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Live betting is another option to diverse your sports betting experience. It is all about the action and thrill — the essentials of genuine sports betting that people invented long before the first sports betting site welcomed its earliest explorers.

Today, you can bet without leaving home, or quite the opposite, make wagers while being at the office or somewhere out. It created a very competitive environment in the online sports betting industry and brought the bettors plenty of live betting solutions to choose from. In this review, we will explain how live betting works and why you should try it if you haven’t yet: it is all about vast opportunities and attractive extra bonuses.

Besides some valuable tips, we give you examples of the best live betting sites. Online betting is fun, but it is twice a fun when you deal with a reputable and trusted online sportsbook that equally treats new customers and regular professional bettors.

TOP-3 Live Betting Sites

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  • Video broadcasts of matches
  • Match Center
  • Mobile applications
  • Large selection of sports betting markets.
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What is Live Betting?

If you are a rookie sports bettor, you may still get confused by some terms, so here is the explanation. Live betting is a way of making sports wagers right during the match. Most online sportsbooks allow you to choose from two options: pre-game betting, where you can place stakes as soon as the betting odds are available. In this case, you can add some picks to your bet slip a couple of months, a week, or an hour before the event starts.

Live betting is available when the match goes on and ends as soon as the game is finished.

A typical live betting match coupon includes standard bets that you can see in pre-game betting lines, too: Moneylines, Over/Under, and Winning Margin betting options remain in place. However, some new markets appear, too: for instance, you can try to predict what will happen within the next five minutes. Will Lionel Messi score a goal between the tenth and twentieth minute of the match? Can it be that no team will score within the next ten minutes?

Why Should You Try Live Betting?

We already mentioned it is fun: you watch the game and bet on various outcomes simultaneously: what can be more thrilling when we speak about sports betting overall? However, it is also a perfect chance to make more money than you can with pre-match wagers.

A small tip for beginning bettors: oddsmakers change the odds very quickly in live games: they monitor the whole event, too! A small bookie’s mistake in odds can bring you large profits, so take care of the line fluctuation and find the most valuable options.

Besides, there are several more reasons why live betting is worth trying: we will describe each in the following paragraphs.

New Betting Opportunities

The best sites for live betting offer various extra options and services. For instance, some of them allow you to watch sports via embedded streaming platforms or provide you with more special betting markets that you will not find in the pre-game section. For instance, you can find odds for last-minute bets that are valid exclusively within several next minutes.

Besides, all professional and casual bettors can get the most of their sports betting experience when they go live: if they can quickly analyze the situation of a field or court, they are always ahead of most gamblers. Unlike pre-match betting, in-play wagering allows you to make more accurate forecasts: you see the actual shape and strategy of teams or players, know the weather and are aware of every little event that can change the outcome.


A good live betting sportsbook can give you a bit more than a wide selection of live betting markets. For instance, you can opt for a service called Cash Out. Many bookmakers can offer you to cash out only in the pre-game mode, but some of them allow it for live betting, too. What is Cash Out? Basically, it is an option that will enable you to take back your stake before a match finishes. For instance, if you see that your best is not going to work out, you request your stake back: it will help you to avoid large losses, although you still need to pay some cashout fee.

Live Betting Sites

Another option is to cash out when your bet has already won, but the match is not over yet, and the situation may change: in this case, cashing out can save your winnings.

Easier to Gain an Edge

Traditionally, in-game betting is considered as a way of gambling for experienced players: it gives you more opportunities but requires making very quick decisions. Thus, if you know all nuts and bolts of a sport you wager on, you have a serious advantage over the other bettors. The odds are ever-changing in the live betting mode, so if you are skilled enough to find the most lucrative offers among all markets and can adjust to any situation, in-play betting is the right choice for you.

It’s Mobile Friendly

We bet that you bet from your mobile more often than from a PC. At least, statistics show that most sports bettors prefer apps or mobile versions and rarely use desktop sites. When it comes to live betting, it becomes even more essential: you cannot just place a wager and go and must keep your finger on the pulse wherever you are. Thus, mobile betting and live betting became almost synonyms, and so all good online betting sites do their best to provide gamblers with a live betting platform adapted for mobile browsers.

Live Betting Tips

In this block, we will share what we know about live betting strategies. Don’t worry; we are not going to go deep into some complicated sports wagering tricks. As we are mainly facing beginning and recreational bettors now, you will learn some straightforward but ever-working tips that will help you to feel more confident and avoid some disappointing mishaps.

Live Betting Tips

In short, the basic rules of live sports betting are the following: be aware of what you are doing, make sure you know what you are betting on, and follow the responsible gambling principles. Need more detailed explanations? Read further.

Check the Odds

A very quick odds fluctuation and line updates are the most distinctive features of live betting. You can think over your bet for a whole day when you wager in the pre-game mode, but in-play gambling implies quick decisions and attentiveness. It is essential to monitor how the odds change depending on what is happening during the game and try to catch hot offers as soon as they appear before a bookie updates its line.

Don’t Place Many Bets at Once

It is essential to be careful, you remember? If you focus on a single game, you will obviously have more chances to make the right predictions. When you start monitoring several matches at once, your attention will be distracted, so you will most likely miss something important. If you have some strategies and can quickly switch between the match coupons creating some profitable

Don’t Bet on Propositions You Don’t Understand

What’s that? A market with very lucrative live betting odds? No time to think it over. I need to make a bet! This is how many rookie gamblers behave when they first come across a live betting platform. No matter how attractive the offer is: you must add only picks that you fully understand. If your knowledge of sports betting markets is currently limited by an in-depth insight into how the Money Line works, go for it! When you feel more confident about more exquisite options, you will come up with new selections next time.

Don’t Bet More Than You Can Lose

Professional bettors would argue: nothing ventured, nothing gained! However, we insist that you gamble responsibly and treat sports betting and other gambling activities, say, casino games, as nothing more than some fun. What is the golden rule of responsible gambling? Don’t spend more money than you can safely lose.

Don't Bet More Than You Can Lose

Yes, even the bettors with years-long sports betting experience make mistakes and see their deposits pass into nothingness. However, if it doesn’t bleed you dry and take your family to the cleaners, it’s all right. A helpful tip: determine how much you can afford to lose painlessly and never exceed this amount.

Don’t Bet When You’re Drunk

This tip may seem pretty obvious: how can anyone make the right decision in a state of brain fog caused by drugs or booze? However, many bettors forget about it as soon as it comes to real-life: what can’t be more relaxing than watching sports and sipping an ice-cold beer? What happens next is quite predictable: you become reckless and unstoppable, make more and more bets, try to recover from the previous losing streak, and end up digging your own grave with all unconscious decisions. Simply don’t do that.

Common Types Of Live Bets

As we have already mentioned, most live betting odds are the same as a sportsbook offer for pre-game wagering. Many bookies keep pre-match betting options in live coupons but change the odds and add some more bets.

Types of bets:


Who will score the next goal/point?

One of the most popular live sports bets is the next scoring team or player. A bookie suggests you predict which team will score next: you simply choose one. Sometimes, this bet goes to the next level and offers you to guess which player will score next: you can usually find such options in the Props section or the next-minute bets list.


What will the outcome of a penalty be?

You can find penalty bets in pre-match coupons, too, but they offer you to predict if there will be any penalty at all. The outcome of a penalty bet is obviously possible only when you bet in-play. The point of the bet is very straightforward: you choose if the penalty will be scored or missed, so you have very little time to think over your selection.


Who will win the first half? Second half?

This betting option gives you more time to decide: you determine the winner of a current half, so you need at least several minutes to evaluate how each team performs. Don’t rush to bet on halves as soon as a game starts: watch it for a while to learn the strategies, the key players’ shape, and probably some other factors that may become a game-changer.


The winning margin

It is one of the most popular bet types and is widely used in almost all sports disciplines, both in pre-game and live betting modes. The point is to guess the difference between the final score: you must predict not only the winner or loser but also a winning margin.

How to Choose Reliable Live Betting Sites

The simplest way is to use our selection of the best live online betting sites: we can guarantee that they will provide you with a great choice of markets, sports, and probably some extra options. Besides, reliables sites we consider the best for live betting have more than just an attractive gambling product.

License and Legality

It actually comes by default: you must use a sports betting site that is licensed and legal in your country. A quick explanation: a license is an approval of a particular gambling organization in a certain jurisdiction. It means that a sports betting site was verified by authorities: it protects your personal information, works with reliable providers and banking systems, and is overall fair towards customers.

The legality of every gambling site depends on where you live: if the online gambling regulations in your country ban Internet sports betting at all, it does not matter how trusted the bookie is: it will be illegal for you anyway.

Perfect Reputation

Some brands sound familiar to everyone, even if they are not related to sports betting much; the others are less famous but still good. What is essential is to opt for sites with a crystal evident reputation. Thanks to the Internet, it is not a challenging task to check if a site is reputable or not: it is usually enough to check several reviews and read what real customers say about a website. Another hint: if a site has existed for at least a couple of years, it must be fair enough to its customers: obviously, rogue bookies usually work for no more than twelve months.

Available Sports For Live-Betting

Many sports betting sites are superior in the selection of sports available for pre-match betting. However, sometimes the choice becomes significantly worse when a game goes live. Of course, you will hardly find a plethora of live betting options for, say, chess, but we recommend opting for sites offering a bit more than a couple of major soccer matches. The largest live sports betting sites can offer about a thousand live games with live odds daily, and it is a good sign. It doesn’t only mean you have more opportunities for your parlays but also implies a site works with a top-notch live platform provider.

Bonuses and Promos For Live-Bettors

Special live betting bonuses are not a very common thing for an average bookmaker. However, you can wager most bonuses betting on live markets, too. For instance, if you got some generous welcome bonus of, say, 100% match to your first deposit, you can bet in the live mode using bonus cash unless a bookie’s rules prohibit it. The same is true for any rebate or free bet bonuses, etc.

Latest Bonuses

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Besides, live bettors can make the most of cashback bonuses if there are any. This bonus is a refund of a certain percentage of your lost bets. Another interesting option would be Acca Insurance when you still win if only one selection was incorrect.

Live Betting Pros and Cons

We think we inspired you a bit to go beyond your everyday experience and try in-play betting. However, don’t suppose it is a one-fit-all solution for everyone: it has some cons, too. Let’s briefly review what bettors usually like and dislike about in-play wagering and give some final verdict.

Pros and cons:

Allows more evident decisions as you see what is going on;

Offers special live markets;

Implies using more working strategies;

Gives you a particular advantage over a bookie sometimes.

Lower odds and higher margins;

Some bookmakers have fewer markets for live betting than they offer in the pre-game mode;

It is more difficult for rookie bettors.


Even the best live betting sportsbook can’t guarantee that you will win. However, it must give you all opportunities to earn some money or at least have fun, which is even more critical. We hope our guide will help you to choose the platform that has all features of a bookmaker perfect for making live bets. Some things may be more critical for you than others, but there are must-haves for all sportsbooks you ever join: reputation, security, good selection of betting options, and decent customer service.


What Sports Are the Best for Live Betting?

Live football betting is one of the most demanded offers at any online sportsbook. One of its pros is that there are always some events in various football and soccer leagues you can find in the live section of a bookie, and it traditionally involves many markets. Basically, all team sports are the best to live bet on them: basketball, baseball, ice hockey, etc. Still, large tennis tournaments can also be very exciting and profitable when they go live.

Can I Get a Bonuses When Betting Live?

Sure! Most sports betting bonuses, including a welcome deposit bonus, cashback bonuses, or acca insurance promotions, are eligible for live betting markets, too. Besides, many live betting sites offer you free live streams if you have at least a dollar at your deposit.

How to Read Live Betting Odds?

Live betting odds look absolutely the same as the ones you will find for pre-match betting events. Thus, if you are used to the American odds format, simply remember the following rules: the odds with a minus sign, like -150, reflect how much you must invest to win $100; such odds indicate a favorite of a match. Odds for an underdog come with a plus sign and look like +150: it means you must bet $100 to win $150.
If you deal with the decimal odds format, simply multiply your stake amount to the odds value, and you will see your potential winnings.

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