Basketball Odds and Scores July 2024

Today basketball takes pride of place in the top 4 most popular sports in the world, which affects the number of bets that users place in bookmakers. Like any other sport, basketball has its characteristics in betting, as well as the most important championships that all fans of this sport are waiting for.

The 76th basketball season, 2021-2022, has just kicked off. There have been many changes in the league over the previous playing period, which may entail unpredictable results for the upcoming games. These changes include Laker’s replacements, Milwaukee’s new roster, Brooklyn’s strengthening, and Golden State’s return to the championship squad. Many bookmaker companies have already made their assumptions about the upcoming season, which will be interesting for all basketball fans to get acquainted with. In this overview, we look at ratios and results for 2022.

Basketball Odds and Scores

How do Basketball Betting Odds work?

It is important to note that basketball betting strategies are league-specific. For example, the Euroleague and the NBA have different rules, because basketball is played by different rules in Europe and the United States. Therefore, the strategies for betting on the Euroleague and the NBA are different.

Features of the rules of different basketball leagues

  • For each full-time throw, the team receives from one to three points: one for the free-kick, two for hitting within the three-point arc, three for the rest of the throws.
  • The match lasts four quarters.
  • If the match results in a draw, then five-minute overtime is played – at the same time, the number of such overtime is not limited.
  • Coaches can make an unlimited number of substitutions.

How basketball betting works

The most popular type of bet is handicap bets. Most often, there is a favorite in every game, so it is not difficult to place such bets. The only thing you need to know is that the odds for such a favorite to win are usually low.

Total betting is another popular type of betting in basketball. Here the player needs to place a bet on the fact that the number of points scored by the teams will be higher or lower than a certain indicator.

Therefore, the total in basketball consists of two elements: a variable (over or under) and a number (for example, 222.5, 222.0)

To increase their chances of winning, many gamblers use special analytical programs – they allow them to calculate their chances as accurately as possible and choose the right option for a bet. However, if some changes occur during the game or a couple of hours before the fight, then all formulas and calculations will become irrelevant. Therefore, players should not rely solely on analytical programs – it is important to be able to independently assess the situation and the possible outcome.

All calculations in basketball, whether it is the probability of overtime or handicap, can be adjusted to a certain formula.

The probability of a draw in a basketball game is an exceptional phenomenon. Most often, players prefer the calculation of the handicap and total, rather than the probability of overtime. Due to the low probability of the event, the coefficients for it are quite high.

When calculating the probability in basketball, you need to pay attention, not to the whole match, but individual quarters. The quotes are similar, but the player can make 4 times more predictions.

basketball betting odds

In addition, it is easier to predict the probability of overtime in basketball if you follow the game in live mode.

To stay in the black, the probability you need must be 2 out of 10 winning predictions. It is usually extremely difficult to beat a bookmaker with high odds, but if you correctly predict a draw in one of ten matches, then the player will already reach zero. Two victories in the future can bring the player an impressive financial replenishment.

How to read basketball odds?

Knowing and understanding how to read basketball odds helps a bettor determine how much money they can make. Next, we will look at the three main types of bet odds.

Each betting company publishes its bets to influence a particular game or event. Odds are the probability that a certain game will end with a certain outcome. In addition, several factors affect the coefficients.

Each game has a betting favorite and a loser, and odds are given to each of them based on how likely they are to win the game. Odds can change several times ahead of a particular game, so players need to check the odds regularly if they want to place bets.

Most often, the odds are presented in three different forms – the type of odds used depends on the geographic location of a particular betting company. Many players prefer US odds, but some like to bet on fractional or decimal odds. It doesn’t matter which type of odds you prefer, as they all mean the same thing.

There are three main types of odds that are used around the world:

  1. American odds – in addition to the US, American odds are also used by many European bookmakers. American odds always refer to 100, such as $100. They also always have a plus or minus sign in front of them. A plus sign denotes an underdog, a negative sign denotes a betting favorite in a particular match, and you will need to wager more than $100 to win $100.
  2. The second option is fractional odds. They are usually used in European bookmakers. Fractional odds are sometimes hard to understand because the player needs to do some math to calculate how much they can win.
  3. The third option is decimal odds. They are extremely rarely used in the United States. They are the most difficult to understand and read, although there is a simple formula by which players can calculate them:

Your stake x Decimal odds = Return

In decimal odds, the loser has a higher decimal value and the betting favorite has a lower decimal value. Decimal odds are mainly used by bookmakers in Europe for games of all sports, especially for basketball.

How to calculate live odds in basketball

Usually, on the bookmaker’s website, players can follow the odds and results of games in real-time. In addition, on the site, you can also get acquainted with the betting lines, statistics and find out the latest news.

To calculate basketball odds, you need to know that they are calculated in the same way as all other sports betting lines in the USA.

The odds set by the bookmaker depend on the statistics collected for the week or month. That is, for an event that can happen with a high probability, the bookmaker will not offer large odds. Based on this, we can also conclude that an event that has a low probability of occurring at the beginning of the game will have good chances.

To calculate the odds, not only mathematical formulas are used, but also up-to-date information about the teams – for example, the presence of disqualifications, injuries among athletes, and much more. Since these parameters can affect the outcome of the event.

How to calculate live basketball odds today

For the player himself, the coefficients relative to the potential winnings matter. If you multiply the odds by the number of bets, you can find out what the potential winnings on a basketball bet will be. For example, if a player bets £100 on Team A to win Team B (odds 1/1), he will earn £200 if the hosts win the game.

If you bet the same amount on the clear favorites to win (score 4/5), then the potential winnings will be lower (180 pounds gross), because this probability is higher.

What do plus and minus mean in basketball betting odds?

The money line (also called “American odds”) shows the players the probability in positive or negative numbers. With their help, the player can calculate how much he can win with his bet. Positive numbers represent how much you can win if you bet $100. Negative odds show how much you need to bet to win $100.

What Does 7-2 Odds Mean in Basketball

This designation shows the amount of money wagered on a particular player or team; the more money invested, the less chance. It turns out that odds of 7-2 mean that for every $2 invested, the player gets $7 in return. This means that if a player bets $2, then the total amount of his income in case of winning will be $9.

Common Types of the Basketball Bets

In basketball, as in most other sports, there are common types of bets. The most popular of them are the following:

  • outcome bet – this type of bet is placed on the outcome of the game – that is, on the victory of the first team, on the victory of the second team, or on a draw (in this case, a separate bet is often given on regular time and overtime);
  • total bet – this type of bet shows the number of points, 2-pointers, 3-pointers, fouls, and other important basketball indicators (they are often equally likely);
  • handicap bet – most often this type of bet calculates the number of points. Players can bet that the team will win or lose by a certain score difference in half. The above indicators are calculated for two periods, that is, the winner of the first half of the winner of the second half is determined;
  • quarter handicap bet – same as halves, only quarters are used;
  • pass bet – in this case, players place bets that the team will advance to the next stage of the competition or win it if it is the final (if there is only 1 match within a particular stage, then the victory, including overtime, is taken into account);
  • A live bet is a type of bet on an event that takes place in real-time (betting in a regular line is called a prematch).

Point Spread Betting

The point spread is the difference in the result. If a player puts a spread on a point, then he expects one of the opponents to win with a certain advantage. A point spread is also called “handicap” or “handicap” in another way.

Point spread betting is a fairly popular type of betting, especially on basketball and football, since these sports score more points throughout the game than other sports. That is why before placing a bet on a point spread, you need to carefully understand and understand how this type of bet works.

It is important to pay attention to changes in the line and keep track of the spread of points across several bookmakers to get the most out of your bet.

Just like money line bets, point spread bets can be placed on the favorite or loser in a particular game. If the player bets on the favorite, then he must win the game with a greater advantage than the spread assigned to him. For example, if you bet on Team A (-7.5) on a point spread, this means that this team must win by at least eight points for the player to win his bet.

If the player bets on an outsider, then he must either immediately win the game or lose by a smaller margin than the assigned points spread. For example, if you place a bet on Team B (+3.5) and they lose by three points or less or win the game, then the player wins their bet.

Over/Under Basketball Bets

Many bookmakers offer a wide range of outcomes and types of bets on sports events, but one of the most popular is the total for a specific outcome. On the websites of European and American bookmakers, this type of bet is called Over/Under. This type of bet is popular because of its simplicity and wide range of odds.

Over/Under Basketball Bets

The essence of the Over/Under bet can be explained with an example:

  1. For example, a player chooses the game between teams A and B and bets that the final total will be less than (Under) the value of 80/80. In this case, if the score in the match is less than 80/80, then the bet will win, if the teams score more than 80/80, then the bet will lose. Total under can be selected in a large number of indicators, depending on the bookmaker.
  2. In another case, the player makes a bet on the total goals over (Over) 80/80 in the match between teams A and B. If in the end, the score is more than 80/80, then the bet will win, if less, then such a bet will lose.

What does parlay mean in basketball?

Parlay is a progressive betting strategy that allows you to increase your bet amount. The bottom line is that after each win, the amount of profit is added to the initial amount. For example, if a player is $100 at odds of 2, then the payout will be $200, but the net income is $100. After winning, you need to add $100 earned to the initial $100, and then bet $200. If the bet wins, then the payout will be $400, but the profit will be $300. After that, the initial amount of $100 is added to this amount again and we get $400. And so on.

How to read basketball betting lines?

To make successful bets, the lines must be taken not from one source, but to use the lines of the world’s leading bookmakers.

There are several types of line movement. According to experts with an equal probability of winning, they give at least 55% of the winnings.

  1. If the handicap opens the line, after which it starts moving in the same direction, then you should follow it. It is recommended to bet on the favorite only when the handicap increases, and on the outsider – if the handicap decreases.
  2. You need to bet on the favorite if the line remains unchanged.
  3. If from the moment of opening until an hour before the start of the basketball game the line moves in one direction, then you should follow it.
  4. You need to follow the line if it was almost the same all the time, after which a strong movement began at the end.
  5. The final direction of the line should be given priority.


Even though football is considered the most popular sport in the world, basketball is gaining popularity among players every year. Many users use this particular sport as the main discipline for betting. Today, many bookmakers offer an extensive line with a large number of events, while the chances of winning are quite high.

Over the past few years, bookmakers have added several new championships, expanded the line of options for betting on basketball.

One of the main advantages of basketball for betting is that in this sport it is extremely rare for a draw to happen, which means there are more chances to win a bet. In many sports, often instead of winning one of the teams, a draw happens, which prevents the bettor from winning. If you look at the statistics in basketball, you can see that a draw at the end of regular time is extremely rare. That is why many players choose this sport for betting.

Also among the advantages of basketball can be noted the transience of fights, the low influence of third-party factors, and a wide range of different competitions.

Thus, we can conclude that basketball is a good betting option for both experienced players and beginners.


Where can I find the best basketball betting odds?

Today on the Internet you can find many bookmaker sites that offer different options for betting on basketball. Experts advise you to choose betting companies with a good reputation and a long history - this way you can protect yourself and your money. You can also read the reviews of other players - this will also help you make the right choice of the bookmaker.

What are the Over/Under Basketball odds?

This is a bet that the result of the game will be more or less than the value declared by the bookmaker.

How to understand basketball odds?

Basketball is based on the distribution of points, so understanding the odds in basketball is no different from other sports. Totalizators establish a certain line of distribution of points in the game, and if the probability of an outcome is high, then the coefficients will be lower. If the probability of an outcome is small, then the odds for such a bet will be higher.

Can I see what the odds were for old basketball games?

Many bookmakers have match statistics - so you can easily look at the game history of a particular team and find out how many wins and losses it had, as well as what odds the bookmaker offered for a particular game.

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