Best NFL Betting Sites

We have collected helpful tips for amateur gamblers to explain how to bet on NFL games online. In this guide, you will find the mentions of the best online NFL betting sites, learn how to find lines and make your NFL betting smart and advantageous.
It is essential to apply strategies that suit best for various situations. An NFL season is full of events, so there is a great choice of prop bets to give you extra gains.
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We introduce the most effective strategies for betting online and offer you online sportsbooks with the highest quality of lines and NFL odds.

Before you begin to bet on this sport, you must pick the best NFL betting site. Our guide explains to you how to make sure that an NFL betting site can give you safety and security, provide you with a decent welcome bonus to bet on NFL, has lucrative NFL odds, and publishes NFL lines that can bring you good real money income.

If you have found the best NFL betting websites of all online sportsbooks with the most valuable odds, you still have to create a strategy to make your NFL football bets work for you. You should mind the experts’ opinion, follow the latest National Football League betting trends, and check if the most popular bets can bring you value.

TOP-3 NFL Betting sites

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  • Awesome in-play features;
  • Good line for the races.
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How We Choose NFL Betting Sites

We care about your experience with NFL football betting. This guide will give you a comprehensive view of choosing the best options from the vast number of football betting sites. You will learn how to understand that a sports betting platform is secure, what markets and betting lines should be offered for online NFL betting, and what other important points should be checked and compared with the other NFL sportsbooks.

NFL betting

In short, you have to pick a platform that will be a combination of the solid reputation and lucrative odds given for NFL events. We consider a bookie as the best NFL betting site if it cares about the customers and is ready to meet their needs, including convenient deposit and withdrawal methods, fast payouts, and helpful customer support. A critical thing that all recommended NFL gambling sites have in common is their legacy.

All online sportsbooks we mention are licensed and approved by different jurisdictions of the United States.

Trust and Reputation

How to check that a sportsbook can be trusted and your deposits will be safe? The first indicator is the existence time of a company. It is doubtful that a website would stay in the industry for more than a year if its work was based on fraudulent schemes. Thus, it is better to opt for the gambling sites that have existed for at least 2 years. For instance, if we talk of the USA’s legal sports betting sites, there are old and trusted platforms like:

They all have at least eight years of experience or more, and you can easily find positive reviews on them from their regular customers.

Variety betting options

There are plenty of markets that an NFL betting site can offer to its customers. However, even if there is an excellent selection of various proposals, it is essential to make sure they are valuable for you as an NFL bettor. The best NFL betting sites must include favorable odds for a large number of events. To be precise, you must check that all NFL season games have the following betting lines: a Money Line, Point Spread, Totals, Futures, and Props.

To sum up: look for the top NFL betting sites that give you a complete action line with profitable odds.

Fast payouts

It does not matter if you are a high-roller or just a recreational gambler: every bettor wants to get their winnings from NFL betting sites as soon as possible. However, not all sports betting sites allow claiming a fast withdrawal and make their customers wait for some time before the funds will appear on their banking accounts. If you want to avoid such a disappointment, check the T&C of the payouts before you start working with any of the betting sites. Sometimes a payout speed depends on the amount of withdrawal, so beware of possible limits.

Withdrawal and deposit options

The most widespread option that sports betting websites provide to their customers is credit and debit card deposits. However, this is not enough for many people: many banks have limits for gambling transactions. Some of them entirely ban withdrawals and deposits made in sports betting or casino gambling purposes. It is safer to bet on a website that can offer more options, like:

It is also more convenient for users, as e-wallets are more adapted for Internet payments.

Withdraw and deposit in NFL betting sites

If you are into mobile betting, it will be handy to work with a platform that accepts ApplePay or GooglePay. Among the top NFL betting sites offering a vast choice of banking methods are MyBookie, BetUS, BetNow, BetOnline, and Bovada. The latter one is wide-known as one of the most reputable cryptocurrency sports betting sites; the others also have many systems, including different wallets, prepaid cards, and bank transfers.

Live-betting availability

Live betting is regarded as the highest value NFL betting, so a good NFL betting site has to include not only markets for NFL futures betting. Unline pre-match betting, the play-in format allows you to see the action in real-time and make more correct predictions as you have much more information on hand: you know the weather, the actual shape of the players, the tactics of both teams, etc. Finally, experienced bettors find it more fun — so check if there are live markets to bet on NFL games before joining a website. Top legal NFL football betting sites (in terms of play-in betting) are BetUS, Mybookie, and Bovada: they have a wide range of live betting selections. No technical issues with loading arise even during significant events.

Safety and Security

Any performance on online betting sites involves dealing with real money deposits. Besides, most online betting sites require members’ personal information to allow withdrawals, so it is essential that both your bankroll and passport details were safe. Opt for such options as Bovada, DraftKings, or BetUS, or any other website officially approved by local US jurisdictions. You can be sure that your funds will not be stolen, and your passport data will not be transferred to any third party.

Legality in your area

All licensed betting sites publish information about their gambling license on their website. Usually, it looks like a link.

If you follow this link, you will open an official web page of a license’s grantor.

Such pages contain the list of all approved online betting sites, so you can check them once again before you share any data with the platform. Also, you can visit an official Gambling Committee of your state webpage to check if they approved a particular site as the legal and trusted betting company of the United States.

Quality of customer support

If you are a regular bettor, there is a high probability that you will have to contact the customer support staff at least once. New members can face difficulties with understanding the bets or some terms and conditions, so they may need to ask for help, too. The quality of customer support is one of the indicators that show how respectable a company is. How can you know a betting site cares about the customer service level? Check if they have at least two contact options: LiveChat and phone. It is perfect if there are support agents available at any time.

Bonuses and promos

Your choice of the best NFL betting sites should also be based on the quantity and quality of welcome bonuses and other promos that a sports betting site offers to you for betting on the NFL matches.

Latest Bonuses

New Customer Offer €30
Get Bonus Now
Welcome bonus $360
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Welcome Bonus €30
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Bet credit £100
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Welcome Bonus €130
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Deposit Bonus $50
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They include sign-up bonuses when an extra amount is added to your deposit and free bets. Besides, there can be bonuses for regular customers: additional free bets, bonus bets and access to special events, bet refunds. Who gives the best online sign-up bonuses and promotions?

Bookmaker Bonus description
William Hill One of the oldest online sports betting sites offers a free bet of $30 after a minimum deposit of $10. Also, you get a risk-free bet offer of $500 on your first deposit.
888Sport New customers of the 888 sports also get $30 as a free bet after the first deposit of only $10. This free bet qualifies for NFL betting and other sports.
MyBookie MyBookie offers one of the most generous welcome bonuses: a 50% match to the first deposit of up to $1.000. Besides, you receive a $20 free bet and can claim a 100% referral bonus, which means if your friend joins Mybookie with your referral link, you receive the amount matching their first deposit. Finally, there is a 25% percent reload bonus (up to $500) and different contests with real money rewards and valuable prizes.
Bovada In Bovada, you can bet on NFL games using your cryptocurrency wallets. If you make a deposit in the traditional currency, you get a welcome bonus of 50% match up to $250. The first transaction with Bitcoin increases the bonus to 75% up to $750. There is also a referral program.
BetOnline Besides a sign-up bonus of 50% up to $1000, you can claim a reload bonus that adds more money to your deposit. This reload promo is more profitable if your deposits are made in cryptocurrency.

Quality of NFL odds

Valuable odds are the main focus of professional and amateur sports bettors. We mention only sportsbooks that give the most lucrative odds for betting on NFL games. Such platforms strive to attract more players by offering them more betting choices than making profits from large margins. Before you make any bets, it makes sense to compare at least three top NFL betting sites and choose the one with the most immense value.

A helpful tip: odds are always better when they are just published. The line is adjusted closer to an event.

NFL Betting Options

Let’s discuss ways of wagering on NFL games and studying the most typical bets that FL sports betting sites can offer. Most good NFL sportsbooks have more or less the same active line, but it is easy to get confused in different betting alternatives if you are a beginner, so we will give you a brief guide on each way to wager on NFL.

There are straightforward options when you just make predictions about the winners, but NFL gambling has much more exciting bets that can bring you high values if you understand them and know how to apply the right strategies to specific wagers.

NFL Betting Line Bovada

NFL Betting Line

NFL bets against the spread

Every sporting event has its favorites and underdogs. To make betting lines more saturated and the whole experience more diverse, sportsbooks offer betting against the spread.

A point spread is the number of points provided by a bookie to equalize the teams’ chances: an underdog is given a handicap.

The spread number shows the difference in the total score of the teams. For instance, if you bet on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with a -3 spread, your bet wins if the Buccaneers manage to score 3 goals more than their opponents. If they win by 2 goals, your spread bet will lose. A Spread can be positive, too — a ‘plus’ sign is added for underdog teams.

Over/Under betting strategy

Over/Under or Total betting means that NFL bettors wager on the total number of points that both teams scored within the match. Betting sites give a certain number of points, for instance, 40, and two wager types: Over and Under. If you think that both teams will have more than 40 points after adding up their results, you bet Over, and vice versa.

What is the NFL Moneyline?

This is the most popular way of NFL wagering because it is easy in terms of predictions and understanding. All bettors have to do to bet money lines to decide which team has the most chances to win the match. The only thing you have to mind to bet Moneyline (except knowledge of both teams’ performance, of course) is the odds. You will see two teams; the favorite will have odds with a ‘plus’ sign, and an underdog will have negative odds.

NFL parlay

There are dozens of possibilities for betting on the NFL. You can make wagers on different NFL lines; as there are 16 games held during the week, it is easy to spend oodles of money trying different strategies and picking the most valuable odds. However, with the Parlay bet function, you can significantly cut down your expenses. What is the gist: you can combine two or more correlated bets and place them as one — with fewer investments but higher odds.

NFL props

Props or proposition bets are the additional wagers to bet on the NFL game’s possible events. They are mainly about players and teams’ statistics and have nothing to do with the final result of a match or a season. Props NFL betting involves monitoring player’s performance, so bettors who opt for props usually watch live streams from training sessions and check the latest news on injuries or replacements in the team. A widespread example of an NFL prop bet: Over/Under wager on the number of passing yards made by a particular player within a match.

Totals Betting

This wager type is about betting on the total score of both teams. It can be the total number of goals, points, or runs made within one match. A sportsbook offers a number, and a bettor can predict if the total score will go over or under this number. Over/Under bets can also be provided for one team.

For instance, if you bet Over 42, a team must gain 43 or more points to make this wager win.

If the result equals 42, the bet is usually refunded, but you should check terms and conditions for such situations in a particular sportsbook.

NFL Sports betting tips

The online NFL betting market is considered the fullest one in terms of opportunities for punters. It doesn’t mean that it is the simplest one: to make money on NFL games online wagering, you must be aware of multiple nuances of how NFL betting works in general and what strategies you can use in different situations. If you learn at least the basics of sports betting, you will notice that your NFL gambling has become much more profitable, and your ROI (Return on Investment) has improved. We recommend you get acquainted with the most essential tips that will help you to make intelligent picks and control your bankroll.

live NFL bets

Sometimes, there is a temptation to back your favorite team, but if you want to make money on your NFL betting, you have to dismiss your emotion out of hand and only focus on your possible value. This is the first and the crucial moment in betting on NFL games, and we will show you some more in the review below.

NFL Betting Basics


ATS trends

NFL betting trends show you how the NFL teams perform in different situations and under various conditions. Some of them are not so important for bettors, but such trends like ATS will give you a significant advantage over a sportsbook and the other punters. One of the important NFL betting trends is ATS: Against the Spread betting. If you check the statistics on ATS for different teams, you will find a particular pattern you can use to make your betting decisions. However, the pattern is not everything: you should also mind the other things, like how a team plays against the spread during the home and away matches.


Over/under trends

Over/Under trends work the same as the ATS trends: you can check statistics for different situations. Trends trackers allow you to choose the period of performance and compare the Over/Under records for all games, or only those when a team was an underdog, a favorite, played home or away match. It is also possible to collect trends for the whole season or check only conference, non-conference, play-in, and play-out games. For every situation, you will see the Over and Under record in numbers and percentages. However, you should still be aware of how general trends correlate with the current actual situation.


NFL consensus

The NFL consensus means the number of bets all punters picked for a particular match. It includes records from all NFL betting websites on all wager types, including Moneyline, Totals, and Handicap. This information allows you to see the most popular bets made on NFL games online by the vast majority of punters. Such knowledge can make it easier to decide which bets have the most value if you analyze the NFL consensus thoroughly. Obviously, the less popular bets will be more profitable for you, so if you find some public’s choice made thanks to hype rather than real chances, you can use it and wager on the opposite outcome.


Picks from NFL experts

Expert advice can be helpful provided you can tell an expert from a wannabe professional. Many articles, reviews, and tips are published on some NFL betting websites, and information on the picks experts do themselves. Some platforms show punters best NFL bets from experts and offer the extended version of this rating. It can help you gain more understanding of the value bets, but it is still essential to analyze the value. Sometimes, a pick from an expert can bring you enough profit only if you invest a certain amount in the same wager, so make sure it coincides with your bankroll management plans.


Check out the odds

If you want to find the best value for your online sports betting (and you definitely do, if you are reading this article), you might start searching for different forecasts on a match outcome. However, the vast majority of cappers who promise to provide you with the best odds and predictions for betting on the NFL are nothing but scammers. Suppose you want to understand the actual value of the odds. In that case, you can either monitor the betting lines and trends of the best NFL betting sites or use special premium paysites that take a fee for checking the odds automatically using particular systems. You will make more headway, though, if you learn how to read the odds yourself. Top NFL betting high-rollers usually start searching for the most valuable bets with lucrative odds for every event and just skip the match if there are no any. It is also essential to monitor how a line changes closer to an event: this can help find profitable options.

Finally, you should always compare several online sportsbooks as they do not update their lines simultaneously, and it is possible to catch an excellent pick at the last moment.

Super Bowl Betting

Super Bowl is the final game in the NFL, and the winner becomes the champion of the season. It is the most important NFL event and has the highest involvement rate in terms of the number of viewers and bettors all over the United States and the world. The match is followed by a big national fest.

Since many US states have made sports betting legal and launched their own online sportsbooks, NFL betting on Super Bowl became popular like never before. Let’s see the nuances of Super Bowl betting.

online NFL betting on superbowl

What is the betting line on the Super Bowl?

Betting options offered for the Super Bowl do not crucially differ from those you can find for the other NFL games. You will find Handicap, Totals, and Moneyline bets, as well as the prop bets like wagers on a team that will score the first points in the game.

Some betting choices are added just for higher betting participation: serious bettors do not even try to find value in them.

For instance, recreational punters can bet on how long the national anthem will last.

What are the betting odds on the Super Bowl?

Every online sportsbook that offers to bet on the NFL is rather attentive regarding the odds they publish for the NFL season’s main event. For bettors, it is essential to understand the odds to make picks that can bring a lot of real money in return. How does the sportsbook determine the odds? It all depends on the season’s results: the roster changes, SB statistics of the past years, and other records. Whatever the actual odds are, there is always a favorite and an outsider, and odds for favorite (given as a negative integer, like -150) are less valuable. However, the Super Bowl forecasts provided by any NFL betting website are much more accurate than for other NFL bets.

Сontrarian strategy: going against the grain when betting the Super Bowl?

Many National Football League punters choose to go against the crowds and bet in the opposite way the majority do. People who apply the contrarian strategy explain their choice with the fact that most people follow the media image of particular teams and just opt for the most popular opponent. In their opinion, media hype often has nothing to do with the actual course of things and player’s abilities.

It is obviously risky, but let’s turn to statistics: more than half of contrarian punters managed to win their bets within the past 10 seasons of NFL, and 2o percent of them ended up with successful bets against the public in the finals.

How to set up Super Bowl betting squares?

NFL squares is a fun betting option legalized in most states for many years; it is also a fun party game that is really easy to set up and play.

An organizer of a game prepares a 10X10 table with 100 squares. It can be drawn or just printed out from the Internet. Each square has its number down and across; each row and column is labeled by a digit from 0 to 9. For instance, the right upper square will have 9-9. These figures stand for the final number in the score. It can be a final score or quarter score; the latter option is more common. If a score is 19-9, the owner of the 9-9 square wins.

There are different methods to play betting squares; for instance, one of the game variants does not allow choosing a square but involves random picking of squares from a hat.

How to read NFL betting lines?

In all betting sites, NFL betting lines look more or less the same. You are given a list of the teams-participants and odds. Betting on the NFL in the US, you will most likely encounter American odds that come as whole three-digit numbers and 'plus' or 'minus' signs before them, like +100 or -100.

The odds are given for various NFL betting options. They are Moneyline (here you will see teams and the odds only); Point Spread (you will be offered odds and extra points that equalize the chances of an underdog team), and Over/Under (you will see the odds and the number to wager on — if the score will go Over/Under this number).

What is public betting on NFL?

The public betting system is based on making betting decisions according to most bettors' opinions. A bettor checks the NFL betting trends to see who is the favorite of the crowds. The next step is to decide whether the public opinion is correct or not and come up with your own decision. Betting against the public is more prevalent when one of the opponent teams seems to be overestimated, and the media writes it up.

Who makes the odds in NFL betting?

NFL gambling sites use their technical opportunities and involve expert teams to determine the odds. The first step is creating the draft of the line: software collects all records and statistics to make the initial version for the odds. Then the odds are adjusted by the experts who check the NFL online betting options manually and then publish the odds. Obviously, the odds are produced in a way that brings profit to a sportsbook, so a bettor has to be aware of their actual values.

How to use the "if" bet in NFL betting?

An 'If' Bet is an additional wager that you can make after placing another stake. If your first bet wins, the 'if bet' will require risking the payout you gain from the first bet. For instance, you bet on a particular favorite team of Tuesday match and make an 'if' bet on another favorite team of Wednesday match. If the first bet wins, your winning funds will be transferred to confirm your second bet, and if it wins, too, your payout increases. If the second bet wins, you lose the profits from the first one, but your bankroll remains untouched.

How to read NFL odds?

If you bet on a US website, you will encounter American odds system. They come as even numbers and can be either positive or negative. Positive odds, like +150, show the underdog of the match and mean that if you risk $100, you can win $150. Negative odds, like -200, are given for the game's favorite; the odd value shows how much you should invest to win $100.

What is the best advice for betting on NFL games?

If you want to make real money on online NFL betting, the most essential thing for you is to act wisely, no matter what your feelings towards a team are. All you have to mind is the team's real chances and think about your profits, no matter who you want to back in the inmost of your heart. Your focus should be on the value of the bets you make, based on figures, statistics, forecasts, and rankings instead of your intuition.

How to set up an NFL draft betting pool?

The NFL draft is an annual event when the professional teams pick new players from the college leagues. A betting pool for an NFL draft is something similar to a fantasy NFL. Bettors make their predictions about the draft. There can be different options: a pool manager can print out a draft betting for a home or office betting party. Another way is to participate in the draft betting on one of the NFL betting sites: you pay an entrance buy-in and compete against the other players making the predictions regarding a draft outcome.

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