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The UK sports fans will cry a river as the reps of the leading betting company William Hill announced that they plan to shut their 100+ land-based establishments in the region. What could force the company’s bosses to make this decision? What next should the UK punters expect from the eminent bookmaker? William Hill’s executives shed some light.

William Hill shuts its offline spots

As the sports betting sector is on the list of the most speedily growing in the United Kingdom, the local bookmakers have rather promising prospects to lead their activities in the area. It explains the increasing number of online operators and land-based betting shops on the territory of the Foggy Albion. Unfortunately, the global quarantine caused by the COVID-19 spread resulted in a temporary shut-down of all brick-and-mortar betting establishments. To save their business from bankruptcy, the companies focused on their online services, but of course, sports fans couldn’t help missing traditional betting shops amid the quarantine.

The UK punters couldn’t wait to see the reopening of their favorite William Hill’s betting shops in the vicinity. But the eminent bookmaker surprised gamblers with an unpredictable twist. Earlier this week, the company’s reps announced that they wouldn’t re-open their 100+ offline spots in the UK. The bookmaker’s statement reveals the reason for such a critical decision. It appears that the company’s executives doubt if it makes sense to open the land-based establishments while the global sports have still not been restored after almost a 4-month break. The statement says:

“We decided that until the public engagement in betting shops will not come back to its pre-COVID level, our UK-based shops will remain shut.”

The news appeared as a bombshell surprise to the local punters who counted days to have an opportunity to bet in their favorite shops again. William Hill’s statement continues that the company had to pay a compensation package to their workers who lost their jobs due to the quarantine. Still, the bookmaker’s main focus was made on the online business, which helped William Hill stay onboard amid the tough times.

Unlike their Foggy Albion’s co-brothers, the US punters now have a great opportunity to check William Hill’s services at first hand. The company launches its first shop in Washington, DC. The sportsbook will be located in the Capital One Arena, a popular sports and entertainment complex in Washington. Now, all sports fans can evaluate the top-notch services of the leading UK bookmaker. The gambling and betting policy in DC had overcome a number of restrictions within the last two years before the Supreme Court decided to unban sports betting in the state. William Hill’s rep said the company plans to extend its presence in the US arena by launching more shops in 14 other states.

William Hill is a reputable UK-based bookmaker that provides its services on the global market as well. As a pioneer in the sports betting niche (launched in 1934), the company has strengthened its position over the years and become an undeniable leader in the gambling universe. The GGC-licensed operator provides high-scored betting and gaming services offline and online and can boast of several prestigious awards in its baggage.

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Meanwhile, the UK players hope that William Hill’s decision to shut its 100+ land-based shops is temporary, as none of them wants to say good-bye to the legend.

Last updated on 07 Feb 2023 - 17:43

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