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Profitable betting sites capitalize on the burgeoning demand for Riot Games’ first-person shooter. Even though the game is just a little more than a year old, it is already one of the most popular esports for wagering.

Here you can discover the finest Valorant betting sites 2023, whatever your tastes and our list reveals which sites are available in your nation; just click on Read Review to see which sites are available in your location.

All of the websites on our list have been thoroughly investigated and tested by us, allowing you to sit back, choose a website, and be certain that we have completed the necessary due diligence on your behalf.

Best Valorant Betting Sites

What is Valorant?

The game Valorant is the most recent title to be launched by Riot Games Company. This game is a hybrid of the popular first-person shooter and the Battle Arena genres. Thus, the game has certain similarities with other popular video games such as CS:GO, Overwatch, and Apex Legends.

Now that the game is in its Open Beta phase, it has already attracted millions of players contributing to the project’s completion. Its introduction drew more than one and a half million viewers, and it also managed to shatter the records for visualizations on the Twitch platform – which is a lot for a game in the Valorant Beta phase.

How Does Valorant Gambling Work?

Similar to CSGO, two teams will be paired against one another on a map. The team that advances to the 13th round first wins the game, and if you bet on the winner, you’ll earn some money, which changes based on the esports odds. The game is limited to 13 rounds. If this is a BO3, they will need to win one more game to secure the victory.

If both sides reach 12 rounds, the match proceeds into overtime; the winner is determined by a sudden death round.

The team wins rounds by eliminating opponents, successfully planting and blowing up the spike, or by the Defenders defusing the spike.

This is not the only sort of betting accessible. Valorous wagers are also possible. Additionally, you may make live bets or what are known as special bets, which we will describe in the paragraph below.

What kind of wagers are offered?

  • Match winner — The winner of the match, regardless of the format used, e.g., BO1, BO3, or BO5.
  • You may wager on the map’s winner when this option is enabled. Thus, even if the game consists of three maps, you may wager on which side will win a certain map.
  • First Blood – Place a wager on which side will draw the round’s first blood.
  • Spike Plant – Certain sites enable you to wager on the Attackers’ ability to plant the spike for the following round.
  • Live Bets – Certain websites provide what are referred to as “live bets.” This enables you to wager on events that may occur in the near future. For example, when the spike is placed, you may be able to wager on the Defenders’ ability to defuse the spike. Other popular live bets include “Will the player clutch this round?” and “Will the player rescue the operator?”

Explanation of Valorant Odds

When placing a wager on Valorant, you will certainly see Decimal odds [2.5] shown. Compared to American odds, it is the most prevalent method of offering odds, yet, it is seldom used in Valorant betting.

Explanation of Valorant Odds

Decimal chances are also the most straightforward to comprehend. Essentially, you multiply the amount of money you’ve staked by the number(s) shown on the odds board, and the amount you obtain is the amount of money you’ve earned from your wager.

The following is an example of the most common Valorant odds: You’ve put a $10 wager on Fnatic with odds of 2.5. If Fnatic wins, you’ll get a check for $25. $10×2.5=$25

The odds offered by Valorant may be somewhat different from those offered by other betting sites that you investigate. Because sites that provide odds that favor underdogs more than other sites often charge a greater commission on your wager and so offer poorer odds, it is important to choose the site with the best odds.

Best Valorant Bets Sites

All of the sites featured on this page accept wagers on the Valorant horse race. We have conducted an unbiased analysis of all of the websites in order to ensure that our recommendations are as accurate as possible. Which website you should choose will depend on what you are searching for and some critical variables that we will discuss further below.


BetUS is one of the best Valorant betting available and is our top pick for Valorant betting. While it lacks the market depth of Bovada, our second-placed Valorant gambling site, it more than compensates in other aspects. Perhaps most significantly, they give a sizable welcome bonus to those who deposit using cryptocurrencies. It’s a 200 percent initial deposit offer, split between a 150 percent sportsbook bonus and a 50% casino bonus.

Additionally, there are several additional advantages of using BetUS as your Valorous betting site. They provide extensive coverage of big Valorant events, and their odds are almost always competitive. Additionally, they provide an excellent esports betting platform that has a simple betting interface and an excellent user experience. If you’re also interested in betting on other esports, you’ll discover CS:GO, Rainbow Six, and DOTA 2.

Another significant incentive to use BetUS as your favorite sportsbook for betting on Valorant is that it is an entirely trustworthy establishment. Since its inception in 1994, it has shown its ability to be trusted with your money and to deliver a fair betting service.


Despite the fact that 22Bet may not always provide the most substantial welcome bonuses, they do usually always offer the most transparent ones! The small print won’t make your head spin, and when you combine that with legitimate pay out opportunities, you’ll see where this complimentary label comes from.

They have a fantastic selection of live Valorant bets to choose from. However, don’t expect to see them at every game this season. Some Challengers, Masters, and Champions Series events will be given special attention, so don’t forget to keep an eye on the live Valorant betting action!


Our next recommendation is Betway. There is a wide choice of video games covered by this bookmaker, including Valorant. They provide a generous Betway esports bonus for new customers, making Betway an excellent alternative for anybody looking to get their feet wet in Valorant betting for the first time.

If the appearance of the betting site is important to you, you won’t be disappointed with this one. Betway provides a user-friendly UI that is very responsive. Also available is a betting app that may be used for all of your Valorant wagering requirements. This provides you with additional alternatives and freedom, as well as the ability to make your bets from any location.

Betway provides a wide variety of secure payment options, competitive odds, and a safe and fair betting environment, making it one of the top Valorant betting site options available.


In the sports betting business, Betsson is one of the major companies, and they do an excellent job of introducing new products to their portfolio and coming up with creative promotional ideas.

With the exception of Valorant, Betsson provides a variety of various forms of esports bets. They provide map bets, for example, which enable you to wager on the winner of a specific map in games like League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and others. You may also place a wager on a team’s performance or a combination of victories using this sort of wager. A Dota 2 tournament, a Starcraft tournament, or any other event may be backed with a bet. At Betsson, you have a variety of alternatives for placing your esports wager.

New clients at Betsson may take advantage of a generous welcome offer. You may get a 100% match on your initial deposit up to 75 Euros when you place a Valorant bet. As a result, if you deposit €75, you will have a total of €150 to wager with. However, this is not a bonus offer exclusive to Valorant betting at Betsson, and it can be used for League of Legends betting, Dota 2 betting, or any other esports betting. They run frequent promotions, and some of them may include esports incentives.

Keep in mind, however, that the welcome bonus is subject to certain limits and conditions. It is necessary to make a minimum deposit of €10, and the bonus must be wagered a total of 10 times at odds of at least 1.50.

Buff Bet

When it comes to Valorant betting, Buff Bet is a fantastic second option to consider. Buff Bet offers a good range of Valorant Champions Tour matches, and their odds are comparable to those offered by Buff Bet. However, since they choose to concentrate on the most important games in Valorant, the list of matches is somewhat more restricted.

What distinguishes BuffBet from the competition is that they also have a substantial number of live broadcasts showcasing certain Valorant professional players. Those who prefer Valorant betting will appreciate this little extra since it allows them to both wagers on the game and watch some high-quality Valorant action in the exact location.

The esports betting market is still thriving. Professional esports bettors have it considerably simpler than professional sports bettors, even in this day and age. This Valorant betting tutorial, on the other hand, cannot close without mentioning five crucial pieces of advice for all newbies.

Tips for Valorant Bets


Get acquainted with the fundamentals of online betting

Most gamers aren’t aware of online betting since they don’t do it often. You may be placing your first online bet on Valorant. You must first master the basics of internet betting before betting on Valorous sports. Begin by learning the online betting jargon. Then try if any of the most popular esports betting strategies work for you. In the long run, finding and sticking to an esports betting strategy may seem trivial, but it is!


Learn about the Omens of Gameplay

Once you’ve learned the basics of online betting, it’s time to choose a game. To begin betting on Valorant, you must first get acquainted with all accessible agents. Playable characters (also known as agents), their talents, map layouts, weapon levels, and peeking angles are all important factors of regularly winning in the top Valorant betting sites. Aside from the gameplay, you should look at the game’s esports scene. Summer will reveal additional details about the game. Learning the game’s META will ultimately boost your performance. This is what we’ll cover in the next paragraphs.


Take a look around in META

The META, or most successful methods, can forecast any Valorant matchup. The regulation applies to all esports games, not just MOBAs. Aspects of META include economic management, optimal mobility, core item builds, angle peeping, and other related ideas. The most significant measure of Valorant wagering is which clubs and players have the most popular agency pools. You’ll be able to gauge an agent’s overall viability in a match by recognizing their strengths and shortcomings. Before spending any money on Valorous betting, you should consider all your options.


Keep current with all valuable information

Knowing the Valorant gameplay and META game means you’re ready to learn about the esports environment. Real Valorant esports news, not just team rosters, stats, and rosters, is what we’re talking about here. In the weeks leading up to big tournaments, you should keep an eye on team and game news, as well as recent transfers. This may seem ridiculous at first, but it may have a significant influence on your Valorant betting experience. Transfer rumors and balance patches may greatly affect Valorant betting odds!


Beware of repeating the same mistakes

Many esports gamblers are repeating the same blunders in their wagering. You may as well go ahead and read our separate post about esports betting blunders. These blunders may have a negative impact not only on one’s own money but also on one’s betting experience.

Popular Valorant Tournaments

Tour of Valuable Champions

In Valorant, the League of Legends Championship Series is referred to as the Valorant Champions Tour. The game continues to focus around a single large event, Valorant Champions (as in there are no noteworthy third-party events), although there are considerably fewer Valorant Champions Tour regionals. Bear in mind, though, that Valorant is a brand-new game with lots of room for improvement.

VCT Opponents

VCT Challengers are the smallest of the VCT competitions. They have small reward pools and are split into ten areas. Three Challengers series serve as a type of qualifying system for the next rung of competitive Valorant—the Masters.

Masters in VCT

Betting on the Valorous Champions Tour Masters tournament provides hours of entertainment. Why? To begin, the stakes are far larger. Teams competing on the Masters circuit have a chance to steal a large number of VCT Circuit Points required to qualify for the Champions tournament.

Champions of the VCT

If you’re interested in bet real money, the VCT Champions is almost certainly the event on which you’d want to wager. It’s the greatest of all Valorant stages, bringing together the finest players, strongest teams, and largest prize pools to produce the pinnacle of the competitive Valorant scene.


As you can see, despite the game’s relative youth, Valorant betting is extremely comparable to other forms of esports betting. There are an increasing number of Valorant teams on which to wager, but the same rules that apply to all sports betting apply if you want to succeed. Acquaint yourself with the game, keep an eye on the teams and players, and ensure that you grasp all of the wagering options available. You should then take advantage of some fantastic enjoyment provided by Valorant online betting!


Where can I bet Valorant matches?

At the online sportsbooks listed above, it is possible to wager on Valorant. If you want to be successful in Valorant betting, it is essential that you have some knowledge of the game and, preferably, have played it. If you want to be successful, you should therefore use the same ideas as you would when developing a plan for betting on any other sport.

Can you bet on Valorant Masters?

Yes. The Valorant Master Series is an outstanding value for esports wagering. RTP Arena, ASUS, and Rádio Popular are sponsoring the event, which has a €10,000 prize money. The tournament will be held in a single-elimination bracket-style with best-of-three matchups.

How valorant odds are formed?

The most advantageous betting odds are the easiest to comprehend and wager on. To comprehend the Valorant betting options of odds, it is necessary to first comprehend the Valorant game.
You may either choose the winner or wager on the main event. The result of the last match decides whether you win or lose. However, you may go further into the game and test your expertise by betting on particular maps and guessing the outcome. For instance, you may wager against a team on the map yet choose it to win the match overall.

Is live betting available?

Seeing the action live is an essential element of following esports. Whether you're betting pre-event or in-play, it's advantageous to have access to high-quality live streaming of Valorant events via the same site where you're betting.

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