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Betting Sites That Accept VisaEcopayz Betting Sites — How to use EcoPayz for sports bettingMasterCard Betting Sites
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Betting Sites That Accept VisaEcopayz Betting Sites — How to use EcoPayz for sports bettingMasterCard Betting Sites
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Betting Sites That Accept VisaEcopayz Betting Sites — How to use EcoPayz for sports bettingMasterCard Betting Sites
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Betting Sites That Accept VisaMasterCard Betting SitesNeteller betting Sites 2023
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Golf is no longer exclusive for rich and famous celebs, who adore traveling to exotic islands to enjoy this captivating and thrilling pastime. Nowadays, golf holds the crown of the top-5 prevalent sports by the spectators’ activity rate. The major golf tournaments take place in front of the crowded tribunes and gather millions of views during the TV broadcasts. Fans still can’t reach an agreement on what generates more thrill – watching the tourneys or betting on golf. We would say that both components are inseparable when it comes to golf.

Such magnificent tour events as the US Open or PGA Tour traditionally cause a real craze among golf bettors.

However, it is just a drop in the ocean of the wide range of local and international championships.

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Within the next five minutes, we will make you dive into the endless online golf betting ocean and introduce you to the best sportsbooks for lucrative golf wagers. We will uncover our hunting methods for the top online sportsbooks and tell what sites are the best for real-money golf betting. Our experts will explain the divergence of golf bets and the hidden power of odds for you to walk up with the unbeaten wagering strategy. We know how easy it is to get lost in the woods of the numerous bookmakers that only make loud promises, but in reality, offer zero tools for profitable sports betting. After reading this quick guide, we bet that each of you will find a golf betting site that suits you the best. Ready? Then let’s get started!

golf betting

Is betting on golf legal?

Dwellers of the gambling-loyal countries can bet on golf lawfully if they are of the legal age (it is the stringiest requirement for all sports bettors). Currently, punters from the European countries, Asia, South Africa, Canada, and the US gambling-friendly regions can savor betting on golf online at the regulated sportsbook platforms. The UK and Scottish residents are considered the biggest admirers of this match-play game, and it’s no wonder as golf has its roots from Scotland of the 16c. (at that time, it was titled the game of monarchs). After a while, the game spread to France and Middle England until it strengthened its popularity on the global arena in the 19c.

The match-play game success has reached its peak after a manifold of online golf betting sites stepped on the worldwide arena. However, bookmakers have to obey some regulations set by the authorities and international commissions if they want to be in this business by right. A valid license alongside the mandatory levying are two primary requirements for online sportsbook operators to provide their services to global users.

Unlike bookmakers, bettors’ winnings are not taxable as they don’t relate to the income source in the majority of vicinities.

Of course, some golf betting operators may dare to charge harsh fees from gamblers, but if your bookmaker acts this way, we strongly advise you to change the provider.

Pros of betting on golf online

With the Internet boost, punters could evaluate the immense possibilities of online betting sites. Golf enthusiasts can now wager on events with comfort around the clock on any of the best betting sites with all rights reserved. Speed and convenience are two unbeaten privileges of online betting. People can bet on any tournament via a computer, phone, or any other suitable gadget in a couple of clicks. No need to stand in sky-long lines or hunt for black-label bookmakers to wager on a game! With the mobile tech progress, punters can always have a bookie in their pocket not to drop a bountiful bet.

Best Golf Betting Sites

Do you worry about your anonymity when you submit money transactions on an online betting site? No more worries! You can pay and pull out your winning funds via the e-services that all online bookmakers offer on their websites. These operations are prompt and super convenient, and bettors can keep their gambling activity a secret as none of the e-wallet transactions will appear in their bank statements. Moreover, experts admit that soon all golf betting sites will integrate Bitcoin for even faster money transfers. Finally, the unconquerable advantage of online sportsbooks upon the brick-and-mortar betting shops is a mind-blowing bonus offering. Online bookies may fight for each loyal customer due to the harsh market competition, but it gives users certain advantages. You are the one who selects a bookmaker, but not vice versa!

Point nuances of choosing a trusted online golf betting site

Dozens of online sports betting sites appear on the market monthly, tending to get their place among the industry leaders. Such a vast assortment has its pros and cons because even experienced golf bettors (no need to recall rookies) may get in a trap of the low-profile bookies that deftly hide their pitfalls from the audience. Luckily, our pundits with a long-term background in golf bets came up with the point nuances list that detects the best golf betting sites, which are worth your trust, from the real-nightmare bookmakers.

Trademarks of a trusted golf betting site are:


Top-notch site layout:

After multi-year experience in the sports betting sites’ testing, we still tend to get it why so many bookmakers have websites that are nothing but a mess! One of the undeniable hallmarks that identifies the best golf betting sites from low-profile duplicates is their top-notch website interface with transparent navigation and all necessary data located in one place.


Lightning withdrawals:

We get so riled when we bump into the online betting sites that intentionally delay users’ withdrawals. Maybe, they hope that punters will keep placing bets again and again if they get tired of waiting infinity-long to pull out their hard-earned coin. The bookmakers that we have titled as trusted never hold off withdrawals. If you need your deserved winnings at once, we make sure you’ll get them right away at these sites.


Lavish bonus campaigns:

Cherished bonuses are not a way to bribe users’ loyalty, but a sign of respectable bookmakers’ attitude to their new and loyal customers. The best golf betting sites will never ignore a chance to enlarge their user-base by offering generous perks to gamblers (free bets, cashback, deposit bonus for newbies, and even real gifts, like gadgets, tickets to golf tournaments, and symbolic T-shirts). Besides, top-ranked bookies have the adjusted promo code systems that offer even more available bonuses for bettors.


Events diversity:

The top-class sportsbooks have a much more sundry golf tournament assortment than betting purely on the major events like the PGA Tour or Korn Ferry Tour. We have nothing against these, but agree that when you can bet on large-scale tourneys alongside smaller domestic games, you receive broader prospects for earning big bucks on the golf betting sites.


Gainful golf odds:

White-label sports betting providers don’t move the golf betting odds once per century, but ahead of each significant tourney or the same day with the event. To boot, trusted operators adjust the betting odds amid the ongoing games and notify users about the latest changes before they click on the ‘Submit a bet’ button. When you go shopping for the best golf odds on the market, pay a visit to the several golf betting sites instead of getting stuck on the one for years.


Qualified help center agents:

If users require assistance or seek a piece of expert advice from the bookie’s customer service reps, they should have the guarantees to get the one in time. That’s our indisputable criterion when inspecting the operators to name the best of the best golf betting sites that have ever walked in the gambling coliseum. Qualified and client-oriented customer support agents are the public face of any brand, and we believe that top-tier bookies should not have a filthy look.



None of contemporary bettors would like to carry a computer everywhere, not to miss a lucrative bet possibility. In the 21st century, we get used that each spectrum of our daily routine is somewhat bonded with mobile tech, and sports betting is just the case. Thus, each eminent betting site has a handy mobile app or an adaptable-to-mobile-browsers website version for players’ convenience. We will be shocked to meet a present-day bookie without an adept mob app, at least if this bookmaker counts to get the place in our top sites ranking.

Best sportsbooks for betting on golf are here

We need to confess that it was a stiff challenge for our agents to find the best sites for betting on golf. The challenge is explained not by the lack of bookies (on the contrary, there is a myriad of available), but by identifying the industry frontrunners from second-rank operators. After testing a glut of golf betting sites from top to bottom, our pundits could name the winners that hold the title of the best ones (see the list above). So why did these bookies get the crown?

First of all, these sportsbooks amazed us with their live betting options.

Suppose you seek a space to wager on golf online amid the ongoing tourneys. In that case, these golf betting sites adapt the offered odds more frequently than alternatives, and they notify a bettor ahead of the changes but not after he submits a bet. Another proof of these bookies’ superiority is an impressive golf tournament collection. Except for familiar-to-everyone and demanded-by-bettors PGA Tour and LPGA, these bookies give punters a myriad of extra options for betting on local tourneys divided by vicinities.

best sites for betting on golf

The bonus offers on these sites will also impress the most demanded bettors: a 100% bonus on the first-ever deposit for newbies, free bets, and cashback for loyal customers, extra to free spins on the most popular slots at the sites’ casino sections. We liked that these sportsbooks have extended withdrawal limits for high rollers and diverse payment methods for everyone (e-wallets Skrill, InstaDebit, Paypal; card and banking transfers; and crypto operations are on the way). Finally, these bookies’ websites have straightforward and user-friendly navigation; SSL encryption protects all fin operations between a user and a betting company; experienced help center reps are always ready to assist. Mobile apps are also of service for bettors who don’t want to skip the hard-coin-promising golf bets.

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Major golf tournaments not to miss

  • PGA Tour Championship
  • LPGA
  • British Open
  • Korn Ferry Tour
  • The US Open Golf Championship
  • The Ryder Cup
  • The European Golf Tour

With so many incredible golf tournaments in the annual schedule, the bettors’ calendars will never be empty. One of the most outstanding tourneys in the golf universe is the PGA Tour Championship that traditionally takes place in October but generates vivid debates considering the potential winners long ahead the event starts. No less tremendous tourney, at least by spectators’ engagement, is LPGA played by ladies. Except for the regular season, punters have a rich playoff schedule for a more bountiful betting on golf all year round.

The European Tour is another professional golf competition held in Europe.

The Tour was established by the British Golfers Association in 1970, with the biggest-ever Europe-based events taken place in the UK, France, and Ireland.

The US Open is the fourth in popularity golf championship, established more than a hundred years ago. The event is open for both title-holding golfers and amateurs that only claim the title. And one more significant tourney among golf betting enthusiasts is The Ryder Cup, which features participants from Europe and the US and takes place once in two years.

How to bet on fantasy golf online

Fantasy golf is a virtual-realm alternative to traditional golf, with the difference that no real athletes compete on the golf course. The virtual players are prototypes of the actual golf stars (like legendary Tiger Woods), while every wisher can become an owner (manager) of the fantasy golfers. The managers complete the squads online in real-time, paying heed to the previous stats by each athlete. Each high-profile golf betting site has either already integrated fantasy golf into its offering or intends to do this in the nearest future. Betting on fantasy games has many pros for gamblers when the real events are on a break.

How Bet on Golf and win?

Popular golf bets guide

Unlike team sports, golf is about one individual’s victory, but it doesn’t diminish the bettor’s thrill at an ounce. Moreover, it makes punters wager more mindfully, evaluating and comparing each golfer’s skills in particular. Below, we prepared a quick introduction to the popular golf betting types.

Matchup bets

Here, a bettor selects between one of two particular golfers to win in the confrontation. This bet type has a higher winning probability as opposed to forecasting a prizewinner among all tourney participants. Even if your triumphant loses to another athlete, who is not his matchup opponent, your bet still wins.

Outright winner bet

Unlike the previous wager type, a punter’s goal is to name a single triumphant of the entire tournament. It’s more challenging for bettors because they need to grasp the previous winning history by each of the tourney contestants to make the most close-to-reality prediction.

Prop bets

Prop bets are ideal for those who search for non-trivial wagering opportunities. Punters can bet on any possible events that may happen in the competition, like the number of strokes needed to win or the probability of points cutting in the first round. They can even bet on the T-shirt color of different contestants or whether they will change the uniform in the second round (everything not to get bored).


The bet name reflects its principle: you wager on the tourney’s outcome ahead. Please mind that golf betting sites generally offer higher payouts and better odds for future bets because they think that foretelling the winner upfront is trickier than when you watch and place bets amid the event.

In-play bets

In-play wagers involve betting in real-time while the competition is still on the air. As a rule, the best golf betting sites offer a bit lower odds for live wagers than for futures, but let’s be honest that in-tournament betting has a lower risk rate because you don’t need to guess up front who takes the advantage on the golf course.

How much the top sports bettors make

According to multiple resources, the top sports bettors can earn from $5,000 to $40,000 monthly on sports wagers, depending on how much they bet.

However, ‘How much’ is not the right question; it is more correct to ask HOW they manage to turn their hobbies into a stable money-making resource. We’ll try to shed some light and unveil the top bettors’ secrets to success.

First, they never shop on one single betting platform all the time, but instead fish for the most gainful odds from different bookies.

Second, seasoned bettors know that knowledge is power! They learn the golfers’ strengths and weaknesses, find out about their unique practices and winning histories, and always pay heed to how the athletes show themselves amid the entire season.

Finally, skilled punters never neglect the importance of mass and social media and always stay up-to-date about any injuries and health issues before betting on a possible winner. Forewarned is forearmed! Please make this rule your golden one before you get started to make big bucks on golf betting.

Expert opinion

Golf betting can become a stable income source for punters who take a moment to learn how this business works. Building a winning strategy is a complex and challenging task that requires regular knowledge boosting, gainful odds hunting, and consistent skills training. Remember that when you bet mindfully, each wager can bring the desired value. Don’t hunt for a mystic bonus promise, but instead focus on the bookies with the best lines and odds offering. Make the golf bets work for you, but not vice versa!


How can I wager on golf online legally?

You can address our recommended list of the best golf betting sites for online wagering. All these sportsbooks have passed the license-check, and they operate according to the gambling standards.

Where can I bid on the PGA Tour Championship?

All bookmakers from our ranking accept PGA bets and adjust odds directly ahead of each tourney. You may either wager on the championship in advance (futures) or try live betting. These sites also offer a superb welcome bonus for newbies.

What are the best golf betting sites?

All bookies tested by our expert team are trusted, reliable, and legitimate for online golf betting. They have a top-notch bonus system and event diversity.

Can I get rich off online golf betting?

If you monitor the stats, know the market, stay up-to-the-minute about the golfers' news, and pick up reputable sportsbooks, you can undoubtedly get rich off golf betting.

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