Privacy Policy

Next is a list of privacy conditions made to ensure visitors’ privacy when visiting


The following set of conditions (“Policy”) governs your (“You/Your“) use of the internet resource (the “Webpage“) and lays out the means by which the owners of the Webpage (“We/Us/Our“) will take care of Your personal details. This Policy is part of the Terms and is referenced by the Terms. Further, the Policy will in no way diminish the Terms as they have been laid out. All major terms that are not mentioned in the Policy will have the same representation as in the Terms. If You are visiting and using our Webpage, then You consent to Us collecting, using, and otherwise disclosing Your Personal Details as written in this Policy.

Privacy Regulations

Our company follows all the relevant regulations and laws regarding user’s privacy, disclosing their personal details or otherwise using them with any other private companies (“Regulations”). “Personal Details” include details with which a certain individual can be located. These are the name, address, phone number, social security information, financial records (such as credit card or bank details) and their gender. Personal details do not include details such as title or position, corporate phone number or employer’s address. Our company will accumulate, make use of, or otherwise reveal Personal Details only by the laws and regulations of this Policy.

As set out in the Privacy Regulations, Our company is employing a Privacy Executive that bears and oversees the compliance with this Policy and Legislation. You can contact Our Executive at the following email:

Collecting Data and Using it

When a client visits our Webpage, We receive permission to store their Personal Details. These may include the client’s IP address and some other relevant details. Such as pages visited, when the client logged on to the page, the details of their searches, links they have clicked on and what they liked on Our Webpage.
Further, We can sometimes take note of the general information lacking any personal details (“General Information”). This can include how many people have opened Our Webpage, how many people have opened each site and which programs they have used to read the material presented on the Webpage. This information is used for data mining in a general way. The results will only be revealed without any Personal Details.

Our company can make use of Personal Details and General Information for the betterment of the customer experience. This includes the improvements made to our Webpage, such as customization for each client and graphic detail changes on the Webpage. Data mining can be used here to see how clients use our page and provide them with custom advertisements and other customized content. Further, collected General Information is used to see the efficiency of the changes made to the Webpage and improve it further.

Usage of Personal Details

Our company does not disclose Personal Details with others except as written out in this Policy. The General Information gathered through data mining may be shared with third parties to improve customer experience. The information can contain Personal Details and other relevant details from the General Information collected.
We sometimes can reveal Your Personal Details and communications summary on our Webpage when required to do so by law. Should Our company be purchased by another institution, then the Personal Details will be transferred to the buyer along with the remaining assets that We hold.

Access to Minors

Material presented on this Webpage is for adults only. Should an individual be under the age of 18, the information presented here is not suitable for them. If You are accessing our Webpage, then You are signing in effect that Your age is above 18. Further, should your country have a higher age of majority, then by using this Webpage you are stating that You are above this age. Should the client be a minor in their country then they should stop using the service right now.

Cookies and other Gadgets

Our Webpage stores tiny .txt files on the client’s computer. These may contain some information about how the client has been using our Webpage. Cookies generally do not allow personal identification of the client. You may disable the use of cookies in your internet browser settings if You do not agree to us collecting this information.

Our Webpage sometimes uses gadgets that collect statistical data representing the client’s browsing habits. This allows Us to provide them with a better browsing experience. These programs are part of the Webpage and the information they have collected can be transferred to outside parties. The software gadgets are used to provide the user with various advertisements and collect information about the client. Advertising companies may sometimes use or exploit some of this information, provided it is done in accordance with the law. Our company does not control how this information is used. Further, We do not have control over how third parties exploit the information provided by the software gadgets embedded in our Webpage. Thus, the current privacy Policy does not cover the use or misuse of this information.

Links to other Webpages

Our site links its users to web pages or other internet resources that are not part of our control (“External Resources”) These links are not Us endorsing the use of these Webpages. The client agrees that these links are provided only in a form of making browsing easier. Further, the Client agrees that our company does not hold any responsibility over the information provided on these Webpages. Client’s use of External Pages is regulated by their respective privacy policies.

When the user clicks on a link to an External Resource, some of the information may be shared with the Resource. However, We do not share personal details with the External Resource. Some of the information that may be shared can include client’s use of the Webpage, their location, Our offer that was clicked on and time when the client was linked to the External Resource.


Although client’s personal information is not shared with outside parties, this Webpage may get revenue by forwarding users to an External Resource using forwarding fees.

Third party providers

Sometimes Our company can use foreign service providers (“Broadcast Email Providers”) to help Us contact clients. We employ broadcast email services for this task. Should the client give us their details, such as their email, and agree to receiving letters from Our company, We can pass this information to the Broadcast Email providers. These agents are prohibited from and will not use your Personal Details for advertising. Further, the client can easily cancel their subscription to these emails. After that We will not send them any further emails.


Our company employs safety measures to guard Your Personal Details from being lost or obtained by somebody else. These measures can include software and hardware updates. This will secure your Personal Details from any hackers or malicious websites. Our company will do its best to guard your Personal Details and will use all the modern solutions to achieve this goal. Technologies such as the Secure Socket Layers and others will be employed by Our company. This will guard the information against alteration, destruction, or unauthorized access.

Because We operate in a dynamic environment, sometimes Our company can locate its servers outside the EU, United States or Canada. Please note that the legal system of offshore jurisdictions can differ from those of the EU, United States and Canada. Hence levels of protection may vary greatly. If you are accessing this Webpage, You agree to Your Personal Details being stored offshore, in a different regulatory environment. You thus agree to the lower level of protection of Your Personal Details that offshore servers will provide.

Policy Updating

Sometimes Our company can make changes to this Policy guarding client’s Personal Details. Our company will warn its clients of the coming changes. For this a note will be placed on the Webpage at least a month before the alteration. Should You be using Our Webpage and the services it provides after the note has been posted, You agree to the new Policy. Should the client not agree to the new changes, they can stop using the Webpage.

By continuing to browse the site, you agree to our use of cookies and the privacy policy