Ever since the advent of computers and the internet, gamblers have been attracted to online betting houses that offer the possibility of gambling without leaving your couch. As there are many sites in existence offering various gambling and betting options, it is important to pick the right site for your game. In this review, the 5dimes betting website will be discussed. As there are hundreds or even thousands of betting websites and online casinos offered on the internet, reading a review of an online gambling house can help you pick the right place to gamble and hence increase your winnings. The website currently under discussion is 5Dimes.

It is not a new site, as it was launched in November 1996, just one year after the internet became publicly available. Unlike some of its competitors, such as Pinnacle and Sportingbet, the website is not licensed in the developed world.

It has its rights reserved in Costa Rica, which is a small country located in Central America with a population of only 5 million people. The country is officially called the Republic of Costa Rica and it is currently a developing country with the official language spoken there being Spanish.

5 dimes bookmaker review

Home page is pretty minimalistic

It is the opinion of this review that it is important to understand the country where the betting website is housed in, as it gives a window into the legal system that regulates it. For example, the company Sportingbet is housed in the United Kingdom and is therefore regulated by UK law. 5Dimes, on the other hand, has its rights reserved in Costa Rica, and is owned by a company called 5Dimes Group Casinos. Although the Central American country is not poor by Latin American standards, it still lags behind what is commonly known as the developed world. What this means, is that 5Dimes is an offshore betting service and you as a customer should be aware of it. However, because the company is located in the Central America, it is subject to much lighter gambling regulation and is thus able to offer its customers a greater and wider choice of services. It is also worth noting that 5Dimes was until very recently available to American customers, which is not the case with every gambling website (more about this later)., for example, is banned from the United States along with many other betting websites.

5Dimes serves many customers across the world. At a first glance, the website looks interesting, although this review will go into much more depths about 5Dimes. The only thing you must be cautious with is that the company is an offshore gambling platform and thus your funds will be held offshore.

In what countries is 5dimes available?

The online betting marketplace is available in a host of countries. First thing to note, is that the site was until very recently available in all the 50 U.S. states. However, according to the, the company is no longer accepting wagers from US customers. The situation has changed regarding the American market, and starting on the 21st of September 2020, 5Dimes has closed itself to the American customers, according to the Therefore any American gambler should be aware, that the 5Dimes website, which previously served the entire North American continent, is no longer accepting wagers from customers located the United States of America, at least for now. This change could be the result of new laws and regulations against gambling, which have been brought about by the Republican Administration currently in the White House. But according to the online research done for this review, the situation regarding the accessibility of 5Dimes in the USA could change in the future. Currently there are reports of 5Dimes American accounts being transferred to another offshore gambling platform, Betanysports.

Betanysports website for betting

Betanysports website

We need to wait and see what happens. It is important to note that many states in the U.S.A. prohibit online gambling and sports betting. So please be aware of the change (at least for now). Below you can find a list of current availability of 5Dimes, according to the

  • Available in the following countries: Albania, Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Germany, Iceland, Japan, Macedonia, Montenegro, Norway, Romania, Singapore, Spain, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Czechia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Austria, Bosnia, China, Denmark, Italy, Lithuania, Moldova, New Zealand, Serbia.
  • Restricted in the following countries: Ukraine, Russia, Slovakia, United Kingdom, France, Hungary, Portugal, Slovenia, Switzerland, United States (as of 21/09/2020).

So if you are from the countries listed above or are currently located in these countries, then you can enjoy the 5dimes betting website. However it is restricted in certain countries, most importantly in America and England. So if you are an interested future customer of 5Dimes, then make sure to check whether your present country is in the availability list shown above, so not to break the law of the jurisdiction you’re currently residing in.

Hence, as you can see, it is available it a large number of countries, particularly in Europe, Canada, Australia and China.

Is 5dimes a legit site?

Even though 5Dimes is an offshore betting site it has a long standing reputation and offers a good gambling experience. According to the research done for this article, the site is certainly a legitimate site, which has been used by many gamblers for already more than two decades. Most fake or scam casino or gambling houses cannot exist for too long, and usually go out of business within a few months to a few years. As more and more people get cheated of their money, others find out very quickly and are fast to abandon using it. Further, 5 Dimes has a valid license allowing it to operate in the gambling industry. Hence the company is recognized by a legal jurisdiction, which allows it to engage in the gambling business, and hence has its activities regulated by law. Being a Costa Rican company, 5 Dimes is licensed by the government of Costa Rica. While this is inherently positive news, as the company has an official gambling license and is regulated by a recognized government, it is still important to caution new players that the regulatory environment of Costa Rica is relatively lax, and should a dispute arise between you and the casino, the government of Costa Rica will do nothing to help. However, because the Costa Rican state regulation is lax, the casino and the online sportsbook are lightly regulated by Western standards. So keep this in mind.

5Dimes has been issued a valid gambling license by the government of Costa Rica, the website, its sportsbook, and the casino are definitely legitimate (legit).

If you want to be cautious and are always careful with your credit card, then note that the website allows you to deposit your money with bitcoin. Not all gambling sites allow that and many request credit card details or other sensitive personal information.

5dimes about us page

A lot of useful information in the “About us” section

5Dimes, on the other hand, can let you both deposit and withdraw money in the bitcoin digital currency. This provides a great safety net, as there have been isolated instances reported on the web of personal information or credit card details being mishandled by the site. Even though the majority of users, particularly from the United States in the past, were extremely happy with the website and its services, there are some that have reported problems with their personal information and their accounts. Although a definite minority, if you feel afraid in any way and do not want to share your credit card details with 5Dimes, then deposit and withdraw your money in bitcoin directly into your digital wallet. That way you can stay on the safe side and keep your credit card information private. Overall, 5Dimes has a lot of strong suits. To summarize, it has an official gambling license. Its casino and online sportsbook are legitimate and regulated by a recognized government. And, until very recently, it was one of the few online gambling sites that were allowed into the United States. Thus you should be safe betting with 5 Dimes both on sports or in their live casino. The site looks like it is legitimate and it is definitely better than many of its competitors.

The only requirement for joining the site is that you are at least 18 years old.

However, 5Dimes also notes that the user should first check the laws of his own country before registering on its website and engaging in gambling.

Gambling on the 5dimes online sportsbook and betting site

So now that you have registered on the 5dimes online site you should first find out how good the odds are. According to the research done for this article, it looks like the odds are fair for their roulette and poker games.

registration in 5dimes

5dimes registration form

Some online betting houses tilt the odds in their own favor and thus cheat their players out of their cash. 5Dimes does do that. Their casino has undergone reviews by not one, but two trusted parties to verify the betting odds that are present in their casino games. Jacobson LLC verifies the statistical odds of 5Dimes’s online Bonus Casino every month, thus certifying their fairness. This can be good news for anyone that likes to place bets on statistical games such as roulette or slot machines. According to the, 5Dimes casino is completely legit and it is licensed and regulated by the government of Costa Rica. The online casino also offers goodies in the game and it is one of the best ones on the internet today. So now let’s take a closer look at the 5Dimes online casino. As previously mentioned, 5Dimes offers extremely competitive odds. Whether you are betting on sports in the sportsbook or are gambling with your money in a casino, the odds are better then on many other betting websites.

For example, if you are playing table roulette in the 5Dimes Bonus Casino, the payout you receive when placing a bet on one particular number on the wheel is 36.62x, as opposed to the industry standard 35x.

So, although, on the table roulette the general odds are in the favor of the house, 5Dimes offers to slightly tilt the game’s odds in the player’s favor.

5 dimes live betting page

Live betting is available

The same goes for sports betting. One of the betting options that 5Dimes provides you with is parlay betting. When gambling in parlay, you are placing a series of bets in one single parlay. In order to win on your game gamble, you are expected to win every bet in the parlay. Of course, this can be extremely challenging and a lot of casinos and sports match gamblers use it to increase their margin. However, 5Dimes offers more than its competitors on parlay gambles. Most online gambling houses pay on average a 5/2 on two-team parlays or more (which gives you the ratio of 2.5). 5Dimes pays 13/5 odds on two-team parlay bets (giving you the ratio of 2.6), thus greatly improving player’s odds. Overall we highly recommend you try the 5Dimes website with at least a small amount cash. This review of the 5Dimes site will further elaborate on the various customer bonuses and perks later in the text.

Therefore you should be feel safe playing on the 5Dimes’s betting lines, or doing sports betting on the sportsbook, or playing table games even with a live dealer.

Betting with the 5Dimes sportsbook

5Dimes can offer you one of the internet’s best sportsbooks. Fast and efficient, with a friendly website which accepts bitcoin and allows betting ultra on sports, amazing casino and a great sportsbook. According to this review, it is one of the nicest betting sites and any interested customer should try joining it and finding out that for himself, when his sports bets pay above the average payouts into this account. Whether you like to bet a little or a lot on sports, the selection is great on the 5Dimes sportsbook.

line of bets in 5dimes

line of bets

First thing to note, is that 5Dimes offers its new clients a 50% welcome bonus of up to $520, which is far higher than many of its competitors. For example, sites such as Sportingbet only offer bonuses of up to $63 to new customers. Further, 5Dimes offers extremely competitive odds, often giving reduced juice (lower commission) to its clients. On the webpage you will be able to place bets on various selections, going from football and basketball to political events as well as competitive eating. Yes, you understood that correctly. Competitive eating contests, where you place a bet on who can eat the most hotdogs or hamburgers and have his stomach not blow up on live television. According to website, 5Dimes has an extremely large selection of competitive sports that you can bet on, and the site strongly recommends checking it out.

Here you can bet on sports such as

  • baseball,
  • basketball,
  • American football and hockey;
  • bet on European football,
  • tennis and golf;
  • or on car racing and various other combat sports.

The betting options are very large on 5Dimes, with the website allowing you to maximize your winnings by offering you a large selection of bets that you can wager your money on. First, 5Dimes website will offer you to place straight bets where you simply place a bet on the team that you think will win.

Basketball betting menu in 5Dimes

Bet selection menu

This is the easiest type of bet you can place. With some sports you will be able to place a bet on the moneylines or on the point spread. Here you will get rewarded with extra cash if the underdog team wins the match, and less if the favorite wins the match. The juice (commission) that the sportsbook takes here is very competitive on straight bets, in line with many other online sportsbooks or online betting services. Sometimes you will also be offered reduced juice, so a lower commission on a bet. You can also bet on the totals, so on the number of points that both teams score in a match. Here the sportsbook will take an ordinary commission, so take normal juice, and sometimes will offer to reduce it. 5Dimes also offers parlays bets, where you place several bets on various teams and the money will only be deposited into your account if each gamble pays off accordingly. Here the sportsbook pays better than other internet sites.

Here you have a greater chance of winning than with ordinary parlays. Teasers are meant to attract new customers to sports betting by helping them somewhat with the gambling lines. Of course, the payouts with all the lines shifted to benefit you are going to be lower. Should you not be happy with that and want higher winnings, you can try placing pleaserbets. Here the lines are shifted not towards you, but away from you! In order to attract more clients to sports betting, 5Dimes can just as much give you a teaser, which are just like parlays but have the lines shifted slightly in your favor.

On parlays, the market average is 5/2 for a two team parlay, and the company 5Dimes will reward you with a higher 13/5.

The odds here increase in the customer’s favor as the parlay selection is increased. Further, 5Dimes allows for open parlays. This is a type of parlay bet where not the entire parlay selection has been made at the start of the game, and you add additional bets as the game goes on. Progressive parlays are also offered by 5Dimes, where you don’t need to have all the teams be in the winning lines for your bet to win. As soon as you pass a threshold of games won, you start receiving funds into your account. Last on parlays, 5Dimes offers multi-chance parlays which make sports betting more fun. Multi-chance parlays are just like progressive parlays, but the winnings stop increasing the moment you have crossed the threshold. With those parlays, you can stop worrying if you lost the first game and not your every bet was successful. It allows for more entertainment as additional matches are held.

Baseball Odds

Baseball Odds Example

The reason why you might be interested in this gamble is that not only does it offer a higher payout, but also gives you the chance to place a bet, should you think the lines in the game are a little out of whack. Say, several lines in basketball are too close thus making the game too easy for the home team. Here you can place a pleaser bet and wait for the outcome. The 5Dimes sportsbook allows it. Another important thing to note is that the 5Dimes sportsbook allows live betting, not all online sportsbooks allow that.

Live betting means that you can wager money from your account while the game is being played on the stage. Our 5Dimes sportsbook review says that this option is great and adds a huge level of excitement to the game. Here 5Dimes presents the user with three options.

  1. The first is the easy to use live in-play wagering. This basically allows for a straightforward live betting without getting too involved with lots of statistics and getting overloaded.
  2. The second is betting ultra live, which is a little more complex and offers parlays and other bets. Here you can wager your money on the various lines within the game: such as period, halftime and quarter lines; make odd or even proposition bets; place moneyline bets, wager on point spreads or various handicaps. Should you be betting with this package on the game lines, you can also receive a rebate on your basketball, baseball, European football, hockey and tennis wagers of 2.94% of your initial bet’s amount, according to
  3. The third is betting ultra live in a mobile package, called betting extra live. This is the new platform for mobile devices, which allows live wagering on sporting events on a mobile platform, complete with the same payouts as the betting ultra live package.
basketball live line in 5dimes

basketball live line

H2 Esports betting

The bookmaker also provides bettors with the lines for eSports. 5dimes’ publishes the odds for the following eSports disciplines:

  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive
  • Dota2
  • League of Legends
  • Overwatch
  • Call of Duty
  • King of Glory
  • Rainbow Six Siege

Their pre-match lines are higher than most sportsbooks offer for the same markets; you can find rather profitable deals for Money Lines and Spread pre-match wagers and the margin varies in the range of 2%-5% percent for the majority of bets.

Besides, 5Dimes covers eSports live betting as well, but the odds are quite average for live division. Thus, if you prefer in-play wagering, you will not find this site too distinctive from the other typical sportsbooks. The number of betting options is not so impressive, though: 5Dimes is ready to provide the bettors with the unchallenged odds, but the line’s diversity leaves a big room for improvement. You will find the most selection of betting options for CS:GO events as 5Dimes seems to focus more on this discipline.

esport 5dimes

Esport line

Н2 Super bowl at 5Dimes

As 5Dimes is focused on the US market, they give competitive odds for NFL events, including the Super Bowl; you can find the odds giving the overall margin of approximately 5%. The variety of betting options is overall quite poor, even when it comes to such major events as the Super Bowl. The odds are worked out thoroughly, but the lack of Props might disappoint sophisticated bettors who want to have more options than standard MoneyLines, Spreads, and Totals. If this selection is enough for you, though, you can find it profitable to bet on the Super Bowl with 5Dimes, as the existing odds are pretty high.

Reducing the juice on the sportsbook

The company discussed has a very strong side, which separates it from other available gambling houses. In it’s sportsbook is offers reduced juice when gambling on a sports game, many other gambling houses do not offer this option. Many online gambling marketplaces do not offer the option of reduced juice, thus placing their players at a relative disadvantage compared to 5Dimes. First the terms.

Juice is a specific betting term used to describe the commission charged by a particular sportsbook on a bet. Just as banks charge commissions for the services they provide, and charge commission for payments or withdrawing money from an ATM, a sportsbook charges commission for placing a bet on a game.

These commissions vary, but can be as high as 9% to 10% or even more, depending on the sportsbook. If you are a heavy gambler, or make a lot of small bets, or generally have betting on online sportsbooks as your favorite pass time, then reduced juice should definitely be of interest to you. Let’s give an example. Say you have a credit card and can only withdraw $20 a day. And say, that you do one daily withdrawal of $20 for a 100 days straight. Each time you withdraw the $20 from the ATM machine, the bank will charge you a commission fee of approximately 2.5%. Hence you will pay 50 cents to the bank for the withdrawal. Does not seem like that much.

But over the course of 100 days, you will pay a total of $50 to the bank, hence two-and-a-half of your daily withdrawal!

If you can reduce this commission to, say, 2%, then you save $10 immediately (try multiplying these numbers by a 100!). The same logic applies to sportsbook gambling. If you can reduce the juice on a bet, then you tilt the odds of winning in your favor, increase the payout and greatly affect your long term revenue. The logic here applies particularly if you gamble a lot or like to make many small gambles on different sporting events. Reduced juice both offers you better odds of winning the game and improves your position on the sportsbook. 5Dimes here will offer to reduce the juice (lower the commission) to its customers on various arbitrary gaming events, according to the

5 Dimes betting options

A lot of betting benefits

Now a little bit more about the juice and reduced juice. As mentioned previously, juice is the commission charged by a sportsbook on each bet.

Reducing the juice means that the 5Dimes online sportsbook charges you less commission when making a bet.

There are many options to increase your odds and your payouts, choosing one of the online sportsbooks which offers reduced juice is one of them. So say there are two sportsbooks, A and B.

  1. Sportsbook A offers ordinary juice, while sportsbook B offers reduced juice. The odds with A are quoted as -110, -110; while with B they are quoted as -105, -105, for the two teams playing. If you bet with the A sportsbook, to win a $100 you need to make a deposit of $110 into your gambling account and make a bet.
  2. If you bet with the B sportsbook, to win a $100 you need to make a deposit of $105 into you account and make a bet. The B sportsbook thus offers you reduced juice, hence a smaller commission on the bet.

While A charges you a 10 dollar commission to make the bet from your account, B charges you only a 5 dollar commission. If you place bets on sports frequently, or if you are placing a large bet on sports, than you will receive much higher payouts with reduced juice and hence make more money. It is important to point out here, that 5Dimes sportsbook offers you reduced juice thus greatly increasing your payouts. We thus highly recommend their online sportsbook for any avid gambler that wants to make the most money from his bets on sports. To add further, as most bets on sports offer approximately 50-50 chance of winning, with the probabilities being tilted slightly in the favor of the house, saving $5 on each bet can greatly improve your performance on the sportsbook.

The high number of gambling options provided, good odds, and payouts to a client’s account make this one sports betting site one of the best on the market today.According to the company website, players can receive reduced juice while gambling on the various sports events offered by the company under discussion.

Average commissionCommission in the prematchLive commission

Some of the sports games that a player can receive reduced juice (lower commission charged) on are: NCAA football and basketball; NFL and Canadian football; events such as WNBA, NBA, MLB; grand slam tennis and NHL; also PGA golf, boxing and Mixed Martial Arts, along with certain special events. 5Dimes says that it can reduce the player’s juice on football and basketball by 10 cents on moneyline, sides and totals bets. To put it into another figure, 5Dimes usually offers a -105 pricing on these events, as opposed to the -110 pricing offered by other online sportsbooks. Thus, as previously mentioned, you will need to bet $105 to have a $100 credited into your account, tilting the probability curve slightly in your favor. 5Dimes thus often offers several reduced juice rewards to its customers as a way to attract new players and increase the potential client base.

The reduced juice rewards will allow you to increase your payouts on various gambling lines and increase the payouts from your wagers placed on the online sportsbook.

many companies and sportsbooks do not offer reduced juice on sports betting, 5Dimes definitely stands as one of the best sports betting sites, with them reducing the juice for their players. As this sportsbook review shows, any player that wants to make more money from the game, making sports bets, should consider 5Dimes as his favorite betting place.

The 5Dimes casino

The company specializes in two main areas: wagering on sports and playing the casino. In this part of the review of the 5Dimes website, we will focus on variety of gambling opportunities offered by the 5Dimes casino. Many gambling sites relegate the casino part to a second-tier status. 5Dimes takes the casino seriously, understanding that many wagering the funds in their account on a sportsbook, will also be interested in trying their luck on a roulette, poker or in blackjack. So let us start.

5 dimes casino page

Try 5 Dimes casino

The first thing to say about the 5Dimes casino, is that it offers a great variety of betting options on the site. There is not one, not two, but six different online casinos that offer a great choice of table games, a live dealer and great money wagering options, with good and competitive payouts schemes. 5Dimes offers an extremely wide range of gambling games, that you can put wager your money on, and a wide choice of options for live betting, on the table with other players. Next, let us go through the list of game options that the various casinos offer you.

5Dimes Grand Casino

Here you fill find more than 200 games, that include all the options offered in a real life casino. The options include games such as slot games, table games, video poker, with a live dealer, and other specialty games. The games here include good graphics and visuals, and are provided by Realtime Gaming, a professional software company that was previously headquartered in Georgia, United States, but has since chosen to move its location to Costa Rica. Realtime gaming is an extremely good company and it makes some of the best casino games out there on the market.

5Dimes has chosen its software to power its 5Dimes Grand Casino, so the customer will have an extremely positive and exciting gaming experience on the site. First thing to keep in mind with the Grand Casino, is that its focus is on slot games, with the casino offering you a choice of more than 167 different slot games. These can be great if you have some little money left over in your account, or if you want to go big and try your luck with just this one slot game.

5Dimes Grand Casino

5Dimes Grand Casino

The options provided at this casino also include craps, roulette and certain other card games. Here video poker is also offered, offering you live betting as one of the options provided. Also, you can download the casino directly onto your PC and play it like you usually play computer games. Should you have a good internet connection, you can load the casino software directly into your browser and place bets on it that way. If you would like to place bets on the game from your mobile devices, such as your smartphone or tablet, the Grand Casino is also offered in a 5Dimes mobile version.

However you will have access to fewer games, for example only 58 slot games will be available on a mobile device, or 3 out of 19 table games.

That said, the 5Dimes mobile version of the casino is extremely easy to use and you can enjoy playing games while on the move.

5Dimes Jackpot Casino

Although the name of this casino has the word jackpot in it, it is important to understand that the focus placed here is placed on 3D online games. Here you will be presented with a virtual casino, that will allow you to place various bets on the site. The name Jackpot here is used mainly for advertising purposes. This casino offers a great environment to enjoy your gambling as much as possible, with the software being provided by the IT company Betsoft. This firm is a provider of 3D online casino games and also 3D slots. Thus the gambling room can be interesting if you want an immersive experience placing bets and want to feel like you are in a real live casino. Here you will find 120 various casino games for you to play. There are 88 various slot games offered, as well as Baccarat, Roulette, Poker, Craps, Blackjack and others. As previously mentioned, the focus of the Jackpot Casino discussed, is to provide an immersive experience for the player. 5Dimes has done everything to make it look extremely realistic.

5Dimes Jackpot Casino

Slots in jackpot casino

Also, 5Dimes offers here a 5Dimes mobile gaming experience, though it is mainly valid for slot games.

So should you be on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or a tablet, you will find 61 3D slot games that you can game on the go with, as well as 3 table games, and 1 live poker.

Hence you can do live betting even on a mobile device while being on a train or in a café.

Other types of casinos in 5dimes

Casino nameDescription
5Dimes Gold CasinoThis casino offers an experience somewhat close to the one you get playing games at a Las Vegas casino. Although the name Gold Casino implies that it is the best out of the options offered by 5Dimes, this casino is definitely interesting to look at, but probably not the best on the list. One of the strong suits of this casino is that while you are playing on your computer, you can resize the windows here, thus allowing you to place yours bets while you are doing some other important work. This definitely should be useful for office clerks, traders or anyone who likes to place bets while working on something else. The options presented in the Gold Casino are however somewhat limited. Here you will be happy to find baccarat, black jack and video poker (complete with live betting).
5Dimes Bonus CasinoHere 5Dimes will offer you better odds and other bonuses on your favorite casino games. Just how 5Dimes offers reduced juice for its sportsbook players, allowing them the option of paying a smaller sum of money while placing their bet and thus increasing their total payouts, the 5Dimes Bonus Casino also increases the odds that you can receive while playing roulette, slots, or poker. For example, on the table roulette the average payout on a number is 35x. However, in the 5Dimes Bonus Casino, this number is increased to 36.62x, thus slightly chipping away at the edge that the house gets, and giving the extra cash and payouts to you! This is one of the many options that 5Dimes provides to improve your gambling experience. Though beware, in all the casino games the odds still remain in favor of the house. That’s how casinos make a profit!
5Dimes match play casinoThis match play casino is the smallest one on the 5Dimes list of casino options, and its focus is placed mainly on Blackjack and Video Poker. Video Poker allows for live betting with other players connected online to the game on live dealer games. Here 5Dimes presents the player with an option to get bonuses between $1 and $500, depending on how he plays the game on the match play casino. Being the smallest casino offered, it nevertheless can give you some pretty good payouts to your account, should you balance your risks correctly. Centered on card players, should your favorite game simply be poker or blackjack, this casino is right for you.
5Dimes Live Dealer CasinoThis casino, as implied by its name, offers you a true live gaming and live betting experience, complete with a live dealer and real players next to you. According to the 5Dimes company, this is as close as you can get to an actual real Las Vegas betting experience, placing your bets on games such as Blackjack and Roulette. Here you can engage in live betting, making every bet that you place remind you of the experience you had playing games at a casino a while back in Vegas or Monaco. The payouts here are also good, with 5Dimes promising its customers increased payouts on their bets in this casino. Although the betting options here are somewhat limited, when compared to the Grand Casino or the Bonus Casino, the game experience here can be extremely nice, especially when coupled with live dealer games.

Perks that you get with 5Dimes

According to the 5Dimes page, you can receive free play of up to $500 to use in the sportsbook. How much free play you get from 5Dimes is a direct proportion of how much you reload. According to our 5Dimes review, you can reload with any available means including bitcoin, and the deposit has to be between $100 and $2500. According to the 5Dimes page, your free play award is 20% of your reload deposit. Should you get free play from 5Dimes, the funds will be credited into your account, and you will be able to enjoy free play on the sportsbook or in the casino. Aside from free play, 5Dimes also offers other selections, such as bonus 5Dimes.

Here you can get a sign up bonus 5Dimes of 50% on deposits from $100 to $500. Further, you can get a bonus 5Dimes of 20% on deposits, from $500 to $2000, and further reward programs on higher deposits. Further, the 5Dimes sportsbook allows for betting extra, where you can place a live $500 dollar extra bet on top of the base amount, that has already been wagered. Live betting extra allows you to increase your winnings, should you think that the game started unfolding in your favor. Also, as you may want to increase the winnings from your every bet, you can place prop bets on the match. A prop bet, also known as a proposition bet, is a bet on a particular event that is not decisive for the outcome of the match. For example, on how many strikeouts a pitcher will have in a baseball game.

5 dimes bonuses and promotions

Get your bonus

You can try your luck on 5Dimes with prop bets, if you’re a professional sports gambler. One of the perks that you can also receive is the 30 super saver reward, where you can get a 30% pricing discount, thus giving you -107 pricing, and expanded parlay payouts. 30 super is one of the extra features that are available at 5Dimes, which make the bookkeeper more competitive on the sports gambling market. Hence with 5Dimes you may take advantage of the pleasurable betting lines, ability to make bitcoin deposits or the amazing and heartwarming reduced juice rewards.

Does 5Dimes payout?

So you have opened an account with 5Dimes and have made some extra cash. Now you are interested in receiving your money into your bank or debit card account. So how can you do it? One of the best aspects of 5Dimes is that they offer a 24 hours phone support, as part of their customer service. Hence, should you be unsure about which option is best for you to complete your withdrawal, or you need additional consultation for you to choose the best way to withdraw your money, there are plenty of ways for you to contact 5Dimes (described a little later). So let’s look at the options provided for withdrawing your funds. The nicest one is through the use of bitcoin, as it offers a free payout. Just as you can open a sports wagering account on 5Dimes with bitcoin, you can also get your cash back into your bitcoin account. 5Dimes does not charge any fees for bitcoin payments of up to $10 000 into your bitcoin wallet, thus offering its bitcoin depositors a free payout. The minimum withdrawal fee is quoted as $50. It should also be noted that, if you used solely bitcoin for deposit methods, then there is no limit on how much you can withdraw in the bitcoin digital currency.

Should you have any questions regarding using the digital currency for deposit methods, or withdrawing large amounts of funds into your digital bitcoin wallet, then feel free to contact 5Dimes customer support, which is available 24 hours a day. It is recommended by this 5Dimes review to use bitcoin for deposits, if you are a large gambler, as you can both benefit from receiving a free payout and have limitless withdrawal potential.

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Detailed information on payments in the help center

You can also get your payouts by cashier’s check, which takes about 7-10 business days until you receive it. 5Dimes charges a $40-$80 fee and holds a minimum withdrawal at $1000 and the maximum at $7500. To get the funds by a bank transfer, you will need to wait around 4-6 business days, pay the $80 fee, need to withdraw a minimum of $1000, and have a limit set for maximum withdrawal at $9500 by 5Dimes. The next offered option is person-to-person, which charges a $10-$25 fee. If you need help to decide, then take advantage of the 5Dimes’ reputable customer service, and contact customer support which is available 24 hours a day. Overall vast majority of internet reviews say that 5Dimes is quite good with their payouts, and their customer support offers good customer service, for when you have a problem choosing how to get your winnings transferred into your account.

If you want to hide sensitive information from 5Dimes, then you can choose bitcoin as one of your deposit methods.

Is 5Dimes safe for us?

5Dimes is an extremely safe website to use for online casino or sports gambling. 5Dimes offers several ways of contacting it, including a live chat where you can have a live conversation with the 5Dimes customer service. 5Dimes gives both good odds in its casino and sportsbook, and according to many reviews is a trusted site. Of course, just like with every casino or sportsbook, the odds are always tilted in favor of the house. So, if you play intoxicated or simply don’t pay attention to your wins and losses, then you can lose your income. The site, along with its live chat support, is available 24 hours a day from most of locations in the world. Up until recently, 5Dimes was one of the only gambling sites that American customers could use to place their wagers on. However, according to the (and other sites), 5Dimes is now ceasing its operations in the United States, starting September 21st 2020. Hence it is currently no longer accepting bets from U.S. customers. The reasons for this are currently unclear.

Overall, according to this review, 5Dimes is an extremely safe site to use for any gambler.

It offers live chat support, where you can resolve any issues that you may have with the site. Its live chat is available 24 hours a day, and you can always get your cash back into your account with a transfer. Of course, there are some negative reviews on the internet about players having difficulty receiving their cash back from the 5Dimes gambling portal. One or two have reported having their winnings being lost on the website, thus not being able to get their cash back. But these are isolated incidents, according to the research done for this review. To ensure that you have a good experience with 5Dimes, feel free to use their excellent customer service, which comes bundled with live chat support and 24 hours calling options. If you require help with opening a new account, then you can call 1-877-332-7501.

For general customer support you can call the following phone numbers:

  • 1-800-430-5896,
  • 1-800-305-3517,
  • 1-800-243-7890.

For queries regarding sports bets, you can reach 5Dimes on the following phone numbers:

  • 1-866-924-3772,
  • 1-800-442-0151.

For horse bets, contact 5Dimes by calling the following phone numbers:

  • 1-800-761-1253,
  • 1-800-243-7071.

Should you need to contact them via email, then message 5Dimes at [email protected].

They have an excellent customer service so please do not hesitate to use their live chat. As noted previously, not all online sportsbooks offer live chat, and being able to contact the company via live chat, and have a conversation with 5Dimes on a live chat, is a sign of safety for us.