William Hill is a true legend in the sports betting market. It should be noted that tradition is paired in the quality of services provided by William Hill.sports book. The British William Hill sportsbook offers its client an unusually rich offer of bets and good odds. Thanks to the unique combination of extensive customer service with live chat and 24/7 support, for which several hundred consultants from different countries work, this sports betting site is very popular all around the world. The William Hill sports book has been enjoying the growing popularity and respect of its users for many years. Do you want to know more about this sports betting site? Then read on our William Hill review we prepared for you.

Is William Hill Trustworthy?

William Hill is a reliable betting site. In order to maintain high ratings and customer loyalty, the site is loyal in resolving contentious issues at rates, provides a guarantee of payments on winning bets. The reliability of the company, many years of experience in the field of betting games, bonuses, promotions, promotional codes attract more and more new players, as well as prevent regular users from leaving. Thus, you can not worry at all about the reliability of William Hill.

 Online bookmaker william hill - review

Site appearance

How many William Hills are there in the UK?

At the moment, William Hill has one of the most extensive networks of betting points throughout the UK and Europe as a whole. Only in Britain, William Hill has 2,300 offices, which makes up about 25% of the British and Irish markets. The staff of the old-timers of the wagering company adds up to in excess of 15,000 individuals. Also, this isn’t only a lot of workers, but more of a friendly team. All things considered, the pride of William Hill is its own workforce school, which trains masters of the most extensive profile – from top supervisors to client care administrators.

What Bonus System Does William Hill Offer to its Customers?

Betting bonuses and promotions this category is largely tied to the marketing side of this bookmaker since they have additional profits for the task of attracting new players. The bonus program of the bookmaker WillHill corresponds to a huge number of regular users. The company will not pamper you with bold bonuses, and a lot of free bets, modest bonuses are more likely plus than a minus. Each of us understands that only cheese in a mousetrap is free, so rather modest bonuses are more likely to be plus than a minus. The absolute reliability and honest name of William Hill is the best bonus of the company.

We will tell you about two permanent bonuses of the sportsbook William Hill in more detail in our bonus review.

The first William Hill bonus is the welcome bonus, or, so-called bonus for a new player, which implies you get a kind of free bet. You receive 25 US dollars or euros (it may vary depending on your country) when registering with a promotional code. The free bet will be credited to you after you make your first deposit and make your first bet in the amount equal to or greater than the bonus. All this must be received no later than seven days from the date of registration. Free bet is one of the best opportunities for a newcomer to try his/her abilities in the betting site. Moreover, with a free bet bonus, you do not risk your money, which is a huge advantage. So, if there is a choice – to use a free bet bonus or not, we suggest you using it without any doubts.

 Registration at william hill

Before receiving a bonus, you need to register

The second bonus expresses insurance with six or more outcomes. If you have not guessed 1 bet out of 6, the office will refund your bet amount. It is also such a bonus which gives you a possibility to bet 10 get 30 or bet 10 get 60 etc. Regularly, all of the terms and conditions regarding this or that bonus you may read on the page of this bonus but if you still don’t understand something, then one of the best solutions is to ask customer service for help in live chat. However, even after asking customer service, review all of the terms and conditions once again.

From time to time, William Hill anyway gives free bets as a bonus for its customers but the frequency of such generosity may vary from country to country. In addition, William Hill offers a 50% deposit on slots and a 100% bonus, limited to $ 300, for playing European roulette simulators and blackjack. According to the terms and conditions, to have a bonus, the customer has to not break the rules and be among one of the most active clients.

What Deposit Options William Hill Offers to its Customers?

William Hill offers a variety of deposit options. They may vary from country to country but generally, popular deposit options are available in all countries.

You can replenish your account at the William Hill betting site using popular payment methods, most of which involve instant crediting of funds.

According to the terms and conditions, the minimum deposit amount, depending on the payment system, is from $ 10 to $ 40; it is also a case for your first deposit.

How Long does William Hill Take to Pay Out?

It will not take too long. Usually, it takes 2 days but if Hill William systems are busy then it may take up to 7 days to withdraw your funds.

William Hill works with many payment methods:

  • online banking;
  • bank cards;
  • e-wallets;
  • money transfers.

Withdrawing funds from Williams Hills is possible through about half of the available universal payment methods, including QIWI, VISA Virtual, WebMoney.

The minimum withdrawal amount for most payment methods is $ 10. Online Sportbook Hill William does not charge a deposit or withdrawal fee. The list of payment methods you will find in the “personal account” of this betting site. If you face any troubles, please do not be afraid to turn to customer service for help.

What Sports Can I Bet on this Betting Site?

Generally, you can bet on any sport you want. William Hill offers a huge variety of betting options and, of course, a huge choice of sports you can bet on. You may bet on all the “grass games” such as American football, soccer, lacrosse, grass hockey. Also, you have a possibility to bet on motor racing, ice hockey, gaa hurling, and even table games.

Also, William Hill offers a wide selection of sports disciplines for bets dominated by Celtic sports. There is no doubt a fact, the bookmaker offers the best odds on sports events taking place in the British Isles, especially American football and cricket. Fans of other disciplines, especially rugby, snooker, tennis, ice hockey, and basketball will also not have reasons for disappointment. William Hill has a lot of interesting things in this category.

The bookmaker's line

The bookmaker’s line is on the left, top matches of the day on the right

We also recommend the horse racing betting service. An interesting option is the so-called “Guaranteed Bet”. This option provides all players placing bets on horse races and dog races in the UK and Ireland with a Start Prize. In addition to betting, William Hill offers us Casino, Poker, Bingo, and many different types of Internet games. Other non-sports bets are available on the Politics, TV Specials, and Virtual World platform.

Betting odds:

Average commissionCommission in the prematchLive commission

Does William Hill Allow Live Betting?

Absolutely! Switching between prematch and live takes place in the sports betting section. The button is in the header of the column of lines. Every day the bookmaker publishes dozens of events in live. Variability and odds are lower than in prematch. But high maximums stand out in the live betting section. High maximums are actually one of the reasons why people choose this option.

Another advantage is the free WHTV service, which allows you to watch live sporting events. Video broadcasts on William Hill go round the clock and cover both world tournaments and matches of regional importance. To view it you are required to register on the site and enter your personal account.

Is Customer Support Really Helpful?

Yes, William Hill really has a good customer support team and people writing William Hill review always highlight their efficiency. It is not surprising that several thousand consultants work for the success of the online bookmaker William Hill. Technical assistance is available in the form of an email, live chat as well as telephone. Instantly all your issues or problems will be solved by this service. Customer support is definitely one of the strengths of William Hill.

feedback form william hill

The site has a contact section and a feedback form

What else William Hill Can Offer me?

As we already said, William Hill has an online casino, other table games, virtual simulators, and many others. So, for you not to get confused in this variety we prepared a small review of each one.

William Hill Casino

William Hill Casino is a high-quality media product. It is a reliable, reputable institution with a good reputation, where gambling enthusiasts can get aesthetic pleasure and the possibility of major wins. The only difficulty may arise when choosing between just a casino and a VEGAS casino. The choice of games is huge, and since the operator is constantly working on creating new products, monotony and boredom do not threaten you.

casino and slots

Online casinos and slots available in william hill

Review of the Advantages of Online Casino

  • The game platform and even games are available in different languages. This means that players can enjoy a wide range of slots at the casino without saying a word in English.
  • You can pay online in any currency. The Internet provides the ability to convert each currency in real-time, which saves the player both time and money.
  • You can earn real money in the online casino. The difference is that when gambling the Internet, the gambler will always understand how much money he/she has, as this is clearly visible in the game interface of the emulsifier. In a real gambling house, customers are forced to buy chips that may not look the same to the player, like the money they paid for these tokens. Not knowing the real chips, players tend to lose more than they plan.
  • The ability to gamble with the comfort of your home environment. Most real casinos have a dress code and special rules of conduct. Playing on the Internet, you yourself create the rules, having fun in the environment that you choose, subject to access to the Internet and a computer. So, comfort is one of the biggest advantages of an online casino.
  • Promotional bonuses and free games. The more competition between online casinos, the more benefits the user receives from this. Online casinos offer many promotions, bonuses, and special offers. If you have a desire to fulfill certain bonus conditions, then you can increase the time of your game or the amount of the prize.
  • Online it will be easier for you to concentrate. Terrestrial gambling houses for gambling use various methods to distract the attention of players: bright lights, slot machines, large mirrors, free alcoholic drinks, and more. Online casino, in turn, allows you to change the interface settings and thereby create a visual environment in which you will feel comfortable concentrating on the chosen gaminator.
  • The casino offers its players many profitable slot machines, a variety of scratch cards. For those who prefer smart card games, as well as blackjack, the company provides an interesting and profitable time to spend their time in live mode at the gaming table with a real croupier. Roulette and scratch cards lovers will not be disappointed either. To understand how realistic it is to become a winner, we suggest that you look into the “winners” section, which presents the daily winnings of the lucky ones.

Now a few words about WillHill Casino bonuses. Each player, depending on their preferences, will choose their own bonus. This is a solid welcome bonus on the first and second deposit, a monthly loyalty bonus, bonus free spins. And if you bring a friend with you who will make a deposit, you will immediately receive $ 50 to your account, which you can spend on any games. Do you have many friends?

Virtual Sport

Provided on the site and simulators of sporting events. The tab is called “Virtual World” and is available in the sports betting section. Attention users are offered three disciplines – horse racing, dog racing, and football. Runs and matches start every 3 minutes. Odds start at 3.00 and go up to 23.00.

But here, there are no demos at all. This eliminates the possibility of a free game.

News Section

A nice addition to the William Hill gaming offerings is the news section. The tape presents the preview of the competition, stories about the latest events in the world of sports, original analytical materials. There are also tabs with results and standings. The William Hill site has its own unique statistical section with a lot of ​​useful information.

Table Games

William Hill has a variety of table games. Among them are poker, blackjack, 21, and many others. Just for you, we prepared a short review of them, so you will know all you need about these games and it will not pose a difficulty for you to choose one.

poker on the william hill

Poker is in a separate category on the William Hill website


The modern world of high technology gives people many ways to have fun. But old proven games are still very popular. This is the case with well-known poker. Millions of people continue to play it. But more and more users are switching to playing poker online. Why is this version of the game so attractive to people? We prepared a review of several factors contributing to this.

  • First is comfort. In order to meet like-minded people and enjoy the game, you don’t need to dress and go somewhere (and considering that recently poker has been equated with casinos, this is generally problematic), you can simply comfortably sit in your favorite chair in front of a computer with a cup coffee or a glass of wine. Everything you need at your fingertips because you stay at home.
  • Secondly, it is communication. Each player can meet not only with the same people from his/her city but with any poker fan around the world. William Hill unites people from all over the world into one common poker company and gives you one of the greatest opportunities to enjoy it and even communicate in a live chat. Local tournaments are held regularly and internationally periodically. Constantly participating in the qualifying competitions, any user has a chance to try their hand and get the main prize.
  • Thirdly, it is financial security. After all, poker is still a gamble and there is a risk of getting carried away and losing a lot. Online poker will protect you from this. Different tables with a certain level of bets and limits allow players to be divided by the level of the game, and each user is already guided by his/her level and connects to existing games. Only after gaining knowledge and gaining experience, a player can start playing at higher bets. But even then, your expenses will be limited by the amount available in the account in the poker room.
  • Fourth, these are bonuses and gifts. The William hill poker room provides beginners with bonuses for the money they deposit. These amounts range from 100 to 600 dollars. Constantly held freerolls are no less interesting. These are special tournaments, participation in which is not worth money for players, but the winning fund is provided by the organizer. So when playing online poker, you can make quite good money. An experienced player usually deals only with the game and can very well secure a comfortable life.

In addition to these reasons, each player can find something of his/her own, useful personally to him/her. The main thing is that playing online poker is pleasant, interesting, and profitable. Do not be put off the bat if you like poker, then rather join the huge community of players.


When playing online blackjack, you can place bets with a face value of 0.01 monetary units – this is the standard minimum deposit.

So, even players with one of the most modest gaming budgets can enjoy this board game as well as other games in the William Hill website. Compare this figure with the minimum bet in a land-based casino, which is usually 5 or 10 (or even more) currency units.

When playing blackjack on the network, you set the speed of the game yourself, and the controls and interface are very simple and intuitive. According to the terms and conditions, auto mode with set bets is also possible, so you do not have to wait until all players make their bets – here you are your own boss.

After each distribution of cards, the deck is shuffled and users can continue the game in a mode and environment that is comfortable for them. Players in virtual casinos are often offered various bonuses and privileges, as well as loyalty programs and other pleasant bonuses. Also, you don’t have to worry about your security, you have all rights reserved in William Hill.

william hill blackjack

The casino has a good range of table games

Can you Win on FOBT?

The fact that the FOBT is the loudest and brightest game in any casino does not mean at all that it is easy to win at it. Yes, luck plays a huge role in success, but using a strategy will help maximize the chances of success. Many people believe that slot machines are one of the simplest forms of gambling. From the point of view of using hands, this may be true, but strategic thinking is also necessary for this. As noted earlier, winning does not necessarily come easily, because the luck factor also plays a significant role, as well as understanding the principles of the operation of slot machines.

The result of each rotation of the FOBT is a completely random combination. Each time you play, a computer program randomly selects a symbol on the first, second, and third reels. The payment or return of the machine in this case depends on the probability of the winning combination falling out and payment on it. The sequence of characters cannot be changed, so each rotation gives the same chance of winning as it was with the previous rotation.

However, we want to share some winning strategies with you and therefore have prepared a review of each of them for you.

Choose Fixed Maximum Payouts

Some FOBT has a fixed maximum payout, while others have a progressive jackpot system. This implies they have a counter introduced, which after every session of the game builds the jackpot sum without paying any rewards. In this way, the more individuals play on such a machine, the more the jackpot will increase.

Progressive jackpot system may appear the most alluring on account of their exceptional yield. Be that as it may, their immense disadvantage is their interconnectedness. Since all individuals endeavor to get this colossal big jackpot, your odds of winning in progressive games will be lower. This applies not exclusively to the big jackpot itself yet in addition to littler winnings. Therefore, it is more profitable to adhere to games with a fixed maximum payout.

Choose the Games with the Lowest Jackpots

To build your odds of winning, pick the games with the littlest jackpots. The littler the jackpot, the simpler it is to win and leave as a victor. The larger the jackpot, the more difficult it is to do it and, most likely, in the short term you will lose. Creating large jackpots takes a lot of time, which is why your chances will be lower. Moreover, on the latest slot machines with huge jackpots, the chances of winning are even lower. Therefore, it is better to give preference to more modest payments.

Summing up

For online activity, William Hill has all the essential authorizations and licenses. William Hill directs huge sponsorship activities, understanding the guideline of the social obligation of the business. Naturally, William Hill is a member of the most persuasive and legitimate membership of bookmakers. The office also collaborates with international law enforcement organizations in identifying the organizers of contractual matches in sports. Moreover, it has a variety of deposit options and sports to bet on. We hope, our William Hill review will be really helpful for you because we tried to review all questions that may pop up in your head. Try to bet on this service and your winnings will definitely worth it.

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