, and elections, or some special events (for instance, the sex of the next royal baby).

The events vary from site to site. Many of them appear on just a couple of platforms exclusively, so before you make any natural money deposits, make sure you like the options given for Entertainment betting. This is not the most popular choice of experienced punters worldwide and particularly in the US, but being quite a young betting type at all, it may be just gaining momentum. Many people who make their living on sports wagers do not consider entertainment betting as a lucrative way to earn money: the odds are usually lower than ones given for the top soccer or football games, and the betting options are limited. Besides, many of such bets are based on simple speculations and nothing more — you do not need any skills or knowledge to predict the film’s plot twist or a celebrity marriage.

Oscar Winner Bets

However, like the Academy Awards, some events require deep knowledge of all nominees and the standards of the award, so it is very possible to win some decent money if your bet is correct. However, the winning limits are pretty disappointing in comparison to sports — it is not about winning thousands or millions of dollars. Besides, any sportsbook is more focused on sports games. There are analysis centers responsible for pre-publishing research and adjusting the lines, but entertainment bets are not worked on so elaborately. This means more chance of a bookie’s mistake that can become a profit for a bettor.

Best Entertainment Betting Sites include the following qualities

When we choose online sportsbooks to recommend to our customers for online entertainment betting, we accurately check a range of criteria that their entertainment betting lines and general performance must meet. It is essential that there was a fine selection of entertainment wagers and actual line updates. Besides, we make sure that the gambling site is legal, safe, and the customers can feel secure when they deposit and withdraw their funds.

Availability of Betting Options

A good sports betting site must have an extensive selection of events that bettors can choose from to find a profitable bet. While many sportsbooks add betting on entertainment to their sites, there are only one or two markets connected with a sole event, for instance, only one TV series or a reality show. If you aim to bet on entertainment and do not consider wagering on anything else, such a site will not be much attractive for you. Thus, we recommend betting sites that offer various activities and allow choosing from more serious entertainment betting odds to the simplest ones that include novelties, rumors, and random facts.

Obviously, it is harder for a gambling site to maintain the actual odds and markets for entertainment or novelty betting than designing stable and up-to-date sports betting line. However, the entertainment bettors require diversity in their niche wagers, too, so we review the sites with wider than average choices.

For instance, Bovada, or MyBookie, offers a pretty extensive selection of bets related to the entertainment industry.

We regard them as Entertainment Betting Sites for this reason, even though their sports markets are incomparably broader and more diverse.

Timeliness of Lines

We have already made it clear that entertainment betting is a low priority for bookmakers. They react super fast to all events happening in the top sports leagues and update the markets immediately to attract a wider betting audience as soon as possible. Things do not work like this when it comes even to the top entertainment betting markets with odds that may lure a vast customer pool. Usually, online gambling platforms face significant delays with publishing the entertainment, politics, or niche sports lines, which can become a disappointment for a bettor and sometimes even make the whole betting plan go wrong.

There are betting sites that take more responsibility for all bet types, and their timeliness is not much different for sports and non-sports events. For instance, Bovada, or 1XBet, publishes all lines without significant delays, which is especially important for top-rated events of the Academy Awards level.

The Same Things for All Betting Sites

Whether you look for the best entertainment betting sites or choose a reliable bookmaker for NBA or NFL betting, there is a range of crucial points good bookmakers must have by default. Before we give any recommendations about the betting sites, we always estimate if a bookie has a valid license allowing them to work legally; how long the bookie exists on the market and what is the overall feedback of their customers; what the banking systems are and how fast the deposits and withdrawals are processed.

A bookmaker can have an excellent choice of entertainment bets, publish all lines quickly, or even give the best possible odds for various events.

However, it all does not matter much if the site lacks the standard requirements we have listed above.

All bettors need to remember they can only bet safely if they treat their bookie’s choice responsibly. Take your time to find the gambling license’s number and verify it with the license provider; read reviews on the independent platforms and get acquainted with the bookmaker’s terms and conditions. An important note: be careful with the new betting sites: the older a bookie is, the more trust you can give to them.


A customer support level is one of the key things that users should check before they start making their wagers.

technical support for betting on entertainment

Everyone hopes they will never require any kind of help, but issues happen, and it is vital to get help in a quick manner.

For instance, many users complain about difficulties related to withdrawals when they need to confirm their identity. The site does not accept documents or takes too much time for the customer support agents to process a request. Besides, if some information regarding terms and conditions seems to be vague, and a user can not receive adequate help from the

Availability of Mobile Apps

On-the-go betting is more popular today than using traditional desktop websites version. Thus, if you one of the mobile betting enthusiasts and want a betting site to work smoothly on your smartphone, you should bet with a company that has at least adapted its site for mobile browsers. However, it will be more convenient if there is a dedicated sports betting app that allows you to have instant access to your favorite sports and events and provide you with additional features like a special mobile bonus or free bets or alerts for new events or line updates.

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Before Start Entertainment Betting

We want to explain a range of nuances to you so that your entertainment betting online experience was precise and reasonable. This will concern the rules of different online gambling platforms and the outcome interpretations: when you bet on Specials, Politics, and Entertainment, you can become a bit confused with little details, not typical for traditional sports betting.

Betting Caps Limits

Every betting site has specific limits for bets. It means that you can not make a bet of any size to multiply your bankroll by several times and become a millionaire. The difference in betting limits can be significant between various games and events.

For instance, most popular American sites like Bovada or BetOnline allow betting up to $5,000 on a single fight in Boxing and from $10,000 to $30,000 on the NBA.

The actual limits depend on the game and a tournament’s stage. However, they are still significantly more than those offered for Reality TV shows, Novelty Betting, or any other Entertainment bets that do not usually exceed $1,000. Sometimes, there is not only a betting limit but a winning limit, too, which means if you win more than a certain amount, a sportsbook will cut your actual winnings.

Entertainment Betting Result

When you make entertainment bets, your betting results are not as straightforward as you might get used to when you placed stakes on sports. Suppose you made an Over bet on the NBA match in the Pistons VS Hornets game. You wagered on Under 215,5 points, and the final score was 94-107.

There is no doubt your bet won, and you get your winning cash sent to your deposit.

It does not always work like this when it comes to entertainment betting results. For instance, if you bet on some award, organizers may change rules at the very last moment, and there are no winners at all, or there are two or more winners instead of one. In this case, a range of odd winning bets can appear, but no bookie is willing to make extra payouts, so you have to wait till the final bookmaker’s decision in this case, as it can be completely different from the event organizer’s one.

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