Ever since the advent of computers and the Internet, gamblers have been attracted to online betting shops that allow you to gamble without leaving your couch. As there are many sites offering various casino gambling and sports betting options, it is important to pick the right one. In this review, we will discuss the 5dimes betting website. As there are hundreds or even thousands of betting websites and online casinos offered on the Internet, reading a review of an online gambling house can help you to pick the right place.

5Dimes is not a new site, as it was launched in November 1996, just a year after the Internet became publicly available. Unlike some of its competitors, such as Pinnacle and Sportingbet, the website is not licensed in most countries of the developed world.

5dimes sportsbook review

The home page is pretty minimalistic

The company’s headquarters are based in Costa Rica, a small country located in Central America.

Although Costa Rica is not a poor country according to Latin American standards, it still lags behind what is commonly known as the developed world. For punters, it means that 5Dimes is an offshore betting service. A company located in Central America is a subject of much lighter gambling regulations.

It allows 5Dimes to offer its customers a greater and wider choice of services under less strict policies.

5Dimes serves many customers across the world. At first glance, the website looks interesting, but our review will go deeper into details about odds, markets, customer support, payout options, and more.

Pros and cons

A regular reload bonus of up to $500;

Many types of casinos

High odds

Match center unavailable

No mobile apps

5Dimes available countries

The 5Dimes online betting marketplace is available in a host of countries. The first thing to note is that the site had been available in all the 50 U.S. states until very recently. However, according to, the company is no longer accepting wagers from US customers. This change is the result of new US gambling laws and regulations. Still, our research showed the situation can change again in the future: there are reports of 5Dimes American accounts being transferred to another offshore gambling platform, Betanysports.

Betanysports website for betting

Betanysports website

So who can bet at 5Dimes?

  • 5Dimes is available in the following countries: Albania, Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Germany, Iceland, Japan, Macedonia, Montenegro, Norway, Romania, Singapore, Spain, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Czechia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Austria, Bosnia, China, Denmark, Italy, Lithuania, Moldova, New Zealand, Serbia.
  • 5Dimes is restricted in the following countries: Ukraine, Russia, Slovakia, United Kingdom, France, Hungary, Portugal, Slovenia, Switzerland, United States (as of 21/09/2020).

Hence, as you can see, the 5Dimes bookmaker is available in a comparatively large number of countries, including Canada and European and Asian regions.

Is 5 Dimes com a legit site?

Although 5Dimes is an offshore betting site it has a long-standing reputation and offers a good gambling experience. According to our research, the site is certainly owned by a legitimate entity, which is proven by many gamblers for already more than two decades. Most fake or scam casinos and betting houses do exist for too long, and usually, go out of business within a few months to a few years.

Another point in 5Dimes’ favor: it has a valid license allowing it to operate legally in the gambling industry. Hence the company is recognized by legal jurisdiction and its activities are regulated by law. Being a Costa Rican company, 5 Dimes is licensed by the government of Costa Rica.

However, we still find it important to caution new players that the regulatory environment of Costa Rica is relatively lax, so should a dispute arise between you and the casino, the government of Costa Rica will do nothing to help. You may not have any issues at all, of course, but we still recommend you to keep it in mind before you sign-up.

5Dimes holds a valid gambling license by the government of Costa Rica, so its sportsbook and casino are definitely legitimate.

If you are a cautious type and are not willing to use your credit card online for safety’s sake, we have good news for you. 5Dimes allows you to deposit your money using Bitcoin. Not all gambling sites have such an option, so we find it an obvious perk. 5dimes about us page

A lot of useful information in the “About us” section 5Dimes, on the other hand, lets you deposit and withdraw funds in the Bitcoin digital currency.

It provides bettors a great safety net, as crypto transactions are 100% anonymous and secured by Blockchain technologies.

Even though the majority of users, particularly from the United States in the past, were happy with the website and its services, there are some that have reported problems with their personal information and their accounts. Thus, if you feel worried about sharing your credit card details with 5Dimes, deposit and withdraw in Bitcoin. This way you can stay on the safe side and keep your credit card information private.

Overall, 5Dimes is not a scam website, but you must check your local gambling law before you sign-up.

For registration you need:


Press the button "register here"


Fill out the registration form


Confirm email and make a deposit

registration in 5dimes com

5dimes registration form

5Dimes online sportsbook

After you register at the 5Dimes site, you will definitely want to find out how good the odds are. According to our research done for this article, it looks like the odds are competitive enough compared to many bookies, but let’s dig into details.

Some online betting houses tilt the odds in their own favor, but 5Dimes is not such a type. The casino and sportsbook are regularly reviewed so you can be sure that you are involved into a fair gambling space.

Whether you are betting on sports in the sportsbook or play casino games, you usually get better odds than on many other betting websites can offer.

For example, if you play Roulette in the 5Dimes Bonus Casino, the payout you receive when placing a bet on one particular number on the wheel is 36.62x, as opposed to the industry standard 35x.

5 dimes live betting page

Live betting is available

The same goes for sports betting. One of the most lucrative betting options 5Dimes provides you with is parlay betting. Most online gambling sites pay on average a 5/2 on two-team parlays or more (which gives you the ratio of 2.5). Meanwhile, 5Dimes pays 13/5 odds on two-team parlay bets (giving you the ratio of 2.6).

Betting with the Five Dimes sportsbook

5Dimes can offer you one of the Internet’s best sportsbooks. Fast and efficient, with a friendly website that accepts Bitcoin and allows you to bet on a big variety of sports and casino games. line of bets in 5dimes

The first thing to note is that 5Dimes offers a 50% welcome bonus of up to $520 to new customers. It is far higher than many competitors have: for example, Sportingbet’s maximum sign-up bonus does not exceed $63. Besides, 5Dimes offers extremely competitive odds, often providing reduced juice (lower margin) for selected markets.

The sportsbook offers a nice choice of sports, from traditional Soccer, Basketball, or Tennis matchups to political events or such exotic tournaments as Competitive Eating.

Yes, you got it right: there are competitive eating contests, where you place a bet on who can eat most hotdogs or hamburgers.

Still, classical sports betting interests most punters more than such niche options, and 5Dimes meets their needs: it has a very decent selection of competitive sports that you can bet on; the list includes:

The selection of markets is also impressive, and 5Dimes allows you to combine them using Parlays and Teasers.  Basketball betting menu in Five Dimes Sportsbook

Bet selection menu

On Parlays, the market average is 5/2 for a two-team parlay, and 5Dimes will reward you with a higher 13/5.

5Dimes also offers Progressive and Multi-Chance Parlays. It is not typical for most sportsbooks, so we regard it as an extra feature.

Baseball Odds

Baseball Odds Example

Another important point: Live Betting. The 5Dimes sportsbook has managed to create a very competitive live betting offer with the following features:

  1. Easy-to-use interface: minimalistic layout allows making bets quickly.
  2. Live Betting Ultra. A separate live betting section offers Parlays, Teasers, and other complex bets. Here you can wager on more markets, including a Game period, Halftime, and Quarters. There is also a rebate offered for Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Hockey, and Tennis wagers of 2.94% of your initial bet’s amount.
  3. Mobile Live Betting. 5Dimes offers a convenient layout for mobile in-play betting; you have quick access to all live features from any modern device.
basketball live line in 5dimes

Basketball live line

Esports Betting

5Dimes also provides bettors with eSports markets. You can wager on the following eSports disciplines:

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive;
  • Dota 2;
  • League of Legends;
  • Overwatch;
  • Call of Duty;
  • King of Glory;
  • Rainbow Six Siege.

The pre-match coverage is bigger than most sportsbooks offer for the same disciplines and matchups. Besides, you can find pretty profitable deals for Money Lines and Spread pre-match wagers: a margin varies from 2% to 5% percent for the majority of bets.

Besides, 5Dimes covers eSports live betting, but the odds are quite average. Thus, if you prefer in-play wagering, you will not find this site too distinctive from the other typical sportsbooks.

The number of betting options is not so impressive, though: 5Dimes is ready to provide the bettors with the unchallenged odds, but the line’s diversity leaves a big room for improvement. You will find the most selection of betting options for CS: GO events as 5Dimes seems to focus more on this discipline.

esport 5dimes

Esports line

Super Bowl at 5Dimes

As 5Dimes is focused on the US market, it gives competitive odds for NFL events, including the Super Bowl; you can find the odds with an overall margin of approximately 5%. The variety of betting options is quite poor, even when it comes to major events like the Super Bowl. The odds are worked out thoroughly, but the lack of Props might disappoint sophisticated bettors who want to have more options than standard MoneyLines, Spreads, and Totals. If this selection is enough for you, though, you can find it profitable to bet on the Super Bowl with 5Dimes, as the existing odds are pretty high.

5Dimes Reduced Juice

5Dimes has a very strong side, which separates it from other sportsbooks. it is reduced juice. What is it about?

Juice is a specific betting term used to describe the commission charged by a particular sportsbook on a bet. Just as banks charge commissions for the services they provide, and charge commission for payments or withdrawing money from an ATM, a sportsbook charges commission for placing a bet on a game. If you can reduce the juice on a bet, then you tilt the odds of winning in your favor, increase the payout and greatly affect your long-term revenue.

Reduced juice offers you better odds than you can usually get on the selected markets. For instance, if a standard juice value for an NFL playoff matchup is 5,5%, you can have it with an industry-low 2% margin with a Reduced Juice promotion.

5 Dimes betting options

A lot of betting benefits

Reducing the juice means that the 5Dimes online sportsbook charges you less commission when making a bet.

If you place bets on sports frequently, or if you are placing a large bet on sports you will receive much higher payouts with reduced juice and hence make more money. The average margin (without reduced juice) is not the most lucrative but is still considered competitive enough for recreational bettors.

Average commission Commission in the prematch Live commission
6% 5% 7%

If you want to wager exclusively on the reduced odds markets, you become pretty limited in terms of sports choice. The promotion is applied to certain markets (mainly Moneyline, Totals, and Handicap) within NCAA Football and Basketball, NFL and Canadian Football, WNBA, NBA, MLB, NHL, PGA Golf, Boxing, and Mixed Martial Arts.

The 5Dimes casino

In this part of the review, we will focus on gambling opportunities offered by the 5Dimes casino. Many gambling sites relegate the casino part to second-tier status but 5Dimes takes it seriously. 5 dimes casino page

Try 5 Dimes casinoThe first thing to say about the 5Dimes casino is that it offers a vast games library. There are six different online casinos that offer a great choice of table games, live dealer tables, and various wagering options, with transparent payouts schemes. The largest casinos are the Grand Casino and Jackpot casino; let’s discuss them in more detail.

5Dimes Grand Casino

Here you will find more than 200 games: slots, table games, video poker, game shows, and more — in the online and live dealer formats. All games are powered by Realtime Gaming and thus feature high-quality graphics and visuals.

The largest casino part is dedicated to slots: you can choose from more than 167 classical and modern video slots.

5Dimes Grand Casino

5Dimes Grand Casino

Besides, you can try your luck at Craps, Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, and Vegas-style activities. All games are available for instant play at the website, but you can also opt for downloading a casino client to your PC. If you prefer a mobile experience, you can access the Grand Casino from any modern device, too.

However, a mobile version is limited:  for example, only 58 slot games will be available on a mobile device.

5Dimes Jackpot Casino

Although the name of this casino also reminds us of video slots, in fact, it is mainly dedicated to 3D games. All titles are powered by Betsoft and involve about 120 various games, including Baccarat, Roulette, Poker, Craps, Blackjack, and more. Generally, it is not much different from the Grand Casino, so it is mainly a matter of taste: if you prefer Betsoft to RealTime Gaming, you are free to choose.

5Dimes Jackpot Casino

Slots in jackpot casino

Other 5Dimes casinos

Casino name Description
5Dimes Gold Casino This casino is definitely interesting to look at but is probably not the best on the list. One of the strong sides of this casino is that while you are playing on your computer, you can resize the windows here, thus allowing you to place your bets while you are doing some other important work. It might be useful for office clerks, traders, or anyone who gambles while working on something else. Gaming options presented in the Gold Casino are somewhat limited, though.
5Dimes Bonus Casino As you might have guessed by the name, the 5Dimes Bonus Casino features boosted odds and various bonuses that you can receive while playing Roulette, Slots, or Poker. For example, the average Roulette payout is 35x while 5Dimes offers 36.62x.
5Dimes match play casino This casino is the smallest one on the 5Dimes list of casino options, and its focus is placed mainly on Blackjack and Video Poker. Being the smallest casino offered, it nevertheless can give you pretty good payouts. Centered on card players, should your favorite game simply be poker or blackjack, this casino is right for you.
5Dimes Live Dealer Casino This casino, as implied by its name, offers you true live gaming and live betting experience, complete with a live dealer and real players next to you. The payouts here are also good, with 5Dimes promising its customers increased payouts on their bets in this casino.

5Dimes Bonuses

The main 5Dimes feature is the bonus system: you can opt for many lucrative sports and casino betting promotions as a new or existing customer. The most popular bonuses include the following options:

  • A regular reload bonus of up to $500;
  • A 50% signup bonus 5Dimes offer for deposits from $100 to $500;
  • Super Saver: a 30% discount on Parlays.
5 dimes bonuses and promotions

Get your bonus

Latest Bonuses

Welcome Bonus €30
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Does 5Dimes payout?

So you opened an account with 5Dimes and made some money. Now you are interested in transferring your winnings to your bank account. How can you do it? One of the best aspects of 5Dimes is that they offer a 24 hours phone support, as part of their customer service. Hence, should you be unsure about which option is best for you to complete your withdrawal, or you need help with choosing the best way to withdraw your money, there are plenty of ways to contact 5Dimes.

So let’s look at the options provided for withdrawing your funds. The nicest one is through the use of Bitcoin: fast and commission-free for payments of up to $10 000.

help center 5dimes

Detailed information on payments in the help center

You can also get your payouts by a Cashier’s check, which takes about 7-10 business days until you receive your funds. 5Dimes charges a $40-$80 fee for such transactions; the withdrawal limits are $1000 – $7500. To get the funds via a Bank Transfer, you need to wait for 4-6 business days and pay an $80 fee, the withdrawal limits are $1000 – $8500.

The next offered option is Person-to-Person Transfer, which requires a $10-$25 fee.

Is 5Dimes safe?

5Dimes is a safe website of a reliable brand. How do we know? First of all, it willingly allows you to contact its agents via a Live Chat or by phone 24/7. All transactions are protected by the latest encryption methods, and, what is even more important, 5Dimes has many positive reviews.

Of course, there are some negative reviews on the Internet, too: they mainly concern payout issues. Although such complaints are serious, we did not find information proving them, so we can safely recommend 5Dimes as a safe and paying gambling site.

For general customer support you can call the following phone numbers:

  • 1-800-430-5896,
  • 1-800-305-3517,
  • 1-800-243-7890.

For queries regarding sports bets, you can reach 5Dimes on the following phone numbers:

  • 1-866-924-3772,
  • 1-800-442-0151.

For horse bets, contact 5Dimes by calling the following phone numbers:

  • 1-800-761-1253,
  • 1-800-243-7071.

Should you need to contact them via email, then message 5Dimes at


Can I bet on 5Dimes from the USA?

No, 5Dimes doesn’t have a gambling license in any states. Besides, it doesn’t accept US players as an offshore sportsbook anymore. However, US bettors can wager on sports and play casino at the 5Dimes partner platform called BetAnySports.

Does 5Dimes accept cryptocurrencies?

Yes, you can replenish your account or withdraw winnings using Bitcoin wallets. Fiat payments are also available.

Does 5Dimes have a native app?

No, 5Dimes doesn’t offer any dedicated apps. You can place bets and play casino via a mobile version of the 5Dimes website.

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