Colorado Avalanche forward Nathan MacKinnon continues to make history in the NHL, as he scored a goal to extend his point streak to 19 games.

MacKinnon’s remarkable achievement sets a new milestone in the league’s history, making him the first player ever to have two separate 19-game point streaks in a single season. This feat has never been accomplished by any player before, highlighting MacKinnon’s exceptional talent and consistency on the ice.

What makes this accomplishment even more impressive is that MacKinnon has maintained his point streak exclusively in home games. With today’s game, his streak reaches an impressive 35 consecutive home games with at least one point, showcasing his ability to perform at the highest level in front of his home crowd.

In the current NHL season, MacKinnon has amassed an impressive total of 123 points in just 72 games, solidifying his status as one of the league’s top offensive talents. His exceptional performance has been a key factor in the Avalanche’s success this season, propelling them towards the playoffs with his stellar play.

Following MacKinnon’s record-setting achievement, the official NHL Twitter account congratulated him on his historic feat, recognizing his outstanding contribution to the sport and his place in NHL history.

Last updated on 27 Mar 2024 - 19:46

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