Reloadbet is a new gambling website that has become available to the public in 2018. The website offers sports betting opportunities and combines them with a reloadbet casino. Being a new company, reloadbet has done amazing work at making the site both easy to use and visually pleasing. There are a number of casino games that are offered to the players coupled with account bonuses and live betting.

The sportsbook features all the major sports required for sports betting and the reloadbet casino comes coupled with all the major casino games.

The sportsbook is the main part of reloadbet and the company has placed major focus on sports betting. All the major leagues have been included in their sportsbook and any fan of games such as soccer or basketball should be interested in using the website. Not only does it provide all the major games that players can bet on, but the odds offered by reloadbet are also extremely competitive. Some gaming portals shower their clients with bonus offers and then offer them poor odds and bad customer service. Reloadbet is simply not like that. The odds are extremely competitive and players can find that gambling on the webpage comes in as being extremely attractive to them.

Good things about it being young

There are several reloadbet offers and are provided to the players to enhance their gaming experience.

New players are offered a deposit bonus of up to 120 euros when the sign up for the account.

Reloadbet is one of the quickest bookmakers currently on the market and their website looks extremely nice on desktop computers. It is an extremely young site, with the portal’s age being only 2 years. The consequence of this is that reloadbet has not had the time to build up a considerable reputation as a solid gambling portal.

Reloadbet betting site review

Home page

There are other bookmakers on the internet that have been around for 20 years or more. Since the dawn of the world wide web. Reloadbet is not like that, with the site being extremely new and fresh. For any gambler that is interested in trying their luck on a newly made website, reloadbet is definitely for them. New companies often make sure that they will attract a lot of new clients. This bookmaker tries to achieve this goal as hard as is possible. Whereas older bookmakers can rely on their existing client base and not see much risk in losing them, newer portals do not have this privilege. Relying on existing clients is acceptable to some gaming portals that have a 20 year history of offering gambling services. There, for example, the management of the website can be sure that clients will always return.

For people that are chasing good odds on soccer or American football matches, reloadbet offers a great opportunity to place wagers online.

Here the bookmaker provides their customers with extremely competitive odds and allows for the most winnings possible to be made. This both attracts new clients and ensures that the existing client base does not shrink.

The target audience of the bookmaker

The website is offered in 8 languages and caters to a very wide audience. Customers from around the world can view the website in the language that is most suited to them without being afraid of getting lost somewhere on the website. Another positive aspect of reloadbet is that the webpage is available in more than 30 countries. Customers from a wide range of jurisdictions can access the reloadbet webpage and engage in either sport betting or play in the casino.

Although offered in a diverse set of countries, players from the United States and the United Kingdom will not be able to access the website.

Registration at reloadbet

Registration panel

This has to do with the official restrictions that the governments of these countries have placed on the reloadbet gambling portal. Gamblers can enjoy betting on sports or playing in the live casino at the site.

The sportsbook ReloadBet

The company offers a good sportsbook to its players. People can bet on a variety of sports ranging from soccer and tennis to darts and e-sports. Although the selection of sports offered is not the greatest on this betting site, it nevertheless provides a nice array of games to wager cash on. The site is easy to use and offers really good odds when betting on sports coupled with nice bonus payments.

Ice hockey is another sport that is offered by the company for players to wager money on. The platform provides fast access and easy-to-use betting features. The bookmaker has placed the primary focus on the sportsbook and thus has done everything to ensure the security and stability of the betting platform.

ReloadBet betting line

Sports betting line

Players can place a variety of different bets on the games listed. The only main drawback of the sportsbook is the somewhat limited choice of sports offered when compared to some other older bookmakers. Another aspect that must be noted is the high wagering requirements that the company places on its users. These are described in the terms and conditions on the webpage. When making a deposit a client agrees to these terms and thus has to abide by them.

Soccer games

However, the gambling provider compensates for the lack of a great sports selection with a wide offering of soccer gambles. Players can place money wagers on all the major football leagues that are available.

There are more than 30 additional leagues and championships that gamblers can bet their cash on.

Overall the football section of the gambling website has been designed while keeping the customer in mind. All the premier league matches can be gambled on with players receiving nice odds and a good show of statistics for their favorite games.

betting markets

An example of a betting line and markets for soccer

There is the possibility of betting on virtual sports on reloadbet. Several options are available for virtual sports that can be used for gambling. This section has only recently been added and people can enjoy betting on virtual sports on the site now.

Live betting

Reloadbet also offers live betting on various sports games that are offered. Live betting gives punters have the ability to see how the match unfolds and place bets accordingly. With the progression of the games, odds can change as the teams battle each other. Live betting allows punters to take advantage of that. More popular sports offer a greater variety of betting markets than less popular ones. For example, a bigger selection is available for soccer than for cricket. This feature can come extremely handy to fans of various sports that want to place bets live while watching the game on TV or on the internet.

Reloadbet live betting section

Live betting

Although it is worth noting that live streaming is currently not available on the webpage. The management might improve the situation later, as the company develops, but for the time being live streaming is not part of the service.

Sportsbook bonuses

The sportsbook provides a deposit bonus of up to 120 euro on the first deposit. This is one of the bonuses that are offered. This sports bonus can only be claimed when making the first deposit.

The first deposit bonus must be selected when making the deposit on the website.

However, a punter needs to bet the bonus amount at least 30 times in order to withdraw their winnings on the bonus. Often deposit bonuses have certain conditions attached to them and reloadbet is no different. The welcome bonus that is received can and should be used for sports gambling. This welcome bonus feature is great and the user can get 100% of their deposit credited to them. The welcome bonus feature along with other deposit bonuses provided make the site look appealing to any gambler or punter.

reloadBet bonuses

Bonus section

Additional bonuses

Further, in addition to the welcome bonus reloadbet also offers its users a series of reload bonuses. Here the punter needs to make a deposit using eZeeWallet and play with the full amount. The user can then get the bonus amount paid to them of up to 20% of the deposit money. Further, upon signing up to the site a user can use the promo code NEWBONUS to get an additional bonus on their deposit. Here the use of the bonus code can allow the punter to receive up to 100% of their deposit in gambling credit. The bonus code should be used upon signing up to the page.

Casino ReloadBet

More effort has gone into designing the sportsbook than the reloadbet casino. That is the latter has been seen as having secondary importance when compared to the sportsbook. Nevertheless, it is interesting and worth gambling on. There is a wide selection of games offered to casino players.

These range from slots to games with a live dealer.

Overall the casino offers a good experience and the graphics of the games have been well designed. What is good about the casino is the offering of live games such as video poker or live table games. Gamblers can enjoy live dealer games, such as blackjack and roulette. The live casino section of the reloadbet casino is quite large. The selection of live dealer games includes video poker on their platform.

Reloadbet casino page

Casino games

Not all online casinos feature live games and some casinos do not have them at all. Overall the online casino should offer a positive experience to the gamblers with a number of bonuses available to the account holders.

There are sister casinos to the reloadbet casino. One of them is the LSBet. They are both are owned and operated by the same company, Media Entertainment NV. The casino at reloadbet has received good critical acclaim and the gambler will not have odds simply stacked against them. Overall it is a casino that can be trusted.

Casino bonuses

Not only can punters enjoy a casino game at the site but are also entitled to a casino bonus.

This bonus is provided by the online casino and the punter can receive up to 300 euros of betting money paid into their account. New players can thus get rewarded with the bonus offering and spend it in the live casino. Not all casinos are as generous to the new players with bonus features as reloadbet. Although to get the payment a gambler is required to wager the deposit money together with the bonus offer at least 25 times. Following that they can receive the bonus payment into their account. Casinos want to provide incentives to bettors to gamble and try as many games offered as is possible. Reloadbet follows this tendency.

Casino reloadbet provides a good bonus incentive to try the sort of games that are offered on the website.

When a player makes their first deposit they are offered the possibility of receiving this bonus. This is just one of the many bonuses and promotions that are offered by the casino reloadbet. Although each user should be cautious and gamble responsibly with their money. The general casino bonuses offered should entice gamblers to try the reloadbet casino.

Casino bonuses reload bet com

Casino Bonuses

Another option that is also offered is the casino cashback bonus, where gamblers can receive some of the money they have wagered back into their account. Casinos often entice visitors to try their luck at some games offered. This way the customer can both get acquainted with the games offered and get a solid experience of them. According to this review, the reloadbet casino does just that.

List of all casino bonuses:

  • €500 Reload Bonus
  • €100 Cashback Every Week
  • €300 Casino Welcome Bonus
  • €250 Weekly Reload bonus

Reloadbet features

The company was founded in 2018 and has its license in Curacao. Further, the country of origin of reloadbet is Cyprus. Both jurisdictions have sound regulatory practices and users should not be afraid of any legal loopholes. According to this review, the gambling website was founded by professionals in the industry and the only reason why the site is not housed in the U.S. or U.K. is laws and regulations. Thus the management tried to exploit the regulatory arbitrage of various jurisdictions and bought a gaming license in Curacao.

The website uses specialized SSL encryption to hide the personal details of their clients from any hackers or viruses on the web.

Users can thus remain safe that details such as their email address will not be made public. Reloadbet is owned by Media Entertainment N V which has a solid reputation for providing quality gambling services to its clients. Should a user wish to say t c and part from the page their private details will be deleted and not float around the internet.

Making payments

Reloadbet offers a variety of payment options to deposit money on the site. Major credit cards are accepted together with services such as Skrill and Ecopayz. Reloadbet, according to this review, is in the process of expanding their finance and credit department and a greater number of ways to pay will be accepted. Even though for the time being the digital currency payment method is not accepted, in the future things might change for the better.

Reloadbet deposit options

Payment methods

Certain online gambling sites support the bitcoin digital currency and clients of reloadbet can hope that in the future bitcoin will also be accepted by the service. Overall the number of payment methods is set to increase in the future, as the reloadbet gambling webpage develops.

Deposit and withdrawal of money

The minimum deposit on the reloadbet platform currently stands at 25 euros. When making this deposit clients are offered bonus promotions and features from the site. It is important to mind the minimum deposit requirement when depositing funds with reloadbet gambling platform. The minimum withdrawal on reloadbet currently stands at 20 euros for e-wallets, 25 euros for credit cards, and 100 euros for a bank transfer. When signing up to the webpage a client agrees to the terms and conditions offered and has to abide by them. The withdrawal limits must be minded when transferring the winnings into their own account.

Customer support

A user can contact the reloadbet customer service via live chat. Using live chat a user can ask any questions they have regarding depositing money or withdrawing money from their accounts. Further, the representatives of the gambling company can help users correctly navigate the webpage.

Methods of contacting technical support:

  1. Live chat is available on most gambling pages nowadays and clients should not hesitate to contact the company using live chat.
  2. Another option that is offered is email.

Here a client can send an email describing their problem. What is important to note is that the customer services are only available online. Thus should a client need help they should contact chat support to get assistance.

Mobile version ReloadBet

The company currently does not have a specific iPhone or Android application for its gambling service. However, there is a mobile version available that can be used by any client. The reloadbet mobile shows extremely well on a mobile device and has all the features and bets that are available on the desktop version. Using reloadbet mobile clients can easily place wagers and make any other gambles using the service. Reloadbet mobile has been said to be just as good as an app for any mobile device. The service works extremely well and customers have found it very pleasing.

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