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Nevada sports betting industry is one of the most developed in the whole USA. Although it’s mainly famous for its Las Vegas strip, real fans of sports betting know that online sportsbooks also welcome all sorts of gamblers in the Silver State.

So, you can both visit some posh casino or place a couple of bets without leaving your coach when you are in Nevada. In this article, we will focus on Nevada online betting and discuss the best Nevada sports betting sites and the most popular sports to wager within the state.

We hope this read will answer most questions that you might have. We will provide you with actual info, fan facts, and useful tips for Nevada sports betting, so read on!

Nevada Online Betting

Best Nevada sports betting sites

Every bettor knows Nevada as one of the most significant gambling areas in the world, with top-rated famous casinos in Las Vegas. Nevada is also considered a leading sports gambling destination, so you’ll never has a shortage of offline and online sportsbooks to place a couple of bets.

But did you know that it is the first state to legalize gambling in the country? Did you also know it was one of the first states to allow boxing matches since 1920? Yes, Nevada is a real trailblazer when it comes to gambling. Still, interestingly, it wasn’t the first state to legalize online sports betting after the PASPA law was repealed in 2019, so gamblers had to go with the offshore sportsbooks. Later large brands were finally allowed to open its doors to Nevada bettors under particular terms: you can register a sports betting account only when you visit a partnering sportsbook in person.

Many bettors kept using foreign bookmakers, though, and still consider them as the best sports betting option for Nevada gamblers.

We gathered them all, local and offshore bookie in our list of the best Nevada betting sites: here it is.

  • BET ONLINE doesn’t have a legal license from the Nevada authorities, but it’s still a trusted platform. Why do we think so? First, it has one of the best customer services in the industry, offers a great choice of banking options, and of course provides you with accurate odds for most popular sports in the USA and worldwide.
  • SPORTS A very established and trusted brand, is another popular offshore betting site. Assured safety, elevated comfort, trustable, huge variety of sports — isn’t it a perfect combination for a perfect online betting site?
  • William Hill. A famous British brand is also available in the USA. Partnering with local casinos, it offers a high-quality web and mobile betting options with competitive odds and lucrative bonuses.

Is online sports betting legal in Nevada?

Nevada is one of the multiple legal states in online sports betting. Gambling in Nevada has been legal for a long time. Nevada has become a robust betting market in the country as you can place your bets anytime you want and anywhere in the state.

Nevada is the first state where online sports betting was legalized in 1949. In 1992, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act [PASPA] banned future state expansion of sports gambling.

Because of Nevada’s prosperous position in sports betting, the industry was free from PASPA’s limitation. Thus, it became a monopolist in U.S. sports betting. Many states legalized sports betting afterwards, but they could barely keep up with Nevada.

However, Nevada was not a pioneer in online sports betting: the first state to legalize it was New Jersey, and Nevada Internet betting laws were accepted much later.

Is Fantasy betting legal in Nevada?

Daily fantasy sports [DFS] are trendy all over the USA and it was legal in Nevada until 2015.  Nevada Gaming Control Board announced that the sites were operating illegally in the state, so DraftKings and FanDuel, the biggest DFS providers in the country, were forced to leave the market.

Still, they might return to the Nevada betting scene after going through particular legal procedures.

The online sports betting situations in Nevada

Nevada used to be the only state that allowed legal online betting. But after PASPA’s repeal in 2018, several states, such as New Jersey, Delaware, and Mississippi, legalized online betting.

There are so many online sport betting actions in Nevada. The state has already become home to online sport betting events.

The online sports betting situations in Nevada

News of the Sports Betting in Nevada

Nevada bookmarkers became a member of the billion-dollars sports gambling club in October. How did it happen?

NCG reported that sportsbooks took $1.1 billion in bets in October. It was the first time Nevada’s monthly handle reached $1.1 billion. The previous record was in September was $786.5 million.

Surprisingly most betting was placed at physical sportsbooks. Mobile betting was accounted for 64% of the entire handle.

Football was the most favored sport among the Nevada Gamblers in October. Betting on football hit $782,6 million.

Nevada sports betting legislation

Nevada not only allows you to gamble legally, but also feel like it’s encouraging you to do so. Only the people who have been to Las Vegas know about how alluring that is, and perhaps those who watch tv as well.

It is not difficult to understand Nevada makes profits from regulating and taxing all the earnings from gamblers. There are laws in Nevada protecting and facilitating sports betting. The same laws allowing the state to make those profits.

Betting features in Nevada


Firstly, you must set up a Nevada sports betting account.

For this, you should go in person to verify it. In the final process of verifying your account, you must bring your I.D.


You can deposit your account with personal checks, with transfers, and, of course, with cash.

The same way works when you are withdrawing your winnings. And you can transfer your winnings with sportsbook payment cards as well.


Before placing your bet, do not forget that you should be in the state, but it doesn’t matter if you are a resident of the state or not.

is the age that you can set up a Nevada sports betting account and place your bets.

When it comes to taxes, the tax rate in Nevada is lower than in other states. It is 6.75% in Nevada sports betting.

NV Sports betting revenue

Nevada’s sports betting revenue has set a record in November 2021. It was 49% high compared to October’s revenue. Only football betting took over $53 million.

However, in October, Nevada became only the second state after New Jersey to pass a $ 1 billion sports betting handle. New Jersey recorded and collected $1.3 billion, and Nevada managed $ 1.1 billion in October.

How to bet on sports legally in Nevada

Nevada has some requirements to bet on sports online legally. Signing up is easy if you follow all the requirements.

It is not essential to be a resident of Nevada to set up an online sport betting account: you just need to be physically in the state. After signing up legally, as shown above, you can deposit your account and begin placing your lucky bets.

Before signing up for any sportsbook, consider doing some research and make sure a bookie offers convenient banking options, has all your fav sports, and is overall secure and user-friendly.

What should be considered when choosing Nevada Sports Betting Sites?

Choosing the best online sports betting sites in Nevada can be challenging. When you search for a betting site, you will come across a plethora of various offers.

Before choosing a site, consider some crucial factors. In short, a website must be legal, have a good reputation, top-notch design and usability, professional customer support, and more.

Here we will list some of the essential factors that should be considered when choosing the best Nevada betting sites.

License and Legality

When choosing the best Nevada sports gambling site, be attentive to its license and legality, as it is one of the first things.

Nevada is the top betting market in the USA. Nevada sports betting offers a tremendous preference of betting websites, nearly 200 licensed sportsbooks in Nevada Sports.

Nevada Betting Sites

Only a licensed sportsbook provides the safety that you can trust in all your personal details and, of course, your financial information. They can be offshore, too, and hold a license from a foreign gambling commission, but make sure this commission is among the trusted ones.

Infrequently you will have problems when using licensed betting websites. Once you have, they will immediately solve your encountered issue.

Do not forget that it is only permitted to place your bets on legal sites only when you are 21 years old.


When it comes to a betting site’s reputation, it is also one of the significant aspects when choosing the appropriate website.

What gives a reputation to the site? Of course, the users’ opinions and honest comments about the site. The site, which has a good reputation, also offers its users a well-functioned service, and the website or its app will not be hard to use.

The website you have selected should be easy to use for every gambler, and have an intuitive design.

Available betting markets

If you have been following this piece, then you are already aware that Nevada became the number one destination for betting in October of last month. Previously the only state that reached almost as much as New Jersey. It was all the fruits of the Nevada states’ endeavors to make it so.

Among the specific endeavors to make it one of the most visited and used destinations for betting was enlarging the available betting markets.

Today, it is possible to bet almost on anything from the NBA to NCAA to any sort of esports.

The available betting markets have increased so much that you would need to look for your specific kind of sport with piles of categories to find it. This is one of the reasons why Nevada sports betting is taking over the country.

Odds and lines

One of the most critical aspects you need to pay attention to is odds and lines in Nevada betting sites. Ensure that the online sports gambling site you want to join provides the most updated odds and lines.

It is not difficult to check the odds from betting websites. Just look through every sportsbook to find available odds in it. The website that offers more odds and lines is that you can trust and choose.

It is also essential to look for the sport you want to gamble and the website’s odds and lines of that sport. If the website offers the betting odds for the future seasons, the site is most likely trying its best to serve its users.

Bonuses at Nevada Sportsbooks

Almost all sites offer different kinds of promotions to attract bettors. Every sports betting site in Nevada provides bonuses for new and existing users.

However, bonuses imply some special conditions: you can’t just get a bonus and then withdraw your funds. Such conditions are usually called wagering requirements and they imply you must wager a particular amount of your own funds, before you can claim your winnings made through the bonus.

Let’s discuss some bonus types in Nevada betting sites:

  • “First deposit bonus” is when a sportsbook matches the amount you deposit to offer you first bet for free. If you bet $100, then you can have a free bet worth of $100.
  • “Risk-free bonus” is offered to bettors when they lose their first bet. It means that if you lose your first bet, a sportsbook gives you a refund. The risk-free bet amount is of course limited, but can vary from $10 to $1,000, depending on how generous the bookie is.
  • “No deposit bonus” is something you receive right after you register at the website. You don’t need to make any deposit to get it: it’s an outright welcome gift. Usually, it is a risk-free bet, or some free spins for casino games.

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Mobile betting availability

Mobile betting availability is one of the essential things in choosing a website to wager. The best and most trustworthy sites always offer mobile betting for their customers.

All websites mentioned in this article provide you with mobile options. You can download and use one of them.

Nevada sports betting websites app versions operate for the iOS and Android users. Bettors can easily place their wagers with only a couple of clicks on their phones and quickly deposit their winning with mobile apps of Nevada betting sites.

Live-betting options

Live betting allows you to wager after the game starts, so, in plain words, you are betting while you are watching: right in the course of the events.

We can say that live betting is still a new phenomenon for U.S. bettors. Thus, some of the Nevada betting sites do not even offer live betting options.

However, if you find the one that does (for instance,, or William Hill, and others) try to make the most of live betting. It allows you to make more interesting wagers and get more earnings: there are often very profitable betting odds.

Brief guide to Nevada sports betting

Many bettors want to start and test their luck by betting on Nevada sports. We will provide you with a brief and straightforward guide for starting. It is effortless just to sign up for the website chosen by yourself.

First, just select the site and join it. The next step will be verifying which is the most crucial one. You must confirm your account with the factual documentation which shows who you are.

After verifying, you can deposit your account and place your first wager. Further information on betting on Nevada sports, like what sports are available and what teams you can bet, will be given below.

What sports can you bet in Nevada?

While there are no limits in how many or what sports you can bet overall, you can face some sportsbooks restrictions. For instance, it’s not allowed to place prop bets on local college sports teams. Besides, local bookies don’t usually offer the largest choice of sports, focusing on the top popular disciplines.

What sports can you bet in Nevada

Obviously, Nevada people prefer betting on the popular US leagues and get especially involved into the games with their local franchises. However, the other sports are also legal to wager on — it all depends on a sportsbook you choose.

Betting on pro sports teams in Nevada

Betting on pro sports teams in Nevada has always been a thing in the state.

That is gradually changing as more and more pro teams migrate to the state calling their home. The state now has national Football, Basketball, And Hockey teams, although the latter has come to be only a few years ago.

NBA, as we mentioned, is one of the most popular types of sports among the gambler society of Nevada. Yet, the state never had a team to call its own. However, the women’s basketball team called “The Aces” moved into the state in 2003.

For the fans of the NFL, there is also some good news. You see, Nevada had never taken sports seriously apart from the gambling aspects. However, in the last few years, let us call it the last couple of decades, the state has been desperately trying to fix it.

As an example of this, we can take the “The Las Vegas Raiders,” a team that only in 2020 moved to Nevada.

The raiders originally started in California in the 60s and since then have garnered quite the number of fans and awards to their name.

Besides, you can wager on Las Vegas Lights F.C. and Reno 1868 FC. They are not in the MLS level teams, but at least something to bet for when no other options are available.

Other Nevada teams to bet on

Apart from professional sports, many bettors prefer to bet on local college teams. The perfect ones are college football and college basketball matches. When it comes to college football betting, UNLV Rebels and Nevada Wolf Pack teams are the most popular teams among gamblers to bet.

These teams are prestigious: even bettors from the other states back them and like watching games involving the Nevada college sports stars.

Nevada Retail Sportsbooks

There are many physical retail sportsbooks in Nevada. It is legal to bet on different sports in the state, and bettors have many choices to pick.

About 50+ physical retail sportsbooks are available in Nevada, with most of them in Las Vegas; some are in Reno and the Lake Tahoe region. Nevada is also a place where you must have in-person registration for any online sportsbook app.

Here is a list of the retail sportsbooks available to sports gamblers:

  • Aria Resort & Casino,
  • The Palazzo,
  • The Venetian Resort,
  • Green Valley Ranch Resort Spa,
  • Wynn Las Vegas,
  • Mandalay Bay,
  • Santa Fe Station Hotel & Casino,
  • Bellagio Hotel & Casino,
  • Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel & Casino,
  • Circus Hotel & Casino.


We hope our guide helped you to find you way around Nevada sports betting. You now know about the best sports betting sites and retail local sportsbook and what sports teams are the best to wager on in the Silver State.

Don’t forget that we gamble for fun: keep the game entertaining, and follow the responsible gambling principles. No matter where and what you bet on: your experience must be safe.


Do I have to be a resident of Nevada when betting?

No, it is not necessary to be a citizen of Nevada when betting. You only should be physically in the state for mobile betting. You should provide personal information to verify your account and must be at least 21 years old. Read the article, and you will have further details on this.

Is depositing money into your account safe in Nevada?

Of course, yes. It is absolutely safe when the betting is legal and licensed. Betting websites have a protocol of safety. However, being attentive can be beneficial to you when choosing the right website, and be sure that you install the app from official Nevada betting sites.

How much money does Nevada earn on sports betting?

Nevada sports betting has been a monopolist of the US sports betting industry for many years. Only in 2020, Nevada set a record in sports betting handle and revenue. Sports betting handle's profit was $5.3 billion, and revenue was $329.1 million.

Is it possible to gamble online on the phone in Nevada?

Yes, it is possible. You just need to find a licensed betting app and install and register. And start betting.

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