Betclic was founded in London by a man named Nicolas Béraud in 2005. In 2008, Mangas Gaming bought 75% of Betclic’s shares, and in 2009 SBM acquired 50% of the shares. And already in 2010 it was announced that Betclic occupies 35-40% of the French market and is the largest bookmaker in the country.

In 2016, Betclic merged with online poker company Everest Poker and they moved their offices from London and Paris to Bordeaux and registered in Malta.

In 2018, Betclic acquired an online license to operate in Poland.

Registration at betclic

To register their betclic account, the player must complete all fields in the online application form. In addition, he guarantees that he is 18 years old or has reached the age of legal consent under the laws of the country of which he is a citizen. The player must always follow the rules, not abuse bonuses, and the information is complete, accurate, not misleading and reliable (if something has changed, he must notify the company as soon as possible). The player undertakes not to use the site for fraudulent activities, and the source of funds on which he places his bets is legal.

The player registers an account on betclic solely on his own behalf and is only entitled to one account. If a duplicate account appears (from the same IP address, for example), the bookmaker, at its discretion, can close the duplicate accounts, cancel bonuses and winnings.

Betclic registration page

Registration at Betclic

The player is prohibited from using computer programs and automated services in the game. The bookmaker does not advise on legal issues and only allows individuals to open an account.

Betclic reserves the right to immediately suspend a player’s betclic Account if it discovers that his Account has been opened or is being used from a Prohibited Jurisdiction.

“Prohibited Jurisdictions” include France, Poland, Sweden, Italy, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, United States of America and any other jurisdictions in which use of the Service is not permitted by law.

What to do to register

To register their account, the player must complete all fields in the online application form. In addition, he guarantees that he is 18 years old or has reached the age of legal consent under the laws of the country of which he is a citizen. The player must always follow the rules, not abuse bonuses, and the information is complete, accurate, not misleading and reliable (if something has changed, he must notify the company as soon as possible). The player undertakes not to use the site for fraudulent activities, and the source of funds on which he places his bets is legal.

The player registers the page on betclic solely on his own behalf and is only entitled to one page.

If a duplicate page appears (from the same IP address, for example), the person, at its discretion, can close the duplicate accounts, cancel bonuses and winnings. The player is prohibited from using computer programs and automated services in the game. The customer does not advise on legal issues and only allows individuals to open the page.

Betclic bookmaker review

Home page


By agreeing to verification at betclic, the player guarantees that the name, address and other personal data that he provided on mobile and on site when opening the page are correct; and also the fact that he is the rightful owner of the money that he deposits into his page. By applying for the page and accepting these Terms and Conditions, the player permits at any time to request confirmation of the identity, age and origin of funds, as well as to block the page at his own discretion if he is not satisfied with the information that the player has provided or in case of a delay in providing the requested information.

Usability of the site

The Betclic site may seem a little bit old fashion bacause it has not been modernised for a lot of time like, for example, other betting sites in the world. People may say that it is a bit awkward to navigate on the platform because it doesn’t have a full list of sports to drop down and you can not search through them on the left side as typically, its bar function is not so good and useful. Platform promotes soccer very well, but as for ice hockey, tennis and basketball – they are promoted less than football. There also other sports on the opportunities banner. Because it is the british facing operator it seems a little foolish not to include horse racing odds in the sports list – as this sort of sport could put off a great deal of bettors. For example, other similar sites have horse sport and promote it well.

Betclic football line

European football line

For live betting we can say the same – products which are offered by the betclic platform are not very easu to find – it isn’t as intuitive as many others, but despite of this there are very useful mobile applications which may be used by all people – with Android and iOS systems on theis phones. So the site could be very helpful because it gives you ‘instant access to 30,000 bets every day.’ as it is said on the platform.

The Betclic site does have a calendar which is useful but again it could be made more engaging.

Betclic users support is very useful and looks good – it exists in the form of support chat and email ([email protected]) and is easy to find and use.

You may ask any questions you have – betclic specialists will be happy to help you any time – the support replies could be quickly if you send a message in a day time, but if you want to ask something at night – you hav to be ready to wait for the reply because the service managers do not wotk at night hours. The Betclic chat is one touch away which is far more accessible than many others, and this improves the site no end.

Among the advantages of the platform we can say that the most wonderful of them are these:

  • it is one of the largest bookmaker; it coverages most of the european football clubs which are outstanding;
  • you have a great choice to play with if you are a beginner;
  • betclic service is backed up with very competitive prices;
  • great coverage of many betting markets; it shows many opportunities to stream on a website;
  • it has modern and easy navigation on some sides;
  • it is available in several european languages; it is quite fast and professional as for help service.

As for disadvantages you may find these:

  • odds for some kinds are not the greatest;
  • there is high requirements of wager on some promotions;
  • it tends to limit fast and has high winning players; there is a mall list of funding options;
  • this platform is restricted in some countries.

Customer’s right

The customer has the right to terminate the page if there is a reasonable suspicion of fraudulent activity, including, but not limited to, providing fraudulent personal data, forged, altered or stolen identification or financial documents, or registering multiple accounts.

terms and conditions betclic

Before starting, the player needs to familiarize himself with the conditions of the bookmaker’s office

To confirm the identity on betclic and source of funds, the customer has the right to require the player to provide a certified copy of the passport, identity card, proof of address, utility bills, bank details, bank statements and bank statements, and any documents confirming the source of funds and source of income.

The security service may require the player to provide a photo identification document. Betclic will only accept color copies of identification and other requested documents.

Until such information and documents are provided, the person may prohibit the player from using the page or block it.

Welcome Bonus for live accumulator bets

The new customer at betclic is entitled to a free bet amount on their first bet and odds of 100% up to a maximum of £ 50 or the equivalent in the respective currency. The free bet amount will be credited to a separate free bet balance. This offer is exclusively available to new customers who have created the page with Betclic and who reside in the UK. Customers who reside outside the United Kingdom or who already have an Customer’s pages are eligible for a casino welcome bonus site offers of real money up to € 500. With it you can easily reach the betclic everest.

Betting with sportsbook smart devices is easy, but Betclic sports site does not offer users mobile or any other bet applications for odds, but when entering the site from a live mobile device, the adaptive version is loaded automatically.

Bonuses, promotions and minimus stake

The player has the right to participate in bonus programs, gaming authority, the conditions, quantity and issue of which depend on the discretion of the company and are not transferable. Any bonus offered (including, but not limited to, any form of Cashback Bonus, Deposit Bonus, Refer a Friend Scheme, Cashback Beta and Free Bets) is capped at one bonus per account, which means no more than one bonus offer per user, IP address, computer device, family, residential address, telephone number, bank card and/or account for payments.

Betclic bonus and promotions

Bonuses and promotions

Bets at the website

There are two big and most important bet bonuses for odds, which are available for customers who make sports bets at the website. They include a number of profits boost on accumulators, which is called ad the Multi+ (plus) bonus. This type of bonus can raise  the level of your wins from accumulator bets, on a sliding scale.

This scale is shown below:

  • for five selections it would be 5 percent,
  • for six selections it would be 10 percent,
  • for seven selections you may find 15%,
  • for eight selections – 20%,
  • for nine selections you will find 30%,
  • for ten selections – 40%,
  • for eleven – 50%,
  • for twelve – 60%,
  • for fifteen – 90% and for 16 or more you will have 100%.

Bonuses on certain sports

You may reach this betclic bonus only on certain competitions for certain sports. These kind of sports are like basketball, football and also ice hockey.  Such bonuses could be applied to the competitions, which are shown in the conditions and terms section on the Betclic platform. This could be a huge money bonus, without any extra play-through requirements, plus keep in mind that the maximum boost on each offer is equal to minimum stake which is available up to €10,000.

Bonus money Betclic

Bonus money is displayed in a separate column

Another betclic available sports bonus which you may find on Betclic live site and which is available as told in this review for every customer is for those who has mobile betting application. This bonus looks like a sort of refund for type of losing bets. The first bet which is placed by the customer with using the BetClic application or the web mobile version is without any risk. If the bet loses, you will get refund from the site in amount of its value – and it would be a free bet for you, but the maximum value is only €10. You may search and find a betclic review on the bonuses.

By the way Betclic platform may offer to users several seasonal and some specific available deposit bonuses, that usually can be applied to tennis or soccer competitions. These bonuses may look like a form of free bets, refunds or profits boost, depending on the sport and betclic competition.

Customer Service

It is not very easy to find the betclic customer service and contacts button at BetClic markets because the tab is hidden at the bottom of the general page, and is printed very small. Even if you find them you can be disappointed because you will find there a decent level of service. Live chat and email messages are both available, and the button of a live chat has a convenient function, where customers may be informed about the time which would take the process of reply to their request.

This Betclic betting sports review also found that email was a useful way to contact the customer service team at the bookmaker. Customers are requested to provide a telephone number with all queries, so that the customer service team can respond with suitable alacrity. As with the 24 hours live chat available offer function, the response time is given on bet site, and emails are usually responded to within 24 hours.

FAQ Betclic


Covered sports

There is a pretty standard range of bet sports bets covered at BetClic, much as you would find at any other bookie out there.

Customers can find markets on both codes of rugby, cricket, horse racing, tennis and top 10 good American games and sports such as baseball. As BetClic is a company with strong European roots, punters can also find markets for sports such as volleyball and handball. Specials such as the identity of the next James Bond are also available.

Average commissionCommission in the prematchLive commission

A useful feature of the site is the event calendar, which lists top 10 good upcoming events on which BetClic is offering betting sports markets. This makes it clear to all customers as to which markets are available for each sport in the coming days and is a very handy feature of the site. Among different varieties you may find sports betting, betclic useful casino, betclic sportsbook, betclic review.

Payment Methods at Betclic

There are a number of good methods available for odds on Betclic live site deposit & withdrawal of funds (on wevsite or in mobile app).

Customers can deposit bets money online using Visa debit and credit cards, Maestro or Mastercard. bank transfer, Skrill, Paysafecard and Neteller are other options.

Minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts apply to any withdrawals which a customer makes using a debit or credit card.

These limits do vary according to which card provider is being used by the customer. They are clearly displayed when a punter makes a withdrawal from their BetClic page. Each withdrawal made by Skrill and Neteller must be no greater than ten thousand British Pounds (£10,000) in one transaction. Keep in mind that you should pay the gambling commission. This gambling commission may be covered by your bonus code which is given for free bet for 7 days and may be used on betting and different online betting odds.

Betclic license page

Betlic is licensed by MGA

Is BetClic online bets safe?

This range of good online payment methods, each of which also has its own security systems in place, would certainly indicate that it is. In terms of the fees charged, BetClic states that it has the right to charge fees on transactions where appropriate, and customers will be notified of this before their betting transactions take place within 7 days.

What else may i find on Betclic betting site?

If you are interested in sports bettings and other odds, and you are a begginner, you probably have many questions. And Betclic review will help you to answer these. This review shows what is available on the site: for example, you may find sports betting, free bet, betclic bonus for new live casino, gonzo s quest, differest odds and markets review, which offer many opportunities for betting. You will face with gambling commission, but it is not very high and you also may cover it with promo code, bonus and your bonus code for the minimum deposit when using a bank transfer. When you use a betclic useful casino dont forget to also use your sports betting bonus sode and a promo code which are given at betclic website – you may use them within 7 days for your betting deposit and odds.

Betting Odds at Betclic

The odds on offer from BetClic are pretty much the same as a punter bet sports would find at any other good bookmaker operating in the UK market. Odds are given in the decimal format, favoured by continental bookmakers.

live odds betclic

Example of odds and markets

Using this format, rather than the British and Irish fractional format, can make it simpler to calculate likely winnings from bets, however, especially for bet newcomers to the world of sports betting odds. In terms of the value on offer to bet punters, it is clear to this Betclic useful casino sportsbook review that the company aims itself squarely at the market for recreational, rather than professional, gamblers. No punter will find amazing odds at this type of bookmaker, but they are valuable enough for the recreational player and his bet odds.

Betting Limits at Betclic

The maximum amount of pay-out per customer per bet is £200,000.

Customers can accrue a maximum of £500,000 of winnings in a week.

The minimum stake for any bet is 10p, which is pretty typical for recreational bookmakers. When a customer opens an account, they are expected to make an initial deposit of at least £8. Also such markets as betclic site has a good casino sportsbook which has different games, live sports bonus offers, free bet options, which are available on betting sites and has an online casino which the customer may usefor bet odds more than 7 days. They also provide live streaming, live betting, william hill, sifferent casino such as betclic casino and others.

Betclic casino review

The software developers reserve the right, at their sole discretion, to make changes to the games available in the “Casino” and “Games” sections, as well as to the payout rates that apply to those games. The payout level for each game can be viewed by clicking on the Help or Information section (usually marked with a question mark or “i”) in each game or on the Monthly Winnings page. If a player loses their internet connection while playing, the game will resume from the point where the internet connection was lost. The maximum amount a player can win from one bet in any of the games on the site is 500,000 euros or the equivalent in another currency. Progressive jackpot games are specifically excluded from this rule. Betclic review on this casino you may find on many sports betting sites.

Betclic casino page

Try Betclic casino

Basic provisions at Betclic

The minimum deposit accepted is approximately € 10 (and any equivalent), however the bookmaker Betclic review can change this minimum amount at any time it deems appropriate. Deposits made to Betclic deposit must be used in the betclic game. Therefore, if, at the discretion of Betclic site, there are violations or suspicions of them (for example, when the deposit was not used in bets, and then the client tries to withdraw this amount, or when Betclic site suspects that the bettor is trying to play on the exchange rate differences), Betclic has the right to independently prohibit withdrawal and even apply sanctions up to the cancellation of the player’s account.

The minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts are applied to withdrawals using a bank card.

These restrictions differ depending on the type of card and are clearly indicated to the player when attempting to withdraw. Withdrawals using a bank card can only be made to the card that the player has registered on his Account and to which the funds have been deposited.

Inactive page

A betclic account will be classified as inactive if no activity (bets, transactions, deposits, or withdrawals) has been recorded for at least six (6) months. When an account becomes inactive, Betclic site may decide to: charge a fee for inactivity; or close your account. So you will not be abla to put your bet odds anymore.

Tax at Betclic

Each betclic offer bettor is solely responsible for declaring and paying all taxes and fees from the amounts won at the bookmaker’s office. Betclic offer itself withholds 5% tax only for German citizens in accordance with § 17 of the Racing Betting and Lottery Act (paragraph 14.2 of these rules). Keep in mind that you also have a deposit free bet, betclic bonus and bonus code for live betting, live streaming according to the terms and conditions. Also betclic has a gambling comission on its betting site but the use of betclic customer service is free.

Time withdrawal is different for bet different countries.

For time withdrawal in your country ask customer servise or look through the odds and markets sportsbook on the site within 7 days when you place your betclic first bet for roulette and blackjack. Betclic website has variety of unformation about casino games, first deposit, free bets, bonus information, skrill neteller, casino, sports, special offer, odds, bet markets and sportsbook.

Sanctions for rule violations

The bookmaker calls the following actions of the player “prohibited practices“: abuse of bonuses or other promotions, opening any Duplicate Accounts, committing or attempting to commit fraud. If the bookmaker has reasonable grounds to believe that the player participated, tried to participate or was associated with any form of Prohibited Practices, then the company reserves the right to impose various sanctions against him (depending on the violation), up to “cutting limits” or account ssl encryption blocking.

How to find out the results of matches at Betclic

In the section “Sports” on the right side on betclic inder the deposit button there is a tab “Statistics”.

Good sports, by bet tradition, are arranged by bookmakers in blocks, which is convenient.

Having entered the required block, we see a list of countries, then a list of tournaments. For example, in the section “football”, in the subsection “England” there are ten bet football competitions, that is, the number of results is simply huge. The statistics are very complete, they include standings, head-to-head matches between teams, referees serving matches, stadiums and a lot of other useful information. Don’t forget to use your good betclic bonus for games with min deposit and bonus code for free bet which you may use on betclic casino, bet william hill, betclic review or sports betting. You may also use gonzo s quest (type the promo code when using casino games and uk gambling for the first deposit bonus).

Betclic live betting page

Live betting

Live section at Betclic

Live events on betclic are highlighted in blocks, which is very convenient. You may find there a review on betclic and many functions such as live chat, live streaming, live betting, william hill bonus code, live casino. The betclic block shows the number of bet options, and the odds are highlighted in red or green, depending on the direction of their movement. Falling into this block, we get more information. There are graphic broadcasts, statistics and lineups of the teams playing. It is possible to filter the list and combine rates.