Best Horse Racing Betting Sites

Hippodromes have long had bookmakers that accepted betting odds on horse racing. Today horse racing betting also has a lot of adherents. The development of Internet technologies gave a convenient opportunity to place betting odds on horse races at horse racing betting sites online and watch the progress of the races via broadcasting services.
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Best Bitcoin Betting Sites 2023Betting Sites That Accept VisaMasterCard Betting Sites
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Best Bitcoin Betting Sites 2023Betting Sites That Accept VisaMasterCard Betting Sites
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Best Bitcoin Betting Sites 2023Betting Sites That Accept VisaMasterCard Betting Sites
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Betting Sites That Accept VisaMasterCard Betting SitesNeteller betting Sites 2023
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Best Bitcoin Betting Sites 2023Betting Sites That Accept VisaMasterCard Betting Sites
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There are many online horse betting sites, and our goal is to help you find the best ones.

Despite the immense popularity of this betting type in the past, not all bookmakers have horse races in the line of events nowadays.

Nevertheless, it is not difficult to find a bookmaker’s office with horse racing bets, a wide list of events and a live line, which accepts online horse betting on favorable terms.

The list below gathers the best horse racing betting sites with an impeccable reputation, high ratings, attractive odds, and adequate margins, as well as nice bonuses for new and returning customers:

There are more of them in the industry, of course, so in the next part of this review, you are going to learn how to tell a good sportsbook from an unreliable one and find the most lucrative options for horse racing betting.

horse racing betting

Horse Racing Betting Sites Checklist

Horse racing is an exciting and dynamic discipline. Odds on winners, even on clear favorites, are rarely below 2.0. Quotes are posted a few days before the start of the race when the list of participants is formed; such odds are called “early prices”. The odds before the start of the race are referred to as the “starting price(abbreviation SP). The values ​​of these two types of quotes can vary greatly depending on the news about the condition of the horse/jockey and the movement of the money supply. All this opens up excellent opportunities for traders who trade on the Betfair exchange prior to the event.

Deposit and withdrawal options

At almost all sites, you will be able to use credit or debit cards – MasterCard and Visa are accepted across the board. You can use MoneyGram, PayPal, EZ-Money, and some other methods.

Live-betting availability

Many sites offer great live betting and live streams. Some major bookmakers offer favorable conditions for players: if betting on horse races were made at an early or board odds, and the starting odds were higher, in case of a win, it is guaranteed to be paid out at the starting odds (guarantee for the best odds on online horse betting sites.).

Variety of events

Previously, it was possible to make betting on the winner of the race only by being present at the race in person at the hippodrome. Now, thanks to the development of technology, equestrian sports fans have the opportunity to follow the most prestigious competitions without leaving their homes, place betting on sports on many horse betting sites, and watch races online in different regions of the world.

Variety of betting markets

When placing bets on horse races online, you can choose the following options on online horse racing betting:

  • Win – a bet on one winner (for a wager);
  • Place (prize) – that the selected horse will take one of the prizes (their number varies in different races) – you may track your TVG account on the site);
  • Show – that the horse will come first, second or third – sign up at the TVG bonus site;
  • Forecast – you need to guess the first two winners in the correct sequence;
  • Treble (tricast) – the same, but for 3 horses;
  • Reverse: a wager on two likely winners.

Strategy “Betting on the favorite”

Basically, this strategy hardly makes sense for punters striving to win much. Otherwise, the players would follow the opinion of the bookmakers or the same Racing Post and would always be in the black. However, if we talk about competent selection, and picking the leaders who have good indicators for the season, it can be a profitable option overall.

Strategy "Betting against favorites" in Horse betting

Odds and statistics

In horse racing, every detail counts. The victories in the last races imply horses are in a good shape, but it does not mean a 100 percent win in the upcoming race. Mind the level of competitions in which the horse participated and the strength of its rivals.

Bonuses and promotions

If you are a loyal user of a sportsbook site, you can get additional bonuses besides a sign-up offer. There are promotional offers that run daily, monthly, or once in a season. One of the most popular bonuses is a free bet.

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Horse Racing betting options

Let’s consider the most common betting options offered by various horse betting sites.

Winner Bet at betting sites

Everything is simple here. You wager on the winner of the race and don’t think of anything else. You pick a horse, and if it comes to the finish line first, you win. It is also possible to choose a horse and make the opposite bet: in this case, you wager on a horse that will not, in your opinion, come first.

Winner bets

Of course, it is difficult to predict the winner of the race, so to increase the probability of winning bookmakers offer the option of betting on the top three horses.

The selected horse must reach the top 3 at the end of the race: it can be the first, the second, or the third place, but your bet will win anyway.

This type of bet in bookmaker lines can also be called Show, or “Show”.

Win, Place, Show

  • Win – a bet on one winner;
  • Place (prize) – that the selected horse will take one of the prizes (their number varies in different races);
  • Show – a bet on three third places.

Horse Matchup

The concept of matchup comes from North American sports. It denotes a confrontation between two players in individual sports or more often within a team confrontation.

Future bets

Futures bets are usually offered for the most significant matches and other events long before they start.

Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 6

Picks are forecasts for sporting activities that are made by experts or professional forecasters. On various foreign sites, you can find such a term as picks, meaning predictions for sports activities. Such forecasts are usually made by experienced analysts and have high passability rates.

best horse racing betting sites


A single bet is a bet on the outcome or outcomes in one sporting event, for example, a football match. There are three options for the single order: win, loss, return (aka expense on the site).


A double outcome (double chance) in sports betting is a bet on two outcomes of a match. Double outcomes win on the site f you guessed two correctly out of three possible outcomes. The victory of one of the teams can be insured with a draw, or the mandatory victory of one of the rivals can be bet immediately. Double chance bets are not possible in sports without a tie (tennis, volleyball, baseball, etc.).


Treble (tricast) – the same, but for 3 horses;


Trixie is a system consisting of three outcomes, from which four multiples are created. Trixie is one treble and three doubles.

The amount allocated for the bet is equally divided between all the express trains in the system.

The definition may seem confusing, so let’s look at an example to make it easier to understand the essence of this type of bet.


It is an express bet on several sporting activities at once. Most sportsbooks count at least two picks as an express bet.

Lucky 31 strategy in online horse betting

Types of races

Types of races are traditionally high on horse betting sites, but you need to take into account that they are dynamically changing, and it is important to choose the right moment to make the most profitable bet on a horse. On racetracks, there are the following types of odds for betting on horse races betting:

  • AR – for long-term preliminary rates (available on the betting site with a bonus);
  • EP – early odds, set after the list of participants is approved (1-2 days before the start of the bonus competition). EP odds are valid until the horses are taken to the courtyard of the hippodrome;
  • EP – board odds, valid from the moment the horses are taken to the courtyard until the start of the race;
  • SP – starting price, offered at the start of the race.

Flat racing

Flat racing was originated from horse hunting, which was widespread in England. Horses with speed and endurance, able to overcome obstacles on their way without fear, were valued on the hunt. After the hunt, the participants arranged competitions for the horses in which they tried to find out whose horse was the fastest one.


Sprint is a race for a short distance on horse race betting.

Jump racing

Unlike flat races, the minimum distance in jump races is 2 miles. The condition is important as in flat tracks, which can also be connected with turns, but there are also additional obstacles located closer to each other, with different heights.

horse race betting on Jump

What to consider before bet on a horse

  • Do not seek to recover by constantly increasing your stakes in the hope that in the end, you will win. This will put you in debt even faster;
  • Never bet more than you can afford;
  • Never bet on a horse just because it has already been bet and lost;
  • Always look for a good ratio. When calculating prices, bookmakers may be guided more by the volume of betting than by the actual shape of the horse. Or they might overlook an important fact – they are people too! Trust yourself and look for benefits;
  • Always remember that the best predictor is the race card. It contains all information you need to make the right choice about horse race betting.

Horse Shape

Each horse has several main characteristics by which you can estimate its chances literally in a minute:



Young horses are usually in better shape, older horses are better able to distribute forces in the race;



A light animal will have an advantage over a short distance (it “accelerates” faster), while a heavy horse is easier to maintain high speed due to greater inertia;


The shape

Is the most important characteristic of an animal! The form indicates the place that the animal has occupied in its last races.

The going/Type of race

When betting on races, there are a number of things to consider:

  • The previous race must have been some time ago to allow the horse to rest.
  • The weight of the horse should not exceed the norm, because it is quite difficult for a heavy horse to gain speed. In sprint races, it is the ability to get to the finish line as quickly as possible that is valued, but if you have to overcome a long distance, then endurance is more important.
  • An experienced jockey skillfully controls an animal, which allows him to win even the most difficult races, while his weight should also not be an additional burden;
  • Be sure to study the performance statistics to suggest possible developments in the race: were there any problems in previous races (jockey dropping, injury), on what surface the horse feels better, what distances are preferable, and other points.

Distance on online horse betting sites

To obtain a long-term advantage, which will allow you to make a profit on the distance when placing a bet on this type of competition, it is necessary to analyze according to many criteria.

The most important one is Age of the animal.

Younger horses have more strength; a lighter horse quickly picks up speed at the start, and a heavier animal better maintains the speed at a distance.


The “Trainer – Jockey” strategy. Open the map of any race (Racecards), carefully review the statistics of the participating horses. The bet must be placed on the animal with the highest number of races – “jockey-coach”.

Biggest horse racing events

The title of the most expensive horse sports betting at racing sites in the world since 2017 belongs to the Pegasus World Cup, which is the personification of American extravagance. The total track length is 9 furlongs (British and American distance units), which corresponds to 1.8 km. The race is used to be at a racetrack called Gulfstream Park, Florida. Only very experienced horses at least four years old are allowed to participate.

In 2018, the prize pool was $ 16 million, 7 of which went to the owner of the winner of the competition – a thoroughbred riding an animal named Gun Runner.

You may get a bonus for a sign for TVG wagering and derby wagering. The business bettor uses sportsbooks, racebooks, Twinspires, Belmont website, promo code, and gambling stakes to watch tracks. Different sites have a free bonus and wagering bettors. Bettors may use an account to wager and track the deposit wagering account.

Kentucky derby

The Kentucky Derby is an equestrian race that takes place in the largest city in Kentucky, Louisville, on the first Saturday in May since 1875. It is special for the relatively short duration of the races – the average race lasts for just two minutes.

Cheltenham Festival

The Cheltenham Festival is a race in the United Kingdom, it takes four days, and usually, the race takes place in the Match at Cheltenham Racecourse in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

Preakness Stakes

Preakness is an American thoroughbred horse race held annually on the third Saturday in May at the Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland. This is a Grade I race of 9.5 furlongs (1 ⁄ 16 miles (1900 m)) on the ground. Colts and geldings carry 126 pounds (57 kg); filly 121 lb (55 kg).

This is the second gem of the Triple Crown, held two weeks after the Kentucky Derby and three weeks before the Belmont Stakes.

Royal Ascot

Royal Ascot is a sporting event founded in the 18th century by Queen Anne and since then annually held in the British town of Ascot, Berkshire.

The Arlington International Festival of Racing

The Arlington International Festival is a festival,  first held in Chicago in the suburb of Arlington Heights, Illinois. Racing in the Chicago region has been a popular sport since the city’s early days in the 1830s, and Chicago once had more racetracks (six) than any other major metropolitan area. Arlington International was the site of the first Thoroughbred races in 1981.

Dubai World Cup

The Dubai World Racing Cup has been held in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates annually since 1996. Since 2010, the races have been held at the new state-of-the-art Meydan Racecourse with Tapeta Footings.

Which states allow legal horse racing betting?

At the moment, online betting is legal in the majority of US states.

What does SP mean in horse racing betting?

SP means that the user is taking a gamble on the Starting Price being better than the current price.

What is each-way betting in horse racing?

This is one of the varieties of the express bet, which includes two outcomes - the animal wins (this bet is especially popular at the races) and it's taking a prize place.

What type of bet should I choose?

Bets are typically divided into the following types: single, express, system. The selection of a bet type depends on your experience (single bets are usually simpler than multiples) and your betting strategy.

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