The International Boxing Federation (IBF) has officially sanctioned the upcoming bout between Filip Hrgović and Daniel Dubois as a fight for the interim heavyweight title.

The match is scheduled to take place on June 1st, marking a significant moment in the careers of both fighters.

Background and Context

Previously, there was considerable speculation that the IBF might strip Oleksandr Usyk of his heavyweight title, thereby allowing Hrgović, the mandatory challenger, to compete for the full championship. However, Usyk has managed to retain all his titles for the time being. The decision to maintain Usyk’s status as champion means that the Hrgović vs. Dubois fight will proceed with the interim title at stake.

Team Usyk’s Position

Team Usyk has been proactive in their efforts to maintain his standing as a unified heavyweight champion. They have reportedly reached out to the IBF, requesting that Usyk be allowed to retain his belt. This move underscores the strategic positioning and negotiations happening behind the scenes in the world of professional boxing.

Fight Preview: Hrgović vs. Dubois

Filip Hrgović, a Croatian heavyweight, is known for his powerful punches and impressive ring presence. His opponent, British boxer Daniel Dubois, is equally formidable, with a reputation for his knockout power and resilience. The clash between these two heavyweights promises to be a thrilling encounter, with both fighters eager to seize the opportunity presented by the interim title fight

Last updated on 31 May 2024 - 19:28

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