Forward of Manchester City and the Norwegian national football team Erling Haaland could continue his career at Real Madrid.

According to information from Football Espana, amidst a flow of conflicting information about the transfer of Paris Saint-Germain forward Kylian Mbappé to Real Madrid, the Madrid club might shift focus to Haaland if the Frenchman doesn’t decide on his future by the end of January.

It’s noted that other English Premier League clubs could buy Haaland for 200 million euros, whereas teams from other top leagues could acquire him for 100 million euros. Real Madrid considers the price of 100 million euros acceptable. Haaland, in turn, is interested in this transfer as he has repeatedly stated his intention to test his abilities in different leagues. Whether he moves to Real Madrid or not will likely depend on Mbappé, who hasn’t yet made a final decision in favor of the Madrid club.

It’s also reported that Manchester City has always made it clear that they won’t hold onto players who don’t want to stay in the team, although there are players for whom they’ll fight harder than for others.

Last updated on 08 Jan 2024 - 19:47

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