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Bitcoin betting sites — How to Choose a Reliable one in 2021MasterCardVisa
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Bitcoin betting sites — How to Choose a Reliable one in 2021Ecopayz Betting Sites — How to use EcoPayz for sports betting in 2021MasterCard
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Bitcoin betting sites — How to Choose a Reliable one in 2021Ecopayz Betting Sites — How to use EcoPayz for sports betting in 2021InstaDebit Sports Betting: Top Sportsbooks that Accept InstaDebit
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The NHL and the KHL are the two leading leagues of club hockey, which have many similarities, both in terms of organizing tournaments and in terms of playing matches. However, there are significant differences that a bettor should know when playing the NHL or the KHL. The Continental Hockey League appeared only in 2008, but quickly gained immense popularity. However, the NHL is still leading in terms of the number of participating teams. And the specifics of the selection of participants in the playoffs for the NHL are slightly different.

The National Hockey League is notable for the unpredictability of meetings because all teams have approximately equal chances of winning and reaching the playoffs. Therefore, there are rare situations when the bookmaker offers odds less than 1.6 for the victory of any Stanley cup team. In this regard, betters prefer playing the NHL betting sites more.

Best NHL Betting Sites

According to the rating of 2021 NHL betting sites based on bonuses, the experience of people, and odds, the best sportsbooks are Sportsbetting.ag, BetUsd, Bovada, BetOnline and Mybokie (of Gary Bettman).

NHL Betting Sites

When placing money on the National Hockey League, first of all, you need to remember that in the United States, sport is also a popular show, the craziest match scenarios are possible here at the NHL betting site. Therefore, you should not be afraid to make adventurous odds in Live, there are miracles in the NHL. Hockey playing options are offered by every bookmaker, but the number, variety, and benefits differ significantly. When considering the hockey line, the difference between reputable bookmakers and the middle peasants becomes even more noticeable, who are still trying to keep up with the leaders in football but frankly lose in other sports. You may see the NHL betting sites or ask an expert of the NHL Stanley cup to suggest you a gambling site for NHL betting. You may play hockey on the betting site, on the NHL betting site (type Best NHL betting and see the score). You may use Colorado Avalanche hockey game, NHL betting odds for bet types of the sportsbook, Montreal Canadiens odds for online sports playing, and Boston Bruins with Pittsburgh penguins Ottawa senators. Choose your payment methods for Anaheim ducks and bet on hockey with deposit options with the bonus code. You also may bet on hockey as sports bettors of Vancouver Canucks at NHL games – Calgary Flames, NHL odds, and bet on NHL Philadelphia flyers fans.

NHL Betting types at your sportsbook

An odd on the outcome of a meeting is a classic playing option offered by the bookmaker. Due to the fact that goals are scored in the NHL, draws are extremely rare. However, bookmakers offer bonuses to win, both in regular time and in overtime. In addition, the cappers can place the outcome in each half. If you can predict the gap between the winner and the loser, then it makes sense to place with a handicap. Best NHL betting debit card deposits are available for hockey odds on hockey betting and playing sites. Bet on NHL odds and NHL games for sports, hockey betting, and player props. Win the Stanley cup of wagers for New Jersey devils and North America player props.

In addition to the classic types of playing that are typical for any activity, you can wager on specific events in the NHL. For example, many bookmakers offer to guess the number of goals scored by one team. Here you need to carefully familiarize yourself with the conditions for making an odd. The point is that the pucks can only be counted in regular time, and not in overtime and shootouts of hockey betting sites. Any game may be played with a deposit for customers with your user interface and a bonus to bet on NHL online playing. Many playing markets have basketball for bettors, NHL online sportsbooks, bonus markets, Betway sports at the sportsbook, NHL games on the site, and NHL odds on the betting site.

Removal playing is another specific form of playing for the NHL. You can place on the team in which the first removal occurs, or even on a specific hockey player who goes to the bench. It is also possible to place on the total number of disqualifications. Removals in hockey occur for a period of 2 to 4 minutes. These nuances are also taken into the platform by the bookmakers, and they offer specific odds. Some bookmakers offer to place on the total number of goals scored in the playing day. This will include goals scored in all matches played in both the NHL and the KHL. Also in this activity, bookmakers accept odds on live events during the meeting. Use deposit for basketball playing and deposit for customers for any game.

Deposit and withdrawal options

There are four main payment systems used by poker players and betters around the world. Each has its own characteristics.

deposit methods for NHL betting


This is the most popular electronic platform for payments – it is already heard by many users. This is because the Skrill wallet is available as a deposit method on almost any website. Betters and poker players with large volumes can easily make themselves a VIP status and enjoy privileges in the system: reduced commissions, extended limits, and various bonuses.


This payment can be called the sister of the previous one because they belong to the same parent company. Their services and offerings are very similar. The main difference is in the VIP statuses: in NETELLER they are issued for a calendar year, not a quarter. Thus, you can enjoy the privileges longer.


This is the youngest payment system that has to compete with the leaders. This forces it to develop dynamically, to offer the most favorable conditions. With the help of partners, you can get benefits that Skrill or NETELLER do not have. We will discuss this in more detail below. You may play at NHL betting platforms for best NHL betting sites and play live playing, placing money on the NHL sports betting, games, online platforms of bettors and a sportsbook, basketball-playing, William Hill app, important deposits and bonuses, and promotions.


This payment system is not universal. Rather, it can be used as a specialized withdrawal tool (thanks to a unique IBAN, card, and profitable withdrawal to Webmoney). In this regard, she has proven herself perfectly.

Deposit and withdrawals

NHL playing lines are published in the afternoon before the match day, along with the limits in force for the night before: $ 1,000, $ 2,000, and $ 1,000. All limits will be posted at approximately 6:30 AM PT on the day of the game.

All NHL match limits are dependent on the type of odd being placed and are in accordance with the following. For the NHL OT Included line, the handicap and total pucks limit is $ 3,000. For the money line  – $ 6,000. For prop bets on the number of pucks in home and away matches – USD 2,000. For NHL Regular Timeline – $ 3,000 for handicap bets and money lines.

For rates for the first period – 1000 USD. For NHL OT Included Team – Totals line – 1000 USD. These lines are available on game day from 6:30 AM PT. Playoff limits will be increased.


Bookmakers can provide various bonuses for bets on tournaments:

Increased odds

The office increases the odd coefficient if it meets certain conditions. Most often, the bookmaker sacrifices part of its commission, so that most of all, within the framework of such promotions, the profit of express trains grows – up to 10%, depending on the number of events included there.

Insurance rates

Return the lost amount to the bonus page in the form of a free odd. The bookmaker usually gives such an opportunity for a specific odd: the first odd on a sportsbook from a new client or an express odd with certain conditions.


Refund of a part of the money that the client deposits into the bookmaker’s page and uses for placing bets on sport. A transfer to a real page is possible, then this is a cash bonus or an accrual to a bonus page in the form of a free odd.

The terms of each promotion are unique, so we advise you to carefully study the rules for receiving and compare them with other offers.

bonus nhl

Live NHL betting

As in any other tournaments, it is advisable to place bets on NHL in real-time, since pre-match layouts quite often differ from the picture of the game.

Use strategies for placing odds on the NHL, which, fortunately, abound on the Internet. All of them are tailored for live playing, by the way. Perhaps you can find an interesting option among them.

Outsider victories over favorites are a daily occurrence for the NHL, because, as mentioned above, the league is competitive and even, there is no gap in the clash between the rivals. As you know, the odds for underdogs are overestimated, which is what we recommend to use profitably. When studying a match, it is always important to pay attention to team fatigue. Heavy flights and long away streaks significantly reduce your chances of winning and online sports betting.

And the main advice – to place bets in trusted bookmakers and follow the recommendations of analysts. Many specialized resources will help you with this, including Winbetting, where there is an up-to-date bookmaker rating and accurate NHL predictions for hockey bets and score bets are regularly published.

How to start NHL betting

The NHL is the strongest league. It is logical that the players here are of the appropriate level, which means that the audience’s interest in the tournament is maximum of online sports betting. It turns out that NHL playing is just as popular. Thousands of users make them every day, as a result of which they have identified some patterns, based on which, the number of successful transactions should increase. The conclusions were made over several years, so they will not be suitable for a specific match, because they do not take into the page the form of teams and other components.

There are several guidelines for beginners:

  1. do not try to predict all the matches – there will always be plenty of them, so choose the most suitable ones;
  2. pause – do not put it on a daily basis, rest is important in any business;
  3. the dynamics of the championship is off the scale, so you need to completely concentrate on it and immerse yourself – the groups are tightly located by wagers in the table, try to catch them on ups and downs, find trends;
  4. To make it easier to determine who the bookmakers underestimated, divide the clubs by tier outsiders, middle peasants, and favorites. Build your analysis based on this information.

Customer service

Bookmakers do not always work smoothly. Sometimes it fails on sites, which does not allow the player to make a profitable odds. For example, it gives an error or just some of the elements on the site do not want to work. The support service is intended for these situations. She helps to solve all the questions that the player has in the process of working on the website of the bookmaker’s office.

Technical support helps to solve all the problems associated with the work of the bookmaker’s office. She quickly answers questions that arise, as she employs highly qualified specialists at NHL platforms. But it is not always worth contacting the support service and not for any issue. Use platforms of sportsbooks (or many sportsbooks) to get the money.

NHL betting support

Types of NHL bets

The list in the NHL reaches 500-1000 markets, so we will consider only the popular options:

  1. outcome – victory, loss, or draw at NHL (see the sportsbook);
  2. winning the match-winning one of the teams, taking into the page overtime and shootouts;
  3. handicap bets at NHL;
  4. total – the number of goals scored (per match or period, individual total of NHL platforms);
  5. the exact score of the match or period on NHL platforms (see the sportsbook);
  6. long-term bets – winning the conference, reaching the playoffs, triumph in the Stanley Cup;
  7. additional bets – send-offs, total penalty time, odd/even goals, and so on.

Features of placing bets on the NHL

Clubs have 6-8 pre-season meetings prior to the regular season. These matches provide information but don’t count them for placing bets. Rivals experiment with lineups and tactics, so the results are unexpected.

In the NHL, the difference between favorites and outsiders is minimal. In case of a successful scenario, the quotes for the underdog will be in the region of 4.0-5.0. See the sportsbook on the site for NHL results.

The average total of fights is decreasing, but the tournament remains productive. Even the clubs that are located at the bottom of the table score 200 NHL goals each, while the favorites’ figure rises to 250-270 goals. Use NHL platforms for statistics.

The NHL has a tight NBA calendar – sometimes the team plays 5 times a week. Not everyone has a level playing field. One team performs 4 times at a party in 7 NHL days, and the other – three times in the NHL home arena. In the final rounds, the teams that have lost their tournament motivation do not relax and continue to play confidently. During this period, they win not much less often.

Analysis of NHL matches

  1. Analyze the series of teams – winning and losing, home and away, TB and TM, how many matches the club does not lose or does not win.
  2. Find out where the team is performing better: home or away.
  3. Explore the statistics of personal confrontations for the current and previous season.
  4. Determine the fitness of the players. If the athletes are on the rise, they are able to beat the leader, even if they close the standings.
  5. Consider the level of motivation for the upcoming meeting.

Statistics for placing money on the NHL

In the league, 43-44% of wins come from home clubs. Away deposit groups win 33% of the time, and a draw happens 23-24% of matches. Use the NHL playing site to see the rating. Placing money on the NHL platforms always has statistics of NHL matches – visit NHL platforms to get the sportsbook and basketball sportsbooks with a bonus and a deposit. Many deposits are available for the NHL bonus system. You may use your bonus and deposits of a sportsbook on the site. Use wagers to bet on NHL sport and make NHL odds and NHL games.

The main total, which is set by bookmakers, is 4.5. The individual total depends on the team’s performance and ranges from 2.5 to 3.5 goals. The goals scored during the regular time are taken into account. In the regular play, groups score average deposits of 2.9 goals per match and concede 2.6 goals. The total is 5.2-5.25 goals per fight.

The standard handicap in the NHL list is -1.5 for the favorite and +1.5 for the outsider. 23% of meetings end with an away victory with a difference of at least 2 goals. Homes with such an advantage win more often – 30-32% of games. Handicap -2.5 takes place in 18-19% of matches in their own arena and in 13% outside their native stands.

The league supports the groups financially. More than half of the profits come from ticket sales, not sponsorship contracts. The clubs have no doubts about the future, therefore, they are pursuing a competent policy with a perspective for 5-10 seasons. NHL betting platforms use codes: NHL placing platforms, NHL, NHL betting on the NHL, betting on the NHL platforms, best NHL betting sites to get bonuses.

NHL betting attracts sports fans with high odds and frequent events. During the season, patterns are identified and short-term strategies are developed. If you are betting on sport, then the NHL is the most suitable tournament for this.

 nhl betting strategies

Types of strategies

As with any sport, hockey has its own strategies. Here are the most successful ones:

Outsider odds

Before betting on a favorite, carefully study the statistics of the match. What is the meaning of this match for a strong team? What events preceded the current match? Banal player fatigue can significantly affect the final result and give underdogs a chance. It is optimal to place bets on the outsiders in the Kontinental League championships. Derby matches in the KHL are based on the geographical location of the groups. Therefore, it is necessary to find out and take into account – what kind of relationship between groups.

Line bets at NHL

Spread odds are very popular in football and basketball. On the contrary, line odds are popular. Everyone bets on the team they consider being a potential winner. For example, in a match between Oklahoma and Avangard, you want to place bets $ 100 on Oklahoma, the odds for which are 1.5. If they win, you will have $ 50 more in your pocket. It is also possible to place bets on an outsider: “Avangard”, the coefficient for them is 3.6, then you will have 360 ​​dollars. Therefore, take a closer look at the weak groups. on the site, you may find a sportsbook with games and even NBA games with deposit bonuses. Every betting site has NHL games and a sportsbook, live betting, and NHL betting.

Total Over / Under for NHL

The odds for this strategy do not exceed 5.0 or 5.5 (in most cases). Betting on more is considered the most interesting. Interest in it increases when groups show high scores already in the first half of the match. After three periods of the match, overtime occurs, and after a series of free kicks. Washers abandoned during this period are added to the total score. This fact must be taken into account since the total bet is higher. For example, you bet on TB 4.0, the score is 2: 2 after the first hour of the match, so you win. Regardless of which team wins, as in any case, one goal will definitely be scored. But before placing a bet, check the bookmaker’s rules – not all bookmakers take into account the overtime results. Use the rating of best NHL betting sites (or NHL betting or betting pages with NHL instead of best NHL betting sites). Hockey betting sites have live betting, sports betting, basketball, online betting on betting markets for bettors, and a deposit bonus system. Deposits may also be used on basketball, on betting markets by bettors. Ask an expert on the Stanley cup about Tampa bay lightning on the NHL betting site.

Next Whistle Tactic

This strategy is unlikely to be provided by bookmakers. But you can enter into a dispute with your comrades. The sound of the whistle in hockey sounds for several reasons: the puck caught by the goalkeeper, violation of the rules, offside positions. That is, you argue with your friends on the whistles (for what reasons they will sound, how many there will be, etc.) – there are more than enough options. You can play indefinitely, the main thing is not to go into negative territory. Prop odds are available;e at Intertops online betting and some betting markets for bettors who use the sportsbook and bet settlement with odds and t c bonus. Gambling sites and betting on NHL games are available for sporting events at the platform for sports bettors at NHL online bettors. Sports betting at NHL odds may be used with deposit bonuses and Betway sports with banking options. Use NHL betting sites – best NHL betting sites are listed in the rating of the NHL betting page.

Pass the Cup strategy

Tactics are also more appropriate for playing with teammates. The essence of the tactic: an ordinary cup/glass is taken, everyone puts money in it. The cup is kept by the first player until the whistle blows, after which it is transferred to another player. The cup goes in a circle until the moment of the first year. The money goes to the player who owned the cup at the moment the puck was hammered. Then the game starts over, you can place betting activity more to increase the excitement.

Chasing three goals at NHL

The strategy implies a bet on one of the groups, which, in your opinion, will be the first to throw three goals into the opponents’ goal. But one must take into account the fact that the game may end ahead of time before three goals are scored. This bet can “come in” as you have three possible outcomes in your arsenal. Deposits may also be used on NHL betting sites (use the code NHL or NHL betting or best NHL betting sites) and bet on the NHL with a deposit for live betting, a code for sports betting on the betting site, and a sportsbook for basketball for bettors. Deposits should be placed on basketball or on sportsbooks on the site – use the betting site for sports betting and NHL betting site or NHL betting sites.

Puck line: The Hockey Point of NHL

It is a bet on a favorite with a handicap. In this bet, bookmakers take 1.5 goals from one of the groups and give it to the other team.

The odds with the bookmaker’s handicap are provided as follows:

  • Oklahoma 1.6 (+1.5 goals); Vanguard 2.5 (-1.5 goals);

This rate is quite difficult. In hockey, it is much easier to bet one of the groups to win than to sit and count which team will score 1.5 times less / more goals. After all, this is a rather unpredictable sport, you never know what to expect from a match. But it happens that if you bet on a team that is obviously stronger than its rivals and odds for victory are 1.6, then in case of victory, you will earn very good money. The puck line bet can be placed on two groups at the same time. The first bet is on the victory of the favorite, and the second is on the fact that the outsider will close +1.5 goals. If the strong team wins, with a single point, then both odds are won. Use online sportsbooks for basketball betting at Willian Hill app – there are important deposits and bonuses and promotions at top NHL betting golden state warriors. Customers may use a deposit code for top NHL betting deposits. You also have to choose the payment method for each game and set up the user interface – keep in mind 10bet sports country restrictions and credit card min deposit system. There are also withdrawal restrictions – so bet on the NHL with your bonus for 10bet sports and get a game deposit for customers.

Grand Salami

This tactic is only suitable for true hockey fans. It includes odds on all matches that take place in the world on that day. It uses more / fewer tactics. If you are not too lazy to watch all the matches in one day and immediately add up the results, then this strategy is definitely for you. Navigation Toggle navigation is very useful on NHL betting sites. Sports betting on the betting site has wagering options, many deposit methods with important deposits, including the William Hill app, basketball betting, sign-up bonuses, online sportsbooks t cs Acca selection odds.

Removal rate

Again, suitable for playing in a tight circle of friends. Everyone chooses a player who, in his opinion, should be sent off the field and waits for the result. If the player you selected is removed, you won.

Strategy “catch up” against a draw

To play this strategy, you must have an account with two offices. It is necessary to choose the match in which the “scorers” are playing and to choose the outcome of any of the periods of the match. In many bookmakers, there is no bet on draws in a separate part of the match. In this case, you bet in one of the offices on the victory of team # 1, and in the other on the loss of team # 2. The odds on the team are weaker, should be several times higher, then you can increase the bet on the favorite. You win on any outcome other than a draw. There are many NHL betting sites where you may place a strategy.


Always conduct a thorough analysis of the event before deciding on a strategy. Study the statistics of the groups, the meaning of the match for them. There are many strategies for playing hockey, the main thing is to choose the one that suits you the most. As you gain experience, you will be able to combine several strategies at once. Try, experiment, but stay alert.

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