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MMA wagering, particularly on the UFC, is one of the fastest-growing sectors at UFC betting sites and sportsbooks worldwide.

Fans of mixed martial arts have a voracious appetite for excitement, from wagering on UFC Fight Night odds to the big shows on the UFC schedule to the lesser promotions such as Bellator and other leagues.

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The Difference Between MMA and UFC

If you are new to betting on the UFC and have no experience watching MMA matches, you may be puzzled by the distinction between the UFC and MMA.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is a mixed martial arts sports promotion (MMA).

The UFC is the business responsible for promoting bouts under its own banner, with fighters that they recruit to compete.

These fighters are known as mixed martial artists because they engage in a sport where the rules include the use of a variety of strikes, takedowns, grips, and submissions that historically would have originated from sports like boxing, Muay Thai, wrestling, and BJJ.

Obviously, the UFC is not the only mixed martial arts organization, nor is it the only promotion for MMA betting. While the firm runs the largest and most well-known mixed martial arts (MMA) organization in the world, they do compete with other organizations in the United States and internationally.

MMA and UFC Betting

Types of UFC and MMA Bets Available


As in other sports, betting on the Moneyline involves predicting the winner of a fight. For example, if McGregor is +150 on the Moneyline and Nurmagomedov is -170, Nurmagomedov is the favorite to win and you would need to wager $170 to win $100. If you wager $100 on McGregor and he wins the fight, you would receive a payout of $150. A multitude of criteria determines which fighter to bet on in an MMA Moneyline wager.

Bets on the underdog can result in substantial payouts if the underdog wins. Consider the strengths and limitations of their fighting style, any injuries they may be dealing with, the conditions in which the fight will take place, and any combat preparations they have to do to meet their weight class.

Total Rounds

Over/under wagers on the number of rounds the fight will last until a winner is determined. If the bookmaker sets the number of rounds at 2.5 with odds of -140 and the battle lasts three rounds, you would gain $100 if you wager $140 on over.

Given the limited number of rounds in MMA and the various fighting styles of the competitors, it is typically more difficult to choose over/under.

When two defensive fighters engage in combat, conflicts typically linger longer, and it may be prudent to assume control. If both fighters are active, betting under might result in a victory.

Winning Method

Unique to MMA battles are wagers on the manner in which the winner will prevail. There are three ways to win in mixed martial arts: knockout, submission, and judge’s decision (score). For this form of wager, it is not necessary to predict which fighter will win, only the manner in which the fight will be won. If the chances of a knockout victory are +120 and you wager $100 on it, you will earn $120 if Demetrious Johnson knocks out Tyron Woodley in the last round.

If the two fighters have a history of lasting the full three or five rounds, betting on a decision victory might be profitable. If both fighters are skilled attackers, a knockout victory may be the best option.

Types of UFC and MMA Bets Available


A parlay wager is a wager on several bout results and requires that all outcomes be picked properly in order to win. For instance, if you wager $100 on Dillashaw and Tate to win their respective bouts, you will need both boxers to prevail in order to win the parlay wager. Given that you must correctly predict each outcome of the whole wager, parlays are a riskier form of MMA wagering with bigger payouts.


Do you believe McGregor will retain his world championship in 2019? You may wager on its futures. If the current odds are +200 and you wager $100, you may earn $200 if McGregor maintains his dominance. Futures contracts are offered far in advance of a decision and are continuously changed as the process proceeds.

Prop Bets

In addition to total rounds and manner of victory, prop bets can be placed on particular outcomes of a fight. Will a match last less than 25 minutes? That can be counted on. Prop bets are normally offered for anything relating to a fight and are seen as being mostly for entertainment purposes.

Live/In-Play Wagering

The capacity to wager on ongoing combat. The odds are dynamic and will be updated throughout the battle based on real-time events. If you believe that Cormier will knock out his opponent to terminate the fight, bet on him to win and reap the benefits.

How to Read UFC Betting Odds

The odds for most sports are provided in the same manner. The negative symbol (-) represents the favorite, whereas the plus sign (+) represents the underdog. You will also observe that odds are often based on $100 wagers.

When you read +110 or -110, it indicates that the juice or vig — the amount collected by the bookmaker – is $10. The juice is often between $5 and $10, as sportsbooks must generate revenue to survive.

For instance, chances for a fight between Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov may be shown in this manner.

Fighter Odds
McGregor +125
Nurmagomedov – 155

If you were to wager on the favorite (Nurmagomedov), you would have to wager $155 in order to win $100. In contrast, if you bet on the underdog (McGregor), you need only wager $100 to win $125.

Bets on the underdog carry a greater degree of danger, which is why you do not need to wager as much as you would on the favorite. Notably, you are not required to wager $100 on the game. Depending on the sportsbook, you are free to gamble on anything.

You deserve praise if you can correctly spell “Nurmagomedov” on the first try. Some of us were required to look it up.

Before you can start wagering on UFC bouts, you must understand the cage’s regulations.

If you’ve ever heard the expression “Two men enter, one man exits,” you know that these battles are not for the faint of heart.

Even though this is not combating to the death, knockouts and injuries are typical while suffering such punches. If you have any interest in betting profitably and comprehending UFC odds, you must grasp the rules:

How to bet on UFC and MMA?


Fights must take place inside a ring or cage, and mouth protectors are required.


Regular fights consist of three rounds, whereas main events and larger fights consist of five rounds of five minutes each, separated by a one-minute break.


Outside the ring, three judges examine the action from distinct vantage points.

Using a 10-point scoring system, they monitor fighter tactics like hitting, grappling, cage control, aggression, and defense.


The referee is not necessarily among these officials.


Head butting, hair tugging, and neck strikes are but three of the numerous infractions a fighter may commit.

If a boxer commits many of these violations, the referee may issue a disqualification. Certain infractions can result in the deduction of points from the scoreboard.


Some fighters violate these regulations, which might damage your UFC predictions.

They employ these rules to establish or improve their methods, and if you know the rules, you can comprehend how the strategies of competitors and the votes of judges may affect the outcome of a bout. This will assist you in learning how to wager on UFC bouts.

Features of live betting on UFC and MMA

Live betting, often known as in-game betting or in-play betting, is a wonderful way to add extra excitement to watching many UFC fights on a night. In Tennessee, where sports betting MMA is only available online, UFC / MMA live betting offers several betting chances as bouts proceed.

Bets on the fight outcome, the manner of victory, the over/under on total rounds, and numerous prop bets such as round betting, in which you choose the winner and specify the round, are among the most popular sorts of UFC / MMA live betting.

With live betting, the odds constantly change as the battle progresses, as the TN sportsbook updates them according to the performance of the fighters. As you see and evaluate each fighter’s performance and the overall dynamic of the battle, you may utilize this knowledge in a variety of ways to reevaluate how the fight will end and, consequently, what bets to place.

Additionally, you may use live betting to hedge your pre-fight wagers and lower your overall risk. For example, after placing a pre-fight Moneyline wager on Tony Ferguson to win, you see him battling for two rounds. Then, you place a similar-sized in-game betting on Ferguson’s opponent with superior odds, assuring that you will either incur a minor loss if Ferguson recovers and wins or realize a profit if he loses.

Using live betting to hedge a parlay wager can also be an effective approach.

Suppose you have invested $100 on a three-bet parlay and have already won the first two wagers. If the favorite Anthony Pettis defeats Donald Cerrone, you will win your parlay wager and get a payout of $600. The battle begins, and during the first round, Cerrone looks to be holding his own despite being a +120 underdog before the second round begins.

If you then put a $100 live Moneyline wager on Cerrone, you will win regardless of the outcome of the fight. If Pettis wins, you will receive $600 less than the $200 wagered. If Cerrone prevails, you will receive $240 minus $200. You have been guaranteed that you will not incur a financial loss regardless of the outcome.

MMA Betting Strategies

Take the younger fighter

In many sports, experience, and knowledge are crucial, but in mixed martial arts, the explosiveness and ferocity of younger competitors are evident. Since January 2020, the younger fighter has won 62% of his UFC matches.

In the previous eight years, younger MMA competitors have had a substantially greater victory % than older ones.

Age Winning rate
Under 25 61%
25 – 30 59%
31 – 35 51%
36 – 40 46%
Over 40 42%

While this chart is quite useful, it becomes less so when two fighters of comparable ages face off. However, the following data are crucial while selecting MMA wagers.

  • When the age difference between fighters was five years or more, the younger fighter won 61 percent of the time.
  • When fighters were at least 10 years different in age, the younger fighter won 64 percent of the time.

Over time, it becomes clear that supporting the younger fighter might pay handsomely.

Nonetheless, you must still pay attention to form, since there are experienced elder opponents who know how to win by fighting intelligently.

Late replacements

It is normal for MMA matches to undergo late adjustments, and fighter withdrawals are regular. Late replacements are Fighters with less than a month of training. In UFC history, late subs have lost 64 percent of all bouts.

The average odds of every late replacement fighter in the UFC are +181, indicating that late replacements are often underdogs.

Method of victory Late replacement win rate Late replacement loss rate
KO / TKO 10% 22%
Submissions 8% 13%
Decisions 18% 30%

Take the better striker

If two fighters have similar odds, choose the one with the superior striker. The striking statistics include strikes landed per minute, the accuracy of strikes, and strikes absorbed per minute. The superior striker has a 64% victory percentage in the UFC – an impressive statistic.

As of February 2022, 546 UFC bouts have taken place inside the octagon. There have been 225 knockout victories, 138 submission victories, 141 unanimous decisions, 31 split decisions, three majority decisions, and three disqualifications.

The greatest possible score is a knockout, which necessitates a strong striking performance in order to knock out the opponent. It is essential to pay attention to individual weight categories since some will have a greater KO rate than others.

Weight Division UFC KO Rate
Lightweight 25%
Welterweights 33%
Middleweights 37%
Light Heavyweights 51%
Heavyweights 61%

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UFC/MMA betting tips

New to wagering on UFC bouts? Has it been a while since you put a UFC wager for real money? We’ve included some of the most essential bet MMA tips and techniques for novices below. Keep in mind that the fact that these are designated as being for novice UFC bettors does not imply that they are unimportant for serious and professional UFC bettors.

Do not wager on every bout

If the sole purpose of your UFC betting is to have fun, you can dismiss my recommendation. Pay attention if you’re serious about making money betting on MMA fights. You should only wager on bouts in which you have a clear forecast of the outcome and the MMA / UFC betting odds support a positive anticipated value change. Occasionally, this may necessitate not wagering on a major main event or a very popular bout. If you lack an advantage, you should not place a wager.

Don’t rely exclusively on statistics

It is crucial to consider statistics while betting on UFC matches. However, statistics do not always provide a whole picture. Ensure that you are observing a fight film and searching for intangibles that might affect the result of a fight. Additionally, ensure that you are examining the correct statistics.

UFC/MMA betting tips

Verify the accuracy of your bet slips

Whether you want to wager in person or through UFC betting websites, you must verify the correctness of your tickets. Before and immediately after placing a wager, take a moment to confirm that everything is in order. Check that you are on the correct side of the wager, that the amount and MMA betting odds are accurate, and that it is for the correct event. Mistakes do happen.

Compare MMA betting odds at the leading betting websites

Obtaining accurate MMA betting odds can determine whether you place a wager and how much you can win, as we’ve discussed several times. But were you aware that various UFC sportsbooks may provide varying MMA betting odds on the same wager? It’s a fact.

Before placing a wager on a UFC bout, take the time to compare the odds offered by several different sportsbooks.

It’s a major step in the right direction if you can position yourself for a greater possible profit on the same wager.

Don’t get caught up in false hype

Observing UFC matches is exciting. Sometimes the thrill comes from the fight, and sometimes it comes from the events that occur outside the octagon. Recall this. The role of the announcers and MMA media is to amuse and energize the audience. This indicates that a fighter with an intriguing backstory may receive a substantial boost in popularity (like maybe a comeback). The excitement may not correspond with the fighter’s actual chances of victory.

Best UFC/MMA Betting Sites

The more popular UFC betting becomes the more new sportsbooks allow wagers on the sport to appear. However, just a few provide outstanding odds, a variety of wagering options, and attractive promotions. In order to assist you to find those that do, our specialists have tested them all and have listed their top five recommendations below.

  • BetMGM – The best betting site for MMA overall
  • DraftKings – Provides the most competitive MMA betting odds
  • FanDuel – Leading sportsbook for unusual MMA betting lines
  • BetRivers – Top UFC sportsbook for promotions
  • PointsBet – Only UFC betting website that provides points betting.

Best UFC Betting Apps

  • Bovada – The leading online UFC / MMA betting app
  • MyBookie’s – Revamped app interface simplifies real-money UFC wagering
  • BetOnline – Trustworthy mobile sportsbook app with excellent UFC odds and UFC / MMA betting lines
  • BetNow – Provides many bonuses for wagering on MMA matches
  • – Reputable online sportsbook with a quality UFC betting application.

When compiling our list of the best UFC betting apps for real money, we examined a variety of aspects. Each of these applications was evaluated for safety and security, usability, bonus chances, real-money MMA online betting alternatives, and much more. Because of this, we can promise that you will have a fantastic time UFC betting online at any of these mobile betting apps.


Can you make money betting on MMA?

Online UFC betting is quite beneficial if gamblers wager on the appropriate picks. However, the profitability of UFC betting online is subjective and largely dependent on the individual bettor. Some individuals will make more precise UFC wagers.

How does MMA betting work?

You pick a winner or loser and hope your prediction comes true.

Where can I bet on MMA?

You may gamble on the UFC with any of our recommended bookies, which you can discover on this website or by selecting the sportsbook button at the top of this page.

Is a draw a loss in MMA betting?

If the wagering offer on a match includes a draw as a third option, and the match ends in a draw, bets on the draw will be reimbursed, but bets on either fighter will be deemed losers. This includes a "majority draw" outcome.

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