Best online poker sites US

American poker rooms are popular with many poker players worldwide. Some explain it by a widely accepted stereotype that Americans are weak opponents and such rooms become gold mines for professionals. However, finding such poker rooms can be tricky as very few platforms accept US users.

On this page, we have compiled the basics of online poker and suggest our selection of the best online sites in the United States.

Which poker rooms do American players play in?

It is not surprising that Americans mainly opt for the local poker rooms; the most popular of them are Poker King and TigerGaming.

These poker rooms have a weak playing field with a large number of amateur players from the USA, Canada, and other countries of the American continent but are perfectly suitable for beginners and recreational pokerists, or anyone who wants to sharpen their poker skills.


Poker bonuses and promotions are mainly interesting for beginners who do not yet have a sufficient bankroll. Some poker rooms offer no deposit bonuses to new members: it means that you immediately receive a few dollars to your account or several tournament entrance tickets. There are several notorious cases when players stuffed thousands of dollars with them.

The most popular online poker bonuses for beginners are first deposit bonuses.

For your convenience, we have displayed a separate column in the reviews “First Deposit Bonus” so you can compare them.


The most reliable poker rooms fall into the A category. They host thousands of people and there is no reason for employees to cheat their users. Their reputation is in the first place for them, and they do their best to maintain its crystal clear.

Rooms from the D-category are listed in a separate column. They include scammers who scammed people for very big money or rooms that do not accept new customers anymore. USA Online Poker Sites

The poker room must be reliable


It is not always possible to judge a poker room by reviews about it, but it is still a very important criterion for choosing a poker room. Click the leave a review button to the right of the poker room name and you will immediately be taken to the reviews section where you can read the impression of the game from various players.


This criterion evaluates the software of a poker room and the ability to use third-party programs when playing. Most professional players use poker software, so if you understand the mathematics of poker and are going to use poker statistics as an additional advantage, then you should find out if there is a ban on the use of this software in the chosen poker room.

Best USA online poker sites

The main advantages of playing here are a weak playing field, a large number of players and many large tournaments.


In recent years, the Good Game Network has become the undisputed leader in terms of growth and conquest of new markets in modern online poker. Also, during this time, the composition of its rooms has been greatly updated.

What attracts players to the Good Game Network rooms?

Firstly, it is worth dwelling on the general qualities of the GG Network, which allowed it to achieve its current position and the title of one of the largest poker networks in the world. In general terms, Good Game rooms go to play because of:

  1. Good traffic in several cash disciplines at once and a large tournament grid;
  2. Permanent and monthly promotions targeted at different groups of players and providing good bonuses;
  3. Balanced lineups at the tables.

Comparison of the first deposit bonus in the rooms of GG Network

In both biggest rooms, PokerOK and BetKings Poker, this bonus is called a welcome bonus. You can activate it in a poker client and receive a fixed amount of free cash for your first bets.

Also, in all rooms, except Natural8, the player receives a bonus payment every time he collects 10 times the amount of rake, that is, this bonus gives 10% Rakeback. In Natural8, for each payout, you need to get only x5 rake (20% RB), which in the absence of a wagering period makes this bonus the best in the network.


GGPoker site

In addition to differences in bonus offers, GG Network rooms have personal characteristics that are important for players from certain regions. And these are not payment systems, since for regulars they are the same regardless of the country of residence and are usually reduced to Skrill, Neteller, Cryptocurrency wallets, and withdrawal times for them in different rooms are usually the same (up to a day for electronic payments and up to 5-7 days for cards).

We have the opportunity to receive information from the room and communicate with the support in the player’s native language.

All GGnetwork host rooms support English.

In addition to such global bonuses as first deposit and Rakeback, the GG network offers its players several more general promotions, which are one of the reasons for its attractiveness for amateur players. These include:

  1. HoneyMoon – a monthly challenge for beginners with total prizes of $ 300;
  2. Weekly Mission – seven weekly missions, for the completion of which you will receive a ticket to a $ 5,000 freeroll;
  3. Big Hand Jackpot – jackpot for combinations of four of a kind collected at regular tables;
  4. AoF Jackpot – a similar bonus only for push-fold tables.

The good thing about GG Network is that it allows players to have accounts in any number of skins. Therefore, players who liked it and became the main place for the rink always have options to choose the best deal within the network among its main rooms.


PokerStars is the leader of the modern poker industry, the largest online poker platform. The poker room PokerStars offers its users the richest selection of cash games and tournaments at any limits, the most thought-out software, as well as regular promotions and bonuses. The number of players registered at Pokerstars has already exceeded 100 million. No other room can boast of such popularity.

During its existence, the poker room PokerStars has repeatedly surprised all fans of the game with unique tournaments, unprecedented promotions, and all kinds of innovations.

playing poker at pokerstars

Pokerstars website example

Pokerstars has set a number of records for hosting the greatest online poker competition.

For example, in June 2013, 225 thousand people registered in a multi-table tournament with a buy-in of $ 1 and a prize pool of $ 300,000.

This event got into the Guinness Book of Records. Interestingly, the previous achievement in terms of the number of participants in one tournament was recorded in 2009 and it also belonged to Pokerstars.


The most advanced software in the online poker industry with full personalization of the lobby (interface customization, notes on opponents, multifunctional search, support for auxiliary programs);

  • Ability to play simultaneously at 24 cash tables and participate in an unlimited number of tournaments;
  • The highest traffic of players;
  • A rich selection of games for all existing varieties of poker at any limits;
  • A huge number of tournaments;
  • Presence of applications for Android, iPhone, and iPad, which are in no way inferior to the stationary version of the client;
  • The safest and most comprehensively thought-out system for depositing/withdrawing funds;
  • Safe system for protecting players’ accounts.


  • No direct Rakeback and its replacement with indirect Rakeback in the form of FPP points;
  • The support service of the room works with users only by e-mail.

Players can get a 100% bonus of up to $ 600 for their first deposit at PokerStars. To do this, when depositing money into your account, you need to enter the promo code “STARS600” in the appropriate field. The bonus is credited in $ 10 increments for every 200 VPP points. The user is given 4 months to clear the bonus.

By making a deposit of $20 or more with the promo code “THIRTY”, the player can receive a bonus of $ 30. The bonus comes in installments: first 3 days – 5 tickets to $1 Spin & Go tournaments, 4th day – $5 cash bonus, 5th day – 5 tickets to $1 Spin & Go tournaments, 6th day – $5 cash bonus.

tournaments on pokerstars

More than 1000 tournaments are available on Pokerstars every day

The poker room PokerStars is famous for its exciting promotions, in which everyone can compete for cash prizes or tournament tickets.

Race of mastery. This is a mini-game available at regular and Zoom cash tables. The point is a competition between four card suits. To start playing, it is enough to choose one of the four suits and keep track of how many times the cards with the chosen suit will fall on the board within the framework of the distribution. Having collected the required number of points, the player immediately receives a cash prize.

The Deal. New mini-game with the increasing jackpot. Anyone can try their luck and spin the reel for just 7 Star Coins. In each round, the player is dealt 7 hole cards, and he needs to blindly remove 2 of them. After that, the cards are revealed – and the strength of the hand is determined, on which the size of the prize depends. Strong combinations bring valuable rewards. If the user has managed to collect a Royal Flush, he goes to the next round and has every chance of hitting the jackpot. At this stage of The Deal Jackpot, you can win at least $25,000. If the arrow of the reel stops at the Jackpot value, 50% of the total jackpot amount goes to the winner, and the remaining money is equally divided among all players who participated in The Deal in the last 12 hours.


PartyPoker offers a wide range of various games for both cash game fans and tournament players. Most of the time, except late at night, you can find a place for yourself at the micro and low limit cash tables, even if you play a lot of tables.

The tournament grid is very convenient, tournaments are also held at any time and have good guarantees. There is a wide selection of tournaments – everyone will find something for their taste and budget. They differ in the format of the performance, the structure of the blinds, and payments.

Tournament series are regularly held inside the room, one of which, Monster Series, is taking place right now.

For example, it features as many as 300 tournaments with a variety of buy-ins and large guaranteed prize pools.

Fans of “fast” poker were not ignored either. PartyPoker has its own analog of Zoom poker at Pokerstars – “Fastforward”. The meaning of “Fastforward” is that the player who folds the cards is immediately transferred to another table. Thanks to this approach, the waiting time for the next distribution is significantly reduced.


Partypoker site example

PartyPoker’s greatest strength is its playing conditions. The room has a poker first deposit bonus of 100% up to $ 500 for 2 months. This means that by making a deposit, you will eventually double this amount with the help of bonuses that will gradually accrue to you as you play. This bonus corresponds to an additional 12.5% Rakeback.

888 Poker site

In the lobby of the poker room and at the tables there are functions necessary for the player. Auto-re-purchase, auto-buy-in, wait-lists at the tables, sit-out buttons for all tables at once, hotkeys, and the ability to customize the look of the table. There is a choice of several standard layouts, however, due to their rather variegated appearance, it is much more pleasant to use a third-party layout, which our players receive immediately after registering and making a deposit in the poker room.

A huge advantage of 888 Poker is the 888Caption auxiliary program, which allows you to realize almost everything that you were missing in the standard client of the poker room. Transferring stacks to big blinds, auto-closing pop-up windows, displaying additional information in the HUD, hotkeys (including ones for a mouse), and ready-made bet-sizing settings, including taking into account the situation at the table (for example, +1 bb to the standard rate for each limper).

Also, the 888 poker client has enough various “small chips”, due to which this room is popular with many weak players.

“Interactive” with opponents

A very interesting feature of the client is the ability to throw at your opponent some object of your choice, whether it be a winner’s cup or a tomato. There is a reasonable limitation, so you are not allowed to throw more often than once in every 20 seconds.


888poker site example

Video Table

Quite a unique opportunity to play with opponents using a webcam. Often at these tables, you can find very weak players and in large numbers.

First deposit bonus

When registering at, a player can receive an extended 100% bonus on their first deposit of up to $ 800 from us.

You should take full advantage of this opportunity, because this bonus is very conveniently laundered in small portions of $ 10, and in fact will give you an additional 20% Rakeback for its entire duration, which is quite good for a given room.

VIP-system 888Club

A few years ago, 888 Poker was one of the first to focus on incentivizing weak players and introduced an updated VIP system called 888Club.

Unfortunately, in practice, this system is aimed at encouraging players who play very little and, on the contrary, not giving extra rewards to those who are used to spending a lot of time at the gaming tables.

Fast poker SNAP

This is what the format of fast tables in the poker room 888 poker is called here, and it is in great demand. The fact is that at these tables any programs that display statistics on players (HUD) are officially prohibited, so players can only rely on their attentiveness and skill of the game.

Sit-and-Go and Blast Single Table Tournaments

Fans of CIS tournaments and their jackpot variations will also find here a considerable number of games and weak players. You can choose from buy-ins from 10 cents to 20 $, which are collected constantly at any time of the day.

888 Tournaments

Tournaments section

Support service

Support seems to be a weak side of this poker room: there have been many complaints about games and customer support before. But over the past year, 888Poker has done a lot of work and fixed its mistakes. They began to respond to letters an order of magnitude faster, although everything, as before, is better to write to them in English. The client has the ability to communicate with them via chat, and it is also possible to contact them by phone.

Verification of documents in the poker room is quite standard; in order to withdraw funds, you will need to confirm your identity and residential address. In most cases, a scan of the passport and registration is enough, but sometimes they may ask. Personally, I advise in such matters not to wait for account blocking or cash out, but to send documents immediately after registration.

Deposit and withdrawal of money at 888 poker

The poker room has a very wide selection of deposit options and in this matter, everything is very well established, but at the same time, 888 Poker does not have the most convenient cash out system for the player, which unfortunately can delay withdrawals for up to a week.

This is how it works. After you have ordered a cashout, the money is transferred pending processing, where it will stay for exactly two days, and during this time you can easily cancel your withdrawal request. And after that, if you steadfastly endured these 2 days and did not decide to continue playing, then they begin to work on your translation, but it takes another 2-3 days (within the promised schedule), without taking into account the days off.

888Poker is a good room for both beginners and mid-stakes regulars, as it is difficult to imagine a weaker field of players than here, and the high traffic of players allows you to select tables well and find the weakest lineups.

IDN Poker

Little-known sitter IDNPoker took second place in the list of the most popular rooms in terms of traffic, leaving behind everyone except PokerStars. IDNPoker has an average of 3,600 cash players per day with a peak of 5,500, a third more than 888Poker.

IDN Poker does not have its own software, the game is played in a browser. If you want to gain access to Asian fish, you will have to come to terms with other disadvantages of the network:

  1. You can only play at one table. You won’t be able to multi-table. How do regulars get out of this situation? They register several accounts and play with them at the same time. As far as we understand, this is allowed and no one is banned for it.
  2. Third-party software is not available. It will not work to collect statistics on opponents using the software. The game has to include ingenuity, observation, and intuition.
  3. There is no “wait for the big blind” option when you just sit down at the table.
  4. The sizes of the players’ stacks are not remembered at the tables. That is, the room is not yet struggling with the so-called “hit and run”. Many players sit down at a 20bb stack, win a big pot, double up, leave the table, and then come back again with a 20bb stack.

IDN Poker is a new poker network. Considering that this network does not have its own software, the game is played through a browser, there are no advertising portals in English, most of the players are from Asia, but IDN Poker is ranked 2nd in the ranking of the most popular rooms, we can say that this network has a future. It remains only to set up a deposit from popular payment systems, fix bugs, finish software and attract players from other continents.

IDN Poker

IDN Poker site

IDN Poker is clearly not a network for regulars playing 16 tables at the same time. But if you want to open one table after a hard day’s work and relax while playing poker against weak opponents, while also playing a plus, then this network is for you. It is too early to trust IDNPoker with big money, and it is hardly necessary, but it is definitely worth taking a closer look at this “Asian miracle”.


Unibet is one of the most famous poker rooms with an impeccable reputation throughout its history. Since leaving the Microgaming network in 2013, the company has thrown all its energies into supporting and attracting recreational players from European countries, making it the leader among independent poker sites.

The lobby has a simple navigation system and a menu for choosing games and bet sizes. Everything is on one screen without the need to switch between tabs or flip the page.

There is no usual list of tables, there is only the total number of players. By double-clicking on the selected limit, you sit at a random table.

The choice of themes is huge: from colorful cartoons with huge avatars to monochrome in a minimalist style. The settings also have a four-color deck and switch bets to whole numbers (BB * 100). All this seriously contributes to multi-tabling.

The following types of poker are available to the client:

  1. Hold’em from NL4 € to NL400 €.
  2. Omaha from NL4 € to NL400 €.
  3. Banzai 6-max, from 1 € to 25 €.
  4. Spins (HexaPro) from € 0.1- € 100.
  5. MTT with guarantees up to € 100,000 and buy-ins up to € 100.

Sit & Go tournaments

Single-table tournaments at Unibet poker do not differ in variety: there are only 2 types of classic turbo SNG 5-max and HU formats from € 4 to € 200. However, as in the case of cash games, there is no way to select a table, and only the total number of connections is available.

Unibet poker

Poker section

Tournament Grid (MTT)

The Unibet poker grid has no major events. The room is more suitable for low and medium-stakes tournament players. Regular MTT buy-ins start from the very minimum and go up to € 200 with guarantees up to € 7,500. Here are the biggest ones:

  1. Big Bang – € 5000 for € 200.
  2. Odyssey – € 7,500 for € 50.
  3. Titan – € 7,500 for € 25.
  4. Ice Giant Bounty – € 5000 for € 25.

In addition, tournament series are regularly held. The Unibet Online Series includes 84 events with buy-ins ranging from € 0.25 to € 110 in Holdem and PLO and the final € 100,000 Main Event. The total prize pool for the series is € 400,000.

The popular offline Unibet Open series takes place in various European cities and brings together a huge number of professionals and tournament poker fans. You can also qualify for it by participating in online satellites, which can be found in the tournament grid of the poker room.

The advantages of the room include:

  1. The high degree of reliability and well-known brand.
  2. Ideal conditions for amateur players.
  3. Lowest rake at micro stakes.

The main disadvantages are:

  1. The relative anonymity of the players.
  2. Lack of table selection.
  3. No tracker and HUD support.
  4. Opaque Rakeback system.


CoinPoker is the first poker room to use blockchain technology extensively. The room uses its own cryptocurrency – CHP (Chips), and in the summer the project team plans to implement an RNG on the blockchain.

The room started working in test mode in January 2017 and fully opened in February 2018. The poker room cooperates with major English-language news sites PokerNews and HighStakesDB.

The team of the room includes well-known poker figures. Among them are European MP Tony G, former PokerStars Director of Security Michael Josem, and poker pro Isabella Mercier, who has also worked with PokerStars.


CoinPoker official website

Room advantages and differences from most poker rooms:

  1. complete anonymity and security of transactions;
  2. transparency of working with players’ money and the RNG blockchain (the launch is scheduled for July 2018);
  3. accessibility for players from anywhere in the world;
  4. control over the fairness of the game – a security team has been created for this.

Disadvantages of a crypto project:

  1. a small number of players,
  2. the complexity of installation for beginners,
  3. the volatility of the price of the CHP currency.

Mobile app

A mobile application is available in the room – users can download CoinPoker to their phone. All menus in the mobile application are convenient and understandable.

Rakeback and bonuses

The project team has already begun to return the rake. Now freerolls and tournaments with an additional prize fund are held here.

The room used to host hand races – the leaders of the competition shared the prize pool of 5,000,000 CHP.

In the future, the project plans to give players 25% of the proceeds through shares:

  1. premiums to the tournament prize funds;
  2. ratings and leaderboards;
  3. jackpots;
  4. bonus for referring friends;
  5. bonus for playing on play money;
  6. VIP system.


Bovada is a brand of the American company Bodog, which is better known in the US market. The platform has a large selection of betting, games and casinos. The variety of poker bets is one of the largest in the world. The betting company operates in several areas: sports betting, horse racing, poker and casinos.

Bovada accepts only USD as currency, and Visa is used as deposit methods (up to $ 1000 per transaction, $ 2000 per week and $ 5000 per month).

You can withdraw money using a bank transfer or credit card. There are restrictions on the withdrawal amount. In addition, Western Union transfers are available, but in this case they charge a commission of about 10% for each transfer.

Since the company is focused on the American audience, the bulk of the events falls on those sports that are popular with Americans. You can place a bet in a few minutes – the main functions of the site are always at hand. To place a bet, you need to go to the “Sports” section, select “Sportsbook”. After that, in the left column, you need to select a sport, league, event. The coefficients and additional information will also be presented here. At this stage, you can bet the required amount and wait for the win.

The platform has several advantages:

  • you can use cryptocurrency as a method of deposits and withdrawals;
  • as a bonus on the first deposit, the player receives 100% up to $ 500;

The platform has the same traffic as many other poker rooms on the PaiWangLuo network. In terms of the number of players, the site ranks 5th in online poker among all poker sites. During the most popular times, the number of players can go up to 3,000.

Poker Bovada

Poker section on the Bovada website

The main feature of cash tables in a bookmaker’s office is that they are completely anonymous. That is, each player can choose his own limit in the client’s account and sit on the first free seat at the table. This is a great advantage of this bookmaker, since in many companies experienced gamblers sometimes specifically look for weak opponents in order to take their money.

The bookmaker also has a loyalty program that consists of 6 ranks and 14 levels. Unlike many other bookmakers who work with poker, Bovadа has all points for life. That is, upon reaching a certain level, the number of bonuses does not change.

Deposit and withdrawal of funds

Among the available methods for making a deposit are the following:

  • Visa;
  • MasterCard;
  • UnionPay;
  • Bitcoin;
  • American Express;
  • Zelle;
  • Bitcoin Cash;
  • Voucher.

To withdraw funds from your account, you can use the following options:

  • Bitcoin;
  • Bitcoin Cash;
  • Check by Courier;
  • Voucher.

When choosing a method, it is important for a player to pay attention to the cryptocurrency. Unlike bank cards, deposits with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are not subject to additional fees. If you withdraw funds to Visa cards, then the player will have to pay a commission of 5.5%. And when using American Express, the commission will be 9.9%.


The advantages of the Bovada company are determined by several factors. First, there is a relatively small number of qualified opponents who are not eager to play due to the presence of anonymous tables. Secondly, the difficulty in setting up poker trackers and the need to buy additional software.

Company advantages:

  • 100% bonus to players on the first deposit;
  • Free use of Ignition Converter and Card Catcher for players;
  • The ability to use cryptocurrency as a method of depositing and withdrawing funds.


  • The system does not accept Skrill, NETELLER, ecoPayz;
  • Lack of a wide variety of stocks;
  • The software is inferior to the leading poker rooms.

Best online poker apps

All poker apps listed below are available for free download. Pick your favorite poker site from the list, or keep reading to find out what makes each of these apps the best online poker apps.

Partypoker – the modern poker application for iOS and Android has everything that a PC client has. After the first deposit, the player is credited with $10 or $30 in the form of SPINS tournament tickets.

GGpoker – the newest and most advanced real money poker site. Lots of games, great pitch, and modern approach. An $11 no deposit bonus at the poker room GGPokerOK for new players is available – the user may get $ 11 to your account for registration without making a deposit.

Unibet Poker – the best poker site for fun lovers. More than 100 avatars to choose from, a large selection of games, and access to the casino. Unibet Poker gives new players the opportunity to receive a €200  first deposit bonus.

Mobile poker rooms

Mobile poker apps must be of high quality

PokerStars is the world’s largest poker site and a choice of millions of players. A high-quality mobile application can do everything that the desktop version does. Bonuses at PokerStars can be obtained in different ways, but one of the simplest is Star Code. These are special promo codes that can be entered in the poker room client or when making a deposit (depending on the conditions of the promotion). Bonus codes are regularly updated and the conditions for their receipt change.

888poker – has skyrocketed in popularity following a mobile client upgrade and rebranding. Today it is one of the best poker sites in the world. The most generous gift is $88, which 888 Poker gives for the simple registration of a new player.

Funds are withdrawn by the most popular methods – to a bank card, or to one or several electronic payment systems: Payeer, Skrill, Advcash, Perfect Money, Epayments, Webmoney, QIWI.

10 things to know before playing poker online

There are some rules which can help you if you are new to online poker:

Start playing at low limits

Even for a person who is used to playing cash games at high limits, it is recommended to start at lower limits. The purpose of these first sessions, in addition to playing “solid” poker, is to familiarize yourself with the nuances of the online game. Low-limit games provide a better chance of winning in the long run.

Check out the new facets of online poker

The hurdles to overcome in the first few sessions include aspects unique to online poker, such as using a time bank. For some online newbies, having a certain amount of time for action can help shift from live cash games to online games in which the player has at least a few minutes to play before the time runs out. An online beginner should also take the time to become familiar with the structure and lobby of the site, betting features, the cashier page, Rakeback offer, and other bonuses.

Start by playing at one table

It may be tempting to jump straight to multi-table games (multi-tabling), as one of the advantages of online poker is the ability to play at more than one table at the same time (although recently some players have been noticed playing multi-tabling and live tournaments). However, a good understanding of the technical aspects of online poker will help the player in the near future. Learn to consistently win online poker at the same table.

Create a distraction-free atmosphere for your game

Sitting at an online virtual table rather than a real casino table, many online poker players can’t help distracting. Typically, it implies watching TV, talking on the phone, or “surfing the Internet”. These distractions often lead to players making mistakes, playing poorly, or missing out on information that could have helped them in the future.

Carry out major equipment upgrades

Your equipment also plays a role in creating the perfect atmosphere for playing online poker. Playing on your laptop while sitting on the living room couch creates distractions. Playing at a table, ideally in some kind of closed office, allows a player to maintain a professional attitude while playing online. For those looking to play a lot online, investing in a comfortable chair can reduce back pain problems.

Create a playful environment in your workplace

Here is a list of examples to help you create the perfect gaming environment: a small refrigerator for refreshing drinks and healthy snacks, a playlist of your favorite songs, and personal mementos to create a positive atmosphere in your play area. This can also include painting a room in bright colors, as well as placing flowers and other plants.

Get the most out of your software

Some players oppose the use of the software. However, since use is permitted by the site, the software is available to everyone and therefore the game remains fair. There are different types of software that can help an online player improve, so they should not be neglected.

Consider buying software

Programs like HoldEmManager and PokerTracker have many benefits. First, they contain a customizable HUD feature that provides information on opponents by tracking all the hands they have played.

Try free software

Some of the best poker software (to use while learning) are actually free.

Examine the effectiveness of the software

While one poker software allows online beginners to improve their playing skills, which is crucial, another software aims to support multi-tabling grinders. This kind of software can be very helpful in advancing a beginner from entry to intermediate level.

Comparison of characteristics of different online poker sites

Players are always faced with the question – which poker room will best suit their requirements at the present time. Unfortunately, today it is impossible to find an ideal place to play, there will be advantages and disadvantages everywhere.

online poker room

The poker rooms themselves are constantly and dynamically developing, the conditions for Rakeback bonuses are updated, the use of additional software is prohibited and new disciplines are added. In such a flow of information, it is often difficult to keep track of all the nuances.

The criteria by which poker rooms should be compared:

  • Allowed or forbidden poker HUD
  • Deposit bonuses
  • Rakeback
  • Player traffic
  • Field strength
  • Soft, additional programs
  • Mining

Comparison of first deposit bonuses

  • 888Poker – 100% bonus up to $ 888
  • Partypoker – 100% up to $ 600 or up to $ 30 with tournament tickets
  • GGPoker – 100% up to $ 600 or Spin & Gold tickets
  • Pokerstars – Up to $ 30 in tournament ticket
  • Unibet – 100% up to $ 200

Comparison of rake and Rakeback in poker rooms

  • 888Poker – 5-6.25%
  • Partypoker – 5%
  • GGPoker – 5%
  • PokerStars – 3,5-5%
  • Unibet – 2-6%

The field strength of players

888Poker – The poker room 888Poker was one of the first to build its policy in such a way as to attract primarily weak players and its field can be considered very soft to this day, especially at low limits.

PartyPoker – The loyal policy of the room in relation to the players, the conditions for Rakeback, all this attracts more traffic. Alas, along with this, the number of regular players attracted by good Rakeback, good traffic, and the ability to play with HUD have certainly grown.

However, due to a good selection of tables and a sufficient number of fish, the field can still be considered average in strength and it is quite possible to select good tables here.

GGPoker – The field here is rather weak, but the adjustment to the “Asian” style of play is necessary. Even at medium and high limits, there are limping fish playing with incomplete stacks.

PokerStars – Quite a strong field, starting from the middle limits. There are more recreational players at the lower limits, but usually, there are a lot of regulars lining up at the table for them.

Unibet – Since the room does not accept players from Russia, a considerable number of regulars are also eliminated, and the lack of thinness and selection of the game made it possible, in the end, to create a rather reserved zone of weak European fish.

What to look for when looking at poker sites?

Criteria for choosing the best poker room:

  • RELIABILITY is perhaps the main criterion for the place of the poker game. Read the reviews of other players, as a rule, news in the poker community spreads with lightning speed.
  • The amount of play is also an important point. If a beginner who plays only a couple of tables will be comfortable almost everywhere, then a player who is accustomed to multi-table this parameter is among the main ones.
  • The quality of the opponents’ play – you must admit it is always easier to play at tables full of fish than in a stronger field.
  • The quality of the software. Unfortunately, not all rooms have convenient and fast software.
  • The bonus systems of many rooms are sometimes so different that sometimes it takes quite a lot of time to understand them, the site always provides only the latest information about these offers, as well as Rakeback, rake races, and other related things.
  • The ability to use statistics. More and more poker rooms nowadays restrict or even prohibit the use of any statistical software.
  • The speed of deposit and withdrawal of funds.
  • Also, pay attention to the availability of a convenient method at the checkout.
  • Technical support. In the event of disputable situations, this is where you will contact.
poker room at 888poker

An example of a poker room at 888poker

How do I compare poker bonus offers?

The main points to look out for when you are exploring this or that first deposit bonus. The key indicators, in this case, will be:

  • The maximum amount of the bonus that can be received;
  • The amount of money required to receive the bonus;
  • The total duration of the bonus;
  • Whether the bonus is recaptured in parts or only in full;
  • What additional Rakeback will you get from the bonus?
  • Are there any additional restrictions on the withdrawal of funds?

Bonus comparison:

  • Partypoker 100% up to $600 or $10 or $30 tickets 60 days \ 7 days 10% for $10 \ instant bonus
  • 888Poker 100% up to $800 90 days 20% for $10
  • GGPoker 100% up to $600 or Spin & Gold tickets 90 days \ 30 days 25% for $5 \ instant bonus

Which games and variations are available?

Hold’em – players receive two personal cards, which can only be seen by themselves, and five general cards, which are laid out on the table in three stages. High combinations are made and the winner is the participant who manages to make a hand older than the opponents, or the poker player who took the pot before the showdown, knocking out the opponents in one of four bids.

Omaha – players receive four personal cards, which they can only look at themselves, without showing them to their opponents, as well as five common cards, laid out on the table between trades in three stages.

Omaha Hi-Lo is a modified version of Omaha, with the same rules, except that in addition to Hi-hands, Lows are also made. It is a five-card deal, consisting of the lowest-ranked cards, no higher than the Eight.

Seven Card Poker. Connoisseurs of exotic and less popular games should learn about seven-card poker and its rules. Razz and Stud are especially popular, as well as its modification – Stud Hi-Lo. All games are connected by the fact that poker players are dealt seven personal cards in five stages (the player does not show the rest of the participants only the first two and the last, and the other four are visible to the entire table), between which the bidding is conducted to form a bank and knock out opponents before the showdown.

Licensing on legal online poker sites

For poker rooms, this license is considered prestigious. Curacao eGaming licenses are the most common among poker rooms. They are cheap, issued immediately for all types of activities, and minimum requirements are set for operators. It is also possible to pay 2% tax on profits, and not on the total turnover, like other commissions.

Banking operations on poker sites for US players

The most convenient system is the Skrill-NETELLER working scheme. How does it work?

  • top up your Skrill wallet in any convenient way (bank account or card, Russian payment system), noting that the transfer is non-gambling (commission 2.5%);
  • make a transfer to NETELLER to remove the ID from the payment (2.5% commission);
  • top up the selected online platform;
  • withdraw your winnings to NETELLER (no commission), and then send to Skrill (2.5%);

With Skrill, you can withdraw to a card (commission up to 8.5%) or a bank account (commission is fixed – 5.5 euros), while with Silver VIP status, withdrawal to Visa or directly to an account becomes free.

Accordingly, the scheme has drawbacks: the transfer is done not in one tranche, but in stages, and the commission is removed at each stage.

For those who play a good plus, this is not so scary, but everyone has unprofitable days. To reduce the cost of the scheme, it is better to get VIP Silver right away.

Complaints about poker sites

Before trusting your money to this or that online platform, read reviews on the Internet. Most of the well-known poker sites have a large number of reviews that will help you form your opinion and choose the most reliable platform for playing. If you have seen a few negative reviews – think about whether you should trust this site with your money.

Small print: privacy policy

When a company wants to hide something – they write the text in small print. Before agreeing to the privacy policy and other terms of cooperation, make sure that you read all the texts written in small print.

Support service

Each site has a support service that is often available 24/7. If you have any questions or problems – write to the online support chat and ask your question. In most cases, a support manager can help you.


What is the status of US online poker?

Currently, poker is legal only in some states, so American poker rooms cannot provide services to residents of the entire country. Moreover, some rooms are licensed to operate in one particular state and cannot provide services in other regions where online poker is permitted. The residents of New Jersey have the richest selection in terms of poker sites.

Is online poker legal in the USA?

It is legal only in some states.

Do poker sites accept cryptocurrencies?

Some poker rooms accept crypto deposits and withdrawals; check the Cashier section of a poker site to see all available methods.

Where can I play poker online for real money?

There are a lot of poker sites, where you can play online poker for real money, but not all of them are good. Our selection will help you to make the right choice.

Is playing online poker profitable?

Playing poker online can be beneficial if you are skilled and lucky enough and play at a fair poker room.

Is online poker safe?

It depends on the platform you chose. If you want to be safe and sure that your money is safe too, then check all the reviews about the platform and ask other users about playing at this site.

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