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Hockey can be one of the most unpredictable major sports for reasons other than the ferocity exhibited on the ice since results are frequently unpredictable and upsets are prevalent. This NHL betting guide makes it easier than ever to comprehend bookmaker odds and make the proper choice, whether it’s match winner, handicap betting, amount of goals scored, or predicting the next Stanley Cup champion.

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Ice Hockey Betting Explained

It is simple to wager on the NHL via a sportsbook’s website or mobile application. The majority of websites adopt the following four-step procedure.

Bettors must be physically present in a state that allows legal NHL wagering. In most states, the age of legal gambling is 21.

A new consumer can open an account with an in-state operator for online wagering. Existing clients in that state can access their accounts by logging in. Registration is straightforward and may be accomplished via the website or mobile app.

A new online betting account must have its eligibility and identity confirmed. The initial deposit made by a consumer into their new online betting account will enable them to wager on NHL games.

Additional monies are also subject to an approval procedure. Once completed, bettors will be able to place wagers for real money on any NHL market accessible at the specified online sportsbook.

Ice Hockey Betting Explained

Popular NHL betting lines explanation

Moneyline: Picking a Winner Using the Money Line

A moneyline wager demands the selection of an outright winner. Consider a hockey game between the Boston Bruins and Toronto Maple Leafs. The odds for this single-game wager would resemble the following:

  • Bruins -120
  • Leafs +110

Boston is favored in this situation, as shown by the negative sign (-). You can see that Toronto is the underdog by the plus symbol (+).

In sports betting, the plus and minus signs are uniform throughout the top NHL bookmakers, regardless of the sport.

These symbols will always appear next to the odds, regardless of the league or sporting event, you are betting on.

To place your wager, you must choose the side you believe will win the game. If you bet $100 on Boston, you would receive a payment of $183.33, consisting of your initial $100 plus $83.33 in winnings.

On the other hand, the identical wager on TO would provide a payment of $210, consisting of a return of $100 plus a reward of $110. Picking the underdog will yield a higher reward owing to the greater risk involved.

However, this does not indicate that you should blindly wager on them. The oddsmakers take into account everything from injuries to coaching to guarantee that the underdog and favorite are accurately represented. Finally, you are not required to wager $100. You may wager whatever amount you choose.

Totals: Total Score Wagers

Also known as OVER/UNDER wagering, you must predict whether the total number of goals scored in the game will exceed or fall below the figure set by the oddsmakers.

Total Score Wagers

A totals wager example would be:

  • The total number of goals scored in a match between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Philadelphia Flyers is fixed at 5.5. In this instance, the outcome of the game is irrelevant.
  • If you predicted a total score of five goals or fewer, you would wager on the UNDER. If you feel that the total number of goals scored by both sides will exceed six, you would choose the OVER.
  • Another possible outcome for OVER/UNDER wagers is a PUSH. This might occur if the total is set to a full number (without the.5) and the game’s overall score equals that amount. When this occurs, the sportsbook will return your stake.

Puck line: The Hockey Point Spread

These wagers are comparable to runlines in baseball and point spreads in football. For puck lines, the underdog is given a 1.5-goal advantage and the favorite is given a 1.5-goal deficit.

That implies the dog must either win by at least one goal or lose by no more than one goal.

In contrast, the favorite must win by at least two goals. Because hockey is a low-scoring game with a usual ending score of 3-2, puck lines are always set at 1.5 regardless of the teams competing.

Consider the San Jose Sharks to be the favorite against the Vancouver Canucks. If the Sharks win 4-2, NHL gamblers on the Sharks puck line will win their wagers. If the final score is 3-2, though, the Canucks would win the wager.

Parlays: Multiple Wagers Made On One Ticket

In NHL wagering, a parlay occurs when numerous moneyline, puck line, or totals bets on different games are combined into one wager. To win a parlay wager, all chosen wagers must win for the ticket to be paid out. If even one of your wagers fails, the entire wager has been deemed a loss.

In-Play Betting: Wagering During the Game

Live betting allows you to wager on a game at any moment throughout the contest in real time. As the game proceeds, you will be able to place wagers on things such as which side will score next and whether or not there will be a penalty.

Props: Entertainment Bets

A prop is a wager on player or team accomplishments that may not directly affect the game’s outcome. These wagers are placed prior to the drop of the puck and are deemed more interesting. Typical individual and team props include which team will score first, which player will score a goal, and how many shots a player will attempt during a certain session.

There are typically more prop betting possibilities for high-stakes games, such as those in the NHL playoffs and Stanley Cup Final, because there is more at risk and greater potential for thrilling results, such as overtime and shootouts.

Futures: Long-Term Bets

These are wagers on occurrences that will occur in the future. Futures wagers involve predicting the outcome of the Stanley Cup Final. An additional example would be predicting the Eastern or Western Conference champions or the Hart Trophy winner. The Stanley Cup odds are announced before the start of the regular season, and if you get in on them early you may see a significant return in NHL online betting.

Ice hockey Odds

Since American odds are the preferred format in the United States, we shall focus on this format for now. When examining the positive number, it indicates how much you would gain if you wagered $100. The negative figure represents the amount that must be wagered to win $100.

This is a simple approach to examine American NHL betting lines and compute your earnings immediately. You may wager any amount.

If the Pittsburgh Penguins are listed at +300 and the Washington Capitals are listed at -120, the Capitals are the favorite to win and the Penguins are the underdog. The sportsbook oddsmakers have already predicted that the Capitals would likely win the game, so a wager on them would pay out less than a wager on the Penguins. However, if the Penguins were to pull off an upset and defeat the Capitals, a wager on the Penguins would be considerably more valuable.

A $100 wager on the Penguins would return $300, while a $120 wager on the Capitals would return $100. You also receive your initial investment back, so you would walk away with $400 and $220, respectively.

Ice hockey Odds

Calculating the Winning Probability

As American odds are one of the newest odds formats, there is no rule for calculating the chance of a team winning a game. Therefore, to calculate the probability of winning your NHL wager, you must convert your odds to decimal.

  • For positive odds (underdog NHL odds) let’s say +300: 1 + (odds / 100) = 1+(300/100) = 4.0
  • For odds of -300 (preferred NHL team’s odds), 1 – (100 / 300) = 0.60

Once you have determined your decimal odds, we will compute the implied likelihood that your wager will be successful.

Decimal NHL Odds

Prior to the introduction of American odds, decimal NHL odds were dominant in Europe and virtually everywhere else. It is easier to compute American odds when converted to decimals, particularly when calculating the likelihood of winning.

To calculate possible profits when utilizing decimal odds, multiply your NHL decimal odds by your wager and then deduct your wager.

  • 0 odds would be equal to ($4.0 * $10.00) – $10 = $30 in wins
  • 6 equals ($0.6 * $10) – $10 = $-3.33 (this indicates you will need to wager more to win anything of any worth) (this means you will need to bet more to win anything of any value)

To get your implied likelihood of victory, you must divide 1/decimal odds by 1/4.0. This implies a 25% implied likelihood. Implied probability is a vital component of any NHL betting strategy and may assist you in determining if your wagers are profitable in the long run.

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Fractional NHL Odds

When examining fractional NHL hockey betting odds, a fractionated figure such as 10/1 on the NHL odds board indicates that the club has a ten-to-one probability of winning the game. Thus, you can also assess their likelihood of victory based on the fractional NHL odds.

The formula appears as follows: B/(A+B) = %

For instance, if the NHL betting odds for a game indicate that a club has 8/1 odds to win, there is an 11% probability that the team will win. 1/(8+1) = .11 (11%)

Or, if a side has odds of 1/4 to win the match, those chances may be computed as follows: 4/(4+1) = 0.80 (80%). This squad is the favorite and will almost certainly win the game.

How much will you win based on NHL fractional odds? Simply examine the fraction: for each value on the right side of the fraction that you gamble, you will win the value on the left.

Therefore, 9/1 odds mean that for every $1 wagered, you will earn $9.

1/4 odds – You earn $1 for every $4 staked.

How to bet on hockey?


Choose a Site for Wagering on Ice Hockey

Select a trustworthy ice hockey betting online website. Ideal coverage of the sport should include major and smaller games, international friendlies, and leagues from throughout the world. Additionally, it should welcome players from your region and utilize payment methods accessible in your area. Additionally, select a platform that is easy to manage and likely includes a mobile app or website. You should also read customer reviews to determine the payment rates, bonus availability, and overall impression of the website.


Establish Your Gambling Account

After selecting a betting website, navigate to the homepage and locate the registration option. Click the link to access the registration form. Then, fill in the needed information in the blank spaces. Bookmakers will request your personal information and currency preferences. The duration of the registration procedure should not exceed three minutes. Before you can use your account, you will get a link or a code on your mobile device to validate your account.


Select a Payment Option and Make a Deposit

Sign in for the first time using the credentials you created during registration. Then, navigate to the cashier area of ‘My Account’ and discover the available banking options. Choose a technique from the ones provided. Choose a payment method that you often use for online transactions. Click the cashier’s deposit area to make a deposit to your account. Enter the deposit amount and finish the transaction as instructed.


Make your Bets

The process of placing a wager entails choosing the games to play, the best markets, and the amount to wager. Visit the bookmaker’s ice hockey section and scroll down to the competition you wish to wager on. Then, evaluate the finest market and click on it.

Your bookmaker will add your wager on the bet slip. You can add more options and input the wager amount before hitting the ‘place bet’ button. Remember that wagers cannot be canceled once placed.

How do live hockey bets work?

Live wagering is gambling on ice hockey games in real time. It allows players to evaluate the performance of each side in a live game and identify the optimal betting market.

Your preferred bookmaker provides sections for both pre-match wagering and live betting or in-play wagering.

When a game begins, it is transferred to the live betting area and a timer displays the game’s duration. After entering the live betting section, select the game and the market you wish to wager on before placing your wager.

The pre-match markets are also available in the live betting area, however, some may become unavailable over time. Depending on the time and performance of each side, the odds may also alter throughout the game. In addition, you receive real-time results for the game in question, allowing you to make an educated wager.

Best Ice Hockey Betting Tips and Strategies

You may use several ice hockey betting tips to improve your odds of winning your next wager. Here are some fundamental recommendations that may be used for every ice hockey wager, as well as extra advice to enhance your betting experience.

Consider the best odds available

The odds indicate the amount of money you would win by betting on a specific game. Therefore, you must only wager on sports with realistic odds. When you have several possibilities, you should always choose those with the best chances.

In the same breath, it is advisable to investigate alternative markets that may provide better chances than the Moneyline.

For instance, if you predict the favorite to win by a significant margin, you may use hockey betting puck line. If you can estimate the performance, you may choose over/under. Numerous of these picks have higher odds than the Moneyline.

Use matched betting and arbitrage betting to your advantage

Arbitrage betting is the act of placing bets on all conceivable outcomes of a game to assure a profit regardless of the outcome. It is largely influenced by arbitrage in the stock market, in which traders acquire assets on one market and concurrently sell them on another.

Matched betting is identical to arbitrage betting, with the exception that bookmaker promotions may be utilized. On an exchange, you generally wager against the outcome of a game with a high price. This is conceivable because of the fact that bookmakers have differing perspectives on the likely outcomes of a game. This disparity offers a profit certainty.

Follow ice hockey handicappers and their prognostications

There are several ice hockey tips available online. Many of these suggestions provide a brief explanation as to why the tipster believes the game will conclude as anticipated. There are also expert perspectives on the forthcoming games.

While you are not required to follow any of these, they provide insights into the game and information that may assist you in making more accurate predictions. Check at least three possibilities from prominent tipsters and compare your research to them. It raises the likelihood of selecting the most probable market.

Keep a note of your wagering history

Continue to review your betting history to assess your success and make crucial decisions regarding bankroll management and bet size. It is essential that you handle your betting like a business and alter your betting patterns based on your past performance.

Additionally, keeping track of your wagering history assists in determining your success rates.

It may assist you in enhancing your techniques or altering your betting cycle to increase your winning percentage. Fortunately, many bookies maintain a record of your prior wagers, which you may retrieve through your account’s history page.

Consider the little gains and earnings

Do not become concentrated on earning enormous income from your betting endeavors. Typically, this means placing larger wagers or several selections on a single bet slip. These two behaviors heighten the danger.

Conversely, incremental victories will significantly raise your overall wins in a short period of time. Most tipsters advise players to make several sure selections individually rather than combine huge combinations in the name of pushing for higher winnings. Remember that every lost wager costs you money. Where possible, lower the risk of losing cash in your gambling process.

Best hockey betting sites

  • Draftkings is one of the oldest bookmakers and hockey betting sites, thus they have a substantial amount of expertise. In addition, its website is user-friendly and allows you to place wagers fast and conveniently. They provide several NHL hockey betting lines, including moneylines, parlays, futures, and play props, among others. You may wager on any event, game, or match. Their customer service staff, which is exceptionally helpful and kind, distinguishes them from competitors. When making the first deposit, a 100% bonus cashback is awarded.
  • Bovada is one of the largest online bookmakers in the world, offering ice hockey enthusiasts a vast selection of sports betting options, including live betting, fixed odds betting, parlays, and much more. With the assistance of our specialists, we are able to deliver reliable previews and assessments of future NHL games. If something were to go amiss with your account in a timely manner, Bovada’s team of specialists comprises industry experts who can provide you with guidance. At Bovada, you may wager with confidence and peace of mind.
  • BetUS has been giving premium sports in general and specifically hockey betting lines and odds since 1994, over two decades. While they do not provide the greatest online NHL betting, our research indicates that their customer service is good, so feel free to contact them if you have any problems regarding your account or wagers. In addition, they provide several deposit options, including Bitcoin, PayPal, and Visa/Mastercard. Overall, we had a nice experience and would suggest them to gamblers seeking a complete betting platform.
  • MyBookie. MyBookie, the premier NHL sportsbook for ice hockey lovers in North America, provides a vast array of betting products and services. MyBookie features everything you need to make educated wagering selections, whether you’re putting in a single wager or preparing for the whole NHL season. Their team of professionals strives to deliver reliable information, from live odds to live results, so you can enjoy the game and win big. Bet smarter at MyBookie NHL sportsbook.
  • Betonline is one of North America’s most prominent bookies. They provide a variety of odds, lines, wagers, and betting options for NHL games. Additionally, they give several possibilities for putting an online NHL wager. Due to their primary concentration on the United States, just a few bookmakers offer a comprehensive NHL betting experience. If you are prepared to put in the effort to familiarize yourself with the site, you will find a wealth of valuable content.

Common mistakes in hockey betting

Every bettor makes elementary errors while picking teams and markets and making wagers. This frequently causes them to lose their wagers. Here are some typical mistakes made by ice hockey bettors, as well as solutions to prevent them.

Not acquainted with the sport

You cannot provide an accurate analysis of a game if you do not understand how the sport is played. Knowledge of sports comprises a comprehension of the rules, gameplay, ranking, point distribution, and probable infractions. Knowing this enables you to create predictions based on observable facts and potential on-field occurrences.

Before placing a wager on ice hockey, devote ample time to research.

There is a wealth of free learning resources available online. Continue to update your knowledge to boost your chances of making more accurate predictions.

Ignoring team performance and injuries

Similar to football, a team’s overall form is the strongest predictor of its success. Teams that are in peak condition can put up a formidable fight against opponents that are in a stronger position. Otherwise, chronically powerful teams in bad form would likely lose to weaker, well-organized opponents. Moreover, teams with several injured players may experience difficulties on the field.

Sadly, some gamblers disregard the team’s form and do not check for injuries. They ultimately utilize earlier outcomes from when the squad was in peak shape. This raises their odds of losing the wager.

Mismanaging your finances

Your bankroll is the amount you intend to spend on gambling in a certain time period. It is essential to set aside such monies in order to avoid hemorrhaging money. Unfortunately, some players have a tendency to mismanage their bankroll by placing large wagers on games they believe would win, only to lose those wagers.

There is always the possibility of losing all of your money when you place a wager.

Spreading your bankroll across several bets rather than placing a few high-stakes wagers will increase your chances of winning more money.

Avoid placing wagers on your favorite team

If you are a fan of a team, you are likely to be constantly aware of the leagues in which they will compete and bet on them. Unfortunately, this is not a viable technique for betting on ice hockey. The majority of bettors are so confident in their favorite teams that they do not do a sufficient study of their previous and future performance. This raises the likelihood of making an inaccurate forecast.

Avoid betting just on your favorite team. If necessary, submit the team to the same analysis as the other teams on the bet slip. This allows you to make a decision based on facts rather than feelings.


What is the best way to bet on hockey?

The moneyline is the most prevalent form of wagering in the NHL. It entails placing a wager on the game's winner. For example, if Team 1 is +110 and Team 2 is -120 on the moneyline, Team 2 is the favorite and you would need to wager $120 to win $100.

What does +200 mean in hockey?

Odds with a ‘+’ sign represent underdog wagers. Plus odds indicate how much profit a $100 wager will generate. A $100 wager with odds of +200 yields a $200 profit in addition to your initial $100 wager. If you wagered $20, you would get $40. Listed as -100, +100, or EV for the uncommon even money odds are -100, +100, or EV.

What does +2.5 mean in hockey betting?

Because hockey is so low-scoring, the puck line is always -1.5 goals for the favorite and +1.5 goals for the underdog, with changing juice on either side depending on how evenly matched the teams are. The favorite must win by a margin of two goals, but the underdog can win or lose by a single goal.

Is hockey hard to bet on?

Hockey is more difficult to wager on than basketball. There are fewer statistics, in-play wagering is limited, and scoring is down. In hockey, a 1.5-goal margin is difficult to achieve.

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