PayPal Betting Sites: Top-Tier Bookies That Accept PayPal

When it comes to online betting, speedy and safe deposits and withdrawals are crucial aspects of getting a pleasurable gambling experience. Why? Because nothing irritates punters as much as when they are forced to waste precious time for tiresome funds transfers instead of making real money on wagering. Thus, to spare users’ nerves and protect them from a heart attack, top-ranked online betting sites allow their customers to use PayPal as a payment method.
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Why PayPal?

PayPal is a global payment processor that provides lighting financial operations at the top-tier security level. More than 200M users worldwide choose PayPal for business and casual life. It is super fast, mega safe, and extra convenient to make purchases and transfer funds using a PayPal account because a dominant part of small and large companies accept PayPal on their websites.

TOP-3 PayPal Betting Sites

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The online gambling sites also don’t stay aside from technological progress. Currently, all leading sports betting operators offer the PayPal payment method to bettors. The best part is that PayPal operates in more than 130 countries globally, meaning that punters can apply this flawless processor for money transactions wherever they live. PayPal makes a combo of impressive speed, convenience, and first-rate user protection. Hurry up to discover the best bookies that accept this fastest and safest payment converter!

PayPal Betting Sites

Top-ranked PayPal betting sites

What we love about the current situation with online gambling sites is that casual punters are the ones who now set the game rules, but not the online bookmakers. Gambling site operators understand that if they don’t provide their customers with superb services and unique products, competitors will do it for them. When we inspect sports betting sites for you, we focus on several vital aspects, including the bookies’ reliability, customer loyalty, and convenience for regular use.

We checked the plethora of sports betting sites that accept PayPal to detect the recognized leaders in this area. We want to ascertain that when users wager on these sites, they can make real-time transactions and withdraw their wagering winnings at a lighting speed with the lowest fees via PayPal both on the desktop and mobile. If you get tired of revealing your credit card details on any site you deal with, you can now wager 100% safely & promptly on these top-ranked PayPal betting platforms, approved by our experts.

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Benefits of using PayPal payment option

PayPal has proved to be one of the fastest methods to deposit and withdraw funds on sports betting sites.

Suppose you still hesitate about the advantages of this brilliant option above other payment methods.

In that case, our experts will give you a couple of proofs to consider using PayPal on the gambling sites



It is the crucial aspect that should matter to you when wagering on real money. When you use PayPal for online money transactions, you should not worry about your financial data security. All transactions that you make using PayPal account are encrypted by the SSL and never pass to third parties. You can’t be sure about the same thing when you withdraw your winnings via credit cards or bank transfer, and here is why. Experienced punters never bet on one single site all the time. As a rule, they have several favorites, which they select for regular wagering on online sports. Imagine that you ought to unfold your credit card details on every site your wager on. How many bookmakers will know your financial data? Dozens of them or even more! While using PayPal payment method, you don’t need to reveal your credit card or banking details to bystanders, instead you give this info only to one proven processor, i.e., PayPal.



No doubt, the fastest way to conduct deposits and withdrawals on the bookmakers’ sites is by using PayPal account. Unlike bank transfers, PayPal deposits are approved immediately. Customers don’t have to wait 3-5 days before a bank will send money from the bank account to the betting account. Besides, users can have a headache with banks as they often decline the transactions when suspect them to be counterfeit. With PayPal, issues like this never happen. Deposits occur immediately, and withdrawals usually take less than 48 hours (depends on particular sportsbooks and their payout requirements). Another advantage of making a deposit using PayPal account is that the sites’ names won’t be revealed in the monthly account statements, unlike bank account statements. After all, it’s nobody’s business where you earn and spend your money, right?



The lion’s share of customers uses e-wallets for regular transactions. No wonder as with e-wallet, you can make purchases online and pay for them within a few minutes. Things don’t differ much with money transfers on the best online betting sites. If bettors would vote for the most convenient and easy-going payment method, the undeniable winner in this race will be – drum roll, please, PayPal. You just ought to make sure that you wager on the sports betting sites that accept PayPal and conduct flawless deposit and withdrawal transactions in several clicks. Surely, you need to have a PayPal account for this. If you don’t have the account, we’ll teach you how to create the one further in this article.


Global user protection:

The motive why numerous customers use PayPal betting sites for sports wagering is the understanding that their consumer rights won’t be violated due to the PayPal’s global user protection policy. When you pay via PayPal, you can be sure that your money won’t disappear on the halfway or pass to unrelated parties. The company cooperates purely with legitimate and licensed sportsbooks that are under full control of the authorized jurisdictions. Another significant advantage when use PayPal is the super-high level of disputes and claims resolution. Users are guaranteed to get qualified help in case of any issues.


Real-time processing:

When you make a replenishment with PayPal or use it as a withdrawal method, you should know that all financial operations are processed in real-time. As soon as sports bettors deposit their betting accounts or request a withdrawal from a bookmaker, the next moment, they will see the transaction details in the PayPal account. They don’t even need to go to the company’s site to check it as users are automatically redirected there when they choose to pay via PayPal.


No membership fees:

We know dozens of global payment processing systems that take draconian annual membership fees or service fees from users. It is another good reason to use PayPal on a regular basis. The best online betting sites from our list charge no fees from punters for deposits and withdrawals via Paypal. As a rule, the sportsbook operators are the ones who pay fees, but not casual customers.



Daily, all of us make dozens of transactions on various websites and apps. It’s the 21st century, and we all got used to making purchases, ordering food, doing business speedily and effortlessly using top-notch technologies. When you wager on sports betting sites, you must be confident that they protect and store your private information under several locks to preserve your anonymity. What we like about PayPal is that it works as an intermediate amidst a user and a bookmaker. Customers don’t need to provide their credit or debit card details every single time on each particular site. They can do it once when create a PayPal account and then use it as a bridge to run all money transactions. More than 200M global customers from 130+ different countries worldwide have already evaluated PayPal’s advantage regarding anonymity protection.

How to deposit via PayPal

Technologies work to simplify the daily routine for humans, especially when it comes to boring financial deals. The best sports betting operators also don’t stay aside and tend to offer large-scale solutions to gamblers when selecting a payment provider. PayPal beats the records as the fastest and safest frontrunner among payment processors. Depositing on the betting sites that accept PayPal is even easier than you can imagine.

Keep the clock and follow this 5-minute guide to make deposits.

  • Connect to your bookie’s account;
  • Select ‘PayPal’ for dealings;
  • Specify the size of a deposit;
  • A bookie will reroute you to the PayPal page;
  • Confirm the transaction by ticking ‘Agree.’

If you don’t acquire a PayPal account yet

Don’t acquire your PayPal account yet? No panic! We’ll teach you how to create the one with no effort.

Here is what you should do:

  • Go to;
  • Click on the ‘Sign up’ button;
  • Provide you valid email and select a password;
  • Add the needed personal data;
  • Click on ‘Submit.’

Now you are one of the PayPal 200M members community and can get started using this brilliant service for different transactions.

Best payment methods on Betting site

What you would like even more is that PayPal charges no membership or sign-up fees from new customers.

How to withdraw funds via PayPal

Withdrawing funds on the PayPal betting sites is like child’s play, i.e., it doesn’t require much skills and effort. Simply follow the instructions below:

  • Enter your account on a bookie’s platform;
  • Pick up ‘PayPal’ among the available options;
  • Specify the sum you want to request from a bookmaker;
  • Click on the ‘Withdraw’ button;
  • Confirm your actions.

Nota bene: As a rule, withdrawals processing takes more time than depositing (around 48 hours). It depends not on PayPal, but on the betting operators. Payout speed may vary on different online betting sites. In our turn, we always recommend bookmakers that deal with requests in time and render prompt payouts.

How to replenish your PayPal account

If your PayPal account has a zero balance, it’s the right time to replenish it. There are several options to do it fast and efficiently. The first is to move funds from your bank account. You can be asked to confirm the transaction on the online banking page. The second option is to use cash vendors. You will receive a unique code that you ought to enter into the corresponding bar.

Please note that vendors take service charges for cash transfers.

After you passed the code and clicked on ‘Submit,’ money would be appended to your PayPal balance within 5-10 minutes.

Another thing that users should keep in mind is PayPal limits on funds transfers. As a rule, there can be daily and monthly limits on transaction amounts, but users can easily change a limit rate on the Account settings page. It will make sense for experienced punters who make a good profit on sports betting and don’t want to restrict their opportunities by miserable deposit and withdrawal rates. Bettors can monitor all transactions in real-time and enjoy vibrant payouts on the top-tier PayPal betting sites.

Benefits of mobile wagering with PayPal

All instant payments fans will adore the news that PayPal renders top-notch mobile solutions to its multi-million audience. If you are not that old-school guy, who uses his phone just for making calls (a dying breed in the 21c.), you will evaluate the privilege of mobile wagering with PayPal. This flawless payment processor allows punters to run all types of transactions via the phone using the PayPal mobile app. Yes, they have one! So, why do we recommend using mobile PayPal betting offerings for punters? Our experts explain.

Benefits of mobile wagering with PayPal

Mobile wagering with PayPal can boast of extra security levels considering data processing. When you choose PayPal instead of credit card transfers, you should not be afraid that fraud will attack your bank account balance. Specialists confirm that digitized transactions are safer than traditional bank transfers because they are protected by biometric authentication. Even if your phone is stolen, you should not worry that thieves could access your account details. PayPal keeps an eye on all suspicious activity and monitors all transactions to detect possible frauds.

Finally, nobody will argue that mobile betting is much faster.

Most betting operators launched vibrant mobile versions and apps to give punters an option to place bets, monitor bonuses, read statistics, and watch streams on the go. The same refers to money transactions. When you see a bountiful opportunity for betting under early lines and profitable odds, you won’t like the idea of rushing to your computer to place a bet. Instead, you would prefer to wager immediately and deliver transactions in the most lighting way (similar story when you need to pull out your winnings). Here is why mobile PayPal betting sites are what the doctor ordered.

PayPal history and prospects in sports betting

Looking back at PayPal’s history, it’s hard to believe that the global giant was initially launched as a software solution for mobile devices. When the company’s executives decided to merge their ‘child’ with a leading online auction company eBay in 2002, PayPal (originally titled Confinity) had smoothly turned into the global money transfers business. The funniest thing is that eBay actually had its own payment system, but the company bosses decided that collaboration with PayPal would be more prosperous for both brands.

Nowadays, the digitized money processor PayPal takes a top position in the niche with its current user-base that exceeds 200 million. The company now operates as an independent body with offices in the States and the largest European capital cities. Small and large brands literally fall in love with the PayPal solutions for business, while 89% of ordinary users admit that they pick up PayPal more often than other payment options.

Talking about PayPal’s prospects in sports betting, the plethora of betting sites that accept PayPal keeps growing exponentially every year. Punters select the PayPal option on the bookies’ sites two times more often than alternative offerings.

They like that sportsbooks allow them to use PayPal for both-way transactions (to fund an account and withdraw winnings).

As a fee-free payment processor for casual users (bookmakers pay fees), PayPal has an absolute privilege for punters compared to bank transfers. If we add user privacy, SSL encryption, slick mobile operation, and vibrant transfer speed to the list, it becomes obvious why millions of customers prefer PayPal for wagering transactions. It will be a crime for betting operators not to offer the PayPal payment method for punters in the 21st century.

Expert opinion

Being the most prevalent international e-wallet both for business and individual use, PayPal has taken a leading position on the online betting platforms. A dominant part of punters opts for PayPal because they prefer swift payments secured by multiple layers of protection. With PayPal betting solutions, gamblers don’t need to reveal their financial details on every betting site they wager on daily. And what if you have five, ten, or twenty favorite sportsbook operators? Should you uncover your fiscal info for all of them? No, you shouldn’t!  Instead of disclosing your fin details to bystanders, you can avail PayPal as a bridge between you and bookmakers. In this case, you can sleep well, knowing that your funds are stored in a safe place, and scammers won’t reach them anyhow.


Is it safe to use PayPal for the betting site transactions?

Yes, it is totally safe, because PayPal cooperates only with reputable betting operators that are sanctioned by the authorized bodies. You can be sure that all financial operations between sportsbooks and you are encrypted and protected from counterfeit activity.

How long do the deposits/withdrawals run?

PayPal deposits are conducted immediately, while withdrawals may run for 48 hours. It depends on each particular bookmaker and the speed at which an operator deals with withdrawal requests.

Should I pay any deposit fee for bookmakers?

No, reliable betting operators never charge any deposit fee from punters for PayPal transactions. There are seldom bookies that charge fees for withdrawals, but not the sportsbooks that we recommend to you.

Should I verify my PayPal account on the betting platforms?

Punters need to verify their PayPal accounts to prove they are the legal owners. Don’t worry! Sportsbooks will not see your credit cards or banking details if you pay or withdraw via PayPal.

What are the best betting platforms that accept PayPal?

All sportsbook operators from our top list accept PayPal, and you can be sure about their trustworthiness and safety for casual punters.

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