In a bold move that could potentially reshape the sports landscape in Salt Lake City, Utah Jazz owner Ryan Smith is spearheading efforts to bring an NHL team to the city.

Smith, who acquired the Utah Jazz in 2020, has been actively working towards expanding his sports empire by venturing into the world of hockey. With plans already in motion, Smith recently submitted a formal request to the NHL, urging the league to consider adding a 33rd team to its roster.

One of the key advantages of Utah’s bid is the presence of an arena that currently hosts the Utah Jazz. This shared venue arrangement could provide a seamless transition for the potential NHL team, allowing them to utilize the existing infrastructure and resources in Salt Lake City.

While the NHL has yet to make an official announcement regarding expansion, Smith remains optimistic about the prospects. However, the league’s recent expansions with teams like the Vegas Golden Knights and Seattle Kraken may pose logistical challenges and could potentially delay Utah’s bid.

Last updated on 10 Apr 2024 - 18:27

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