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If we ask you to name the most popular global sport, we guarantee your answer will be Football. This thrilling team sport is one of the most beloved by millions of people in the USA. The world knows many famous American Football players with multi-million contracts at the iconic clubs. It sounds like a dream job, doesn’t it? In some nations, football events gather more spectators than presidential elections or royal weddings.

TOP-3 Football Betting Sites

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  • Video broadcasts of matches
  • Match Center
  • Mobile applications
  • Large selection of sports betting markets.
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  • ESports betting;
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Online Football betting takes the No.1 position on US sports betting sites. Why simply watch players on the field if you can make a good profit on it? Of course, football betting is a tricky thing. To upgrade your skills, you need to know major leagues, understand odds, get the hang of the market basics, and grasp your own football betting strategy. Do you doubt you can handle this? No panic! We’ll be there for you and become your guides in the universe of the best football betting websites.

best football betting sites

Top football betting sites

If you track down the best football betting sites, you address the right place. Stop asking Google to recommend you good sportsbooks, because our experts already found the industry leaders. Why can you trust our expert team? Our experts have decades of rewarding experience in online sports betting. With their help, you’ll find out what sportsbooks offer the most generous welcome bonus, gainful odds, and flexible markets. You’ll know where you can watch flawless live streams around the clock and place valuable bets on the major leagues. You’ll discover what online betting sites give bountiful free bets and have the best loyalty programs for football fans.

Our reviews reveal the best sites by football betting lines, wagering requirements, live betting, a wide range of football leagues, etc. We’ll tell you what online sportsbook has better wagering options for the Super Bowl and where to enjoy HD live streaming of the next NFL match. Our experts will assist you in verifying types of football bets to avoid blind wagering.

We inspected hundreds of sportsbooks to select the ones with the most competitive odds and vibrant bonuses. Now you know where to wager on football to win big.

Football betting markets

A top-ranked football betting site always has a myriad of betting markets to propose to punters. The industry giants will never underestimate the importance of giving users a good market choice because they know that customers always seek more bountiful options. Leading sportsbooks offer the following markets: Correct score, First goalscorer, Final result, Half time, Full time, Double chance, etc. A range of offered markets may vary depending on the vicinity, though top bookmakers always have vast offerings for punters who literally breathe this game.

Traditionally, punters prefer to bet on the final result of a match.

It will be much easier to forecast a game outcome if you monitor statistics and read bookmakers’ news.

Agree that if a coach of the team that you bet on replaced the most valuable player ahead of a match, the team’s winning chances would significantly reduce, as well as the chances that your bet would win. Another widespread habit among sports bettors is to bet on several possible outcomes of a game. It is called Double Chance. This method is especially beloved by starters as it’s much easier to succeed when your initially wager on two or three likely outcomes of a match.

A similar situation is when you wager on the first or second half results. You just need to guess who wins in each half of the game. It’s a more riskless solution than forecasting a final result of the entire match at once. Experienced punters prefer to bet on the exact score of a game and the first goalscorer. Of course, you need to master your skills enough and keep updated on any teams’ changes to place profitable bets in these categories. Fortunately, a good football betting site usually keeps tracking all updates and regularly adjusts the statistics page.

American football betting websites

Where better to bet on football

If you google ‘the best football betting sites,’ you will be impressed by a mind-blowing spectrum of offers. But how to be sure that Google recommends exactly what you’re looking for? When we check sportsbooks, we always pay heed to several crucial hallmarks that distinguish a truly great football operator from a miserable replica.

Here are several key hallmarks that we focus on when working on our rankings:


Offered odds and early lines:

When hunting for the true stars in football betting, we always make an inside look at the odds. We want to sleep well at night, knowing that punters will get the best price on their football bets instead of wasting precious time and real money on the cheap bookmakers. In our opinion, if operators offer min odds on major football events, they simply don't respect their customers. Early betting lines also play an integral role in placing valuable bets. Top sportsbooks tend to release the lines earlier, giving gamblers a window to come up with a certain betting strategy.


Markets selection:

Flexible markets are must-haves for a good football betting site. Football is a hit-or-miss game, and there can be multiple options to hit the bank on football bets. We always inspect whether a bookie allows punters to bet on over and under goals, double chance, etc., but not only to guess a final result of a match.


Welcome bonus and wagering requirements:

All online betting operators greet new customers with a welcome bonus. It is their way to say Hi to newbies. Our experts monitor hundreds of operators to check which of them offer the most lavish bonus and free bets. As a rule, top sportsbooks offer a 100% bonus for users when they sign up to their platforms and make a qualifying deposit. Some bookies have a bonus 50% on the first deposit. The bonus amount is no less essential factor than wagering requirements to rollover the perk. We warn all sports bettors to take a precise look at this paragraph in the terms and conditions page. Otherwise, your joy from the bonus will be decreased by a draconian wager.


Live betting:

Reputable football operators have vibrant offers for live betting. Football is a tricky sport, and even if a team has all chances to win in the first half, a situation may drastically change in the second half. Live betting allows punters to boost their winning chances if they can place in-play bets on a bookie's platform. Top operators always offer in-play betting options alongside pre-match.


Diversity of leagues and football bets:

High level of any online betting site directly hinges on the diversity of leagues in its content collection. Can I wager on the most notorious football leagues on this particular site? If the answer is NO, this sportsbook operator will never pass an exam to our betting experts. The most demanded leagues among punters are NFL, NCAA, and XFL. They are also the most prosperous for valuable betting. US punters also adore college football, so it is a good sign if a sportsbook offers this option too. Another vital factor that matters to us when hunting for best football betting sites is bet types selection. Market leaders offer a myriad of football bets to bettors, including totals, parlays, prop bets, moneylines, futures, point spreads, etc.


Live streaming:

Agree that it is more pleasurable to place in-play wagers watching live streams online on the bookie's platform. Certainly, it all depends on the quality of streaming. Respected sportsbook operators deserve a standing ovation in this matter as they deliver live broadcasts in HD resolution that allows punters to enjoy streams even on their phones. Besides, it is more time-saving to watch a football match and wager on it on one channel.


Payout speed:

Another essential of the top football operators is prompt payouts. When you wager on real money (especially big money), you expect to pull out your winnings as fast as the operator took your deposit. Sadly, but some sportsbook operators intentionally postpone withdrawals and give users dozens of reasons to explain a delay. When placing sports bets on the football portals on our list, gamblers can be sure to enjoy lighting payouts without harsh withdrawal restrictions.


Customer support:

A professional and thoughtful customer service team is a key to get a cool user experience. We don't live in the perfect world, and it is totally fine to address an expert help to deal with any technical issues that may occur to a casual customer. The way customer service reps react to claims and the speed at which they resolve any issues says a lot about a bookie's reputation. A top betting site with all rights reserved should have a skilled customer support department that promptly reacts to the claims and speaks the same language as the customers. We also test if punters can reach a help center 24/7 and whether a live chat is available.

Best NFL betting sites for punters

The National Football League is a true jewel for sports bettors. The top-tier sportsbook operators from the USA and abroad always render a good assortment of NFL bets in their portfolios. Live streams of the NFL matches are the most demanded among punters.

In the high season, the lion’s share of the wagering activity comes on the NFL events.

Most of all, punters adore placing prop bets within NFL matches trying to forecast different outcomes within the gameplay, like an exact number of touchdowns by the end of a match or who will score first, etc. Future bets on NFL matches are no less popular than in-play wagers. It is especially evident during such giant events like the Super Bowl when bookmakers accept millions of bets daily both from casual fans and skilled bettors.

Best Football Betting Sites NFL

Best college football betting sites

College Football takes a sacred place in the American betting niche. In the United States, local authorities spend thousands of dollars to support college football teams nationwide. Matches between college teams gather millions of spectators in the stadiums. The most prosperous football players receive scholarships from the government, and their costs may cover four years in college. Betting online on college football has become mainstream in America. Local bookmakers tend to offer competitive lines and flexible betting options on college football games and seduce customers with juicy free bets. European bookmakers also don’t stay aside and rush to diversify their content collections with college football offerings.

Top football betting sites for beginners

Many gambling sites provide great solutions for skilled punters but often forget about starters. If you are just starting your acquaintance with the betting world, you may get lost amid tons of operators that flooded the market. Luckily, some giant bookmakers don’t neglect freshmen on their channels. The credited bookies from our proven list offer the most bountiful welcome bonuses for registration and present newbies with free bets for football wagers. Other strong advantages of these operators are betting tips from industry experts and an informative FAQ page, where beginners can effortlessly find answers on how to make a deposit or how to withdraw funds, etc. Another thing we want to stress is a gambler-friendly interface and intuitive navigation on a site. Amateurs won’t like to spend hours surfing between pages to figure out how to select betting markets or check the account balance, and so on.

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Sportsbook operators with the best football bets
  • Novibet;
  • 1XBet;
  • 888sport.

What verifies the best football operator from pitiful alternatives is a mind-blowing and wide range of bets types. When you wager on football sites, you should have extensive bet options if you want to succeed and make the bank. These bookies allow punters to wager on the final outcome of a game, a team that you guess will get the victory (money lines), as well as on various outcomes within a match (prop bets). They render the most competitive parlays (mixed bets), and flexible point spreads (wagering on the number of points a team is predicted to gain or miss). Novibet and 888sport have rich futures offerings (when punters bet on future events in advance). Finally, users may count on an impressive choice of live betting options in the major football leagues.

Betting sites with the best football markets
  • Betway;
  • Bovada;
  • William Hill.

No other team sport can beat football in the diversity of the markets. We suggest picking up bookmakers with affluent betting markets to get the best online gambling adventure and make your bets win. Top sportsbook operators will let you wager on the final results of a match, half and full times, first goalscorer, Double Chance, and so on. You can wager how many points each team is about to score and how many over or under goals will be there in a total amount. Football is a very fruitful sport for bettors as it allows them to test their intuition, check mastered skills, and just try their luck. As far as about 71% of wagering activity comes on football bets, high-class bookmakers try to surpass industry competitors by seducing punters with colossal markets at any preference.

Best mobile apps for football betting
  • Betfair;
  • Unibet;
  • Paddy Power.

When a bookie allows punters to enjoy their products on the go, it is another hallmark of a top-rated operator. Mobile technologies have immensely ingrained in our routine. The times when people used their phones just for calling each other are in the ancient past. Nowadays, humans can do business and pay bills via phones. Thus, eminent football betting operators expand their presence in punters’ daily routine by providing top-notch solutions for mobile betting. We tested hundreds of sportsbooks until we found the ones with the most gambler-friendly mobile apps. These applications are speedy to install and super easy to use on the move. You can wager on football events 24/7 and enjoy flawless live streams at home, at work, or even in your car with a smart gadget in your hand.

mobile betting on football

Mistakes to avoid in football wagering

Have you ever been there when you select a bookie with good odds and diverse markets, monitor statistics, and still keep losing on bets? At such moments, you think that maybe sports betting is just not for you. You keep wondering what you do wrong and how to change gameplay in your favor. You can blame bad luck or even a black cat that crossed your way yesterday. You still can’t get why your pals make a stable profit on wagering, and you don’t, even though you are smarter and more talented than they are. Before you get in despair, we want to cheer you up. The reason why you keep losing money on bets is not your bad fortune. Obviously, you just keep making the same common mistakes as 90% of newbies.

  1. Always bet on your favorite team: Are you that guy who keeps betting on his favorite football team even if it didn’t get any great victory during the last few decades? Wow, you are a mega devoted fan! But if your beloved team keeps losing dozens of times in a row, maybe it’s time to change the favorite. We don’t ask you to betray your team, but if you want to flourish in wagering, you should better consider betting on more skilled alternatives. Luckily, the football ocean is full of other fish.
  2. Betting blind: It is crucial to do market research before wagering on football. Unless you are the luckiest person in the universe or a wizard, you should not rely on destiny when betting on money. Check the teams and players you consider to wager on to have a much clearer picture of their previous winning history. Stay up-to-date and read the latest updates and news on the sportsbooks’ websites to be aware of sudden injuries of a team’s most valuable players or other unexpected last-minute changes. Avail this knowledge to place well-considered bets, but not the blind ones.
  3. Don’t care about odds: We will never stop repeating one golden rule of all sports bettors – always pay heed to the offered odds on a bookie’s site! When wagering with miserable odds, you will never become a real pro sports bettor. Some sportsbook operators adjust odds more frequently, especially ahead of such huge events as Super Bowl and Champion League. Experienced punters know this trick and always monitor the odds traffic. Learn and remember – to succeed in football wagering, select operators with the most lucrative odds.
  4. Forget about cash-out: We always wonder why some users keep neglecting cash-out when wagering on football. Guys, cash-out is a super useful function to minimize risk on football betting sites. This super option permits you to revive your primary bet fully or partially during in-play. If you see that a team you bet on starts losing a leading position in the first half, you can adjust your initial choice and restore a potentially failed bet.
  5. Never monitor statistics: Tell us one thing. Do you also wager on football leagues and teams because your friends’ friend advises you that? Well, if this friend knows everything, why he hasn’t become a millionaire yet. We don’t tell you not to listen to your friends, but keep a focus on the market statistics as well. Monitoring the statistics is a crucial element to succeed in football wagering. After all, betting experts release statistics for the gamblers’ convenience. Knowing the market, you double boost your chances to place gainful bets.
  6. You don’t know when to stop: Some people are addicted to wagering and may spend the entire salary on bets. If you don’t crave to become this guy, you should know when to stop. Set up a certain limit of funds that you can spend on betting monthly. When you realize that you have already maxed out your credit cards balance this month, it’s the ideal moment to put your wagering activity on pause. It is a vital rule for beginners because they haven’t mastered their skills enough yet. Until you turn sports wagering into a profitable hobby, we suggest you manage your expenses wisely.

Tips to win big on football bets

Are you a regular guest on betting sites, but you still didn’t place a single winning bet? Then, maybe you should reconsider your betting strategy (we hope you have the one) and get some useful tips from our experts. First of all, set up your goal. If you surf bookies’ sites for entertainment purposes to watch streams or read the latest football news, then it’s OK. But if your grand plan is to win big on wagering, then you should apply a wiser strategy to succeed here. For instance, if you love accumulators, it’s your choice, but in this case, find a bookie with good acca offerings.

Some punters don’t take value of match betting even though this technique works perfectly for getting a risk-free and easy profit.

We always advise sports bettors to find a middle way between offered odds and available markets on the bookmakers’ platforms. Don’t place too many blind bets in a row, but instead, better focus on the quality of your wagers. Finally, don’t get too upset about failures. Even the most skilled punters may have bad days. Cheer up and try your luck on the next wagers!

Expert opinion

Football wagering is the most demanded segment on the sportsbooks’ platforms. You will be blown away by so many awesome things you can learn about football wagering while mastering your skills on the bookies’ sites: bets types, existing markets, odds range, and so on. Not to get lost in the ocean of the sportsbook operators, you need to choose only respectful providers with the most vibrant offers and gainful promotions. Our experts checked tons of brands operating on the market to catch the biggest fish. Welcome to the best football betting sites to wager on your beloved teams and win big.

How football betting odds work?

Football odds portray how much a bettor can earn on a match if his bet hits the target. Traditionally, bookmakers release a percentage, decimal, or fractional likelihood of how, in their opinion, a game will end. A bettor’s goal is to beat a bookie’s prognosis. The odds quality is essential for successful punters as it directly influences the potential value of each bet they place.

Is football betting worth it?

Football tops the ranking of the most beloved team sports for valuable wagering worldwide. Due to the vast number of leagues and championships, football enthusiasts can bet on multiple events all year round. Seasoned bettors may have a stable multi-thousand profit on football wagers.

How to bet on football legally?

Punters can bet on football events lawfully in the majority of countries, including the US and Europe. The primary condition is to choose licensed online bookmakers that operate in conformity with the Gambling Commission standards.

How to calculate football bets?

The value bets calculation requires specific skills and an in-depth analysis of the football market. Bookmakers usually address analytics to count the games’ probability, but casual punters can do that on their own if they follow the stats and monitor teams’ updates. Alongside solo wagers, punters can make mixed (compound) bets, but in this case, each of the placed bets within a multiple should win.

How to bet on college football?

College football is quite widespread among global bettors, especially the US residents. Numerous betting operators allow punters to bid on college football legally on their online platforms. The most common bet types for college football wagering are moneylines, spread bets, and totals.

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