The City Football Group (CFG), a global football organization, has officially announced a collaboration with the Turkish football club Istanbul Basaksehir. This partnership marks a significant step for both entities, as CFG will provide valuable insights and support to Istanbul Basaksehir across various football projects.

CFG is set to offer consultancy services to the club, covering long-term football strategies, player selection, transfers, and the overall coaching process. Additionally, Istanbul Basaksehir will receive recommendations from CFG focused on long-term planning, sustainability, and the implementation of best practices in player transfer strategies, academy development, and data-driven decision-making.

Hexel Gumusdag, the owner and president of Istanbul Basaksehir, expressed gratitude for the support from the City Football Group, stating, “I would like to thank everyone at the City Football Group for their approach and support in this process. I hope this will benefit Istanbul Basaksehir and Turkish football.”

Brian Marwood, the Managing Director of City Football Group, shared the enthusiasm for the collaboration, saying, “We are thrilled to sign this partnership agreement with Basaksehir. We take great pride in the unique knowledge and experience we have within the City Football Group and look forward to collaborating with Istanbul Basaksehir to support the growth of football in Turkey.”

This strategic partnership highlights the commitment of both organizations to elevating the football landscape, not only for Istanbul Basaksehir but for Turkish football as a whole.

Last updated on 19 Feb 2024 - 17:18

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