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The peculiarity of NASCAR races is that you only need to move in one direction – clockwise or counterclockwise. Spectators who are accustomed to seeing the classic Formula 1 or WTCC racetracks may not take NASCAR racing seriously – thinking that turning in one direction is easy. Such a stereotype grew from the fact that European spectators rarely visit oval tracks: there are only a few tracks of this kind in Europe. However, there are still many sites for betting on NASCAR that include European betting sites, too. Among them are Ladbrokes, William Hill, Bwin, Bet365, Sbobet, and others.

TOP-3 NASCAR betting sites

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How to choose a NASCAR betting site?

When choosing a betting site, you need to pay attention to the number of types of bets, the availability of various features, for instance, live streaming and its quality, and the brand reputation.

Trust and reputation

The reliability of a bookmaker is one of the most important factors when choosing a site for NASCAR betting. You can only trust reliable companies with solid reputations and positive reviews from customers.

Nascar Betting Sites

When choosing a company, you need to familiarize yourself with the other players’ feedback and the overall rating of a bookmaker company.

It is also important to pay attention to the age of the brand.

If the bookmaker company has been operating for a long time, most likely, it is a reliable entity.

Also, pay attention to a bookmaker’s license. Usually, legal information can be found on the websites of all solid bookmakers that are proud to publish the name of their licensing authority and the license number.

Deposit and withdrawal options

Check the selection of deposit and withdrawal methods before you opt for a particular NASCAR betting site. The most popular ones are bank cards or e-wallets like PayPal or Skrill but there can be more of them, depending on your location and currency. Make sure your sports betting site allows you to use convenient payment options.

Variety of betting options

Most  bookmakers offer a standard set of bets – among them, there are three main bet types:

  1. Betting on the winner of the race – the player bets on whether a certain participant wins the race or not. These bets can be the most profitable if you choose your participant wisely.
  2. Something higher in the rating – in this type of bet you must determine which of the participants will take a position higher in the rating at the end of the race.
  3. The general position in the race. In this case, the bookmaker sets the expected position for a specific player, and you have to guess whether the participant will end up above or below this position.

Live Betting availability

Many players prefer Live Betting. This method has several advantages – you can make money quickly, get increased odds in comparison to pre-match bets, and have an opportunity to alter your choice. In a live mode, you can make a lot of money in a short time, but you also can lose everything if you don’t analyze the game and your chances. Therefore, it is important to be professional and have a good pre-match experience.

License and legality

If you want to protect yourself, it is important to choose a betting office that is licensed and operates legally. Your and your deposit safety depend on the presence of this license, so don’t neglect this rule.

nascar race

Variety of NASCAR events

There are several events for races in NASCAR:


Monster Energy Cup (abbreviated as MENC) is the most popular series of races and also the most profitable. It is the top division of professional stock car racing. Since 2001, the number of races in the championship has been 36.

Budweiser Shootout

The Budweiser Shootout is a race that takes place a week before the start of the first stage, and only winners of previous seasons can participate in it.

Sprint All-Star

This race is held one week before the Coca-Cola 600 competition. Participants in the event are the winners of previous seasons, selected by spectator voting.

Bonuses and promotions

Like other types of betting, NASCAR betting can have bonuses – for example, some bookmakers offer cash bonuses to those who place bets throughout the month and get the most profit.

Latest Bonuses

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Customer support

If you have any questions about NASCAR season betting sites, cup series, sports betting, motor speedway, stock car auto racing, Las Vegas motos speedway – you may contact customer support.

Quality NASCAR bookmakers must provide bettors with top-notch customer support.

Nascar betting greatest events

The biggest and most popular event in the NASCAR series is the Sprint Cup which has been held since 1949. The second famous one is the Xfinity Series which is quite popular all over the world, not only in the United States.

Daytona 500

Daytona is a straight start-finish race. The line is 1.2 km long, and the back straight is 910 meters.

Coca-Cola 600 betting

The Coca-Cola 600, which was originally named the World 600, is an annual event of the NASCAR Cup Series which is held in North Carolina on Memorial Day. When you do betting on Nascar online you may win the race and get some betting odds (for Joey Logano, Brad Keselowski).

Coca-Cola 600 betting Nascar

Ford 400

The Ford 400 race is the race that took place on November 20, 2011, in Florida. It was the final race of the 2011 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. The event was broadcast on ESPN and the Motor Racing Network.

NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race

The Sprint All-Stars is an analog of the NBA All-Star Game This coven of rednecks brings together the winners of the Sprint All-Stars from previous years, the winners of the races of the past season, and one lucky person who gets the right to participate as an audience choice prize.

Types of NASCAR-bets

As we have said previously there are three main types of NASCAR racing bets – Race winner, Position in the race, and “Who is higher”:

  • If you choose a race winner – you have to bet on the fact will a particular sportsman win the race or not. These forecasts are quite hard to analyze but at the same time, they are most profitable.
  • “Who is higher”– os another type of bet where you have to choose one sportsman who will be higher at the finish of the race. These bets do not require a lot of experience from the bettor and can be more exciting. The main thing is to beat your opponent in a face-to-face duel, and then your prediction will win.
  • The third type is the position in the race. It is similar to the over / under total bet. The bookmaker puts the athlete in a certain position, and your task is to guess whether the participant will be able to perform above or below this position. For example, an athlete’s total is 5.5, and by betting less, you predict that he will finish fifth or higher.

NASCAR Outright Bets

In this form, the bet is placed not on a specific match, but on the victory of an athlete or a team in the entire tournament.

Top 5 Finish

Below you can see the ranking of total victories in the NASCAR Cup Series: Strict Stock (1949), Great National Series (1950–1970), Winston Cup Series (1971–2003), Nextel Cup Series (2004–2007), Sprint Cup Series (2008– 2016).

NASCAR Futures

If you are planning to bet on futures, you should be aware that the main odds usually become known no earlier than a month before the start of the matches. Futures betting is always a big risk to your finances. This is due to the duration and remoteness of the event in time. This happens because you place your bets long before the start of the tournament – and during this time, various unforeseen events can happen.

NASCAR Proposition Bets

Each bookmaker offers proposition bets for players who want to place bets. Offer bets (list) is a set of events on which the bookmaker accepts bets with different outcomes and odds on them.

NASCAR Proposition Bets

NASCAR Betting Strategies

In this type of motorsport, the predilection of the riders towards certain stages is of great importance. In this case, it is appropriate to draw an analogy with tennis, where there are specialists in slow and fast courts. So here, too, cars and racers, which are maximally adapted to certain tracks, achieve the best results.

This NASCAR betting strategy is to bet on the middle peasants who perform in the specialized stages in which they have achieved the best results.

The player makes a bet on getting into the top 5, or on the position “Who is higher” against more rated crews.

Usually, bookmakers set odds based on previous races – in this case, the average figures of the players are taken into account. The bettor’s task is to find the offices with the highest quotes and place a bet on getting into the top three or five participants.

Features of nascar bets


Advanced Statistics In NASCAR

Today, NASCAR races on large circuits attract many fans both in America and abroad – a huge industry through which billions of dollars pass. According to experts, NASCAR is consistently ahead of NHL hockey in popularity ratings, and in some regions of the United States, Nascar even competes with American football for the championship.


NASCAR Driver’s Track Preferences

NASCAR prohibits the transfer of data from boxes to the car but does not regulate the contents of vans. Sportsmen may use two-way radio communication which is allowed. Car owners earn points in the same way as pilots – the only difference we may name is that cars earn points for owners, regardless of which pilot is driving the car. Team owners may also receive points even for cars that did not start the race but passed the technical inspection. So the fastest of the riders who did not qualify in the final protocol is listed immediately behind the rider who finished last.


Don’t Miss Reading The Race Preview

In this type of motorsport, the addictions of the riders for certain stages matter. In this case, it is appropriate to draw an analogy with tennis, where there are specialists in slow and fast courts. So here too, cars and riders that are maximally adapted to certain tracks achieve the best results. To be sure of its success, the user should read the race preview.


The Weather Factor In NASCAR Races

We can not ignore the weather factor when it comes to Nascar races, because the success of the race directly depends on the weather. For the result to be as effective as possible, the weather must be sunny and calm.

NASCAR Sanctioned Series To Bet On

NASCAR has several series of racing which differ in car styles and formats. Today there are four major national racing series, among them – NASCAR Xfinity Series, NASCAR Cup Series, ARCA Menards Series, and NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. All other series of races are divided by region. Also since 2011 NASCAR has been hosting e-Racing leagues.

Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series

Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series is the most famous type of the American NASCAR stock car racing series. They were originally called as Strictly Stock Series (till 1949) and then they were renamed as Grand National Series (1950-1970).

NASCAR Xfinity Series

The Xfinity Series is the second-famous division after the Monster Energy Cup Series of the American NASCAR stock car racing series.

NASCAR Camping World Truck Series

The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series is a pickup truck racing series run by the National Auto Racing Association. This is the only series in the NASCAR lineup to feature modified pickups.

Nascar 101

NASCAR 101 is a platform where all NASCAR fans chat with each other or ask questions about races. NASCAR 101 offers information on a race format, conditions, and rules of the race so that you can understand all the specifics of the sport when you watch the broadcast on the Motor Racing Network. Nascar is the most popular and spectacular motorsport event all over the world.

NASCAR History

NASCAR racing dates back to 1949 when American businessman and race car driver Bill France decided to combine semi-amateur stock car races in the United States into one championship. The first season of NASCAR racing began on February 15, 1948 – then there were more than 50 starts.

NASCAR History

Then the cars of the Studebaker, Ford, Hudson, Chevrolet, and others brands participated in the races. Even then, the races were named the most spectacular competition of our time and attracted the attention of many fans. Today NASCAR is the most popular racing series not only in America but around the world. Billions of dollars are earned from it every year.

Who owns Nascar

The Nascar racing series was established in America by Bill France in 1947. It is still owned by France’s family. Nascar is headquartered in Florida.

How popular is it to bet on  Nascar

The history of NASCAR races began in 1947. Previously, these were amateur car races, in which two participants competed among themselves. Today, races take place on a large track and attract huge audiences not only in America but around the world thanks to television and live broadcasts of the races.

According to experts, NASCAR racing is ahead of the NHL hockey league in popularity, and in some regions of the United States, it is even a more popular sport than football. People like to bet at Nascar because races are very popular and you may earn a lot of money by betting on races.

Who is the highest-paid NASCAR driver

The highest-paid NASCAR driver throughout history is Michael Waltrip who has earned $ 35 million in his career since 2002. Despite the fact that he only participated in a few races at Daytona 500, he is still one of the most successful drivers of our time. He has 11 victories and 105 dozens.

Is it legal to bet on NASCAR?

It depends on your local gambling law. If your region accepts sports betting, you can safely wager on NASCAR or other events; for instance, most US states have legalized sports betting at their local online and offline sportsbooks.

When do NASCAR Betting Websites Start Putting Out Race Odds?

Nascar betting sites start to put out NASCAR race odds even before the teams conduct their first training and test runs. The important thing is that if the bookmaker puts out the odds long before the start - the margin would be high, but at the same time, there is a high possibility that some valuable markets can be found in the line. Bookmakers give the most optimal quotes around 2-3 days before the start of the race - and the most active fans of races influence the level of the odds.

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