Best European Sports Betting Sites

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Ecopayz Betting Sites — How to use EcoPayz for sports betting in 2021InstaDebit Sports Betting: Top Sportsbooks that Accept InstaDebitMasterCard
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Bitcoin betting sites — How to Choose a Reliable one in 2021Ecopayz Betting Sites — How to use EcoPayz for sports betting in 2021MasterCard
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Bitcoin betting sites — How to Choose a Reliable one in 2021Ecopayz Betting Sites — How to use EcoPayz for sports betting in 2021MasterCard
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InstaDebit Sports Betting: Top Sportsbooks that Accept InstaDebitMasterCardNeteller
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Sports betting is a worldwide passion for gamblers, but betting has taken root in Europe. The trendsetter in this area was England, and bookmakers from Foggy Albion are leaders in the unofficial rating of online betting companies. However, these are just unnecessary historical facts and you are probably interested in more pressing things, for example: How to place bets and win. I do not argue, it is not as easy as it seems, however, if you develop a certain strategy, then you will take the sure path to your first million. Interested? Then, read on this article and you will learn a couple of secrets on how to bet on sports in Europe and earn money.

Best European Sports Betting Sites

How to Win?

It is the most interesting and intriguing question for all involved in gambling. Make sure you play wisely and responsibly. Do not play all-in and adhere to a balanced financial strategy. Big wins, like big losses, can unbalance you and lead to rash hasty actions, big bets, a game that is not based on the bankroll, which will lead to inevitable losses. That is why it is necessary for you to treat bets with all responsibility and seriousness. Also, do not forget that the betting sites, as a rule, offer a very high coefficient when they are almost sure that a player or a team with a lower coefficient will win.

So, we can outline the following rules:

  • Bet wisely
  • Don’t be too risky
  • Think over all your bets

Which Sports I can Bet on?

European betting sites offer the opportunity to bet on absolutely any existing sport. So, you may easily choose your favorite one, regardless of whether it is popular like football or known in narrow circles like grass hockey.

The important thing, when you select your favorite sport, which you will bet on, you should have plenty of knowledge about this sport.

You need to learn the betting terms, subscribe to a bunch of thematic public and channels, to master at least the basics of probability theory. If there is a sport where you have a high level of expertise, bet only on it. For example, you were seriously engaged in table tennis, then this is exactly the sport that you are looking for. However, be sure you pick is really a sport that you understand and do not choose more than one sport for betting for the first time.

Which Betting Strategy is Better for a Beginner?

There are many betting strategies, we will tell you the most popular of them, and you, in turn, choose one the best for you.

  • Bet on an Undervalued Bookmaker Event or Value Betting. As a rule, players try to predict the outcome of an event without thinking about the profitability of their game over a long period of time, however, you don’t have to do so. There is another category of betters, focusing primarily on the value of the odds and profit in the long run. Players of this category make bets that are extremely profitable in the long run. The good news, if you bet only on inflated odds, then the profit in the future is provided. So, it is a good choice for you.
  • Try Betting Forks Strategy. These are several bets on a certain event in various bookmakers, at which winnings are provided regardless of the outcome of the selected event. This situation is possible due to different estimates of the probability of the same event by different bookmakers and this means that you definitely won’t lose your money.
  • Try Catch up Strategy. Catch up is the name for the European online betting strategy, where the value of each regular bet is determined depending on the result of the previous one. The main goal is the return of previously lost money and the acquisition of some profit. For example, you “catch up” with a draw in football and bet constantly on it until this happens. At the same time, each time you increase the bid in such a way as to return previous losses and make a profit. This event will definitely happen, but it is quite possible that by then you simply will not have enough money to bet. Thus, catching up is not such a win-win strategy as it might initially seem. So, all you need is to keep track of the balance in your account and understand which bet you can still afford and which cannot.
  • Try Corridors Strategy. Corridors is a strategy very similar to forks. It is one of the most profitable and win-win. In this case, different bookmakers are looking for a “corridor” in total or handicap. In case of luck (the result of the match fits into the selected “corridor”), both of your bets are played and a decent win is obtained. Otherwise – no wins, no loses and you do not lose anything. If you try this strategy, then you will see how profitable it is, which justifies its popularity across the continent. However, you should keep in mind that such players are also not favorite at online betting sites.

Betting strategies for European bookmakers

Which Bids are Better to Choose?

If professional bettors can afford to choose rates with different percentages of margins, then those who are newbies should not take such risks and it would be better to protect themselves from unnecessary risk and choose rates with a minimum margin. That is why 99% of beginner players’ bets should be on handicaps or totals, as it is in these markets that the lowest margin.

If you are just starting your way to professional betting, refuse such bets as V1 (victory of the first team), V2 (victory of the second team), draw. The thing is that bookmakers always put a sky-high margin on all these outcomes, so it’s in your best interest to refuse them. The best betting strategy for you for the first time is to earn a little but to earn, and not try to hit the big jackpot and lose.

How to Choose a Betting Service?

Clearly, you have to choose a reliable bookmaker. Of course, you can choose an online betting site at your own discretion, or you can follow our advice so as not to lose your money. Among the whole variety of bookmakers, we can advise you of at least two, which are the best betting sites in the world. These are Pinnacle and Titanbet.

The most reliable bookmakers in Europe


What Do We Know about it?

International betting site Pinnacle is one of the oldest online betting sites in the world and one of the few that accept professional players on bets throughout the world. At the dawn of the era of sports betting, becoming the best, the online company Pinnacle went through many difficulties – from damaging servers to leaving top managers to competitors, but today it is one of the largest betting sites across the Internet. This company is focused on the markets of European countries and China.

Why it is so Special?

The distinguishing features of this bookmaker are some of the highest odds in the world, very high maximums with a fairly wide selection of sports events. This betting office verifies personal data and the age of customers by requesting a passport and/or other identification documents. Such a verification system ensures compliance with all the laws and gives the user confidence in the reliability of the company. The bookmaker’s website states that they are not against professional players and speculators, never lower their highs, and do not limit their game in any other way. In addition, they provide a betting guide for you and sportsbooks that you can use to better understand how to bet.

William Hill

William Hiil is, in my opinion, one of the best European online bookmakers, offering its customers fairly favorable conditions. Bets can be accepted exclusively on the Internet, and the official website has a multilingual interface, which is the necessary feature for the majority. Low margins, a wide variety of bets, and high maximums are the main advantages of the site Titanbet. Deposits and withdrawals can be made using the most popular electronic systems on the continent. This bookmaker takes the top position and is the place for professional cappers and novice betters. Consider the Titanbet if you are looking for a reliable sports betting company.

Summing up

Recently, more and more players are switching to the game of betting services via the Internet and this trend is growing. This is an extremely convenient way to earn money because you don’t even leave home for this. The good fact about betting is the possibility of easy money, which is extremely interesting for many. We are worried about you and really want to help with it. The potential win or loss is up to you and the betting strategy you choose. We have compiled the relevant tips for you and hope that they will help you in the future. Remember, betting online is risky, but I bet you can make good money on it if you want.

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