In a recent interview with ProBox TV, former two-weight world champion Timothy Bradley shared his belief that Canelo Alvarez will not step into the ring against David Benavidez. Bradley expressed his views on Canelo’s strategic approach to his career, emphasizing the pursuit of financial gains over potential competitive challenges.

The Business of Boxing:

Bradley suggests that Canelo Alvarez is driven by financial motives, and his decisions are heavily influenced by the responsiveness of the Premier Boxing Champions (PBC) to his requests. According to Bradley, Canelo’s aim is to maximize profits and secure his legacy while remaining at the pinnacle of the sport. The former champion opines that this approach may lead Canelo to explore opportunities outside PBC if his demands are not met.

The Benavidez Conundrum:

Timothy Bradley believes that Canelo Alvarez will not engage in a bout against David Benavidez due to the perceived lack of value in such a matchup from Canelo’s perspective. Bradley argues that Canelo might feel he has already achieved everything in the sport and that taking on Benavidez would not add substantial value to his legacy.

The Fan’s Perspective:

While acknowledging Canelo’s status as a powerful figure in the sport, Bradley expresses the sentiments of fans who yearn to witness the best fighters face each other. He views Canelo’s potential avoidance of a Benavidez matchup as a form of disrespect to boxing enthusiasts who crave competitive matchups between top-tier athletes. However, Bradley also notes Canelo’s viewpoint, asserting his control over the sport and the belief that he can dictate his own terms.

The Power Play:

Bradley implies that sanctioning bodies may be complicit in allowing Canelo Alvarez to have significant influence over matchmaking decisions. Despite the desire of fans to witness elite fighters clash, Canelo’s financial prowess and the allure of his name may lead to concessions from governing bodies, potentially compromising the integrity of fair competition.

Last updated on 27 Feb 2024 - 19:19

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