InstaDebit Sports Betting: Top Sportsbooks that Accept InstaDebit

On this page, we unveil our top list of sports betting operators that deal with InstaDebit. This top-notch online payment method combines e-wallets and banking services’ best features, making punters’ experience 100% safe and enjoyable. InstaDebit has several unbeaten advantages upon the brother-payment systems.

Canadian sports bettors call it their No.1 choice on the bookmakers’ platforms.

What makes punters fall in love with the InstaDebit service for sports wagers? What are the benefits of using InstaDebit when depositing funds on the bookie’s site? Is this service indeed as safe as its creators claim? We’ll shed light on these and several other popular topics that bother users. Plus, our experts prepared the list of the high-class sportsbooks that deal with InstaDebit and found the betting sites that give a sign-up bonus to bettors for the first deposit via this wallet.

About InstaDebit

In a couple of years, the InstaDebit company will mark its twentieth anniversary (in business since 2002). For a long time, InstaDebit competed with Neteller (another popular e-wallet among Canadian folk) until the last ‘moved’ from Canada to settle in the UK. Thus, InstaDebit became a winner in this race and one of the beloved payment methods among locals. Before you ask, we need to clarify – Yes! InstaDebit is vacant purely for Canadian users with accounts in the domestic bank institutions. Gamblers with bank accounts registered in other countries besides the Great White North can’t use InstaDebit for sports wagers. The country restrictions spread on European and US users.

InstaDebit Betting Sites

InstaDebit has been initially developed as a bridge between an account holder and a banking institution. Later, the company expanded its horizons by introducing the InstaDebit e-wallet for much faster and safer transactions. The wallet creators claim that using InstaDebit for swift payments is like paying with cash at the stores, i.e., no annoying routine with the transaction movement and complete anonymity. The last criterion makes a primary importance for users as they stay no-name when submitting gambling transactions on their beloved online betting sites.

Another reason for the wallet success among online users is the absence of ID confirmation.

The company won’t force individuals to send the ID scans and attach selfies to start using InstaDebit. Even though the brand has significantly boosted its presence on the market within the last few years, we didn’t find any bad reviews or signs of scandals that would force us doubt about the InstaDebit transparency. Over the years, the service has become quite popular on the gambling sites, making a close neighborhood to popular alternatives, like PayPal, Skrill, and debit cards.

How to use InstaDebit on the betting sites

More and more sportsbook operators tend to integrate InstaDebit to their payment options menu. Why? Because they try to follow the customers’ growing demand on this particular payment method. If a bettor considers using the service on the bookies’ platforms, he should start with two simple things: find the valid sites and acquire the account (wallet) on the InstaDebit portal. How to do it fast and effortlessly? You can follow our guide below.

As mention earlier, InstaDebit won’t ask you to pass ID confirmation and reveal a SI number.

It will ask to provide your bank account information (they need your bank details to bond them to your InstaDebit account). Newbies would have to add their bank account numbers in the corresponding field and give the email address to complete verification. The paramount requirement is to have the account in one of the Canada-established banking institutions. If your bank belongs to another vicinity outside the Great White North borders, you can’t use InstaDebit as a deposit method on a bookie’s site.

Now, let’s see how to pay via your InstaDebit account on a betting site. Log into your online sportsbook account, specify the sum, and cherry-pick InstaDebit from the list. The specified funds will appear on a merchant site instantly. InstaDebit is probably one of the speediest deposit methods, which is super convenient for punters as they don’t wait for an eon to submit a hot bet. Similarly, customers may use InstaDebit for withdrawals. The transaction speed is one of the most substantial aspects that attracts bettors. On the contrast, debit card operations or direct transmissions via the bank account may last up to 3 days.

instadebit banking

What about the fees

What punters hate most of all is when the lion’s share of their bet stakes goes to fees. We understand this feeling as it seems unfair when third parties want to grab your hard-earned coin. But that’s the cruel world we live in, and taxes make an inevitable part of social wellbeing. Still, if you can find a loophole to decrease the fee rate, why ignore it? The benefit of paying with the InstaDebit wallet on a betting site is the absence of harsh transaction fees. You did not mishear! No fee is charged for deposits and withdrawals under one condition.

If you donate directly via the wallet, no fees are charged. But if you use InstaDebit as a bridge to send coin from your bank account, be prepared to pay levy ($1.95 for deposit and $1.50 for withdrawal). Please, don’t rush to blame a bookmaker, as it is a common rule for all InstaDebit betting sites. We advise players to opt for the first method and pay ‘face-to-face’ via the InstaDebit wallet without involving a bank account as a bridge. Thus, you safeguard your coin from sharp fees and enjoy online betting on high spirits.

Benefits of InstaDebit for sports betting fans

‘What’s so beneficial about using InstaDebit for wagers?’ ‘Isn’t it safer to apply good old credit card transfers for the bet settlement?’ It’s up to users to decide, and we are here not to persuade anyone. But we think that bettors should know the options before making the final choice. Thus, our team decided to highlight the most integral pros of InstaDebit for punters.

  • Speed: When the clock is ticking, and you can miss a hot bet with super gainful odds, the last thing you want to waste precious minutes on is the sluggish money transactions. Sometimes, it seems that carrier pigeons delivered the letters faster than current bank employees would proceed with the requests. Luckily, with e-wallets, bettors can forget about the headache caused by eternity-lasting deals. The deposits are fast, meaning that you can start using the money for wagers instantly.
  • Convenience: Experienced punters know that sometimes banks may ban the coin transfer, because let’s be honest, they are not big fans of online betting sites. If such a thing happens, a user sends a request to the bank customer service, asking to unban the transfer. Then he waits for 48 hours or more (as banks are closed on weekends) for the reps to unfreeze his funds. InstaDebit works much smoothly as no third parties are involved in the depositing/withdrawing infrastructure. Money flows forthwith from the wallet to the online sportsbook pocket.
  • Data safekeeping: Most punters are not fond of unveiling their gambling activity to the entire universe. But what should they do if this data displays on the debit card or bank statement? Seek the alternatives, like InstaDebit! Whether you are a proficient sports bettor or you wager for entertainment purposes, it’s not anyone’s business. This info will not display on your bank statement if you submit transactions via your InstaDebit account, and a bank won’t know how you spend and earn penny.
  • No fees: We mentioned it before but would like to stress again briefly. InstaDebit doesn’t charge the levy from punters if they move the funds instantaneously from the wallet, not via the bank account. If gamblers choose to connect the bank, they pay a $1.95 fee ($1.50 for withdrawals).
  • Bonus for newbies: It’s common for modern companies to reward customers with a special bonus for using their services. For instance, leading crypto companies reward users with generous perks if they pay with crypto on different online portals. InstaDebit also follows this widespread trend. Gamblers can request a bonus from a betting site if their first deposit for a qualifying bet comes from the InstaDebit wallet. Just check that a sportsbook has this option beforehand on its terms and conditions page.

Factors to consider about the InstaDebit transactions

Now when you know about the InstaDebit strong points, we want to highlight some factors that you should be aware of before using the wallet on a bookie’s site. The first thing to memorize is that you can’t use this payment method if your bank is registered somewhere outside Canadian borders.

InstaDebit cooperates purely with Canada-based institutions.

Still, it doesn’t mean that foreign punters can’t have the wallets. They can even if they are not the Great White North residents, but have accounts in the local banking institutions.

Another factor to know is that withdrawals last a bit longer (up to 4 days), unlike the instant deposit operations. The request processing doesn’t occur in real-time, which may cause a delay. So, if you are running out of time to pull back your winnings, consider using another option. And one more reminder to bettors – it’s more suitable to submit transactions straight from the wallet to avoid fees.

sports betting via instadebit

Best InstaDebit betting sites

In this day and age, it’s not a big problem to find a sports betting site that accepts e-wallets and InstaDebit in particular. The more problematic is to track down the right sportsbook that is equally safe and reliable. Our pundits inspected the plethora of operators that are InstaDebit-friendly. What do we check when shape our rankings? Firsthand, our experts verify if a bookie charges a deposit levy from customers. The reputable operators, like William Hill and bet365, establish a fee-free deposit rate for punters. Moreover, most top sportsbooks allow gamblers to request a bonus if their first qualifying deposit comes straight from the e-wallet.

We also cross-checked what betting markets the bookies have to offer, so that punters have a vast assortment of wagering options. The A-class sportsbooks that we recommend have vibrant in-play solutions and can boast of top-notch live streams of the popular events. We visited the promotions section and were pleasantly surprised by the large-scale loyalty programs for newbies and regular punters in the sites’ offering. For instance, such market leaders as Betway and 888sport offer 100% remuneration for the first deposit.

Pro-bettors know that InstaDebit withdrawals traditionally require more time for proceeding than deposit transactions. Our experts tested what sportsbooks have the most lightning payouts. The winners are bet365 and Bwin. And yes, we can confirm that the gambling activity doesn’t display in the bank statement. We also want to stress on the superb customer support that these bookies can be proud of. Our mark is A+ to Ladbrokes and Betway, whose help center reps impressed us with their excellent background in sports wagers and a fantastic customer-oriented approach.

After putting 2+2, our experts came up with the following ranking of the high-score InstaDebit betting sites:

  • William Hill
  • Betway
  • bet365
  • Ladbrokes
  • 888sport
  • Bwin

Best InstaDebit betting sites

High-profile betting apps that accept InstaDebit

Mobile wagering is no longer something outstanding for current punters, but a must-have that they enjoy in everyday life. Reputable sportsbooks do not limit users with desktop solutions only but develop flawless and handy mobile apps. If you wonder whether you can use your InstaDebit account on the bookies’ apps, we rush to ensure – yes, you can!

We won’t describe in detail the entire process, as it is identical to the websites.

When selecting the payment options, you pick up the wallet and wait when the coin appears on your bookie’s account.

When our experts tested InstaDebit-friendly betting apps, they paid heed to the downloading speed, live streaming quality, and straightforward interface suitable for the on-the-go wagers. The following apps make the short-list as most gambler-friendly and easy-to-navigate: bet365, Betway, Ladbrokes, and William Hill. If you consider making mobile transactions via the InstaDebit wallet, these apps will not disappoint you.

Expert opinion

Current punters tend to make their gambling activities more secure and private. That is the reason for the e-payments growing success among sports bettors. InstaDebit is one of the chieftains in this matter as it makes the combo of e-wallet functions and bank transfers. The service is quite popular among Canadian punters and users with registered bank accounts on the Great White North territory. The unbeaten benefits of using the wallet on the InstaDebit betting sites are security, convenience, and personal data safekeeping. Besides, most sportsbooks offer a lavish bonus when submitting the first deposit via this service. Suppose you seek the reliable sportsbooks that cooperate with InstaDebit and offer bountiful bonuses for customers. In that case, you can test your luck on any of the betting sites from our recommended list.

Who can use InstaDebit?

The service is available for Canadian punters or people with accounts in any of the country-based banking institutions.

How does the service work for sports bettors?

InstaDebit operates as a bridge between your bank account and a sportsbook with one primary advantage that the gambling activity will not display in the bank statement.

Should I pay fees when using the wallet on the InstaDebit betting sites?

The operations are fee-free if you submit transactions straight from your wallet, but not via the bank. Otherwise, you will have to pay a $1.95 fee rate.

How long does it take to withdraw my betting winnings via InstaDebit?

Withdrawal speed may vary depending on each bookmaker (3-5 days in general). Our experts checked multiple sites and found the bookies with the smoothest withdrawals. You can get acquainted with our ranking of the high-profile InstaDebit-friendly sportsbooks.

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