Craps Strategy

Craps is considered one of the most popular and well-regarded games of chance, drawing many players to both real-world casinos and online gambling websites.

To be a competent player in craps, you must have particular knowledge, abilities, and the appropriate mentality.

It also necessitates that players choose and adhere to the ideal Craps strategy for their own playstyle, budget, and requirements.

Gamblers should familiarize themselves with the game’s rules and characteristics before diving headfirst into the deep seas of professional play.

There are various betting portions on the Craps table, regardless of whether you are playing in a regular physical casino or an online gaming facility. If you want to succeed in casino Craps, you must understand when, how, and where to place your chips on the table.

The many components of Craps may give the impression to beginner players that it is difficult, but we are here to assist you.

craps game

Continue reading to learn how to choose the most effective Craps strategy.

What is a Craps

Craps is a dice game seen in casinos that requires a tremendous degree of action and strategy, both with the dice and the money.

To learn how to play casino craps, a player must first get familiar with the craps table staff and their locations. Dealers, a boxperson, and a stickperson are the most often used table employees for craps games in casinos.

The boxperson is in charge of the craps table and acts as the game’s immediate supervisor.

Additionally, the supervisor controls the chips and is responsible for resolving any disagreements between dealers and players.

The dealer to the right of the boxperson is the second base dealer. Craps players on that side of the game are said to be on the second base side. A valuable technique for recalling this is to glance at the field. Number two on the field is the farthest away from the boxperson at second base.

Craps Strategy

The dealer to the left of the boxperson is the 3rd base dealer. On that side of the game, any craps player is on the third base. A valuable technique for recalling this is to glance at the field. On third base, the number twelve position on the field is the farthest away from the box person (1+2=third base).

The stickperson is the dealer who moves the dice with a long-hooked stick. The stickperson is positioned in the middle of the table, just across from the boxperson.

If a player is “straight out,” he or she is placed on either side of the center of the table.

Supervisors rate players based on the color of their attire and their position.

Hot to Bet on Craps

Craps betting is not as difficult as it seems. To wager real money craps online from anywhere, just follow these three steps.

STEP 1: Sign up for a bookie

To begin, you must create an account with an online betting site that has Craps in its online casino.

To create an account, click the above link and complete the sign-up form on the homepage.

STEP 2: Save funds

Log into your Bovada account and choose ‘Deposit’ from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner. Select a deposit method, input the deposit amount, and then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the deposit.

Bookmakers allow a variety of payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Bitcoin, etc. You may withdraw your rewards through Bitcoin, Wire Transfer, Check By Courier, and other options.

Online craps

Playing craps online

STEP 3: Engage in craps

  • From the top navigation bar, choose ‘Casino’ and then ‘Table Games’ from the secondary casino games menu.
  • Select ‘Craps’ to access the Real Money Craps game.
  • Place your craps wagers and wait for the dice to fall.
  • Decide whether to wager on the Pass Line or the Don’t Pass Line.
  • Dice are rolled (the come-out roll).
  • Pass bettors win if the dice fall on 7 or 11. If the dice fall on two, three, or twelve, bettors win. If the dice fall on another number, it becomes the ‘point,’ and the game continues.
  • Place your Come and Don’t Come wagers, as well as proposition wagers.
  • Continue rolling and wagering until either the ‘point’ or a 7 appears on the dice.

Best Craps Betting Strategy

When it comes to craps, there isn’t much that can be done to influence the result of the dice. A tactically well-planned approach entails betting on the outcome of a single roll rather than attempting to forecast the outcome. The amount of a bet is then adjusted in accordance with the outcome.

When you are winning in craps, you must wager more money, and when you are losing, you must risk less capital.

Knowing the difference between a field bet (a wager on a roll of 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12), a point number (the number a shooter is aiming to match after a point has been established), the pass line, and others, will help you gain confidence in your craps approach as you go through your learning curve.

Pass Line

The “pass line bet” is the most important gamble that every Craps player should be familiar with. Many Craps betting strategies are built on this bet, and it is also a fantastic bet on its own because of the low house edge of 1.41 % that it has.

Pass Line

Place it directly on the “Pass Line” before the first roll to ensure that it is not missed (A.K.A., the come-out roll). An insider’s tip: before the come-out roll, make sure that the small puck on the table says “OFF.” When the shooter rolls a 7 or an 11, you will get a 1:1 payment if you place this wager. On a roll of 2, 3, or 12, it loses, and this is referred to as “Craps out.”

If any other number is rolled, the puck is flipped such that it displays “ON,” and it is then put in the top zone at the matching location (the 4-5-six-8-nine-10 area). Once this “box point” has been determined, the only thing left is to roll the particular number in question. If you do, you will be victorious. If a 7 is rolled before the start of the game, you will lose.

Don’t Pass Line

In real-life Craps tables, the majority of players base their casino Craps strategy on the pass line stake, and some even place their total bet on it. Everyone wins or loses together in this manner, which contributes to the overall “community” experience. Because “don’t pass” is effectively the antithesis of “pass,” if you choose it and rejoice loudly on the playing table, you may alienate other players by doing so. Although it is a risky bet, it is an excellent option if you are playing online or if you are not impacted by the superstitions of others around you.

Passing on a roll of 2 or 3 earns even money, with the 12 winning even money and the 12 losing even money, preserving the casino’s edge. Some establishments only allow the two instead of the 12. A basic Craps betting strategy tip that we can provide you is to look at the dice combination on the “Don’t pass” betting area to see whether you are correct about the circumstance.

Don't Pass Line

In the event that a 7 or 11 is rolled, you will be eliminated from the game. Once a point has been created, you will win on a roll of 7, and you will lose if the point number arrives before the roll of seven. You have the edge at this point since there are more possibilities to roll a 7 than there are to land any other dice combination.

That “don’t pass” has a thin house advantage of 1.37 %, which is even lower than that of the “pass line,” which is one of the game’s most appealing features.

Come and Don’t Come Strategies

It is possible to have successful playing sessions only on pass/don’t pass wagers. If you’re looking for a more sophisticated Craps strategy, experiment with the come and don’t come stakes. Come is equivalent to the pass line, whereas don’t come is equivalent to don’t pass. The main distinction is that come and don’t come are put after a point is achieved in the come-out roll (the puck is “on”).

Consider the following scenario and see if you can reproduce it using the demo:

  1. Start by placing $5 on the pass line. Your objective is to construct a point with a 4/5/6/8/9/10 roll. If you roll a two, three, seven, eleven, or twelve, just make another pass line bet.
  2. Once the puck is in the “ON” position, this Craps betting technique requires you to place a $5 wager on “Come.” Several things may happen on your next roll. If a 7 appears, the come bet is won, but the pass line is lost. Additionally, you may use the come bet to create another point. If the numbers 2, 3, or 12 occur, you will lose your come wager, but your original pass line wager will remain untouched.
  3. In essence, you may employ come to build multiple points at the top and compensate for part of your losses. For instance, if you’ve set the points 5, 6, and 8, you’ll win if the dice roll one of these numbers. The weakness of this Craps gambling technique is that you will lose them all if the dreaded 7 comes.

What happens if a come bet establishes a point and the pass line wins? A new round will begin, but your money will stay on the point until that number or a 7. Now it’s time to dig into the game’s finest wagers.

Craps Odds Betting Strategy

If you want a further reason to begin playing Craps, consider the odds bets. These wagers may pass unnoticed by unskilled players since there is no clearly designated region indicating their presence. However, mastering their play is critical since they have no house advantage. These bets are often featured in Craps strategy books because of the fact that the casino does not deduct a percentage from your profits.

You may wager on the pass line, the don’t pass line, the come line, and the don’t come line. Adding odds to the pass and come is referred to as “taking odds,” whereas using them with the don’t pass or don’t come is referred to as “laying odds.” To make things easy, we’ll explain how to place a pass line bet.

It’s important to keep in mind that certain online games prohibit putting odds bets, and all casinos will limit the amount of money you may wager.

This is because players may often generate a profit using a Craps betting strategy and a large bankroll, which will not keep the house in business for long. Typically, you’ll come across restrictions requiring “3-4-5x” odds. This implies that you may wager on the following:

  • For the 4 and 10-point numbers, you may win up to three times the value of your pass line wager.
  • Up to x4 for 5 and 9 digit numbers
  • Up to five times for six and eight-digit numbers

Consider an example and demonstrate it using the demo. To get odds on the pass line, place a $5 wager and wait for a point to be created. If this point is a 4 or 10, you can ordinarily wager up to $15 on an odds bet, but our example allows you additional flexibility. While the greatest Craps betting strategy would advise you to maximize your odds bet, you are not required to do so, particularly if your bankroll is tiny. The space where you must place your chips for an odds bet is just under the point number. In other versions, the placement may be behind your original wager or just outside the pass line.

Craps Odds Betting Strategy

If you win on a four or ten, you will get a payout of 1:1 on your $5 pass line wager. Because there are six chances to roll a 7, and three ways to roll a 4/10, the odds bet pays 2:1. As a result, three guidelines must be included in your casino craps strategy to prevent being rounded down:

  • If the point is six and eight, wager in multiples of five dollars since they pay six to five.
  • If the point is 5 or 9, gamble even money ($2, $4, $6, etc. ) since they pay 6:4. (3:2)
  • If the point is 4 and 10, you may utilize any chip due to the 6:3 payout (2:1)

The only danger associated with the odds bet is that it will be wiped out by subsequent bets. For instance, rolling a 7 while betting on the pass line + odds indicates that you will lose both. We’ve discussed the finest wagers in this game; now, let’s discuss those you should avoid.

Field Bets

When it comes to field wagers, Craps betting strategy recommendations are sometimes perplexing. Some see them as a terrible decision, while others believe they are feasible. Before we express our view, it’s necessary to understand how field wagers function.

The area designated for their placement is referred to as “Field” and has the numbers 2-3-4-9-10-11-12. This is a one-roll wager, which means that if the above numbers do not occur on the following roll, you will lose your wager. Typically, the 2 and 12 are surrounded, with a “pays twice” symbol above them. If this is correct, the house advantage on this wager will be 5.56 %, which is not excessive.

If a “pays triple” indicator appears above the 2 or 12, the house advantage decreases to 2.78 %, a far more tolerable figure. If you’re wondering, check out our dedicated page for advanced Craps strategies that include field bets.

Field Bets

Craps Money Management

Money management is the alpha and omega of consistently winning in craps. The overwhelming array of incorrect bets combined with the game’s quick pace is sufficient to wipe out the untrained craps player, leaving him or her with no money in their wallets. That is why developing and following to a money management plan is critical for all craps players. However, how is this accomplished?

  • Setting Up a Separate Bankroll to Fuel Your Craps Play
  • Allocating Session Bankrolls
  • Your Win Goals for a Craps Session
  • Your Loss Limits for a Craps Session
  • Capitalizing on Hot Tables and Minimizing Losses

Big Six, Big Eight Strategy

In craps, there are three methods to wager on the numbers 6 and 8: Place Bet, Buy bet, and Big Six and Eight. The optimal strategy is to place a Place Bet on the 6 or 8, since this has the lowest house edge (1.52 %).

A Place Bet on 6 or 8 wins and loses in the following manner:

Wins if the 6 (or 8) occurs more than once before a 7. The payoff is 7 to 6, which means that for every $6 wagered, you will earn $7. (This is why, when placing the 6 or 8 Place Bet, you should always stake $6 or a multiple of $6.)

If a 7 occurs before a 6 (or 8) appears, the player loses.

You may put the 6 and 8 Place Bets at any time and may also instruct the dealer to “take down my place bet on 6 (or 8).”

We would use a similar strategy when betting the Place Bet on either (or both) of the 6 and 8; is, start small and gradually increase your stakes on successful coups. For instance, $6–$6–$12–$12–$18–$18–and so on.

The advice is to stick to the pass line, and one (or two) come bets, both of which have odds, and if the 6 or 8 is not covered as a point number for the pass line or come bet, you may consider placing a bet on 6 or 8.

Craps Press Strategy

If you’re serious about winning in Craps, you’re going to have to gamble aggressively. Pressing implies that you are increasing the stake on an existing Place bet in order to increase your chances of winning. You may either pay the dealer money and instruct them to press your bet, or you can utilize the winnings from a successful bet to press the winning bet and/or subsequent bets.

You may place a single Place Bet or numerous Place Bets using some or all of your profits.

Although the optimal moment to press a bet is just before the dealer pays you for the winning bet, learning to press is critical to developing into a great craps player regardless of how you do it.

Craps is a very straightforward game for novices, but certain complex craps methods are used by players willing to accept a little more risk in return for the opportunity to rapidly accumulate a huge stack of chips. With so many wagering alternatives available at a craps table, many players have developed their own favorite strategy. We’ve compiled a list of common craps methods for you to try out.

Advanced Craps Strategy


3 Point Molly

The 3 Point Molly approach is designed to gradually increase the number of bets placed with the possibility of hitting numerous minor wins during the game. To begin, wager on the Pass line until a point is established. Place a Come bet after maximizing your odds on the point. After establishing the Come bet point, increase the odds and put another Come bet. Once that point is determined, maximize the chances on the second Come bet. At this time, the table will have three wagers: the initial Pass Line wager and two Come wagers. If one of your wagers wins, you may continue betting on either the Pass or Come wagers, ensuring that you always have three wagers on the table. Bear in mind that this is a bold move. You should have a high bankroll to prevent running out of chips early on.


Iron Cross

The Iron Cross method is straightforward. Wait until the table’s center has been established. Once the field is established, wager on the Field, 5, 6, and 8. This way, you’ll win on any roll other than a seven. There are 36 possible outcomes from a single dice throw. By wagering on the Iron Cross, you win on 30 of the 36 possible outcomes. The Field makes contact in the best-case situation. This doubles your Field wager while leaving your 5, 6, and 8 wagers alone. Furthermore, some casinos will double or treble your Field wager on a 2 or 12. If a 5, 6, or 8 is rolled, you will get some money but will lose your Field bet. When the number 7 hits, you will lose all of your wagers. When you have a hot shooter, this may be an excellent tactic. Each roll that is not a seven increases your chip stack. If the shooter can continue for an extended period of time, you can soon accumulate a huge stack of chips.



KISS. KISS, of course, stands for Keep It Simple, Stupid. The method is straightforward: wager on the Pass line and maximize your odds, then wager on the 6 and 8. It’s a little more tedious than some of the other advanced methods, but it allows you to place more bets on the board while maintaining a reduced house edge. Additionally, it does not need as huge a bankroll as some other tactics.



This is the polar opposite of the KISS principle. If you’re looking for enormous rewards, have a large bankroll, and are unconcerned about how fast you burn through it, there are a few single roll bets you may make. Betting on the roll of either a 2 or a 12 pays off at a stunning 30-1. Additionally, you may wager on the roll of a 3 or 11, both of which pay 15 to 1. Hard 6’s and Hard 8’s payout at a 10 to 1 ratio, while Hard 10’s and Hard 4’s payout at an 8 to 1 ratio. Although the house has a considerably greater advantage on these wagers, landing a handful of them may make for a very enjoyable evening.

Most profitable Craps Strategy

This strategy makes use of the don’t pass wager in conjunction with put wagers on the 6 and 8. The first step is to place a $10 wager on don’t pass. As previously stated, you will win on a 2 or 3 and lose on a 7 or 11, but that is not the primary objective. Once a point is created, add $6 to the 6 and $6 to the 8.

This is arguably the finest Craps strategy if you’re looking to safeguard your money.

Following the come-out roll, the don’t pass bet protects you against the 7, the most often occurring dice combination.

In the case of a 7, don’t pass pays 1:1 ($10), and you’ll lose $12 on the other two bets, totaling $2. However, if you get regular 6 and 8 rolls, you’ll earn some nice wins.

Additionally, if the point is on 6 or 8, this might be a vulnerability. Only one of these numbers will earn you money in this scenario. If you roll a 6/8, you will lose the don’t pass bet (-$10) but win the place bet, resulting in a total loss of $3.

This Craps gambling strategy is ideal if you have between $88 and $220 to invest. If you’re in the green zone, it also gives you some leeway, such as doubling down on the 6 and 8.

What are the Craps Odds

Before you can even begin to think about winning in craps, you must realize that various bets have varying odds and house advantages.

Craps is technically one of the greatest casino games available, but this is only true if you made the correct bets in the first place.

The primary wagers in the game of craps are as follows:

  • pass wager
  • come wager
  • don’t pass wager
  • don’t come

These bets have the lowest house edge of all the wagers, which means you should be choosing the majority of the time while playing.

Where to Bet on Craps

Here is the list of casinos where you can bet on craps:

  • Wild Casino
  • Las Atlantis
  • Ignition
  • Red Dog
  • Cafe Casino
  • Exclusive Casino
  • BoVegas

With Craps being one of the most thrilling games on the casino floor, you can now take part in the excitement from anywhere! The greatest online craps games are those that payout real money and can be played from the comfort of your own home or on your smartphone.

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