Best Online Sports Betting Sites: Where to Bet Riskless on Real Money

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With plenty of fish in the sports betting ocean, it can be tiresome to find sportsbooks that are truly worth wasting your time on their platforms.

The majority of online betting operators tease gamblers with juicy bonuses, but once you place your first bet on a site, you see that wagering requirements are just draconian.

Let’s imagine another situation. You are a true pro in sports betting and make a pretty good profit on your winnings from bets, but a sportsbook offers such miserable withdrawal limits that it will take you long months (or even years) to receive your money. Have you been there?

We know many starters who got disappointed in online betting just because they picked up the wrong sites. Actually, it was the reason why we decided to make our mission helping sports bettors from different countries deal with reliable and reputable online sportsbooks. Our 100% unbiased reviews are built on expert checks, real customers’ opinions, and in-depth analysis of hundreds of sports betting sites. We guarantee that when you bet on sports on any platform from our best-betting sites list, you won’t be disenchanted.

What are the best sports betting sites?

It’s not so easy to stick out from the crowd and remain the best in your area for years. Right? Competition in the sports betting sector is pretty harsh. Pioneer sportsbooks have to make peace with multiple young gambling sites that literally flooded the market lately. The status of the best one imposes certain obligations. You should remain on top even under the growing competitiveness. Every sportsbook from our top list proved its high status as the best online betting site. When betting on sports on their channels, you are guaranteed to get an ace user experience.

Best Sports Betting Sites

We really mean it!

Do you want to find out how exactly we form our rankings and check sportsbooks? OK, then we will share our little secrets with you. There are certain hallmarks that distinguish the best online sports betting sites from a poor replica.

Hallmarks of the best sports betting site

If you think that we mark a sportsbook as the best one just because we like how its main page looks (Wow! So bright and stylish!) or because friends of our friends told us that they prefer this particular operator, we hasten to assure you that it is not so. Our sportsbook reviews are the result of a lasting process, during which our experts who have decades of betting experience in their baggage check all pitfalls of every site to see what it may hide from casual sports bettors.

Our researchers’ team monitors the market to provide an in-detail analysis of top-rated operators.

Long years of information gathering and regular inspections help us define undeniable hallmarks of the best online betting sites. Here we go!

Betting versatility

Betting versatility is one of the paramount aspects that we take into consideration when inspecting online sportsbooks. In other words, the diversity of betting markets is what defines a truly eminent bookmaker. When users open a bookie’s content portfolio, they should find there all globally popular sports (football, baseball, tennis, horse racing), plus plenty of original sports that are beloved in a peculiar region. What we mean to say is that, for instance, players from Northern territories should have access to their beloved winter sports, like alpine skiing or curling, while punters from Africa should enjoy their favorite major sports, including Dambe Boxing or Donkey Racing. We think you get the point.

Betting versatility also covers the diversity of sports leagues, clubs, season games, and so on. A top-rated online sportsbook should offer much more to sports bettors than its competitors. If customers want to bet online on the next Premier League match, NBA, MLB tourneys, or even a favorite college football team, a sportsbook should give them an option to do it with no effort.

online sports betting line of bets of the best bookmakers

Moreover, the best sports betting sites always tend to deliver alternative live betting options for entertainment purposes, e.g., betting on presidential elections, TV shows, global awards, and even weather forecasts. It is a brilliant solution for users to earn good profit on bets even if they are not huge sports fans. Another must-have of the leading sportsbook operators is live-dealer games. Live games combine a unique experience of betting online and enjoying beloved casino games. An ideal match for bettors and casino fans!

Adjustability of odds

If you are a real guru in online sports betting, you already know that odds play a super important role that defines your bets’ success. If you are a freshman on online betting sites, we repeat that – odds are indeed very important!

Reputable bookies always adjust their odds, depending on the market changes.

Of course, casual users won’t like to waste their precious time monitoring the market and hoping to catch a bigger fish, i.e., better odds. We understand them, as the time they could spend on placing bets instead goes on annoying research. Lucky for you, our experts absolutely adore inspecting the sports betting market, hunting for the best-offered odds.

We think that gamblers should be aware of an online sportsbook that renders early lines. The faster you snatch the betting lines’ moves, the more juicy odds on major sports events you can get from a sportsbook. We always remind sports bettors to pay heed to the odds change on the sportsbooks’ platforms. With poor odds, you can win dozens of times in a row and get miserable cash, while with lucrative odds, you can hit the bank after one winning bet. Commonly, odds in Europe and the United States differ on the sports betting sites. For your convenience, we always align the odds format depending on users’ countries of residence.

Ace user experience

User experience is what defines whether a sports bettor will return to a sports betting site again or not. By ace user experience, we mean a combo of making a good profit and satisfaction from spending time on a sportsbook portal. How do we make sure that customers will remain satisfied after visiting top sports betting sites from our list? We focus on several key points.

  • First is the site functionality and great interface. Suppose it took us hours to grasp how to create an account, check the ongoing events, see statistics, and find the necessary information in the terms and conditions section. In that case, we could only imagine how long it would take casual players to do all this kind of stuff. No need to count on getting an excellent user experience on such online betting sites.
  • A second integral aspect that guarantees a positive online gambling experience is the plurality of betting options. If punters have a wide range of bets at any preferences, more chances that they will return to a site again. Eminent online sportsbook operators always please their audience with a vast choice in this matter: pre-match and in-play bets, parlays or express bets, free bet, backup bet, deposit match, prop bets, etc.

Another fundamental tool to boost user experience is flawless live streaming on people’s favorite sports. HD live broadcasts are a must-have of online sportsbooks that claim to be the best in the sports betting industry. Finally, fair rollover requirements and wagering options are essentials of all user-friendly online sportsbook operators.

Excellent loyalty program

The way online sportsbooks reward their loyal customers says a lot about the bookies’ status. Some online betting companies introduce a system of VIP levels and reward users with some cool bonuses, depending on their VIP membership.

loyalty program in online betting companies

A bonus may appear in different forms: free bets, cash, virtual gifts, or cool presents (T-shirts, gadgets, or even cars). Each betting operator has its own system of VIP levels attribution: by users’ activity, amount of sports bets per month, duration of gamblers’ membership on a site, etc.

Latest Bonuses

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It’s a good practice on all top online sports betting sites to greet newbies with a welcome bonus (signup bonus). Some bookmakers have a pretty generous bonus offer, though we never forget to take a look at its rollover requirement to make sure you can get your bonus effortlessly. A fundamental part of the loyalty programs is tournaments. World-recognized sports betting sites with all rights reserved regularly hold contests for punters to stimulate their engagement. Tournaments divide into weekly, monthly, and long-term. What we appreciate most of all about tourneys is that, as a rule, they have several winners instead of one. And let’s not forget about jackpots! Sports betting sites that offer bountiful jackpots to punters deserve their place in our ranking.

Lighting withdrawals

Nothing annoys us as much as sluggish withdrawals when we work on a sportsbook review for you. When you bet online, you expect that sportsbooks will give you a winning as prompt as they take your deposit. Agree that it’s really irritating when a betting company asks you to wait weeks or months to withdraw your money. We understand your feelings.

By testing hundreds of sports betting sites, we noticed that some operators intentionally delay withdrawals.

Why do they act like this? Tricky strategy! Sportsbooks don’t rush with fast payouts because they want you to keep placing new bets instead of pulling out your cash at once. A similar bug may occur with payout options. If a sportsbook has a poor assortment of payment options (like no e-wallets, but only credit cards or bank transfers), it may cause certain inconveniences for punters who got used to the e-payment method.

Top-notch customer service

Even if you think that you have already known everything about sports betting and mastered your skills to a ‘real pro’ level, you still could require some assistance from a customer service team (not to mention freshmen). It is totally OK to experience some technical issues or bugs with registration and deposit options, even on the top online gambling sites. After all, practice makes perfect. If any of these happens, users should know that they can always address customer support for help.

support service of the betting websites

The reputation of any online betting site directly depends on the top-notch work of the customer service department. We always check this aspect when inspecting sportsbooks. A good sign is when you can reach the help center 24/7 in several ways: via email, phone, and live chat. The last one is a must-have of the leading sportsbook operators. Agree that it is more convenient if you can send an instant message to customer support reps and receive a prompt reply instead of guessing for hours or days if they get your email. Another attribute that characterizes the best online sports betting operators is how they resolve disputes. We always do research to see if a bookie has a bad history of previous claims to sleep safely, knowing that a similar case won’t repeat with you.

Gamblers’ safety

If you only knew how many scammers and hackers are there on the online sports betting sites, you would probably turn off your computer just to never face them. Unfortunately, there are indeed too many black-label sportsbooks in the sports betting niche. What distinguishes a bad bookie from a trustworthy one is how that brand takes care of gamblers’ safety. If a sportsbook has a license from an authorized body, it means that the company’s activity is regulated by a Gambling Act.

Licensed betting sites with all rights reserved safeguard their customers by implementing an SSL encryption for personal and financial data protection.

Reliable sportsbooks apply user verification as another tool to detect swindlers. If a bookie doesn’t ask you to pass the verification or allows you to skip this step at the registration phase, who guarantees that a site won’t show the same neglect to your financial details?! Nobody! Thus, we always double-check online sports betting operators before placing them on our top list.

Sleek mobile version

It’s the 21st century, pals, and mobile technologies have been deeply rooted in our everyday life. Mobile betting has become an integral part of sports bettors’ routine, as it allows them not only to place bets and monitor statistics but also enjoy live streaming en route. Eminent sports betting sites have high-class mobile versions that are not worse than their desktop analogs. Moreover, a dominant part of sports betting companies has sleek mobile apps that can amaze even the most demanded punters with their top-notch interface, lighting functionality, and impressive options for live betting on the go.

For our reviews, we check the operators’ mobile solutions to see if a site operates equally well on mobile browsers and the web. We test an app to know how it works on different phone models and how long the installation takes place. When we notice any significant bugs in the bookie’s mobile operation, we want you to be aware of them. After all, we hope that our expert reviews will help sportsbooks become better and learn from their mistakes.

Best sports betting sites by categories

For gamblers’ convenience, we divide sportsbook operators by categories to make the search process easier. We select the best bookies that are more suitable for each particular category so that you definitely find what you need.

Best bookies by country

The country and state of residence are crucial aspects when picking up a sportsbook. The gambling laws and regulations may vary even in different regions or states of the same country. It depends on the local authorities. They may establish harsh restrictions for casino operators and act like loving parents in relation to bookmakers, or vice versa.

best countries for online betting

Best sports betting sites in the United States

By the Supreme Court decision, online sports betting US is legal on a federal level, though restrictions to online gambling may severely vary for different states. The luckiest one in this matter is Nevada, where both brick-and-mortar casinos and online sportsbook operators may enjoy much more freedom than their brothers from other regions. US bets types, as well as betting markets, and withdrawal methods differ from that in Europe.

When we monitor American bookmakers, we focus on the alternative bets US online bookies may offer to punters. We know that US customers adore college football and college basketball, and always check if sites have these offerings in their content collections. Maybe US bookmakers are not as popular globally as inside state borders, there are still many bright stars among them, which deserve to be on our map.

Best sports betting sites in Europe

The European gambling market is probably the richest on top-rated online sportsbook operators. The lion’s share of world-recognized bookmakers comes from the UK, Greek, Belgium, and Finland. Online sports betting is legal in the dominant part of the European Union. Though, certainly, there are some restrictions for each separate vicinity. European bookies are known for their bountiful bonus system, the flexibility of markets, and amazing live betting solutions for players.

Picking up European sportsbook operators by country will help you save time on tiresome research. For your convenience, this option is available on our platform.

Simply click on a country, and you will see a list of bookies with the best offerings purely for your area.

Best bookies by sports

All of us have our own sports preferences. Some like classic sports, like football or volleyball, while others go wild about chess boxing, or wheelbarrow racing. Sports preferences may vary on the gamblers’ location, ethnicity, and age. Leading sportsbook operators always tend to diversify their betting markets with unusual offerings. At the same time, it is vital if bookies don’t forget about traditional sports that are sincerely beloved worldwide. Diversity of leagues, tourneys, and special events (like the Olympic Games) are what we always pay heed to in our reviews. You can easily find the top betting sites by your favorite sports:

Best bookies by other categories

Casual punters can easily find betting sites that are most suitable for them if they know how to search right. First of all, we recommend you set your goals, i.e., what you expect to get on a betting channel. Whether you want to entertain yourself, watch cool live streams, or plan to earn great cash on bets, you can do all these things if you pick up the right sportsbook operators.

Other most-searched categories of the betting sites are:


New bookies


Esports betting


Live betting


Mobile betting


Search by deposit


Search by welcome bonus

Why you can trust our reviews

Did you know that some sports betting companies have bought their ‘real people’ reviews containing nothing but words of admiration? Well, we need to disappoint you – they did! When bettors read all those delightful reviews, they think that a bookmaker is just what the doctor ordered to win big. In reality, users receive poor odds, drastic wagering requirements, and miserable betting markets. What makes things different with our reviews?

We never accept bribery or buying on second-rate ads of the brands. We always make in-detail research of a company’s history, reputation, and previous claims. We check a bookie’s social media presence to know whether an operator is open to the public. Our experts constantly monitor odds and bonuses to see if a site has valuable offerings to clients. We bet on real money alongside casual players to know that a bookie won’t cheat us with withdrawals. Finally, we always contact customer support reps to evaluate their professionalism and replying speed. Why do we do all these things? Because we do care! We love sports betting and know how to make a stable profit on bets. In our reviews, we want to share our knowledge and skills with you.

To make a long story short

After checking hundreds of sports betting sites worldwide, we come to the thought that it’s a casual bettor who should set up the rules, but not a sportsbook. Why? We know multiple cases when new bookies had good prospects to conquer a gambling market but failed to do so because they didn’t consider players’ needs and desires.

Huge mistake! Regular customers’ needs should come first for operators because, as we mentioned at the beginning, there is plenty of fish in the sports betting sea.

If betting companies show no respect to casual bettors, people will never return to their platforms twice. We hope sportsbooks will learn this golden rule. As for you, dear gamblers, you can always consult our expert rankings of operators to ensure that you bet on the proper platforms.

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