Sports interaction is a famous internet bookmaker that provides good gambling opportunities. Whether the player is interested in betting on sports or playing at the casino, sports interaction provides a relatively good service. There are a large number of betting options on the site, ranging from sports betting to live betting to other games. The website is split into two parts, the sportsbook and the casino. Both of them are extremely well made and cater to the Canadian gambling community. For people interested in online gambling sports interaction provides an excellent platform to place wagers on. The site is neatly designed and is very easy to use. Not all bookmakers have that. Live betting is available on the site with many sports to chose from.

The casino is just as good as the sportsbook and provides a variety of games. Although not available in the United States, sports interaction offers a variety of games from North America.

The sportsbook provides ample opportunities for sports betting for someone from Canada.

Sportsinteraction betting site review

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The casino games offered a designed to a high standard, with the management understanding the need to provide good games. This review of sports interaction will show that although some have reported difficulty with the site in nevertheless provides an excellent sportsbook and plenty of opportunities to play casino games. Some online casinos seem to lack good design and engineering behind them. Sports interaction is not like that. Having taken great care of their gambling site, there are plenty of games that are offered that gamblers can enjoy.

The site has overall good functionality and allows for bets to be placed quickly and efficiently. Sports interaction sports interaction can be a nice site to use if the bettor is a Canadian.

Catering to this market the site is offered in two languages, English and French.

Sports interaction provides decent bonus offers to their clients, although not the best in the world. Some bookmakers offer a lot of bonuses showering their clients with offers. Sports interaction is a little more reserved on these offers.

The site compensates this by providing a large variety of games to their customers along with a wide selection of sports to wager on. The bets are easy to place and the gaming site is great if the bettor has had trouble with other portals.

Bookmaker advantage

  • Sports interaction is good at providing ample opportunities for gambling on sports, with bettors being able to place bets on games such as eSports or political elections.
  • The website is available around the world and their casino section should entice any interested gambler to place a few wagers.
  • The online casino is available with live betting which is a great advantage to many gamblers.

For the online sports betting community from Canada sports interaction is definitely one of the best choices that is available. Although the service is banned in the United States, this could be due to the more restrictive nature of American laws. Only a few gambling sites are available in the U.S. and customers from America are always advised to check both Federal and state laws before proceeding to a betting website.

Sports interaction sportsbook

Sports interaction has an excellent sports betting platform. The sportsbook is replete with many games and sports that players can wager money on. There is a live betting option available which allows to perform sports betting while the game is being played. For many sports lovers the sportsbook is an excellent source of fun and placing bets on it can be a great experience.

Sportsinteraction Line

Sportsinteraction Betting Line

This sportsbook review shows it to be one of the best sportsbooks available. Many online sportsbooks take time to load or can be difficult to use. Here the activities are presented in a neat manner and the online sportsbook makes gambling on sports extremely easy. One of the strong features of the online sportsbook is the easy to use format. Many betting sites have very difficult to use online sportsbooks and users can spend hours trying to figure out how to place bets. Here the layout is very good and a player will not be lost in the endless details of the webpage. Ease of use is definitely one of the strong sides of the sports interaction sportsbook. Further, there is a very wide range of sports available to place wagers on, with over 20 sports being presented to the user.

Another strong side is that the gambler can place wagers on various leagues for each of the sports. Sports interaction has definitely presented each member with a great variety of sports that they can wager their money on. Placing bets is extremely easy with this site and should a user have placed multiple bets they are automatically made into a parlay bet.

This can be a good feature for messy players that struggle to place a parlay bet while online gambling.

betting markets at SportsInteraction

An example of betting markets

People can place wagers on sports ranging from golf, darts and cricket to tennis, cycling and snooker. The great choice available makes sports interaction a preferred sportsbook for Canada.

What is good about sports interaction sportsbook is that it offers the possibility to place bets on horse races. The racebook provided can both offer good odds and present the user with a neat selection of various horse races to wager money on.

Sports that are offered

Another choice for online gamblers is American football. The website offers a wide selection of betting options to be placed on NFL games. These games are hosted in the United States and attract a wide range of viewers from Canada. Understanding this, sports interaction has made it possible to place numerous wagers on NFL and has provided users with various betting options. The American football part of the sportsbook definitely takes a big share of space available. Here players are offered various championships and teams that they can place their wagers on. Catering to the market of North America, the online gambling community of Canada will definitely enjoy the NFL part of the sportsbook.

American Football Betting at Sports Interaction

NFL Betting

Another sport that is popular with the sports interaction online sportsbook is basketball. Being a widely played sport in Canada and the United States, fans are given the option of placing different bets on the game. The website further provides game statistics and makes predictions about the coming tournaments. Some 600 basketball betting odds are available on the online sportsbook. Sports betting is done extremely well on the site with the North American market being catered to. Betting on eSports is also allowed on the sportsbook, with a variety of activities made available to the players. People can enjoy betting on the eSports that are provided on the webpage. Not all sportsbooks feature eSports, and sometimes bettors can find themselves being restricted from wagering money on these games. What is good about the sports interaction is the selection of various games that players can bet money on. It is one of the strong sides of the company.

For the fans of soccer, the website also offers good gambling opportunities. Although less popular in Canada than American football or basketball, the gambling selection also includes soccer.

Here gamblers can place wagers on Champions League, the English Premier League and others. This sports interaction sportsbook review recommends using the site if the gambler is interested in the wide choice of games offered and the plethora of sports betting options that are available. Not every website is like that.

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Live betting

Many online sportsbooks currently offer live betting to their customers, and this sports interaction review shows that the platform also offers this opportunity. The drawback is that the games cannot be watched live in person. That is the gambler will not be able to see the match unfold through a live streaming device. However the site will constantly update their statistics and the bettor will be able to draw conclusions from it. Gamblers can place wagers on some 200 sporting events, many coming from the United States. This means that the selection of games that sports interaction offers for the live betting community is extremely wide and should attract many gamblers. The sports betting options are provided with live gambling and offer a wide array of sports.

The user interface makes gambling live extremely easy and pleasant. With a wide selection of choices and a major focus on American sports the sports interaction gambling portal should definitely be worthy as a major sports betting service. For those interested in betting from a mobile device, having statistics constantly updated on the phone can help an individual improve their gambling score and make some good wins. The sports interaction sportsbook review definitely shows the selection of sports available and the wide plethora of gambling options being extremely good for the player.

Sportsinteraction live betting section

Live betting

Sports interaction casino

The casino that sports interaction provides is extremely good. Gamblers can place bets on a wide variety of activities and enjoy playing in the casino. Many online gambling sites place primary focus on the sportsbook and tend to forget about their online casinos. Interaction sports is not like that. Plenty of investment has gone into their online casino and gamblers are met with good graphics and an easy to use format. This casino review will demonstrate that the casino games offered are worth playing.

Activities ranging from card and table games to video poker and keno are provided.

Not all betting houses do that. the slot machine section has been extremely well designed and the online casino offers a customized version of the slot games to the players. Another strong suit of sports interaction is the provision of a live dealer.

Players can enjoy seeing the roulette will spin with the live dealer doing the work. This provides for a much more immersive roulette experience. The site can be used by players that are interested in playing at the casino and poker and enjoying the game just like they do at a real casino. Another option that sports interaction provides in its casino is hi lo games. The hi lo games are not available at all the online casinos and players will love using this as a gambling opportunity. The casino and poker activities are also provided on the casino. Not only does sports interaction offer a wide variety of table games but they make playing them extremely fun. Video poker is another activity that is featured on the site. Players can enjoy playing video poker live against other players in the online poker room. The choices that the site offers are large and a casino bonus is provided. Like previously mentioned in the review, sports interaction has made a great effort to ensure that their online casino is just as good as their sportsbook.

Sportsinteraction casino

Casino and slots

Many gambling websites relegate casinos to a second-tier status thinking that the most profit will be made from the sportsbook. Sports interaction has not done that. People can enjoy playing video poker in the dedicated poker rooms or receive good bonus promotions from the bets on table games. Further, several options are available in the casino with poker. Players can enjoy playing hold em on the site. This casino hold em poker is provided as one of the features of the gambling section of the casino. There are plenty of card games featured on the website. A great addition to the online sports betting, the card games offered create an amazing experience for the bettors. The site has received good critical acclaim both for the quality of its table games and the different bonus features of the site. The site’s dedicated room for poker is called SIA poker. This SIA room offers players a wide variety of playing options, including hold em and em poker pick games. Pick em promotions are part of the bonus offers that regular players are provided with. The bonus features of the online casino complement the sportsbook elements of the site.

According to this sports interaction review the casino offered is extremely good and neatly designed and trying one’s luck there should be a great complement to the variety of sports featured on the website.

Not only is the site well made but the availability of a live dealer should make the various activities in the casino much more enticing to the player.

The bonus features that are provided improve player experience. When a user has gotten tired of the various sports that are offered and thinks that they have made enough money sports betting, they can enjoy themselves in the casino. An important aspect is the amount of work that has been put into making this casino worthwhile. Being an equal to the sportsbook and providing a great variety of games should make it definitely worth visiting. There are plenty of branded slot machines that are offered at the gaming venue. Here players can enjoy fun evenings playing at the various thematic attractions that are provided.

live sia casino

Live casino

Themes such as the Matrix, Batman and Top Gun are part of the entertainment. These branded activities are not available at many other online gambling sites. Catering to the Canadian audience, most of the brands come from the United States. However players from Europe or Asia can also enjoy partaking in these activities.

Many gambling and betting sites do not feature branded activities in their casinos as they think that the most money is made on the sportsbook. Sports interaction differs greatly from this. The management has made sure that players can get a Vegas experience from their site and has put good quality work into making their casino both competitive and entertaining for the players.

Bonus offers

There are a number of bonus offers and promotions that sports interaction provides to its members. One of them is the sign up bonus.

Here customers can have the account credited with up to $100 of betting money.

The actual bonus is calculated depending on the rollover that the client has chosen. The higher the rollover, the higher the bonus. Although there are gambling sites which shower their customers with bonus offers and promotions, sports interaction takes a more careful approach. A bigger promotion is available to the Canadian customers. Upon making their first deposit, clients are asked whether they want to partake in the bonus offer. Should they agree, their accounts can be credited with up to $200 of free bets. These funds can then be used to place wagers either on the sportsbook or in the casino. Upon making the initial deposit, every Canadian customer is eligible to receive the large welcome bonus that is provided by the sports interaction. The site caters primarily to the Canadian market so it tries to attract as many clients as possible from this North American country.

Sportsinteraction bonus and promo

Bonuses and promotions

What is important to note is that although sports interaction is not available in the United States, it features most tournaments held in the U.S. Canadians like to watch American sports and gamble on them. The two countries have a close relationship and have a long land border between them. So it comes as no surprise that sports interaction provides as many American championships to bet on for the Canadians as the company can. Sports interaction thus provides their Canadian customers with 0up to $20 deposit bonus upon making their first deposit. The minimum that a client has to deposit is $20 in order to become eligible. However with a 10x rollover the bonus payment can be expanded to the maximum amount of $200. This welcome bonus is great for any new client that is interested in partaking in the gambles at sports interaction. While most modern sites today have a welcome bonus offer, sports interaction is keen to provide the best payment to its Canadian clients.

Another promotion that clients of this gambling service can get is a friend referral bonus.

Here if a client will refer a friend to the sports interaction service and the friend opens up an account, they will receive up to 20% bonus paid out into their gambling account.

Of course the maximum amount of this friend referral bonus has been capped at $200. The friend that has just opened an account will also receive a first deposit bonus of up to $200. This way both parties will win according to this sports interaction review. Having a free payment credited into the clients account and another one free gambling payment into the friends account is an excellent way to expand the client base of sports interaction. The deposit made by the friend has to include high rollover in order for them to get the most additional money credited to their account. Some of the sports interaction review on the internet recommend using this site particularly for the Canadian market. Not only does it offer good promotions to its clients and features most North American sports, sports interaction is a gambling portal focused specifically on Canada.

Is Sports Interaction safe?

Positive aspects

Sports interaction has received good critical acclaim from the majority of online sports interaction review articles. The website is nice to use and offers a neat way into the North American gambling market. The management of the company has ensured that clients will not be lost on the site and that gambling will be done in a smooth and reliable way. The company takes good care of personal details, such as the credit card numbers, and bettors will unlikely have their accounts hacked and details stolen. An important thing to note is that sports interaction has been licensed and regulated by the Kahnawake gaming commission.

Further, sports interaction is often audited and has its finances checked and verified by the Kahnawake gaming commission representatives.

The Kahnawake gaming commission has been established in 1996 and oversees a large number of online betting sites and internet casinos. Kahnawake itself is a Native American reserve located in the province of Quebec in Canada. Just like in the United States, Native Americans in Canada often engage in gambling and hosting of casinos.

Trust and security

Trusted and secure

This has to do with the difference in the legal systems between the Native territories and Canada. Here a certain degree of sovereignty has been given to the region of Kahnawake. Located near the city of Montreal, the city of Kahnawake is home to some 8000 people. The Kahnawake gaming commission has been established in the region and provides official regulatory oversight over a number of betting ventures. The fact that sports interaction is both accepted, licensed and regulated by the legal gaming commission makes the portal legitimate.

Negative aspects

There have been certain reports from users that are critical of the sports interaction website.

list of negative points:

  1. Mandatory verification. Some say that their customer service has not been helpful when trying to withdraw their funds. Others criticize the website for the them being too quick accepting the first deposit but slow on returning the winnings. Although sports interaction has received sound critical acclaim from the official review s that have been published, many users have reported problems with the portal. First, in order to receive the winnings back into the clients account they need to proceed with the verification process. Thus it can be a good idea to have all the documents verified and validated before making a deposit into the account. Next, the management can be extremely picky with verification of documents and can bar cash withdrawal until all the official paperwork has been processed. Thus the payout speed can be slow with the portal. Users have reported sports interaction refusing to pay out the money due to unprocessed documents. Sometimes it can be of large sums of cash, such as $1000 of winnings.
  2. Withdrawal delays. Next, officially it takes around 3 to 5 days for a withdrawal to be processed. However customers have reported having to wait for several weeks for their queries to be considered. Many have said that the payout speed on the site can be extremely slow if the winnings are large and the client wants to withdraw the entire amount into their account. At the same time depositing funds can take very little time. Thus sports interaction is quick to accept the funds but slow to return back the winnings. Customers should beware of this issue. Certain clients have advised not to accept their promotions and special offers as the service can sometimes confiscate the winnings. If a user wants to get all their funds back perhaps even steering away from the welcome bonus may seem like a good idea. Should the winnings be large players need to be certain that their accounts have been verified correctly. Sports interaction has been reported to withhold their client’s winnings until all the paperwork has been processed. Sometimes the company is said not to return the winnings due to the customer not having had sent all the important documents to the gambling company. Certain users have reported being scammed by the sports interaction staff and the customer support simply lying to them.
  3. Non-payment of winnings. Winnings not being returned due to lack of proper paperwork is one of the common complaints about the website. Sometimes live chat is simply not helpful, with the company’s representatives processing the complaints in the same manner as general customer support. Hence a user can be told to submit additional details both over live chat and when they contact the customer support by email. The portal is said to be quick in accepting any deposit but sometimes be terrible with their payout speed. Sports interaction is extremely happy when clients deposit large funds into their gambling accounts. At the same time the company does not like it when a user asks to withdraw their winnings. Users have reported problems with getting back the winnings of $1000 or $2000.

It is important to note that as there are many gambling sites available on the internet, bettors should do their research first to make sure that they have picked a good website to deposit their cash into. Should the gambler have picked a wrong website they may run into problems when asking to return their funds back into their accounts.

How do you cash out on sports interaction?

There are a number of ways that a customer can cash out from sports interaction website. The site supports a number of banking options that can be used:

  • The withdrawal options include instant banking and wire transfer. Wire transfer takes on average 3 business days and is one of the available withdrawal options. A user can withdraw into their account up to $7,500 using wire transfer and they may not need to wait for a long time. According to the official sources, the payout speed is not slow with sports interaction.
  • A second way that a user can cash out is instadebit. Here the payout speed is around 2-3 days and a client can withdraw up to $10,000 into their account. Instant banking is another one of the withdrawal options provided by sports interaction. Using instant banking a client can ask to get their winnings back and the processing speed can take only 3 days. Should a user have trouble getting their winnings back from sports interaction, they can always ask the customer service over the phone, email or contact them using live chat. Customer support is always needed if someone is running into trouble with withdrawing their winnings.
  • The banking options that are provided by the website also include ecocard and instant echecks. These two options also allow for a high payout speed and the user should find their winnings deposited into the account.

Overall there are five main banking options that are provided by sports interaction according to this review.

Help centr - support SportsInteraction

Help center

If a client has trouble getting their winnings they should contact customer support via live chat. Another aspect to note about the portal is that it provides one free withdrawal of funds per month. Normally a user needs to pay a small fee to withdraw their winnings from a betting webpage. However on sports interaction each user is given a one free withdrawal once a month. If a user has any questions about getting their funds back they can use the search function of the site to make additional queries.

The website overall provides good deposit and withdrawal options to their clients. The deposit options allow for a quick deposit of monies into the client account. Using the deposit options, which include credit card and wire transfers, a client can transfer their funds.

Users report deposits being processed quickly. Sports interaction’s deposit and withdrawal options overall provide for a nice gambling environment.

Is there a Sports interaction app?

There is an app available for android devices that features all the options and selections that sports interaction webpage has. The app has been said to work extremely well under heavy load offering their clients live betting opportunities and serving other wagering requests. The android app has been extremely well designed and users have reported not running into any trouble while using the application. Sports interaction app for android devices brings the wide selection of betting choices either on the sportsbook or in the casino to the mobile audience. Should a user want to place a bet on a sport, they can easily do it on the application. The app further offers the same deposit options that the internet page does to its users. Things like signing up to the service or having verification done can easily be accomplished on the mobile application. Sports interaction has put a lot of effort into both designing their mobile application and ensuring that it works.

There is a choice to use the desktop version of the website on a mobile device, however the specialized application designed for android devices is preferable to use on a smartphone.

Players that like to wager cash from their smartphone can even contact the customer service using the app available. Gambling while on the move has become commonplace nowadays. Further, users can check statistics on big matches and tournaments that are being held. Look at their bets that they have previously wagered and check their winnings or losses. The app has been well designed and should be the program of choice for any android device holder.

Although it is worth mentioning that an app for Apple phones has not been designed yet. Thus should a user have an iOS product they will not be able to use the company app for their betting. The iPhone users will need to use the desktop version of the website and load it onto their iPhone. The app currently is only available on android devices and does not serve the Apple market. Thus iPhones and iPads are not currently supported by the gambling company. Only android devices are.