What is Pinnacle?

Pinnacle is an online sports betting platform that allows the user to place online bets on various sporting events taking place around the world. In this review we will look at this website and analyze the strong and weak suits of Pinnacle. The first thing to take into account is that Pinnacle is an online gambling marketplace, where you can win or lose money. The website was previously known as Pinnacle Sports, given its focused nature on sporting events. Pinnacle was founded in 1998 as an online gaming platform. Since then it has grown in size and has become a medium-sized online sports betting site. In our Pinnacle review we see it as offering an easy to use interface, a friendly webpage and a host of possibilities for online sports betting. The webpage offers an easy interface and you can immediately see various sports that you can place your bets on. Some of the Pinnacle sports include football, tennis, hockey, baseball, basketball and American football. You can find them on the left-hand side of the webpage. Below the listing of popular sports an A to Z index is given, with Pinnacle allowing you to place bets on as various sporting events as Formula 1, MMA, snooker and even politics. Even though Pinnacle, previously known as Pinnacle sports, focuses mainly on sporting events, it also offers an online casino. Pinnacle began offering its players options to gamble at the roulette wheel or or play video poker from 2004. Before then, the site was focused only on sports betting. With a friendly user interface and betting options, from sports betting to casino games, Pinnacle provides various sports bettors with an excellent platform to gamble on.

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How good is the reputation of Pinnacle as a company?

Pinnacle, formerly known as Pinnacle sports, is a Dutch company officially registered on the island of Curacao in the Kingdom of Netherlands. Therefore, as this review describes, Pinnacle is a European company that is regulated by the Government of Netherlands Antilles. Pinnacle also has a Malta operating license, with all rights reserved in two European Union jurisdictions. It is the opinion of the writer of this article that Pinnacle is far safer than other betting websites. Originally Pinnaclesports was founded in the Netherlands, and has since then gained a reputation of a highly successful online gambling platform. Although the company keeps most of the information about itself private, according to Wikipedia, it has a revenue of several billion dollars a year. In the research done for this article, it was found that Pinnacle has received positive reviews by more than half of its users, with only 36% describing the site as poor. On the same review portal, trustpilot.com, more than 66% have described Pinnacle’s competitor, 1xBet site, as poor. Therefore it can be concluded that Pinnacle is a trustworthy company, on whose site you can safely engage in sports betting, casino games or other forms of online gambling.

As there are a lot of options on the internet for gambling, it is important to navigate the many sites and webpages to find the company that you can safely deposit your money with. It appears that the company is on this list.

Where is Pinnacle allowed?

At the same time, it is worth mentioning that players from some countries may be restricted from placing bets on the Pinnacle service. According to Wikipedia, from 2007 the company has made a decision to leave the United States market, citing new government regulation which has been enacted in the United States. As the laws around the world change and the regulation of online gambling is tightened, online gambles from some countries may not place bets on Pinnacle or withdraw their winnings to their local bank accounts. Online casino gamblers from the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, France, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Australia, Poland, Singapore, Slovenia and Czech Republic are restricted from performing online gambling on the Pinnacle online site. So whether you are a fan of sports gambling and want to bet on the Pinnacle sports (Pinnacle) page, or you are a casino player and want to win money playing roulette or blackjack, make sure to check the regulation of your home country. Failure to do so may lead to you losing your winnings and not being able to withdraw the money back into your home bank account. It is worth noting that the company is one of the few large online betting marketplaces that is privately traded, that is does not have any shares issued on the stock exchange. This means that most of the information regarding its revenues, profits, losses or other important financial information has not been disclosed to the public.

However, being a private company it can both offer better betting odds and be much more efficient than many other publicly traded companies.

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What not to confuse Pinnacle with

If you are new to online gambling or if you are a professional online gambler that is looking for an online marketplace to place your wagers, beware that there is not one but two official Pinnacle companies that can show up in your Google search. The first is the Pinnacle sports company, and online gambling webpage that will allow you to win as much money as you possible can by betting on your favorite teams. The second is Pinnacle studio 22, which is a video editing software manufactured by a Californian digital company, Pinnacle Systems. This is a computer software and hardware manufacturer located in the United States of America, which specializes in making video editing software. So make sure not to confuse the two. The first is the gambling and betting company that you can use to make bets and win wagers, the second is video editing software.

Pinnacle casino

Pinnacle casino offers some extremely good options for online gambling. When making this selection, you are met with an excellent user interface with friendly pictures describing the various games that you can play. The company offers you a choice between a simple online casino or a live online casino. In this review of Pinnacle, we show that both options offer an extremely good experience with table games. Should you be an avid lover of casino games, then the options Pinnacle gives you for betting on various table games is truly amazing. First we note that the site is available in multiple languages, ranging from English and French to Korean, Hebrew and Russian. Second, as is important for any gambler, you can use various currencies to make your bets. Pinnacle casino is currently one of the best and largest online casinos today. The wide variety of games offered and options Pinnacle provides you with, make the online casino truly amazing. The online platform has customers from over a 100 countries, all eager to wage their luck doing online betting on the various casino games offered. This review will describe the various possibilities that the online Pinnacle casino site provides you with. However, since Pinnacle is still mainly a sports betting website it unfortunately does not offer an online bonus when you sign up for the Pinnacle casino.

This review mentions that a lot of other online casinos offer you sign up bonuses. Should you be interested in gambling with your money on a iPhone or an iPad, Pinnacle offers nice and efficient mobile applications for your smartphone or tablet. It should be noted that the company no longer offers online poker due to changes in the European regulations in Curacao. As previously mentioned, the company has also left some high profile markets due to the changes in the regulatory environment of the host countries.

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Using Pinnacle for betting on sports

Pinnacle was formerly known as Pinnacle sports and according to the research done for this article, is an excellent online betting site to bet on various sports. As previously mentioned, you can bet on a wide variety of sports and games from around the world. Many fans of football or rugby can enjoy the friendly interface of the page and the easy to use betting system. So let’s take a closer look at using Pinnacle for online betting. The company offers an excellent betting marketplace, with an extremely efficient market and great betting options. Many other online market betting sites follow Pinnacle, due to the sites excellent functionality and reliable interface. You receive a lot of options for you to place your bets on, with the site having an extremely high level of efficiency. Pinnacle definitely can stand up to its former name, Pinnacle sports. The website is known to process bets much faster than its competitors and will not limit you to how much money you can win gambling. Many other webpages in its competition offer a poor layout and have shady locations and do no good to the community of betters. The services they offer are poor and they have poor payouts or limit the matches that you can place bets on. For example, the 1xBet website has received poor reviews on the internet and has been known to lose your winnings. The Pinnacle company is known by many sports betters as a market mover, that its position changes others follow. It offers extremely good odds and in this Pinnacle sports review we recommend it to betters that are interested in making money gimbling on sport. Pinnacle sportsbook is certainly a great sportsbook to consider betting. Not only does it offer a wide variety of sports, its sportsbook also includes types of sports not usually listed on a different sportsbook. Even though it does not offer bonuses with the one free registration, the Pinnacle sportsbook is widely known among the online betting community.

In this Pinnacle sports review we see the website as extremely elegant and the company as an excellent sportsbook that you can wage your gambles on. Pinnacle sports has extremely high betting limits and a very sharp market edge. With the betting limits as massive as Pinnacle sports, the sportsbook can allow you to make a lot of money betting on the players or teams that you support the most during the game. However, it is worth noting that the company sportsbook can be somewhat limiting if you are interested in placing bets on some exotic or little known sports. Although there are a lot of options available on the webpage, as well as high betting limits, the options offered by the sportsbook can be a little weak when it comes to rare sports. For example, the company does not any more offer player propositions for the NFL American football matches. But overall the efficiency offered by the sportsbook, the possibility of wagering up to 30 000 dollars per ticket and its friendly user interface makes it one of the best, if not the best online betting sportsbook.

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Pinnacle sportsbook indeed offers an excellent customer service. The primary way to contact the provider of the sportsbook is by email. Although the sportsbook provider does not offer direct live chat or phone support on its webpage, it does offer customer support by email. At the bottom of the webpage of the sportsbook provider you can find the customer support option. There you can directly contact the company by submitting a ticket. According to the webpage of the Pinnacle sportsbook, you can submit a query any time at any day of the week. Unfortunately there are no other options presented on the webpage. Should you choose to submit a ticket, then you will need to fill out your e-mail address, state the subject of the problem, choose the department that your query is about and then, in the textbox below under the heading Description, write your problem. From what is known from Google, they respond to your problems extremely quickly. Pinnacle sportsbook has a good reputation as an online betting and wagering webpage and you should not be afraid to contact them. Also it is worth noting that if you want to contact the Pinnacle sportsbook, you can also send them a direct email to their electronic address: [email protected]. Should you already be a member of the Pinnacle sportsbook, then you will need to include your Client ID in the email.

Although the live chat is not offered on the official options list on the webpage of the Pinnacle sportsbook, the customer service seems to be quite good according to the many reviewers on the internet. Although the company does have an extremely good reputation and it is highly likely that most gamblers will need to contact the customer service only on extremely rare occasions.

How to get your winnings back into your bank account?

Unfortunately the company does not offer free withdrawal into your bank account or online financial account. However there is a wide variety of withdrawal options for you to choose. The minimum amount you can withdraw from the site is 10 British pounds, or 13 United States dollars. The payment fee taken by the company is 8 British pounds, or 10 United States dollars. It usually takes between 2 and 5 days for you to receive your winnings into your account. If you choose to withdraw the money by bank transfer, there is a 15 dollar fee that you need to pay. However you are limited by the amount of money that you can withdraw through this method. So if you have large winnings, above 45 000 dollars, than bank transfer becomes ideal for you. Although it will take some time for the payment to be processed, and there are restrictions from many legal jurisdictions on using the service, for a large gambler that knows how to wage his bets and knows how to make bets on sporting events or on casino, performing a bank transfer is an ideal way to receive your winnings.

Should you be a small time player, who is only interested in waging a few dollars on a bet, the company provides you with an ample choice of withdrawal options. The payment fee of 10 United States dollars means that you need to withdraw at least 20 dollars in one sitting into your Skrill or Entropay account. And also wait a few days for the transaction to be processed. Some other less trustworthy online gambling houses, such as 1xBet, offer near immediate withdrawals into your account. However with those houses you are also likely to have your winnings simply lost somewhere in the system and not be able to get any of them back. Here, with Pinnacle, you do have to pay at least 10 buck to get your winnings and maybe wait for a few days until you receive them in your internet account, but you will definitely be able to access your winnings without them getting lost somewhere in the system.