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Ireland, officially known as the Republic of Ireland, is a country located on the British isles, to the west of the United Kingdom. Previously part of the U.K., it won its independence in 1919 from Britain. With a population of only 4.9 million inhabitants it is a small country, however it is relatively wealthy. As a result its people have enough money to bet on sports or play in a casino. As of today some 44% of the Irish population plays the lottery and many enjoy wagering their money doing sports betting or gambling in online casinos. Ireland has relatively light regulation of gambling thus allowing many of its citizens to try their luck betting. There are many online gambling sites available to the Irish customers originating at both home, from the neighboring United Kingdom or and from elsewhere in the world. As many Irish gamblers would like to find a good online bookmaker for online betting, this article will help our Irish clients navigate the online maze of gambling houses and bookmakers. First thing to note is that there are plenty of betting sites available on the internet, some are legit and some are scam.

Betting in Ireland

A second thing to note is that betting sites that have their registration in legitimate jurisdictions allowing online gambling, such as UK, Ireland, Netherlands and others, are far safer than those which are registered offshore or in shady locations. Due to the fact that the population of Ireland is quite gambling and betting savvy, Ireland offers a large selection of legit betting sites for its customers. This article will review various internet bookmakers and sports betting sites that the Irish market offers. Here’s another statistic for you to consider. As sports, such as football, rugby and golf, are extremely popular in Ireland, so is wagering on them. Resultantly, one in ten Irish citizens have engaged in some form of sports betting at least once per week.

Thus betting in Ireland is extremely common with at least 490,000 people engaging in sports betting on a weekly basis.

The legal system of Ireland certainly reflects this statistic, allowing the sports betting industry to flourish in the country.

Is sports betting legal in Ireland?

The laws in Ireland reflect the fact that a large portion of the population likes to engage in one form of gambling or another. Thus they are relatively light when compared to some of the more restrictive countries, such as the United States. While the United States prohibits online sports betting on many websites and from many jurisdictions, the Republic of Ireland allows gambling, provided that it is done on the legal and licensed online betting sites. Thus many online bookmakers have access to the Irish market, with the government allowing its citizens to wager real money on some of the best online sports betting sites.

It is worth noting that although sports betting through licensed real bookmakers is allowed in Ireland, the legal system in the country prohibits physical, as opposed to online, casinos.

Hence, if you’re a tourist visiting Ireland or are an Irishman born there, you can wager your real money on sports bets from bookmakers, you’re somewhat restricted from visiting a casino. The latter do operate in Ireland as private clubs (due to the loopholes in the law) but are relatively small and they tend to restrict their visitors. These private clubs can offer their customers table roulette, poker and blackjack; but all in modest quantities. The laws of Ireland regarding gambling and betting are quite liberal, with the official gambling age set at 18.

How legal is wagering bets on a sportsbook in Ireland?

Now let’s talk about the legality of online sports betting in the country. First thing to note is that the Irish people have been betting on sport for a very long time. Ireland, thus, has a long history of betting and wagering money on sports. The Betting Act of 1931 was the first major Irish law to regulate sports betting in the country. Being relatively liberal, it allowed for betting on a diverse array of various sports, including horse racing. To accommodate for the changes in technology in the digital age, and the growing popularity of online betting sites, the law was updated with an amendment “Betting Act of 2015”.

Irish Gambling Commission

This new betting act updates the existing regulation on gambling in the Republic of Ireland, to allow for more new online betting sites to be safely available for the best online betting experience for Irish citizens. In accordance with the law, online bookmakers, providing a betting site to the Irish market, have to acquire a remote bookmaker or betting intermediary license. Thus the law allows for an offshore online bookmaker to register sites in Ireland and provide services to Irish the market, provided that it acquires a betting license. As a result, the law allows only the best betting sites to be available in Ireland. Therefore online betting can take place through safe and licensed domestic bookmakers, or through a licensed offshore bookmaker. So if you’re 18, new to gambling and want to find a safe betting site, an online bookmaker, which has been licensed by the state, will provide you with good terms and conditions for you to place your bets live on various Irish sports or other sports available.

Provided the site used for online betting is both licensed and regulated by the government of the Republic of Ireland, placing your bets on it is legal.

The good and lax terms and conditions, set by Irish government for the internet betting portals and other online bookmakers, allow for a vast and growing number of betting services to become available to the citizens of Ireland. Many like betting sites will allow for wagering your money on sports, placing wagers on horse racing (horse racing being a very popular sport in Ireland), placing wagers with minimum wagering requirements on the best online betting sites, and otherwise participating in a rich culture through the various betting sites offered in Ireland. So if you’re 18, new and want participate in live sports betting, or to place some bets on horse racing or football, you can try the following few Irish betting sites/ local online bookmakers:

  • Bet365,
  • Coral,
  • Paddy Power,
  • Boyle Sports,
  • Ladbrokes,
  • 10Bet,
  • Betway,
  • Betfair,
  • BetVictor.

These betting sites are licensed in Ireland and allow for a good gambling experience, complete with live betting, good wagering requirements, and nice odds on offer for placing bets on a variety of diverse sports; allowing any 18 new Irish better to take part in Irish betting, sports betting and wagering money with good gambling odds on horse racing. Should you want to place bets with better odds than the average, try using a licensed betting site with live streaming for the best gambling experience.

Engaging in online casinos in Ireland

If you are interested in the legal status of casinos in the Republic of Ireland, you should first note that the law allows online betting on casino gambling sites, but bans going to real physical casinos. Of course, the latter is not without some loopholes. First, although gambling in a real physical casino is illegal according to the Irish 2015 Betting Act, there are still some loopholes in the law allowing for the gambling houses to function as private clubs. These private clubs let you in if you have applied for a membership, with some charging you membership fees for it, and are usually held to quite a small size. So beware when you’re visiting Ireland of the restrictions placed on casinos by law.

But, as many sports betting sites and online bookmakers also offer online casinos, you’ll be pleased to find out that online casino gambling is both allowed and embraced by the Republic of Ireland.

Irish law allows for the best betting sites, featuring games such as table roulette, blackjack, and baccarat, to be available in the country.

Hence local casino webpages held offshore, provided they abide by the terms and conditions of Ireland, have been allowed to function in the country. The casino gambling sites in Ireland allow bets with low odds to be placed both live and online. As the best Irish culture has always had players and gamblers on popular sports and casino games, the law allows for online gambling, with the country having embraced the global betting industry. Some of the best casino games are offered, with a good betting site always available to the Irish player.

What is the most reliable sports betting site?

Paddy Power at a glance

So as you have an interest in finding the best sports betting site that can allow you to place a few bets with good odds, coming together with live betting and which can offer you free bets. First, note that many Irish betting sites offer the possibility of football betting, placing bets on horse racing and live betting. One of the best sports betting sites that is offered to the Irish is Paddy Power. It offers some great selections for a local bookie, good customer support to new customers, and is great for the Irish punters. Though beware, to sign up for the sports betting site you need to be Irish or British. The betting site is only available to customers from the UK or the Republic of Ireland. Paddy Power was founded in the capital of Ireland, Dublin, in 1988, and has a series of betting shops located on the British isles. Not only does the site offer good odds with its live betting service, but, if you don’t have a personal computer, the gambling house has an extremely large online telephone betting service.

Paddy Power logo

The company is one of the best Irish sports gambling companies and it offers live streaming of horse racing to its customers, along with live streaming of some other Irish sports. So you can enjoy watching live sporting events and participating in the betting markets with some of the best odds on this online sportsbook. Ireland offers its citizens some of the best online bookmakers, with a wide variety of payment options and bonus offers. For example, the company gives its new customers a a good welcome offer of a 20 euro bonus bet when creating a new account. Now let’s take a look at some other online bookies available to the Irish customers.

William Hill at a glance

As previously mentioned, Ireland allows for offshore sports betting sites to be available to its customers, provided that they acquire an Irish license and abide by the Irish law. Another online bookmaker that is present in the country is William Hill. It is a British bookmaker based in London, England, and with a good reputation, as its shares are currently traded on the London Stock Exchange. Not all internet gambling portals have that. Ireland provides the second biggest source of revenue for the bookmaker, and it is one of the most favored gambling sites for sports or other betting in Ireland.Β It can offer the user good betting odds and live streams of horse racing from Ireland, UK and the United states via its online TV service.

William Hill

This will give you live streaming of major sports events on the company website so you can place some free bets, or if you’re a new customer get some bet credits from the site. Live betting is also available with soft wagering requirements and a variety of payment methods. So if you chose to bet live on some Irish sports, than this site can offer you that. Beware, that even though the odds on bets are better in Ireland, as online betting is licensed by law and thus offers better betting odds than elsewhere, making bets with real money can still be dangerous.

Which one is more reliable?

If you're interested in which site is more reliable, it appears that the Irish bookie Paddy Power offers greater reliability that its British competitor, William Hill. Although the latter offers better betting odds, thus higher than average returns from each bet, and more free bets in each package, the former has greater reliability and is probably a little bit safer for online betting. As you are placing a bet online and want the best reliability for sports betting, this bookmaker will give you additional safety and offer greater reliability as you wager your money on sport. Although it gives you fewer free bets, has slightly lower odds than its British competitor, it makes up for it in safety and reliability. Being an Irish bookmaker, it will offer its customers higher quality of service, and a great host of options for betting over the telephone. Because William Hill offers higher odds, so this means a higher return on your bets, by the logic of economics it should be riskier. And according to the research done for this article, it is indeed a less reliable site. For example, Paddy Power has been named the best online betting option for customers in the UK by, and a leader in innovation in online gambling. This company offers some of the best gambling services, and what it lacks in free bets and gambling odds, it makes up in reliability and customer safety and security. So if you want to place a bet, and be sure that the returns on this bet will find their way into your wallet, than do not be afraid to bet with this Irish company.

Which sports betting website is the best?

If you’re looking for a place to wager your money in Ireland, then read on. You want the most free bets possible, you want to bet 10 dollars and get the highest odds, or simply want a free bet on sports or on casino. Of course, you know that sites with extremely high betting odds could be scam, or not legit. That’s why you’re looking for a place that Irish pundits go to, to get the highest bonuses and the biggest welcome offers. There are sites that will give you a welcome bonus and allow you to game, betting against the odds, some will offer a casino bonus alongside other promotions, ranging from low to a max. As there are many reviews on the internet, each giving a different score to the various sportsbooks available, what every gambler knows is that before you apply and deposit your money with a bookmaker, be sure to check its safety level first, or rick losing your cash and not getting your money back.

One of the ways to find the best betting website is to look at the jurisdiction where it is licensed.

Countries which have good gambling laws and regulations, have their governments inspect the various gambling sites, analyze their odds and certain other offered perks, to separate corn from its kernels. As there are many scam gambling sites on the internet, luring customers with a free bet or with insanely high odds, any gambler needs to make sure that a given website’s offers are genuine. Ireland can offer some of the best internet gambling sites in the world, with Irish betting being famous around the world. It has new and modern gambling regulations in effect, and before a gambling company can offer its services in the country, it first must get a license from the government of Ireland. So now let’s take a look at the best gambling website for Irish customers.

Below you will find another list of the best sites offered for Irish customers, some of which offer a free bet to their customers, or when you bet 10 dollars or more, give a credit to your betting account:

  • Bet365,
  • Mansionbet,
  • Betvictor,
  • 888sport,
  • Mr. Playsport,
  • Boylesports,
  • Coral,
  • Bethard,
  • BetRegal,
  • Quinnbet,
  • Betiton sport,
  • Fansbet,
  • Karamba,
  • Hopa,
  • WilliamHill,
  • Unibet,
  • Sportnation,
  • Mr. Green.

A small review of bet 365, a frequently visited website in Ireland

According to the research done for this review, it looks like the best website for you to wager your money on in Ireland is bet 365. Let’s talk a little about the website.

Bet 365 is a British online gambling company, with its head office located in the Stoke-on-Trent.

The company has a license to operate in Ireland from the Irish government and thus can be considered a safe website to place your bets on (not like some other betting sites). Bet 365 has a very nice interface, superior to other online bookmakers, and gives you the opportunity to place a live bet in an instant. This can be very important to winning your gamble. Bet 365 is an extremely good platform if you’re looking to be placing your bets on football, an extremely popular sport in Ireland and England. Their website can offer you a great deal of statistics regarding the football match, as well as giving your the option of placing bets with good odds on a wide variety of football games. Note, that the entire selection of football games is available for live betting, which can be very important to a gambler. Bet 365 gives you the option to view live football games from the majority of European leagues, as well as some from the Americas and Asia. Bet 365 thus is one of the best internet football bookmakers, particularly for live bets and other offers. To get a free bet on bet 365, a customer has to place a bet of up to 50 British pounds on a qualifying fixture, and be credited with a free bet once the game begins. Thus, any gambler can benefit from the free bets offered while placing his bet on football or on other sports.

Reliable bookmakers in Ireland

Bet 365 has topped two lists presented in this article of Ireland’s best sports betting sites. Given Ireland’s historic reputation for sports gambling, bet 365 is worth considering for placing a bet on, particularly if you’re interested in gambling on football. The odds for a bet are said to be competitive, however, according to the, bet 365 likes to take some extra juice on each bet waged. While the average betting margin set by the bookmaker for football games in the UK and Ireland is 4.5%, the margin set by bet 365 appears to be 1.8% higher, or 6.3%. This extra margin taken means that the odds on each bet placed here are lower, compared to the odds on a bet placed on another site. However, bet 365 offers you increased live coverage, particularly of football, so you can be in full enjoyment while wagering your money. Bet 365 offers its customers a variety of payment methods, from credit and debit cards, to bank transfers and electronic wallet payments. So you can quickly credit your account and begin placing bets online, although with slightly lower odds than some of its competitors. Bet credits and free bets offered by bet 365 on events such as football and horse racing have allowed the company to create a loyal customer base. Here it is important to say that many online bookmakers use free bets to lure clients to their site, but the company in question will offer free bets to its existing client base.

A brief overview of the Irish sports wagering market

Ireland has quite a large gambling scene, with approximately 20% of Irish people going to sports gambling houses or casinos of some sort. Some of the most popular sports for people to wager their money on are football, rugby and horse racing. Not surprisingly, many in Ireland love the same sports as many in England do. The two countries have close historical tries with one another. First, it is important to note that some 72% of gambling shops in Ireland are composed of the following three names: PaddyPower, BoyleSports and Ladbrokes. These are the most popular gambling shops in Ireland, with PaddyPower taking up some 30% of all licensed bets and having 264 shops in Ireland. BoyleSports, on the other hand, has 219 shops, and Ladbrokes has only 143 shops.

PaddyPower also ranks at the top of the most visited betting sites in Ireland list(with some 18.4% of internet visits), followed by Betfair, Boylesports, WilliamHill and Skybet.

These sites both offer free bets and sign up bonuses to their customers, starting from GBP 10 for PaddyPower and going up to GBP 100 for Betfair. Many popular Irish bookmakers offer nice bet credits coupled with free bets to their clients, although PaddyPower limits its free bet to only EUR 5 per customer per week. Thus, the most popular site in Ireland does not offer large free bets or bet credits. Although this is compensated by certain other bookmakers, such as Betfair. With a sign-up bonus for an Irish player of up to GBP 100, and plenty of free bets and other bet credits, Betfair is certainly looking to lure in some new customers, chasing free bets from online bookmakers.

The total value of the Irish gambling market, as of today, has been estimated at approximately EUR 1.1 billion. Given that the GDP of Ireland is only USD 382.5 billion, the gambling market in Ireland is huge. As previously mentioned, gambling and betting on sports has been a tradition for a long time in the country, thus many people are interested in wagering their money on sporting events. The country has an extremely good regulatory environment for betting, attracting many to its gambling industry. Due to the proximity of Ireland to England, many of the sports liked by English people are also liked by the Irish. Below is a list of the most popular sports used for betting in Ireland:

  • Football,
  • Rugby,
  • Gaelic Sports,
  • Horse Racing,
  • Cricket,
  • UFC/MMA,
  • Boxing,
  • Tennis,
  • Golf.

Should you want to bet 10 dollars, or bet 10 000 dollars, on a sports event, the Irish gambling market will offer you some great opportunities. Not only does it have extremely good regulation, thus attracting new players to it and enhanced odds due to its competitiveness, you can also get a nice deposit bonus on your funds deposited with the bookmaker.

As you have read this review, you should now be aware of the benefits of online gambling in Ireland. Although please remember to gamble responsibly and should you have a problem, such as an addiction, to online gambling, then sites such as can help you overcome your problems with wagering money on sports or in casino. This site is good to any gambler that feels he has lost a lot of money online or that he has an addiction that needs to be addressed. So don’t hesitate to contact a help center if you feel that you’ve crossed the line with your bets.

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