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Super Bowl is not just a big sporting event. In the first place, it is a national fest, involving music shows and engaging literally every American, even those people who are not much into sports. Of course, sports betting has become one of the top popular entertainment before and during the Super Bowl. Many people want to try their luck, so sportsbooks gather a plethora of experienced and rookie bettors full of excitement.

Let’s go! If you want to be a part of this fun, don’t hesitate to read this ultimate Super Bowl Betting guide. It contains all information you might need to make your best Super Bowl bet: from the best online Super Bowl Betting sites and tips on how to choose them.

Super Bowl Betting

Betting insights and Super Bowl background information

To start, let’s overview the basics of Super Bowl betting. We’ll speak about how legal it is to make Super Bowl bets, enlist the states where you can find licensed American sportsbooks, and touch on the history of the event and nuances you might face at local or offshore bookmakers.

Background information


Super Bowl Betting History

The Super Bowl is the annual game that determines the NFL champion. Before the merger of the AFL and NFL in 1966, the finals of the NFL season were called the NFL—AFL World Championship Game. Later, in 1969, the game was first announced under the name of Super Bowl, which became a moniker meaning something big and significant. As you may know, sports betting was not legal in the United States was not legal from 1992 to 2019, which didn’t prevent gamblers from making their sports bets on some offshore sites. Thus, the betting history of the Super Bowl is the same old as the event itself, and with the sportsbooks coming out to the legal scene, it went in the highest demand ever. When we speak about Super Bowl Betting history, we basically mean some things that are essential for bettors when they decide on their wagers. Previous statistics might be as important as the current forecasts. For instance, when you know that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Baltimore Ravens have never lost the Super Bowl, or that the New England Patriots have appeared in finals most times, it may give you some useful insights when you wager on Futures or a match-winner.


Is it legal to bet on the Super Bowl?

To start, we must remind you that sports betting is legal in particular states, while the others ban it. Luckily, there are no strict rules regarding offshore sportsbooks, so we can suppose that the whole USA makes sports wagers in one way or another. Betting laws may restrict some bet types: for instance, some states prohibit betting on college sports props or allow wagering on local teams, but there are no limitations for the Super Bowl. Thus, if you reside in a state where betting is legal, you can make all sorts of wagers on the Super Bowl.


Rules and regulations for Super Bowl betting

Every state’s authorities are eligible to decide on their own sports betting rules, so betting on Super Bowl or other sporting events might differ from region to region. As we have already mentioned, there are no specific restrictions in terms of the wager types: you can find everything from money lines and spreads to futures and props. However, some nuances still exist. The first one concerns the Super Bowl betting odds: the law obliges every legal sportsbook to use data taken from the league without any third parties. Another important thing concerns props betting: sportsbooks must remove bets on players who are eliminated from the match. It means your bets made on such players will be refunded to you.


States where it’s legal to bet on super bowl

As we have mentioned, many Americans opt for wagering at offshore bookies. However, it’s obviously safer to entrust your deposits to the sites holding online sports betting licenses from the local authorities. These states are Delaware, New Jersey, West Virginia, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Iowa, Indiana, Montana, Illinois, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Michigan, Colorado, North Carolina, Oregon, and New Mexico. These states allow you to opt for local retail and online sportsbooks, like DraftKings, Fanduel, PointsBet, and more.

How do we rate Super Bowl betting sites?

Our list of the Super Bowl betting sites is a result of thorough work. We don’t just add top popular names from the first page of a Google search. Our experts spend much time researching every sportsbook: making trial deposits, bets, and withdrawals, monitoring the line and odds fluctuation, and reading the other user’s reviews.

It makes us provide the readers with the safest online betting sites that best suit the bettors’ needs. In this review, we make an accent on the bookies with the top offer for Super Bowl betting, but our tips on how to choose a sportsbook are universal. We suggest that you didn’t take our words for granted and read our guide on how we select the best online bookmakers.

License and Legality

The first thing we look at is the site’s reputation and legality. Our list includes sportsbooks with gambling licenses issued by the local US states or reputable offshore brands. The license means much for us: it doesn’t only protect you from illegal betting but also ensures some crucial things. For instance, gambling commissions always make sportsbooks enable SSL protection, provide the bettors with fair odds, and payout as quickly as possible. Avoid bookmakers that don’t have any license at all!

Available types of bets

Obviously, there are only Super Bowl futures available during the playoffs: you can bet on the team who will participate in the finals or win the whole championship. When the two participants of the major NFL events are already announced, bookies start publishing their lines.

Our Super Bowl betting sites selection involves bookmakers that offer more than money lines, totals, and point spread bettings: you will find various props and sometimes alternative spreads or exotic options in their Super Bowl betting line. At the moment, when the Super Bowl LVI finalists are not determined yet, you can make wagers on futures: for instance, you can try to predict who will be the next MVP or who will end up the NFL-2022 champion.

Available types of super bowl bets

Percentage of the payouts

Payouts are also essential: why anyone needs generous coverage if they don’t get any winnings? Odds also matter: a Super Bowl-level event usually come with higher odds and lower margins, so it makes sense to shop the line. Besides, we always check if a bookmaker pays out at all and check the betting and winning limits. Suppose we see that many users complain about payout delays or any other withdrawal issues. In that case, we rate this bookie as ‘untrusted.’ Obviously, we don’t include it in any of our ratings.

Payout speed

We mentioned delays with payouts and want to say more about it. Even a fair sportsbook that doesn’t mean to scam you makes you wait for days or weeks before you see your winnings. Sometimes, it’s related to a long verification process or typical for a particular site.

We recommend you use a sportsbook that payout quickly, of course. Still, we are speaking about the Super Bowl here, so mind that some delays are still possible: imagine how many people invested into their wagers and have to receive their winnings!

Deposit and Withdrawal methods

Deposit and withdrawal options may also affect the payout speed. For instance, if you use online banking or e-wallets, payments arrive within one or two working days, and if we speak about bank transfers, the process can take up to a week or so.

We prefer opting for sites with more than a couple of banking options and have at least the minimum: credit and debit cards, E-checks, e-wallets like PayPalNeteller, or Skrill, and probably some alternatives like cash payments.

One of the offshore betting advantages is betting with cryptocurrencies: it’s a great perk for sharp bettors if a sportsbook offers Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals. Still, we don’t consider it as a must-have for a legal bookmaker.

Bonuses and promotional offers

Professional punters don’t have much interest in bonuses: they prefer quick deals without any wagering requirements.

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Still, the rest of the players are usually happy to see a plethora of special Super Bowl promotions that boost odds or give some free bets. After all, it’s always pleasant to receive gifts, so we prepared a selection of online bookies with the best regular and seasonal bonuses that you can use for your Super Bowl betting or other activities.

Sportsbook Bonus Type Bonus Amount
DraftKings Welcome Bonus Up to $1,000
FanDuel Super Bowl Same-Game Parlay Insurance n/a
PointsBet Two risk-free bets $2,000
PaddyPower A Risk-free bet for Super Bowl $20

Mobile betting availability

Most bets are made via mobile, and if you want to visit a Super Bowl fest to make some bets while watching the game, a great mobile betting experience is a must for you. We took care of it too when we prepared our Super Bowl betting sites rating: all the sites in this list have convenient and user-friendly apps. Thus, we recommend checking if a bookmaker has a convenient app or at least a decent mobile version of the full site.

Design and Usability

A design of a sportsbook, just like any site or app, is a matter of taste, of course. Sometimes you need to make very quick decisions, especially when you wager on such a big event as the Super Bowl, so that poor navigation might spoil the whole experience. Still, it must be intuitive enough and allow even a beginning bettor to find NFL Super Bowl odds, check out the other available Super Bowl lines, claim promotions, etc.

We recommend sites that allow you to make quick bets, work fast even during peak hours, and please the eyes with modern designs.

Customer Support

Suppose you want to make your first sports bet ever and don’t know how it all works. Or you sent some money to your account, and it didn’t appear in your sportsbook deposit. What will you do? In most cases, you will rush to a live chat or your phone in the hope of getting urgent help from the customer support team.

Unfortunately, some bookmakers fail to provide quick and professional customer service: delays with replies, vague answers, or no answer at all are still possible today. Our experts check the support quality personally and recommend sportsbooks that care about the customer experience.

Brief Guide To Super Bowl Betting

This year, thousands of fans look forward to witnessing the big game of the Super Bowl LVI on February 13. The show is going to be as great as it was before all pandemic restrictions, with Kendrick Lamar and Eminem performing at the halftime shows and thousands of viewers gathered at the home arena of the Los Angeles Rams.

The bettors are already making their predictions for the winners.

If you missed something in the current season, don’t worry: this guide will help you to understand better the current NFL playoff and finals format, the favorites, and the hottest betting picks.

Super Bowl betting tips

Sportsbooks will start publishing the lines for the Super Bowl game, so it’s high time to learn the most popular betting options that will be easy even for a novice. Like in most NFL or other team games, the hottest markets include spread betting, money lines, and totals, so let’s start with them.

The first tip we can give is to bet on the favorite in spread markets safely. The statistics say a Super Bowl winner covers the spread in most cases, so you don’t need to make some thorough analysis to get a bigger payout.

Another piece of advice: don’t neglect betting on totals. It’s pretty easy to predict what to wager on: teams with better offense usually end up with lower scores than the defensive pros. Finally, we recommend you to be very careful about parlays and teasers: they are not the best choice for Super Bowl betting and tend to lose often.

Bet on Super Bowl Props, Futures & MVP

It’s very tempting to use all the extra features online sportsbooks offer you. Among them are prop bets based on the game and players’ stats during the game. Props may involve goals, yards, the first player to score, field goals, and many more. It definitely gives your sports betting experience a special vibe and allows you to have more fun than just betting on money lines for the sake of winning money. Still, if you are determined to win or at least not to lose much, make sure you are not making too many prop bets. According to statistics, Super Bowl props rarely win and make a very significant profit for sportsbooks.

betting on the super bowl Props

What about the Futures? One of the top popular betting options for the Super Bowl is still available, so you can get the most of it if you have watched the season carefully. Let’s look at the favorites in the current sportsbooks’ offering:

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers;
  • Kansas City Chiefs;
  • New England Patriots;
  • Green Bay Packers;
  • Arizona Cardinals;
  • Buffalo Bills;
  • Los Angeles Rams;
  • Dallas Cowboys.

The list of the favorites changes weekly: it depends on the games’ outcomes, traumas of the key players, and other various factors, so don’t blindly bet on the ultimate favorite of the week.

The same concerns the MVP odds, but the situation is more evident here: hardly anyone doubts that Tom Brady wins the MVP again despite being already forty-four. This bet type requires careful insight into the whole season statistics: look at the performance stats, traumas, and some additional information you might get. Sometimes, even the personal lives of players matter and impact their performances. Here are the current favourites to win the NFL-2022 MVP:

  • Tom Brady (Tampa Bay Buccaneers);
  • Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay Packers);
  • Josh Allen (Buffalo Bills);
  • Kyler Murray (Arizona Cardinals);
  • Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City Chiefs).

2022 NFL playoffs format

2020 has seen major changes in most industries, and the NFL was not an exclusion. Besides the new roster and off-season rules implying more distant training sessions and the cancellation of summer camps, the NFL playoffs format was changed this year: there are now seventeen matchups for every team.

The updated formula looks like this:

  • AFC East vs NFC East;
  • AFC North vs NFC West;
  • AFC South vs NFC South;
  • AFC West vs NFC North.

The point of the change was adding a third Wild Card for each conference, with additional Wild card games on Saturdays and Sundays.

Live betting on the Super Bowl

Live betting involves more engagement and might be more difficult. However, wagering on an event that you are watching in your own eyes in real-time gives you particular advantages.

The live betting mode may imply more markets: for instance, you can try to predict if there will be a goal within the next ten minutes.

Still, most bet types mirror the pre-match line and require a knowledge of the previous statistics and correct analysis of current events on the fields.

Experts recommend sticking to the simplest betting options and don’t rush for some exotic wagers: the most winning live bets include money line for the full time and halves, totals, and spread bets on halves and quarters.


The Super Bowl LVI is almost here, but you have enough time to catch up with the missed games and do your research to find the best betting options. Luckily, modern sportsbooks and sports sites can give you much help: there is a plethora of tips, stats, predictions, and insights all over the Internet, so everyone can learn and try their luck.

To sum up, what we said, we wanted to remind you that sports betting must remain fun: gambler responsibly and don’t exceed your limits. It’s not hard to lose control in the middle of the thrill from the biggest US sporting event, so make sure you are not going beyond your budget.


Can you legally bet on the Super Bowl?

Yes, Super Bowl betting is legal in all states that allow online or retail sports betting. These states are Delaware, New Jersey, West Virginia, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Iowa, Indiana, Montana, Illinois, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Michigan, Colorado, North Carolina, Oregon, and New Mexico. If you bet at sportsbooks holding US gambling licenses, your experience will be perfectly safe and legitimate. Offshore online betting is not strictly prohibited, so that you can try foreign sites, too, but the US government won't protect you in case of any issues with an offshore sportsbook.

What are the best bets for the Super Bowl?

According to experts, it's recommended to wager on spread, money lines, totals, and futures, while prop and parlay betting is regarded as the most insecure and failing bet type for the Super Bowl.

Who has the best odds to win the Super Bowl 2022?

At the moment, there are several teams marked as favorites according to their performance and statistics. Current forecasts show that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs have the highest chances to meet in the Super Bowl Lvi matchup.

Can NFL refs bet on games?

No, anyone related to NFL jobs can't make any NFL bets, no matter if they do it in person or use any third parties.

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