Best Tennis Betting Sites

William Hill Sportsbook
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Tennis tournaments are the perfect combo of intense chemistry, hit-or-miss twists, and incredible emotional charge for all parties involved: players, spectators, and sports bettors. No wonder that tennis games have bombshell success in the global sports arena. Tennis bettors can feel this thrill firsthand as top-ranked bookmakers gladly open their doors to punters, teasing them with cherry-pie bonuses and lucrative odds.

Finding a top tennis betting site may turn into a challenging quest. You can wander the labyrinths of sportsbooks to see the light at the end of this never-ending tunnel with a sole aim – to find the bookies that suit your needs and expectations, and don’t fool their customers with sluggish payouts. Luckily, we passed this quest for you!

TOP-3 Tennis Betting Sites

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Payout Speed 1-2 days
  • High limits
  • Video broadcasts of matches
  • Match Center
  • Mobile applications
  • Large selection of sports betting markets.
Rank 9.3/10
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30 €/$ welcome bonus Get It Now
Payout Speed 1-3 days
  • Acceptable margin;
  • ESports betting;
  • Online casino;
  • Betting hotline
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Payout Speed 1-3 days
  • ESports betting;
  • Online Casino;
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  • TV games betting;
  • Keno
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Our expert team analyzed the market from head to tail to track down the best betting sites that ever stepped on the online stage. Whether you are a freshman in tennis wagering or a seasoned pro, you will not regret a single minute that you’ll spend on these sportsbooks’ platforms, enjoying a real-money play.

Top Tennis Betting Sites

To all fans of big tennis

When punters bet on tennis events, we know they have two goals – entertainment purposes and money-making. Both goals are accessible if you choose a worthy sports betting site. Starters are not always able to detect a trusted bookie from a better-to-sidestep fraud, as this talent requires a multi-year user experience.

Our pundits are experienced enough to scan sportsbooks on their trustworthiness. These cornerstones help us make a fair verdict:

  • Accreditation: The authorized bodies should approve trusted sites with all rights reserved in their vicinity. Today it takes no effort to check whether a bookie has a license as this data is available online. Accredited sportsbooks obey the established gambling regulations, meaning that the law protects customers’ interests.
  • User interface: A joy of the most lavish free bet offer may be ruined if a bookmaker has an unwelcome website with terrible navigation and user interface. We realize that all users have their vision of how a site design should look like and we won’t trash a bookmaker for the wrong colors or a lack of images. What we mean is that punters should feel comfortable when they browse the pages or register on a portal to get started placing bets.
  • Good name: Reputation is above all, and high-profile betting operators know this golden rule to gamble responsibly. When we inspect sportsbooks for this criterion, we check their history of unresolved claims. If a bookie has multiple complaints and unanswered petitions from former clients, we make sure it won’t appear on our best sites list.
  • Wagers range: This criterion may seem insufficient for starters, but pro-bettors know that a vast spectrum of options for betting on tennis action is a must-have when choosing a site. Leading bookmakers offer much more to gamblers than betting only on the iconic US Open. With the vast number of games and tourneys that a tennis universe may offer, it will be a crime to limit punters by one or two betting options.
  • Bonus offers: Top-ranked online tennis betting sites have fantastic loyalty programs for newbies and loyal customers. It’s fruitful cooperation for both parties. Bookmakers can boost their user base by offering an ample welcome bonus, cashback, and free bets for punters, while punters get great perks at no fee.

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  • Swift payouts: We run on many online betting companies that intentionally delay payouts during our site investigations. They hope that bettors will tolerate such a state of affairs and will keep spending their winning money on new tennis bets again and again. We hate when sports betting sites act this way. We are sure that a bettor has a right to withdraw cash whenever he needs it, but not when a sportsbook allows.
  • Customer service: A delight from betting on tennis matches online can be shadowed by technical bugs or other issues that a punter may face on a bookie’s site. That’s when the customer support reps have a chance to impress punters with their top-notch assisting skills. When we get started testing a betting operator, we always heed how fast users can reach the help center and get needed help in time.
  • Mobility: When betting on spin sports online, punters need to have more alternatives than only one good old desktop website. Mobile solutions offer immense opportunities for users considering their availability and live betting progress. When you need to bet on tennis competitions at this particular moment, you shouldn’t bother yourself by rushing to the computer. Bettors can do it with a handy mobile app, and our experts always make sure that ranked gambling sites have them.

Top tennis betting sites: checked by our experts

The cornerstones mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg, as to find a real treasure in the betting ocean, we dive deeper. We compare tennis odds on numerous betting channels to know the difference and see what site is cheap. We test in-play betting options and the streaming quality and cross-check the multitude of payment methods (what else a bookie offers, except for credit cards).

Our researchers weigh the withdrawing limits for bettors to know that they can effortlessly request large sums when they need them. Our analysts supervise how many games, leagues, and markets the betting operators have in their portfolios so that tennis enthusiasts can bet on a substantial assortment of events that are held around the world. Then we put all pieces of the puzzle together and voila! After an in-depth analysis, we can give you a bottom line and make a ranking of high-profile sites for betting on tennis.

tennis bets

Popular tennis bet types

A tennis match renders unbounded opportunities for bettors as there are plenty of possible outcomes and twists they can bet on within a single game. For succeeding in tennis wagers, gamblers should feel the taste of victory when their bet hits the target. Thus, learning tennis wagers basics is the essential factor for money-making betting.

Bet types


Correct score bet

The most tranquil way to earn hard coins on tennis wagers is to bid on the correct score of a tournament. Though it may seem like nothing complicated for new punters, seasoned gamblers know that there can be multiple unpredictable twists in the course of a match. Thus, it will be right to check the players’ background, injuries history, sports news, and even a weather forecast before placing a bet.


Match winner bet

Bettors need to predict who will win the match. Experts advise doing pre-research of the match participants to set the winner correctly. Even when you know that such eminent champs as Serena Williams or Rafael Nadal have better chances to score the match in their favor, it will still be useful to monitor their competitors to evaluate both parties’ winning chances.


Point spread bet

This bet type is widespread in team sports and is beloved by tennis bettors as well. The bettor’s goal is to guess the number of points for each contestant and decide whether it will cover the bookmakers’ spread. Point spreads require a combo of skills, knowledge, and intuition from a bettor as it’s not always simple to predict how a game will run.


Prop bets

Proposition bets allow punters to apply their imagination and wager on diverse outcomes within a game. Will there be the player elimination? Who will last longer? Who will get the points cut? We think you got the point. Prop bets are popular among more demanded gamblers who are not enough to wager purely on the total score or a match-winner.


Over/under bet

Ahead of a tennis tourney, bookmakers release their prognosis of the sets number before a match comes to an end. A punter’s task is to guess if the actual number of sets will be higher or lower than sportsbooks’ forecasts. In other words, bettors need to beat a bookie’s estimation to win the bet.


In-play bet

In-play betting is colossally popular among tennis admirers. Watching tournaments can send shivers down fans’ spines due to amazing dynamics and emotional explosion on the court. How can one resist live betting options in such a situation? The best sites allow punters to feel that thrill by betting on tennis game outcomes in real-time, just amid the ongoing confrontation. Another great option during in-play wagering is known as cash-out. It allows gamblers to rebuild their original bet if they see that the chances are not on their side.

Best tennis tournaments revealed

Do you know that some iconic tennis tournaments gather more spectators on the TV screens than luxurious and mega-expensive royal weddings? Well, they do, and we know why! Spectators can spend hours watching the best tennis stars compete in life-changing games for a notable trophy. Bettors also can become a part of this triumph when their wagers hit the mark.

High-class betting companies always have more than one significant tournament for bettors in their menu.

When one big tourney is done, another one is at the door. Just like players who need to train regularly to show excellent performance on the court, bettors also need to master their wagering skills during events. The largest tourneys that are beloved both by amateurs and skilled punters are:

  • US Open
  • Australian Open
  • Wimbledon
  • French Open
  • ATP Finals
  • Grand Slam
  • Davis Cup

How to pump up your skills in tennis betting

The paramount factor that differs a pro-bettor from an amateur is that he feels the scent of value wagers.

Borle tennis betting. Strategies and Tips

You can’t prosper in betting on tennis if you place empty bets that don’t possess any significant value. How to count the value of a bet? Simple! Evaluate the probability of the game outcome and compare it with the odds offered by bookmakers. The betting operators usually give better odds and higher prices for events with lower winning probability.

However, if your calculation hits the bookies’ prognosis, you can be the one to drink champagne, celebrating your triumph.

Another crucial aspect of flourishing in online wagers is to check stats regularly, but not just taking a single quick glance at the expert predictions. Luckily, many sites adjust the stats ahead and amid the events and release updates in time so that bettors can place mindful wagers based on the in-detail statistics but not on the fortune-tellers’ predictions. A similar story relates to the players’ health conditions and accident injuries. If a champ you wager on is not in the best shape ahead of the big tourney, you should be aware of it firsthand, unless you don’t care about losing money.

Finally, you need to evaluate any unpredictable twists that may influence a match outcome, including weather and a court’s surface. Even a comparing analysis of the players’ game styles plays an integral role for successful wager as the same champ may be a strong opponent for one player and an underdog for another player with a different play style. Also, keep in mind the benefit of free bet offers. If you don’t want to spend your cash on wagers, you can use a bookmaker’s generous offer and place a free bet on a potential winner. If you win, you take the money; if you fail, you lose nothing. No risk for a bettor!

Expert opinion

Tennis tournaments open amazing horizons for bettors. When one significant tourney is over, another is already on the corner, giving punters unlimited money-making and pleasurable betting opportunities. Of course, to prosper in this niche, punters need to do some homework, i.e., know the champs and underdogs, monitor the stats, hunt for the most lavish odds on the multiple betting sites. Whether you are a rookie or a sharp bettor, it would help if you learned the basics to know the winner’s and loser’s strategies. Use our experts’ tips for valuable betting and select the best online sportsbooks at your taste from our top list.


What are the pros of online betting for tennis events?

The most vivid advantages of online betting for punters are accessibility (they can wager on betting sites 24/7), diversity of payment methods, and richer wagers offering than in the brick-and-mortar establishments.

Can I create the account on numerous betting sites?

Be our guest! You can create accounts on as many sites as you wish. We recommend selecting licensed operators for safe and favorable gamble experience.

What is the fastest way to withdraw funds on a bookie's site?

It depends on the available options that a bookmaker offers. As a rule, e-wallet operations work faster for funds withdrawing (24 hours) than bank transfers (3-5 days).

What are the best tennis betting sites?

You can pick up any site from our expert ranking for profitable tennis wagers, and we bet you won't be disappointed.

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