A little about wagerweb

Wagerweb is an old gambling site that has been around for some time. The gambling portal has entered the market in 1994 and has a neat design with some nice features embedded in it. The wagerweb sportsbook has a nice selection of sports provided and the casino offers a variety of gaming services to the player. Being an old betting website wagerweb has gained a reputation for providing its customers with both good service and nice odds. Although wagerweb does not offer the bets odds to the player, the website nevertheless provides good gaming opportunities. As wagerweb has been in business for 26 years, it can be considered a reliable website for gambling and online betting. There are many online sportsbooks on the market and choosing the right one can be important.

Although wagerweb has its rights reserved in Costa Rica it nevertheless can be considered safe.

The gambling portal has a neat design and is quite easy to use. Wagerweb has a solid track record of paying its customers and in this wagerweb review it will be shown to be a decent site that play with. One of the strong suites of wagerweb is that the webpage accepts players from the United States. Many betting portals ban American customers due to the regulation against gambling in the U.S. Wagerweb is not like that. The company also accepts payments in the bitcoin digital currency, allowing both deposits and withdrawals. Bitcoin can be safe to pay with and many gambling sites now allow bitcoin. Although offering a neat design customers sometimes report problems with either making a deposit or a withdrawal into their account.

Wagerweb betting site review

Home page

Bitcoin payments and jurisdiction

The options that wagerweb provides can be quite limited for money transfers. Although bitcoin payouts can be extremely quick, further action is needed to improve other withdrawal methods. There are strong positive aspects of wagerweb. One of the company’s main strengths is its reputation. Not all online sportsbooks have been around for more than 2 decades. Newer websites often have limited clients accessing it and thus less information about the workings of the service.

Wagerweb has been severely tested by time and the site has a solid base of clients that gamble on it.

The headquarters are located in Costa Rica and the website is available in both English and Spanish. Even though the laws of Costa Rica may not be as strong as other jurisdictions, the company’s track record has remained solid. There are good bonuses offered my wagerweb and the players often report a positive user experience. The portal has a strong copyright and an official license.

The payout system works really well and a player can receive money quickly from the sportsbook wagerweb. The site is filled with black, red and white colors making gambling very pleasant. However there are other specialized gambling sites offering superior odds when betting on soccer. Wagerweb is a general gambling platform and compensates that with good bonuses awarded to the player. Being one of the oldest online gambling sites clients should trust its services. Many want to start betting without having to worry about the reputation of the portal. Wagerweb fully solves this issue.

The sportsbook wagerweb

Wagerweb offers a variety of choices for sports bettors. This sportsbook review shows that various sports are offered with a good odds. The company has a wide choice of games that bettors can places wagers on. Sports betting is done extremely well at wagerweb with possibilities of live betting available.

Plenty of games are offered, ranging from hockey and soccer to baseball and American football. Gamblers are also given a choice to place bets on many other international sports. The design of the online sportsbook is extremely neat with mobile betting being available. The sportsbook bonus provided to gamblers at wagerweb allows for sports bets to be placed with good odds. Although wagerweb has not been as publicly displayed as other betting sites, it offers one of the best sportsbooks on the market with a great choice of bonus options.

Betting at Wagerweb

Sports betting line

The navigation menu is simple and the betting lines show the different odds for each bet. The user can see how much cash they are wagering and what their potential losses and winnings will be. This review recommends using the wagerweb sportsbook for both live betting and sports betting on a wide variety of categories of games.

Wagerweb is focused mainly on the United States and Canadian market and its team have been working to improve its offerings to North America.

Although the terms and conditions set out are quite strict. Wagerweb says that it can ban players and confiscate their winnings if they are professional gamblers. This is one of the bad parts of wagerweb that players should look out for. The choice of sports according to this wagerweb review is good with the site offering a great variety of games to bet cash on.

Wagerweb live betting section

Live betting

Important things to note

Wagerweb can provide a variety of bet types that can be placed on the website. All this while offering a nice bonus on the bets placed. As many sporting events are covered the payouts can be good for small amounts of cash. This wagerweb review shows the online sportsbook to be preferable to the North American customers.

Although the odds the site offers for online gambling on soccer can be worse than with other specialized portals. The betting lines for sports betting are great on the site and players are offered an excellent bonus several times while gambling. The sportsbook also offers nice free play bonus to the clients.

The racebook

Wagerweb offers an excellent racebook for people that are interested in horse racing. The racebook has plenty of bonus options and accepts a cash payments. A part of the sports betting book, the bonus offered on the racebook is very good. Betting on horses can be extremely fun and wagerweb clearly understands it. The payouts from the racebook book can be great and many bonuses are offered by it. One of the positive aspects of wagerweb is the bonus features on the site.

Not only does it offer bitcoin withdrawals but also provides plenty of bonuses to its players.

The racebook has a rich bonus program that awards a variety of bonuses.

Each time a user places a bet on it, a bonus is awarded. Wagerweb is quite interested in developing their racebook and sees it as a great way to attract new clients. Many times have users reported a positive bonus being credited to their account from this racebook. There are nice bonuses for players that like to bet on horses racing or place other bet types. This review shows that the racebook is one of the positive features of the webpage.

The casino

Just like many other betting sites wagerweb offers a neat online casino with plenty of wagerweb bonuses for the players. Although the sportsbook is the main focus of the portal, plenty of casino games are offered on the webpage. A good addition to sports betting that is offered, the casino can be a fun experience for anyone who wants to try it. It is worth noting that the wagerweb casino has recently added live dealer games.

Casino wagerweb

Casino section


These are becoming extremely commonplace, with many gambling portals offering live betting while playing the casino games provided. As wagerweb has an excellent mobile betting platform that is liked by many sports bettors, it also offers a live dealer in its casino games. Playing with a live dealer is preferred by many gamblers as it is much nicer than betting against a computer.


Casino bonus

Nevertheless the page offers a bonus to anyone who wants to use its casino. A good part of the casino is that wagerweb compensates its gamblers with 5% of their casino losses each week. Being an added bonus, this wagerweb review shows that it is an excellent feature of the website. As casino losses can aggregate over time, getting 5% of them back deposited right into the gambler’s account is excellent. Although the casino could be better, it is still quite good. Not as good as the online sportsbook but nevertheless interesting.

With nice bonus features and a virtual racebook provided players can enjoy themselves gambling on roulette or betting on card tables. One of the features that wagerweb offers its clients is video poker. Here players can play several games of poker in a real live environment complete with various wagerweb bonuses.


Here gamblers can both enjoy live betting and get an additional sportsbook bonus. A 100% free play bonus is provided to the clients. The free play bonuses are also coupled with rollover features. A reload bonus is offered that gives a 15x rollover credited to the account with a 50 cash back. The sportsbook also provides a cash bonus coupled with a free play bonus and a 10x rollover. Wagerweb is great at providing bonuses to their clients. The 15x rollover and the 10x rollover sportsbook cash bonuses should bring in some additional action. There are a variety of cash options on the sportsbook that users can use.

Wagerweb bonus and promotions

Bonuses and promotions

The loyalty program of wagerweb allows a payment of bonuses directly into the account of the user on a weekly basis.

The welcome bonus of wagerweb is also nice, with up to $1000 deposits receiving a deposit bonus of $1000 in the form of cash back.

The cash back bonus can be extremely lucrative and allows the player to receive some of the money that they have wagered on the wagerweb sportsbook. This cash bonus comes together with ample opportunities for sports betting that are presented by the portal. The more times the user visits the page and gambles the more bonus points they will get. Upon the first deposit that they make a bonus will be awarded to the player. This is one of the sportsbooks which has a high bonus availability, whether with the deposit made or with the payouts. The deposit bonus is provided both in the casino and the sportsbook.

Withdrawing money

Further, the portal also gives an option to receive a free payout. In addition to the deposit bonus offered, customers can withdraw money for free from the casino or the sportsbook by bitcoin or bank wire. Bitcoin withdrawal offers the clients the option of a free payout. So does withdrawing money by bank wire. Out of the payouts methods that can be used is the check bank. This way the user can get the money from the deposit directly into their bank account.

Withdrawing money

Account replenishment window

Although the list of banking options is not as wide as for some other websites, the payouts seem to be processed quickly. Credit cards like Visa and MasterCard should be used to deposit the money. Users of a credit card may need to enter their personal details. Although making a deposit with a credit card has been said to be quick with the site.

Should the player have made round robins bets with their deposit money, they can use their winnings either in the casino or try on one of the sportsbooks. The round robins bets are not made available on every gaming portal so this should be considered. Wagerweb offers a wide variety of gambling options, such as placing parlay bets or round robins bets on the available sportsbooks. The money can be taken out of the account by cashier s check, which is extremely nice but slower than bitcoin payouts. Whether transferring money by bank wire or by cashier s check the user can get their funds quite quickly.

The cash bonus that are provided by wagerweb together with sportsbooks live betting options and casino bonus make this portal extremely attractive.

It should be noted that the max bet of $5000 is the main limitation to making huge winnings on the sportsbooks.

Getting the money back by bitcoin and minimum deposit of $1 make the site attractive. Wagerweb is rich in their cash bonus offerings and the usage of bitcoin makes the site stand out out of the other sportsbooks.

Customer service

The customer service at wagerweb is extremely good with all the details of the clients held secret. Wagerweb takes extreme caution not to let others know personal information about their clients. Whether making a deposit or gambling, users can feel safe that their details will be kept private.

Support Wagerweb

Bookmaker contacts

The customer support is available all the time throughout the day and week. Customer support can be contacted via live chat that players can use should they have a problem with the website or its functionality. Live chat can always be helpful as it allows the gambler to have a direct conversation with the customer service.

Other ways to contact wagerweb is via an email or by making a telephone call.

The wagerweb service is available throughout the day and users need not worry about which time zone they have come from. Good customer service is one of the strong suits of the gambling portal. Should the user feel that they cannot get some of their funds back or that they have a problem making a deposit, then the user should contact wagerweb. Their representatives will be happy to speak to the client and inquire as to the problem that the person has run into. Overall majority of people report pleasant experiences with the customer support offered by the company. The live chat feature can be extremely helpful in stressful situations or when the client is having trouble withdrawing their money.